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I've been working on some homemade cider with my @northernbrewersupply brew kit and it just finished the whole brewing process this week. So I grabbed some friends and headed to the mountains to taste test it around this fire. It was refreshing! #LetsBrewThis #Ad


Another one from that crazy waterfall day in Maui with @chelseakauai. -

When we first got to this waterfall, it was still pretty dark in the canyon. but then as we spent some time there, the sun rose over the top of the cliff wall, and shot down towards us, illuminating the canyon in this magical golden light. -

Sometimes all it takes for a situation to change is just a little patience, both in shooting crazy waterfalls and in life. Maybe you’re in a season of life that is pretty dark... feeling like there is no end in sight. But I encourage you to try to stay positive... to have faith that the moment will come when the darkness subsides.
So don’t lose hope in this, but rather look forward to what’s to come. And while you wait, seek out community, people to be there with you... encouraging you through it all. -

For we are better together than we are on our own. -

Have a wonderful day friends 😊

#Maui #Hawaii


Haleakala Crater - One of the strangest and most uniquely beautiful places I’ve ever been.
The top of the crater rim is a drive up spot but we decided to head down into the crater for sunset one day. It was very cold up there, just about freezing, so we decided to run the trail down into the crater to get warm before shooting. But as we continued down the trail, I kept looking out at the middle of the crater until I saw this shot, and the alignment of everything, and just had to stop. The layered colors of earth just needed to be capture 😊
#Haleakala #Maui #Hawaii



I love waterfalls and have been to quite a lot of them over these past few years, but I’m having a hard time thinking of one that left me in awe as much as this one did.
While in Maui, @ChelseaKauai and I spent what seemed like forever scrambling over rocks and up this stream to reach this impressive falls; when we finally turned the last corner in the canyon and saw this 400 foot tall falls for the first time, we freaked out.
It was hard to believe that what our eyes were seeing was real.
The mist from the falls shot down through the canyon, soaking us, but we continued up the stream to the falls itself.
This moment, completely in awe of the beauty of creation, was definitely my favorite experience from the Maui trip.
#Maui #Hawaii


I’m back in Seattle now and looking through all the photos from Maui. It is such a beautiful place; I can’t wait to start sharing the images from the adventures we had this week.
First up is this shot of @ChelseaKauai walking through the mars-like landscape of Haleakala National Park.
It also happens to be @ChelseaKauai’s birthday today. So go wish her a Happy Birthday! 🙌
Happy Birthday Chelsea! 🎉
#Haleakala #Maui #Hawaii


Finding some amazing waterfalls here in Maui with @chelseakauai.
We had such good luck with the waterfalls in Bali, so we decided to meet up in Maui this week and continue the waterfall streak 😄
So many more to post from this trip... stay tuned ✌️
#Maui #Hawaii



At home in the mountains of Washington. -
I left Washington today though on a new adventure... to Maui. It’s my first time on this island so I’m excited to get out and explore this week 🙌 -
I hear there are a few waterfalls here 😄
IG stories to come 🤙
#Washington #PNW #PNWonderland


The perfect spot to jump in 😊
Eventually I’ll stop posting Bali waterfall photos 😄 so be sure to go follow @ditaadinugraha (pictured here) and his brother @sutarahady to keep the Bali vibes going in your feed 🤙🌴
Big thanks to those two for showing me so many of these beautiful places in Bali 🙏
#Bali #Indonesia


The most beautiful beach I’ve ever been to. 😍
It was also one of the scariest to access. -
⬅️Swipe Left to zoom in on the stairs/ladder down to the beach. -

Would you make the climb down to this beach? -

#Bali #Indonesia



Back in Seattle, but still have Bali on my mind. -
🌴🌿💧🍃💧🌿🌴 -
This is my favorite waterfall on the island so it was awesome being able to show some friends and family this spot.
Hopefully my brother-in-law, @nbilling07, enjoyed his up close view of it 🙌
#Bali #Indonesia


I'm excited to partner with @ZICOcoconut to encourage you to be true to who you are and to believe in yourself. You are capable of more than you know; you can overcome whatever mountain stands in front of you, whether its a literal mountain or a figurative one. #InsideIsEverything #ad


This photo and the last 2 waterfall photos I’ve posted are all from the same morning, at the same waterfall, just different perspectives of it.
Such a good morning exploring with @chelseakauai 🙌

#Bali #Indonesia



My favorite rice terrace view in Bali. 🚁🌾
I enjoyed walking up those stairs at sunrise enough that I did it 3 times during my trip 😄
More aerials from the trip over on @mattiaerial ✌️
#Ubud #Bali #Indonesia


When nature and an unexpected moment leaves you speechless.
This was definitely one of those moments you can hardly believe is real, even as you’re experiencing it. @ChelseaKauai and I were only fortunate enough to witness this moment because we had gone to the cave you saw in my last waterfall post, and then as we were making our way back through the water, these light rays became visible. 10 feet to either side and you couldn’t see them at all. 10 minutes earlier or later and we probably wouldn’t have seen them. It was as if these rays were there just for us, just for that moment, just to brighten our day 😊
#Bali #Indonesia


It kind of looks like I photoshopped my sister, @laurambilling, into this image… but I promise she was really standing on this edge, overlooking this beautiful beach at sunrise 😄

