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Everything is better on a stick! These succulent chicken skewers get dressed up with a tangy-sweet sauce and red onions -- grill up a batch today with the recipe in our profile link.


It feels like a pizza kind of night. 12 recipes you can throw on the grill are in our profile link. πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•


No specialty materials required to make this stunning marbleized stationary -- our friend @maria.lane uses a modern technique that calls for calligraphy ink. Get her full tutorial in our profile link!


A rich hazelnut frangipane filling takes this apricot-strawberry galette to a whole new level. Bake one up tonight -- the recipe is in our profile link!


These pretty-in-pink flamingo party invitations come with moveable feathered wings. Learn to make them with a full tutorial from our friend @madebyilyssa (it's in our bio link!).


Let's get #NationalHotFudgeSundaeDay started on a sweet note! These grilled banana splits are finished in a drizzle of hot fudge and rum caramel sauce. πŸ’


A toast to #NationalTequilaDay! These ruby-red cocktails only call for three ingredients -- so you can spend less time bartending and more time sipping. Click our profile link for the recipe!


Shark Week has arrived and we have an ombre-frosted cake that you'll want to sink your teeth right info. Get the full how-to in our profile link. (πŸ“·: @letsmingleblog)


We'd love this raspberry and red currant slab pie to make an appearance at our next summer celebration! Beautiful job, @jojoromancer 🌸 #ImSoMartha #MarthaBakes


Keep cool with Healthy Appetite host @shirabocar's 4-ingredient watermelon and white tea slushie. It's like frosΓ©, but better for you. Watch her new video and try the recipe in our profile link!


Healthier takes on our favorite summer potluck salads? Yes, please! Find three fresh recipes in our profile link.


It's art within art! Look closely and you'll see that all of Sammy Bishop's embroidered animals are formed from a paisley design. Learn more about her work in the article featured in our bio link. (πŸ“·: @paraffle_embroidery)


Digital Editor @alexandra_churchill has some stunning marbleized stationery in the works. What are you up to on this Saturday crafternoon? #MarthaStaff #ImSoMartha


Cookies, cream, repeat. That's how easy it is to make this no-bake chocolate peanut-butter icebox cake. The hardest part is waiting for it to set. (Find the recipe is our bio link.) #marthabakes


Thanks following along today! I hope you enjoyed this look into my cookie-making process. -Patti of @bakedideas

Click our profile link to read more about Patti and her amazing cookies. (πŸ“·: @bypattylee)


I've probably designed hundreds of cookies. I've done little vegetables slices and tiny foods with faces, art museums, Oscar gowns. I like doing things that are fun, or just things that I'm craving. -Patti of @bakedideas

Click our profile link to read more about Patti and her amazing cookies.


We’ll turn the radio on or I’ll listen to podcasts as I work. Once you get to mixing the icings and matching all the colors, it can be really relaxing. But other times of course, it’s crazy and everybody’s rushing! -Patti of @bakedideas

Click our profile link to read more about Patti and her amazing cookies.


When you’re doing dozens or hundreds of something by hand, you can’t match them all. But I like multiples of things that look identical from afar, but up close, you can still tell they’re handmade. -Patti of @bakedideas

Click our profile link to read more about Patti and her amazing cookies. (πŸ“·: @bakedideas)


I like using royal icing and a brush. Sometimes, we combine piping with painting. I’ve noticed that if you fill in the cookie with a piping tip, there can be too much icing and it’s too thick to eat. I like using brushes to help thin it out. -Patti of @bakedideas

Click our profile link to read more about Patti and her amazing cookies.


Hi, I’m Patti Paige, the native New Yorker behind @bakedideas. I’ve been making and decorating cookies for nearly four decades and today I'm taking over the Martha Stewart feed to give you a glimpse inside my studio and work. -Patti

Click our profile link to read more about Patti and her amazing cookies.


No sweat! This cheesecake topped with fresh berries comes together in your fridge, so there's no hot oven necessary. The recipe is in our profile link.


It's sweltering outside, so we're keeping our lunch and dinner options fresh and light, like these chicken and mango summer rolls with a chunky peanut sauce.


Who's ready to get organized with this creative solution to a cluttered desk? (Hint: It's a real space-saver in cramped college dorm rooms!) Click our bio link to learn more about Martha's all-new Back-to-School collection at @staples.


You're just three ingredients from popsicle paradise with easy, refreshing recipes from our friends at @piebox! Find them all in our profile link. (πŸ“· : Steven Karl Metzer)


A creamy one-pan pasta that tastes just like the tuna casserole, but doesn't take as long to prepare? That sounds like a perfect mid-week dinner to us! If you also love this idea, head to our bio link for the recipe.


Catch you later, ketchup! Take your hot dog to the next level with fresh new topping ideas, like Mexican charred corn and banh mi fixings. Click on our profile link for more fun ways to dress up your dogs. 🌭🌭🌭 #NationalHotDogDay


@paperave's blooming beauties had us fooled! These delicate crepe peonies are just as stunning as the real thing. #ImSoMartha


It's hard to believe we're already more than halfway through our 30 Days of Burgers! Today's turkey-meatloaf burger is like two delicious comfort foods rolled into one. Grill one up tonight -- the recipe is in our profile link. (πŸ“· : @lindapugliese)


It's tomato time! Have a giant πŸ… haul and don't know what to do with them? Try some of our Test Kitchen's favorite salads, like Healthy Appetite host @shirabocar's gazpacho-inspired plate topped with toasted croutons. All the recipes are in our bio link. (πŸ“·: Christopher Testani)


These #WorldEmojiDay cookies from @the_hutch_oven are making us feel 😍😘😎 #MarthaBakes