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Off to the last frontier! ✈️
A few months ago I happened to see some cheap tickets from Seattle to Alaska and easily convinced my brother @joshmatti and roommate @calebsprong to purchase them with me. So here we are, a few months later, headed up to the wilderness of Alaska.
Should be some epic backpacking ahead of us in one of my favorite states 🙌⛺️


Finding peace on the shores of Lago di Braies.
I think its important to have places in our lives that we can go to when we need to find peace and quiet. To reflect, to meditate, and to pray. Whether that place is miles from home or simply a spot in our house. There’s just something about slowing down life for a minute that does wonders for the soul.
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Always a favorite spot 🐺 - -
† 🙏
“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;  his mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning;  great is your faithfulness.”
- Lamentations 3:22-23 (ESV)
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Lake 22 views with @christianannschaffer. -
"We meet no ordinary people in our lives."
-C.S. Lewis
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From an epic sunrise in the mountains of Italy. -

Do you ever go somewhere and instantly know it’s a place you’ll keep coming back to?
This was one of those places for me. -
🚶🏽‍♀️- @vagabondhearts
#TreCime #Dolomites #Italy


Exploring amazing waterfalls and colorful pools of water in Slovenia with @vagabondhearts.
- "Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are." - John Wooden

Or in today's social media world, I guess you could say... we should be more concerned with how we live in our day to day lives than in the digital versions of ourselves that we portray to the world.
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First light of the day on Mt. Rainier. -
“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” ― Rick Warren

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Morning fog clinging to the mountainside in Italy. -
- -
"Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted, in spite of your changing moods."
–C.S. Lewis



Sunrise a few days ago in Grand Teton National Park. -

Love without condition.

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The amazing color of Lago di Carezza.
“We won't be distracted by comparison if we're captivated with purpose.”
- Bob Goff
#LagoDiCarezza #Italy


Sunrise on our last day of the W trek in Patagonia was a moment I'll never forget. -

Speaking of sunrises... hoping for an epic one tomorrow as I have an alarm set for 2:30am for an adventure here in Breckenridge!
Check the story tomorrow to see if I survive my first 14er 😄
#TorresDelPaine #wtrek #Chile #Patagonia


Sometimes you can see so many pictures of a place that it makes it tough for that place to actually be as good in real life as you've imagined it to be. This was not one of those places! Even though I've seen so many pictures from here, it still blew me away more than I could have imagined.
Looking forward to returning here someday soon hopefully! 😊
#LagoDiBraies #Italy


We woke up early and drove up the mountain in rain/fog not sure of the views we'd have from the top. But as we climbed through the lower layer of clouds, the peaks started to reveal themselves and we got to witness this amazing display of light and clouds in the mountains.
#Dolomites #Italy


Of all the amazingly colorful water I saw in Europe, I think the water in the Tolmin Gorge in Slovenia was the most vibrant.
I wouldn't have believed it was real either unless @vagabondhearts and I had made the stop on our drive that day.
#TolminGorge #Slovenia #ifeelslovenia


The combination of early morning light and low clouds in the mountains 😊
- -
“To trust God in the light is nothing, but trust him in the dark — that is faith.” – Charles Spurgeon

#TreCime #Dolomites #Italy


Here’s @jess.wandering and @vagabondhearts standing at the edge of Lago di Carezza.
This was definitely one of the craziest lakes I’ve ever been to. It’s hard to believe places like this even exist until you’re standing there yourself, in awe of it all.
#LagoDiCarezza #Italy


First light in the valley 🏔☀️🏔 -

Notice the little cabin down there?
Just imagine waking up there 😊
#Krvavec #Slovenia #ifeelslovenia


Anytime I’m home for a bit, I always look through photos from my past trips and then start getting restless for the next one so here is a shot from my time in Patagonia earlier this year. -

It was in this moment that I thought to myself “WOW, I’m actually here, I’m actually in Patagonia.” I don’t think I had ever looked forward to visiting a place as much as I did Patagonia so it was such a crazy experience to finally visit there and spend a few weeks trekking though some of the most beautiful mountains on the planet. -

I think it's great when we have those bucket list destinations to hope to visit someday and start to work towards.
I think the next wow destination like that for me would be Lofoten, Norway. Hopefully I can make it up there soon. -

What’s at the top of your travel list?

