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#YoungerNow album out now!!!

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When someone says that they weren't planning on watching @nbcthevoice Battle Rounds tonight?!?!?!?! Huhhhhh! Tune in! Gonna be sooooo turnt!


The battle rounds were soooo rockin tonight! This is my face when I remember we getta doooo it all over again tomorrow! Don't forget to watch @nbcthevoice Mondayzzz & Tuesdayzzzz! #teammiley


Time for the Battle Rounds! Watch @nbcthevoice TONIGHT! It's goin dooooowwwwwwwn! My daddddd @billyraycyrus is my advisor!


Make sure you watch @nbcthevoice tonight & tomorrow! My dad @billyraycyrus is my advisor and no one gives better advice than him! Watch out Blake! I'm coming for your country a$$!


Sanginnnn & hopefully some skittin on @nbcsnl Nov 4th w/ my fav #LarryDavid !


Sisters . All 3 of us . 💕💋💕💋💕


Once in a lifetime ! #MileyWeek @fallontonight


Lip-Sync Battle on @fallontonight ! Bummed #MileyWeek is over! I have loved spending time w Jimmy and his ammmaaaazing crew / writers / team !!!!!!


#MileyWeek was a dream come true! Thank you @fallontonight ! Let's do it again ! #MileyMonth 🐼🐼🐼


Pre Fallon playin w puppies w Buzz Feed! Watch @fallontonight ! #MileyWeek


OMG it's been a full #MileyWeekOnFallon already NBD !!!! Make sure you tune into @fallontonight for the final show!


Yesterday's Tom Petty #Wildflowers tribute with my daddddd @billyraycyrus ! Make sure you tune in to @fallontonight ! It's the last day of #MileyWeekOnFallon 😿


Sang a tribute to #TomPetty with my dad @billyraycyrus & played charades with Gal Gadot .... safe to say today was a good one ! Thank you Jimmy for making it happen! This week has been beyond & it's not over yet! Watch @fallontonight for more #MileyWeek !!! 💕💕💕💕


OMG It's still #MileyWeek NBD 😋 @fallontonight Don't forget to tune in!


@dollyparton & Kenny aka Jimmy perform Islands In The Stream! Don't forget to keep watching @fallontonight it's still #MileyWeekOnFallon 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕


I got my hug!!!! @hillaryclinton today was one I will never forget ..... you are endlessly inspiring , & I hope you know how loved / appreciated you truly are .... I will never stop speaking up against injustice , fighting for equality , and using my platform to spread peace & love! I've learned from the very best .... You. ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙 @fallontonight made my dreams come true! Don't forget to tune in tonight ! #MileyWeek


Make sure you watch @fallontonight !!! It's the 3rd night of #MileyWeekOnFallon and three is my lucky number ESPECIALLY since @hillaryclinton is on the show! ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙 Don't miss it! Yesterday I performed #WeekWithoutYou here's a little clip!


Don't forget to watch @fallontonight !!! It's just the beginning of #MileyWeek on Fallon !!! #WeekWithoutYou #YoungerNow Thanks to my mama & sisters for coming to play w us !!! ❤️ @tishcyrus @brandicyrus @noahcyrus I am always so proud of you 3 and everything you are doing! I love u!


Gettin all kindsssss of XTRA backstage! Performing #WeekWithoutYou from my new album #YoungerNow on @fallontonight ! 🎸💋🗽


Lazzz night on @fallontonight ! #BodakYellow @iamcardib Watch The Tonight Show (tonight obvi) cuzzzz its #MileyWeekonFallon !!!! #ImHereAllWeek


💕 No Freedom without LOVE 💕 #CyrusAndSandler Don't forget to watch #MileyWeek on @fallontonight !!!! @dido


Don't forget ! The 1st night of #MileyWeek starts on @fallontonight .... we tried to make it special for everyone at home watching ❤️❤️❤️❤️


No Love without Freedom ... No Freedom without LOVE ❤️ Thank you so much to Adam Sandler for joining me tonight in remembering all those lost , and singing lyrics that I believe are so important at this time .... #LandOfTheFree #StopTheViolence #GivePeaceAChance @fallontonight


In honor of the lives lost , injured and affected by the tragic shooting in Vegas, @fallontonight & I dedicated this show to not only mourning this horrific event but using this platform to encourage unity , peace & hopefulness! So we started this week off with a song I haven't performed in years ... #TheClimb . These words mean more now to me than ever ... " Keep The Faith" ..... Sending love to ALL! Enjoy the show tonight & #MileyWeek .... hope we can make you smile even thru so much pain 💛 @happyhippiefdn


Recording the 1st verse of #BadMood @ Rainbowland Studios!!! #PhotoboothSessions #MakingTheAlbum #YoungerNow


Gonna start posting more #PhotoboothSessions !!! While #MakingTheAlbum #YoungerNow I recorded a lot of the process & wanna share it with all of YOU 💕 #MissYouSoMuch (keep checkin feed / stories for mooooooooore )


#YoungerNow iZzzz OUT everywhere! 💕 #PhotoboothSessions coming soon! #MakingTheAlbum #YougerNow