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🔪Someone’s in her house. Of course, her being her teen self, her mind instantly pictures an ax murderer. 💡But maybe it isn’t something so extreme.

If the story were to continue from here, it actually would be a murderer. 😶And her mom would have already been killed.

Our main character would then be conflicted here; should she be happy that she wasn’t in the house to be killed as well? Or was this all her fault? SHOULD she have been there? Maybe she could have stopped it. But stop a gun?😔

And the reality? Since she was gone, the murderer had the opportunity to kill. They walked right through the front door, claiming to be our main character’s friend. The oldest trick in the book. So simple a means and so horrible an end.

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🌹It’s very cliché, and I know I’m a bit late for my Valentine’s day post, but I honestly ship the two characters in this. 🌹
They work at an office 🏢, apparent by the cubicle mentioned, and this girl has been receiving notes 📝 and flowers 💐 anonymously for a while now. She and this guy have discussed briefly who it might be from time to time, and she’s expressed hope and annoyance and interest and all kinds of emotions since it first started—and the whole time, it was him. How do you think she feels? She’s probably exasperated. Irritated. Slightly angry. But she’d also feel relieved. I mean, she’s been receiving this stuff for a while now, and it could’ve been anyone 👤. She didn’t know who it was, and now she does, and it’s someone she knows. Tbh, it’s better than if it was some random guy she only spoke to once. Mysterious or not, that’d still be creepy.
Annoyingly enough, this guy had the audacity to send her flowers and then act like he had nothing to do with it. Every single time. For months. And call it lying if you want, but when she’d ask why they might be sending flowers, he’d ask himself the same question. And when he answered, “I don’t know,” he was telling the truth. He didn’t know why he was doing this. He told himself he should stop and just tell her multiple times, but those bouquets have helped her get through the thick and thin of things. They’d cheer her up when she was upset, calm her down when she was angry, and give her something to daydream about when things got slow at work. Telling her after all that just seemed like it would be stealing that away from her. Admittedly, he let it get too far, but he was kind of happy he did in the end. And yes, she might know it’s him now, but he’ll still send her flowers every day just to see that smile on her face.
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📸So in this one, a girl goes to visit her old friends. Let’s just say it didn’t go the way she expected.
But I guess you’d call that an understatement.
She goes inside the apartment, 🌬️ takes off her coat. It’s loud. And right from the start, things just seem a little off. They definitely aren’t the same people she was friends with in high school.
Her ex is there, of course. With another girl. But she’d gotten over him a while ago. They honestly could be good friends if she tried striking up a conversation.
It’s winter break, by the way. It never really got too cold in their home town, so she didn’t particularly prepare for much. She’s gonna regret that when she runs out of the apartment.
Something happens, but what? Why does she run out? And what happens when she runs out? I feel like it would be a turning point of sorts, but I can’t quite figure out what it would be.



📝This somewhat reflects a scene in a #series I’m working on. 💡 Granted, this post and that scene will have their differences (to the point that this isn’t even a spoiler), but the #metaphors and similes are pretty significant. They have to do with a saying I’m going to introduce before this moment in the story.⏳
Moving on from that, the house in this picture kind of reminds me of Ed Sheeran’s “Castle on the Hill.” 🏰 We pass by tons like this house on the way home, but the sky ☁️ was perfect, so I snapped 📸 a photo.
I definitely recommend listening to Castle on the Hill on the way home after a long trip. Especially if you have to go along some country roads at sunset. 🌄 It’s just perfect.✨


🍁Okay so the #story behind this is that the fourth girl (who died) found this leaf that somehow allowed her to see what was going to happen in around a week or so into the future. 🕒

One thing led to another, and like most of these types of things go, she ended up seeing something horrible (her death) ☠️ and became consumed with trying to #change it.

Even before this, she’d become #obsessed with what she saw each time after clasping the leaf. 🍁 She shared this phenomenon with her #friends earlier on, of course, and did what she had to do to get them to #believe her. But that didn’t necessarily mean that they agreed with her choices. 🤨

And so, in doing everything she could to stop her death, she ended up falling right into the footsteps that time had lain out for her, ultimately ending her life and leaving her three friends with this leaf. 🍂

And now they’re wondering what to do with it.

I might just write a short story for this. Or a full book. 📖 (The above would simply be the backstory.) But it was inspired by a leaf wallpaper my friend designed for her phone. 📲


🕊️I have a little hummingbird I bought from Orcas Island when I was in 7th grade and it’s a great decoration. It’s hanging from my desk and it’s near this vase of 🌹 blue roses, so I thought, “What if this was some rare, magical species that looked somewhat like a hummingbird, but different?” And thus this picture came about. ✨

📖 My daily #writingtip has gotta be that inspiration from your everyday life is probably some of the best and most consistent inspiration you’ll find. There’s a story in everything. 🔍 You just gotta find it.

This is a repost because the old post was butchered by a filter I put on it last second.



☕️I wanted to be that #stereotypical writer account with at least one pic of #tea and glasses and paper in the same frame. I feel accomplished.😌

Also, I’ve started tracking the progress I have on my writing process📖 and what I’m doing each day to further the work I plan to do on my trilogy. It’s helped me to spend at least an hour a day researching, writing down new additions to the plot, and adding more depth to my characters (as well as get to know who they really are). It’s been fun, and it’s something I definitely recommend doing.

That’ll be my #writingtip for the day.