We had to leave the hotel at 4:30am to make it to this spot for sunrise, but having the place all to ourselves and being able to watch the first rays of the day hit this cliff, definitely made the lack of sleep worth it.
#NusaPenida #Bali #Indonesia



It felt like I had just swum through a portal and entered a completely different world. -

I had been to this waterfall several times before, so on my last morning in Bali, @ChelseaKauai and I decided to try to find a different perspective of this place. With my camera wrapped in a towel, I made the swim to behind the falls and then fought to keep it from getting completely soaked the entire time I was back there. It was worth it though, as the view from behind the falls was mind blowing, especially with the early morning light streaming into the canyon.
Its amazing what a little change of perspective can do… and what you can accomplish with friends willing to swim behind waterfalls early in the morning 😄
#Bali #Indonesia


I couldn’t leave Bali without one last adventure, so instead of spending my last day relaxing on the beach, I ended up trekking through rice terraces at sunrise and chasing waterfalls and light rays with @ChelseaKauai.
It was the perfect end to a wonderful trip 😊
Until next time Bali ✌️✈️
#Bali #Indonesia


Found the perfect swimming hole here in Bali 😊

I wish I could go back to this place again but sadly it’s my last day in this tropical paradise 😭 Preparing to pack up and start the long trip home.
#Bali #Indonesia
🚶🏾‍♂️- @ditaadinugraha



Yes, you can AirBnB this treehouse 😊

Only 2 more days in Bali before I head back to Seattle 😭
#Bali #Indonesia


Bali and its incredible waterfalls has always been a bucket list destination for me so I’m excited to be here exploring for a few weeks.
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A moment we won’t soon forget 🌅🏝️ -
After climbing a super steep/sketchy staircase down to that beautiful white sand beach, we made it back up to the main viewpoint with some time before sunset.
The clouds looked thick and a decent sunset seemed very doubtful. We almost just headed back to the hotel but decided to wait around for sunset instead. And wow, am I glad we did!
It was one of the best sunsets I’ve seen in a long time and definitely one of the best/maybe the best beach I’ve ever been to.
#Bali #Indonesia


Sick of Bali waterfall shots yet? 😂
There are just so many amazing ones here, it’s hard not to share them all!
I’m out on another island off the coast of Bali now though, so atleast my IG stories will be a bit different 👍
#Bali #Indonesia


Scenic rice terrace walks at sunrise. -
@ditaadinugraha and I got here well before the majority of people visit this place and enjoyed it mostly to ourselves.
Early mornings are always worth it! 😊
#Tegallalang #Ubud #Bali #Indonesia


One of the waterfalls from yesterday’s adventure with @ditaadinugraha.
This definitely isn’t the biggest waterfall in Bali but it is certainly a fun one, and a good way to take a shower 😄
#Bali #Indonesia


Bali’s rice terraces are such an incredible thing to witness from a few hundred feet up. 🚁🌾 -
Also, I’m finally out on adventures again today after being sick for the last few days 🙌
#Jatiluwih #Bali #Indonesia


Soaked and stoked 💧🤘 -
I’ve been getting a lot of questions about where exactly the waterfalls I’ve been posting are, and honestly I’m struggling with whether or not to share the exact names and locations of these places.
On one hand, one of my biggest passions is inspiring others to get outdoors and experience these beautiful places found in nature.
But on the other hand, helping to increase the number of visitors to these specific places can have a downside. I’ve been to Bali many times and even just since my last trip, 2 years ago, there is a noticeable difference in how busy certain places are and how much trash is left behind by visitors.

So what do you guys think.. should we be sharing less touristy locations, helping others to experience these amazing places for themselves, but also potentially adding to the number of visitors and increasing the damage to the landscape.
Or should we try to keep places we visit a secret and make others do some research online and find these places for themselves.
#Bali #Indonesia


Taking in the sunrise view from the top of Ijen Volcano. 🌋😊 -
We walked along the crater rim looking for the right spot to stop and take a photo overlooking the sulfur mine and acidic lake down below.
When we found this spot, I scrambled down to this point as @sutarahady snapped the shot.
Such a good morning! 🙌
#Ijen #Java #Indonesia


Yesterday was a rainy day here in Bali so naturally we decided to make it a waterfall day 😊
This waterfall was the longest hike of the day, but it’s my favorite waterfall in Bali so the stair workout is always worth it. -
#Waterfall #Bali #Indonesia


Yesterday’s sunrise overlooking the largest highly acidic lake in the world, which sits at the top of an active volcano in East Java. ☀️🌋 -
Getting here was quite an adventure!
@sutarahady, @ditaadinugraha, @bydewanthara, and I drove through the night, rode a 1am ferry to Java, drove some more, and then started hiking at 3am up to the top of the crater.
Once at the top, the smell of sulfur became quite strong but the views of this incredible place made everything worth it.
#Ijen #Java #Indonesia


Waterfall adventures in Bali 😊

One of my favorite things about Bali is the waterfalls here. This one required descending a bunch of stairs, which wasn’t bad on the way down, but when it started to pour as I was shooting the falls, the climb back up the slippery stairs suddenly became an adventure! 😄
Also, thanks random stranger for walking perfectly into my frame.
#Bali #Indonesia