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Happy #whiskerwednesday


Not Friday yet?😧


Yesterday my phone fell into water... It wasn't working anymore, but today it works again. I'm so lucky!🍀


Caturday Yoga!😺

Tomorrow it's already one week ago that the tabby and the ginger moved to their new homes. They're so happy at their new homes! And their new owners are totally in love with their cuddle-skills!❤😻


Trust me you're lovely❤


Hey there, I'm a super cute fluffball!😺 Or how would you explain how I look like?


A face to fall in love💖


I hate saying goodbye... Especially if it's to very beloved and special ones💔

Today our two gentlemans moved to their new families... The last 12 weeks with them were so amazing! It was SO hard to say goodbye to them.
The ginger boy came to a family who has a kitten in exactly the same age! I'm so happy that he got a sister!❤
Both of our two boys got very beautiful new homes and they are very loved by their new owners. Even through I know that they'll be so happy at their new homes, I'm missing them so much...


I'm a cutie and I know it.😇❤


Dear mom, please hug me for one of the last times!❤

On Sunday the tabby and ginger boy are moving to their new homes... I feel so sad to let them go but at the same time I'm also happy for them because their new homes are absolutely amazing!
The kitty girl (the one which we don't keep) stays with us until she's 18 weeks old!❤


Never miss a chance to dance💃🏻


Hey mom, here's a kiss for you. We're a team forever❤∞


Finn wants to thank you for all the Birthday wishes yesterday! We had a fantastic day with many extra-cuddles, long walkies and of course tons of delicious treats!❤🎊

The toy in front of Finn we had in our Happybox!
We really love the things which are in this monthly box. Thank you so much @holidog_lifestyle @holidog_official!


Happy 1st Birthday my dear Finn!❤
In this year you grew up into a big, fabulous boy. I couldn't imagine a life without you anymore.
Thanks for always making me smile!
Thanks for beeing awesome!
Thanks for beeing my prince!
Thanks for beeing you!❤


Today I show you my eℓegance✨


Hello weekend!👋
So happy to see you again!


I had the honor to test a photobook by @saal_digital!
It was very simple to design the book with their app and it arrived just three days after I ordered it in my mailbox! The quality of this book is truly fascinating! The colors and sharpness are exactly like on the orginal photos.
I really recommend @saal_digital and I will definitely order in the future some more things from there!
Thank you so much @saal_digital!


Whose pose is cuter? Mausi's or mine?😺


There are always flowers for those who want to see them.🌼

This is my entry for the #PawsomeSummer2017 giveaway hosted by @bougy_and_corpus @britishbrothers @ladylolathecat @thebirmantwins @yoshi.and.kawa🌞❤


Home is where your story begins...❤


The flying kitten✨


Your wings already exist.
All you have to do is ƒℓу✨


Flower prince🌼


Happy 1st June!
As it's the beginning of a new month, I've some beautiful news to tell you...

We're going to keep this beauty forever. She has such a loving and gentle character. We're totally in love with her inner and outer beauty.
I'm so incredibly happy that she can stay with Mausi and me forever.

Her name we still want to keep as our secret. But don't worry, to start your next month positive, I'll tell it to you on the start of next month!❤




My favourite gang😺💕


Even through I had an amazing time at our cottage, I'm so incredibly happy to be reunited with my kitties!❤