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Maverick says for everyone to have a “Mavelous” Monday 🐿️ #squirrelsofinstagram #squirrels #squirrellove #squirrelrescue #squirrelrehab #squirreloftheday #monday


Our current situation 33 grays, 1 flyer, and 1 bluejay all evacuated inside from pre release cages and non release enclosures. Included are 15 babies on round the clock formula feedings all thanks to hurricane Irma. We were very lucky here in the panhandle, lots of love and many prayers going out to everyone in the path of the storm #squirrelsofinstagram #rescuesquirrels #squirrels #squirrellove #rehabsquirrel #wildliferehab #hurricaneirma



This is how Maverick likes to help me get ready and then shows much patience when waiting for play time, or maybe he's just bored either way, he's just stinkin cute❤️🐿️❤️hope you all have a great weekend #squirrelsofinstagram #squirrellove #squirrel #squirrelrescue #squirrellife #squirreloftheday


Hope everyone is have a Super Squirrelly Saturday 🐿️my 6 rescues Lucy, Jude, Chaos, Faith, Massey, & Walt all on point 📷all looking at the camera,only took 100 tries😉#squirrelrescue #squirrellove #squirrelsofinstagram #squirrellife #squirrelfriends #nutsaboutsquirrels


Meet Jude & Lucy our newest additions. A tree service cut their home down today, they are in great shape & eating very well. Thank you @rachelslifeofhappy for getting them to me & picking such great names #squirrelrehab #squirrelsofinstagram #squirrellife #squirrellove #squirrels



Meet Lolli, a paralyzed female rescued by my good friend and fellow rehabber Lauryn @bron_bon Lolli has no idea that she's different and acts much like a regular squirrel. That's her adoptive brother Petey in the video. He suffers from a brain injury. Both will live out their lives here along my sweet Maverick.


Proud momma, she just applied to the RN program #lovemydaughter #gulfcoaststatecollege



Have yourself a squirrelly Christmas, Maverick loves all the decorations #squirrelsofinstagram #squirrels #squirrelrescue #squirrelrehab #squirrely #squirrellife


Happy 19th birthday to my beautiful daughter Megan. Where has the time gone? I'm such a proud momma, I have seen her grow into an amazing young woman and I look forward to seeing her make her dreams come true❤️🎉🎂🎁🎈❤️



My very dear friend and fellow rehabber needs our help. She is now in a program to assist in funding a much needed incubator for orphaned and injured or sick babies. She has saved numerous flying squirrels, gray squirrels, rats, mice, and bunnies. Go to http://www.babywarm.org/projects/lauryn-f/ #squirrelrescue #squirrels #squirrelsofinstagram #wildliferehab


25th wedding anniversary, dinner at The Melting Pot, my favorite restaurant❤️


Happy Halloween, my daughter Megan made her cactus costume and little Petey my non release neuro squirrel baby 🌵🐿️🎃#halloween #cactus🌵 #squirrelsofinstagram



Great release today, Flick, Dot, Treasure, & Sandy are free and very happy #squirrels #wildliferehab #squirrelrescue #squirrelsofinstagram


🎃Pumkin carving by Megan, left, girl on tightrope with alligator under her from haunted mansion Scott, right, hitchhiking ghost from haunted mansion🎃 #halloween #jackolantern


Great squirrel release today, be free Rey, Finn, & Kylo. They were all very excited and Kylo even found a yummy mushroom to snack on🐿️ #squirrels #squirrelsofinstagram #rehab #squirrelrehab



Happy Labor Day 🇺🇸 trip to the beach after the storm, lots of treasures, the starfish was already dead ⭐️Megan and I made kale chips and Scott smoked all kinds of yummy meats ❤️ #labordayweekend #shells #beach


We miss you mom, hard to believe that yesterday marked 3 years with out you and today is the 3rd birthday that we cannot celebrate with you. So with our new birthday tradition we are sending balloons to heaven filled with our love ❤️🎈


First squirrel rescue of the season. He was covered in ant bites when I got him so I'm calling him "Flick" (the ant from the movie Bugs Life)He's a fighter and doing very well #squirrelsofinstagram #rescuesquirrels #animalrehab #squirrellove


Beach day ☀️Happy 4th 🇺🇸


Successful squirrel release this weekend, Mabel, Willie, Hank, and a girl named Roscoe starting their journey into freedom #squirrel #squirrellove #squirrelrehab #squirrelsofinstagram #squirrelfriends #squirrelrescue


Love these kids @meganliesemeyer & her boyfriend @s_carpenter_707 my nephew @logan_foster_09 & his girlfriend @_meaghaaan words cannot express how proud I am of each of you, I cannot wait to see the great things you will each accomplish in this next chapter.The only thing more I could have wished for was that my mom could still be with us ❤️


So proud of my graduate ❤️ congrats to @s_carpenter_707 & tonight @logan_foster_09 ❤️


A big thank you to @cawalnuts Maverick and my rehab crew is really enjoying them🐿️🌰🐿️ #walnuts #squirrels #rehabber #petsquirrel #californianuts


My beautiful daughter Megan going to prom, I'm such a lucky momma #prom #prom2016


Love my family, Love Disney ❤️❤️


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Lots of squirrel love from Maverick #squirrelrehab #squirrel #squirrellove #squirrelrescue #squirrelsofinstagram


Our sweet friend Ned was neutered yesterday and isn't feeling well today. If our IG family could keep him close in your hearts, thoughts, and send good vibes for a speedy recovery we'd appreciate all the love. My little fella Maverick, pictured here is sending his get well wishes. Ned's adoptive squirrel mommy @laurynwalter is amazing and will nurse him back health. Ned is a non release baby due to brain and neurological issues, he's extremely lucky that he found hi