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Sunrise in the mountains of Slovenia. -

The more time I spend on the road, the more I’m convinced that there is no better way to learn about yourself and others than to travel. -
Traveling has a way of challenging us and putting us in unfamiliar situations... in situations that we don’t necessarily enjoy. And we react. Sometimes we might be proud of the way we react but other times we might surprise ourselves and react in a negative way that we don’t like. -
It’s those times that are the best opportunities for growth; to realize there is an area of our lives that we can improve in and begin to work at it. -

So may we travel often, have experiences, and be open to learning about ourselves ✌️

#Krvavec #Slovenia #ifeelslovenia


This was definitely one of those places you just have to see for yourself.
I had seen photos of this lake for years, and it always seemed like such a magical place, so I was a little disappointed when we pulled up to the lake at 5am and it was pouring down rain with no view. But we waited around a little while and eventually the rain subsided and we could walk around in what felt like some fantasy world.


Mt. Rainier looking good at sunset. 😍🏔🌅 -
Happy Monday everyone! Let's make it a great week! 😊🙌 -
Let's focus on making the lives of those around us better this week... thinking of others more than ourselves. -

Let us be known by how we love. ✌️
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Parking lot views before a sunrise hike up to Lake Twenty-Two. -

Can you spot me down there? -
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#FromWhereIDrone #IamDJI


@jess.wandering taking in the sunrise view from atop Zvoh.

It was our first morning in Slovenia, none of us had slept much, but we were all stoked to be there experiencing this place together.
#Krvavec #Slovenia


Cabin goals in Slovenia. 🌲🌲🏠🌲🌲 -
I’m back in Seattle now and it’s a little after 8pm, still light out on a Friday night, and I’m in bed. -
Jet lag - 1 Michael - 0 😄

Goodnight 😴
#Slovenia #TriglavNationalPark #ifeelslovenia


Mountain layers at sunrise 😍
⬅️swipe left to view the full panorama.
This was from the summit of Mt. Defiance here in Washington.
#MtDefiance #Washington #PNW #PNWonderland


Well it's been fun Slovenia, but it's time to spend the next 24 hours traveling home to Seattle.
It's been an amazing week of exploring as much of this beautiful country as I could.
I still feel like there is so much more to see though! Hopefully it's not too long before I find myself back here 😊🇸🇮 -
This spot was one of my favorite views in Triglav National Park. As storm clouds rolled above the peaks, a beam of light perfectly shown down on the cabin in the valley. The light on the cabin lasted only seconds but luckily I was already set up to grab this shot.
@feelslovenia #ifeelslovenia
#TriglavNationalPark #Slovenia


@vagabondhearts watching the sun come up over Lake Bled in Slovenia.
It's a classic view but a place you just have to see for yourself.
@feelslovenia #ifeelslovenia
#LakeBled #Slovenia


If you've been following me for awhile, then you know how much I love waterfalls. So I was pumped to find this massive falls in Triglav National Park in Slovenia. @vagabondhearts and I got absolutely soaked while shooting it but the experience of walking around the falls was incredible.
@feelslovenia #ifeelslovenia
#SlapPericnik #TriglavNationalPark #Slovenia


I turned 27 today and in sticking with my yearly tradition, I summited a mountain on my birthday with a flag from Indonesia, the country I was born in 😊

Looking forward to my next year of adventures! 🙌
- 📷@vagabondhearts


Morning layers in Slovenia 😊
It's been a whirlwind 4 days in Slovenia so far. We've been in the mountains, in the countryside, on the coast, and in wine country. It's amazing how many different types of landscapes are in such a small area.
#ifeelslovenia #Krvavec #Slovenia