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Woke up this morning to the village looking like this... again! ❄️ I’ve been out for a stroll. It’s on the stories. ⛄️


Snowing on the streets of #London... again?! ❄️ If you could teleport anywhere right now, where would you go? I’d go to Nashville in a heart beat. 🌪️


Back in London today. Playing crazy golf tonight with @daveburt. As you were then. 🏌🏻‍♂️



Thank you for all the birthday messages and DMs. I’ll reply to all of them. ❤️ 🎂 ☺️


“And through the dark window I long for my reflection to look back at me. But now it’s showing me double of all I see.” 👀 Mirror images on the Thames at night. 🌓


Super cool to hang out with @lindsayell this weekend 👊🏻. Lindsay played a bunch of shows across various stages over @c2cfestival including a packed out @bbcradio2 stage at Indigo. I took this shot on the #SpotlightStage in the main arena. 🎸 After the show, we recorded an interview for the @mainlymusicpod backstage. Insane guitarist, incredible album. 🙌🏻 Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer feels. Thanks for the hangs, Lindsay. ✌🏻



The last night of @c2cfestival was so good. @littlebigtown were sensational and owned the arena. Here’s a shot from when they came down to the #SpotlightStage and performed a stunning tribute to #GlenCampbell with their version of #WichitaLineman. See a clip on my Insta Stories. It’s beautiful. ❤️


One of the @c2cfestival highlights so far; @sugarland. Check out my Instagram Stories for behind the scenes. 👀 Big love to @o2music for their hospitality last night. ❤️ #FollowTheRabbit


Landing at @theo2london again! I’m already well into the @c2cfestival having seen @ashcambanjo, @lindsayell and more. 🙌🏻 Lindsay is doing an @london takeover so check the stories out there too. About to hit the arena for the main event with @sugarland & @spaceykacey. 👨🏻‍🌾



If you’re looking forward to the weekend, you’re not doing it right. 👀 That said... This weekend is going to be a beaut. It’s @c2cfestival at @theo2london and I’ll be there to see the likes of #EmmylouHarris, @littlebigtown and @spaceykacey (#KaceyMusgraves). 👩🏻‍🌾 I’ll also be meeting up with @lindsayell as she does an @london takeover. 🇬🇧 Bring it on. 👊🏻


Just left Shoreditch after another meet with @garyvee. Love this guy. I wouldn’t be where I am or doing what I do without his inspiration. See you again soon, bro. 👊🏻 #GaryVee


Dear ‘the snow’. So long and thanks for all the pics. Leave a ⛄️ in the comments. X



Time is almost up for the #London snow pics. Comment With a ❄️ if you liked them. ☺️


“You can’t live your life based on other people’s points of view.” @garyvee 👊🏻


Admiralty Arch with the flag flying and a black London taxi in the snow. Pretty iconic. Pretty in general. ❄️



When the snow hits, people tend to panic buy bread and water... Here I am stocking up on cupcake goodness from the amazing @peggyporschenofficial. 😍❄️🎂


Caught this on my phone from a taxi, slowly cruising past Buckingham Palace yesterday. 👑


Ok, I’m starting to forgive the snow. 🌬️



Today, #beastfromtheeast meets #stormemma. Goody... 😶 Here’s another picture from Stourhead. ❄️


Stourhead in the snow. ❄️ I’m not normally a fan of the stuff but it does make things look nice doesn’t it. 😍 Do you like snow? Yay or nay? 🌨️


Keep your face to the sunshine and you won’t see a shadow. ☀️


Being on set of The Old Grey Whistle Test at BBC Television Centre was an amazing way to finish the week. 😮 What a privilege to watch @whisperingbob present a 3 hour live special of the iconic music show. Faves of mine, @wildwoodkin & @robertvincentmusic were among those performing live too. ❤️ Catch it on BBC iPlayer while you can. 📺 @ogwt @bbc #ogwt


Top of #theshard. Who’s been up? 👀 Part of the roof is open here. Pretty cold... ❄️ Hope you all have a great week. 😘 // @theshardlondon


Who saw @justintimberlake & @chrisstapleton at @brits? So good. 🙌🏻 ‘Flannel’ on JT’s latest album is currently one of my favourite songs. Check it out. You might be surprised. 🎧 What’s your favourite song right now? 👀


Today is my dawn. A time to rest! 😴 What an incredible 10 days though. Thanks to everyone who made it possible. 🙏🏻 @nmemagazine, @o2music, @rewsmusic, @brits, @warnermusicuk, @whisperingbob... ❤️ What next? 👀


Highlight of the #BRITs for me? This guy. 👊🏻 An inspiration and the best performance of the night. Possibly one of the best BRITs performances I’ve ever seen. 🙌🏻 Congrats, @stormzyofficial. ❤️


Insane night at the #BRITs. The @warnermusicuk afterparty went off too. 🍸 Check it all out on my Insta Stories. 👀 Recording the podcast tonight... 🎧 All the goss coming this Sunday. 👊🏻


I’m down there at The O2 for #BRITs. Currently on the red carpet so check the stories to see who’s here. 🤳🏻 @brits


Mr. @teddysphotos right now playing at #BRITsWeek. ✌🏻Thanks to @o2music for an inspirational night. ❤️ #LiveChangesLives


Another big week coming up in the big smoke. 👀 Ed Sheeran, Rews at Stageside, the BRITs, Mainly Music podcast and a live TV broadcast at the BBC of The Old Grey Whistle Test with Bob Harris. Bring it on. 👊🏻 @teddysphotos / @rewsmusic / @brits / @ogwt / @whisperingbob / @bbc / @mainlymusicpod 🤪