✨🏙️This kind of relates to a ship in this one series I plan on writing. It’s going to be a New Adult series. In this scene (the text on this picture won’t be the exact wording, of course), the main character is worried about this guy she just met on the street outside of her apartment. They had an encounter (or two... okay, maybe three, but who’s counting?) but, according to the guy, she wasn’t even supposed to know he was there. There are reasons, of course, for this, but that would be too much of a #spoiler for something I haven’t even properly figured out the entirety of the plot for yet. And a spoiler, my friends, is something I won’t say. 🙊

Spoilers are the bane of my existence. I have a hate/love relationship with them. Spoil too much and you have a problem on your hands; spoil too little and there’s no interest to find out more. Spoilers can be used as a tool, you see, to get potential readers to be interested in your work. I’m still working on how exactly I can construct a proper spoiler, but then again, I won’t quite be able to figure that out until I have a book to spoil.

Anyways, that was my #writingtip for the day! ❤️


So this #girl was supposed to meet this #guy in a hallway, and he was waiting for her. He wanted to talk. When she gets there, he isn’t there.

She knew what he wanted to talk about. She could tell something was wrong. And yet she let things stop her from getting there in time. Maybe, if she’d gotten there; maybe, if she’d been there—she could’ve stopped him.

The blood stain was still there on the bottom floor.

Yeah this was just a small idea of mine. I walked through the empty hallway after school and thought, “What if something horrible had happened here?” And I know that thought might sound horrible in itself, but I had to write about it. So I did.



“Well, then.”
My #friends and I always sit at this rock wall during #lunch and I decided to whip out my #phone and snap a few #shots for future posts. This happens to be one of those shots. 😂
Anyways, have any of you ever tried a Hawaiian bread roll? They’re fluffy #af and taste great. We always had them at the cross country pasta dinners, and I remember how my #sister always wanted me to bring back one or two for her to eat since we never really buy them.


Swipe left for more ✨

😅So I ended up stapling my own thumb yesterday in #class while trying to close my mini-stapler. I’m not a T.A. though. That’d be cool.

Stapling yourself isn’t fun. Don’t do it. Not that I intended to. That hurt. A lot. 😂

I had just #changed out the staples and I was like, “Okay, let’s close this thing,” and, next thing I knew, my finger was burning and a staple had its prongs forked into my skin. Luckily, it wasn’t too #deep, and I didn’t have to go to the nurse’s office, but it was still painful. 💉


#tbt to when I took a #trip though the heart of the #bigcity ... Those are some big buildings, alright. They really do seem to scrape the sky, etching out their own grand silhouettes.
Speaking of which, I passed by these buildings on a #partybus when I attended a good friend’s #birthday party. We stopped at different attractions in #LA including the abandoned LA zoo. I kinda hit my head on some rusty metal but I turned out okay.
We ended the day with a #bonfire at the beach and I gotta say... I felt like a #tourist in my own county. And that was the way the party was planned to be, anyway, so the birthday girl turned out to be a great #hostess.



Because someone put their lock on her locker.

So like I actually had this #fear once when I managed to get a locker in the #best hallway of my #school last year... luckily no one came in with a pair of bolt-cutters going around and taking lockers... only now do I realize how stupid it was for me to think that could really happen...

But yeah.

Anyways, it was a very conveniently-placed #locker. Speaking of which... this is mine. Yep; that’s my lock right there. Not a convenient place. But definitely better. Not as many couples to maneuver awkwardly around. Not as many people kissing and hugging in the hallway. I mean, I can’t say no one is, but there are definitely less people. This hallway has the same amount of walking space but half the amount of lockers, which is nice. It’s an open hallway.

Did your high school have open hallways or indoor hallways?


Now what about #March is so horrible for her? And what makes the first day of it so #dreadful? Is something going to happen? Does she know what’s going to happen?

This actually relates to an idea that’s a part of the #trilogy I’m working on. It’s a very small part, linked only by a single character, but it’ll become more relevant in the next part I’ll write after it.

Again, this won’t be the exact wording, but I’m sure this is a scene that will appear in my work. It’ll be fun to #write; that I know for sure.


This one actually reflects a moment that’s going to show up in the third book of the #trilogy I’m working on. It probably won’t even be the #mood she’ll be in or the exact wording the scene will have, but it’s going to happen. It’s a segue into a very important moment where she becomes #disillusioned by something she once thought true.

I walk through a world of #fiction. I pass by things I might want to #write about, things that appear in my #stories, or things that should suddenly, absolutely appear in a story. Everything, at least to me, is something that can be #written about. Everything has a story.



🕊️When I went outside to go check on the #birdhouse, I asked myself, “What if there was something #hidden inside?” There wasn’t of course, but I was somewhat intrigued by the idea, so I wrote a little something for it.

There were baby #birds that hatched from this birdhouse. They learned how to #fly 🕊️ and then went their separate ways. What if that had happened again? Unlikely, but quite possibly possible. But it hadn’t.

However, you can still see the little remnants of the shells. 🐣


I imagine the #ship in this scene in a café. She didn’t really expect him to show up. He’s not the #punctual type, you know?
After she slides over, he orders a #coffee for himself and they both sip and talk for a while, #laughing and slurping and collecting #memories of #milkmustaches as they sit and race the raindrops on the window.



I haven’t been in the sunlight for two weeks. Do you think I’ve become slightly deficient in vitamin-D?

Also, Happy New Year!

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I’ve personally never had a cat scratch my face, but I have had a cat scratch the back of my hand. I went to pet it and oops... blood. 😅

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