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🌵Cica Herb Restore Sheetmask 🌵 I’m really impressed of the quality of this new discovered brand E Nature. Actually using their freshly moisturizer and liking! it but their sheet masks are absolutely amazing.. .
🌵The other day I tried their Vita 8 Nutritive SheetMask, already HG level reached . (And I don’t have so many HG sheet masks btw). This one is great too, (although I loved more the other one because I saw incredible improvements on my skin the next morning).
🌵Formulated with Centella Asiática and Madecassoside as main ingredients, to restore skin from redness and irritation caused by environmental stress and other external factors. Yesterday I did a facial cleaning to remove some blackheads I had visibly ready to pop out and as always my skin turns into a red tomato. Today my skin was “perfect” today at morning, any redness and hydrated skin.
🌵The size, fit and adherence of these sheet masks are perfect, they call that: Skin-fit Felt. Are the best one I’ve used in that aspect. .
🌵Soaked in a lot of fragrance-free essence kept the mask hydrated for more than 30 minutes without any sign of dryness. .
🌵Would I recommend it? For sure. For those who haven’t tried these sheet masks from E Nature, you should give it a try. .
🌵I received mine from @MiiNcosmetics <3 .
#enature #koreansheetmasks #miincosmetics #sheetmaskreview #sheetmask


🌵 Last PM routine 🌵 Skin diary: Bleh… i have to eat gluten and bread again this month before the endoscopy to know if I am coeliac or not.. and my skin is breaking out a bit due of that… :’( anyways is just one month. (but that piss me off a little because it was almost clear.. 😑) This was my yesterday’s pm routine, I’m loving the new TIAM cream, I’m using it almost every night now as night mask lol 😍 I have not used the e nature moisturizer this time because my skin was fine with the moisture of the sheetmask and this cream. And again really impressed with the sheetmasks from E Nature… I’ll review it tmr :) .
🌟 #bioderma sensibio H2O.
🌟 #kravebeauty mathca hemp hydrating cleanser*.
🌟 #theordinary Peeling serum. 🌟 #klairs supple preparation toner*.
🌟 #enature cicaherb restore sheetmask*.
🌟 #TIAM Aura milk peeling cream*. .
. 🇪🇸🌵 Rutina de noche 🌵 Diario: Bleh, mi piel va a peor estos dias que estoy comiendo pan y gluten de nuevo para la prueba de la endoscopia de dentro de un mes… por una parte me alegra volver a comer pan como una condenada pero … mi cara estaba casi libre de acné y otra vez con algun granito q otro.. en fin, al mens es solo un mes.
Esta fue la rutina de ayer, me está encantando la crema de TIAM, esta vez lo he usado sin la de enature porque con la mascarilla y el tónico me hidrate bastante bien la piel. De nuevo impresionada con estas mascarillas de e-nature, mañana le haré la review!


⭐️ HS Skincare 24k Sheetmasks HAUL ⭐️ Heeeello my lovelies! How is going your Monday? I wanna do a resume of these sheet masks I received the last week courtesy of @hs_skin_care ! .
HS Skincare is a brand inspired on Korean beauty situ in So Cal. Their sheet masks are made with natural ingredients free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oils or phthalates. I’ve received their 24k gold series and honestly looks so good! .
Formulated with Bee Venom, used on skincare products to improve the texture, reduce the fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful appearance. I’ve heard about that ingredient about two years ago but I didn’t have the chance to try it, I also should do a patch test first although I don’t think I have any kind of allergy to that.
These sheet masks also includes Niacinamide, a very effective skin-restoring ingredient that improves the appearance of enlarged pores and uneven skin tone. .
I’ve received their full set compound of: .
🐝 Ultra light 24k gold hydrogel facial mask.
🌟 Ultra-lite 24k gold Neck Patch.
🐝 Ultra light 24k gold lip patch.
🌟 Ultra-lite 24k gold Smile Line.
🐝 Ultra light 24k gold Eye Patches. .
I can’t wait to try them! I’ll do some shououts on my stories :) Have you tried Bee Venom before? Do you like it? Lemme know! .
#hsskincare #hsskincaregoldmask 🇪🇸⬇️



🌵 TI’AM HAUL 🌵 Heeeello! A few days ago I received a few products from TIAM! I was really excited to try this brand after read some good reviews on IG. 😍 Also some of you recommended me their face guard Cream.They kindly sent me these products to try.
🌟 TIA’M aura milk face peeling toner - Multi toner that gentle exfoliates, moisturizes and soothes the skin. Mixed with peeling ingredients AHA + BHA + PHA removes dead skin cells and prepares our skin for the next skincare steps. PHA (poly hydroxi acid) has the same function as AHA but cause less irritation due to their larger molecular size. It also provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. I’m actually using my purito exfoliating pads, but I’ll add this into my routine when it runs out. :) . 🌟 TIA’M aura milk peeling cream - I’m already using this amazing cream as a night mask because it power of moisturizing (thanks for those who told me that!). I was really surprised the morning I woke up with my skin SUPER freaking hydrated. 98% wayskin reading. Formulated with PHA and Bifida Ferment filtrate that provides antioxidant effect and vitality on tired skins and it has also whitening and wrinkle function. The texture is very thick but my skin absorbs it easily. I’m loving it for now. .
🌟 TI’AM Face Guard Cream - (swipe right) - Not using it yet but will be my next moisturizer. It claims to be a cream that soothes and protect dry and sensitive skin. (so mine lol) Formulated with my fav ingredient, centella asiatica, forms a protective film that repairs damaged skin. Patented anti-pollution ingredients to prevent skin damage and stregthen the skin with powerful anti-oxidant effects, Lutein derived from broccoli extract to block blue light radiated from electronics that pigments and ages the skin and Panthenol & Ceramide that protect the skin by preventing moisture evaporation. Looks so good right? have you tried it??
🌟TI’AM Perfect Foot - I’m SO curious with that product… This helps with smelly, sweaty and itching feet plus removes dead skin cells on feet. I will use it this week and I’m gonna do some shots on my stories :D
#trytiam #tiamglobal .


🌵 AM routine 🌵 Hii!! This was my morning routine. Since I using now a new ascorbic acid I feel that I need a serum to soothe a bit my skin, the rich soothing serum from klairs and the hydrating toner are a perfect combo 👌🏻
🌟 #bywishtrend Green tea & enzyme powder wash. 🌟 #klairs supple preparation toner.
🌟 #tiam Red Source Vitamin C.
🌟 #theordinary buffet.
🌟 #klairs rich soothing serum.
🌟 #enature squeeze green gel cream.
🇪🇸 Hola! Esta fue mi rutina de mañana. Ya que he incorporado un nuevo ácido ascorbico siento que necesito un serum para calmar un poco la piel, no se me irrita pero si la noto un poco tirante y algo rojita, asi que el serum y el tónico de klairs son el duo perfecto. 👌🏻


💛 International 10k GIVEAWAY 💛 Hello!! and here we go! Thank you so much for let me be part of this amazing and incredible community, for all the warm support, all the love I’ve received for each of you this first year on Moikobeauty, and for that reason I partnered with my lovely MiiN Cosmetics team on this #Giveaway to celebrate my first 10k followers! 💛One lucky winner will receive all of these amazing products, My actual favorites, if you’re interested please read below!
🌟 The cute Headband of #MiiNcosmetics
🌟 Original clear pads from #Cosrx
🌟 The last three sheetmasks from #Package
🌟 My beloved Midnight Blue Cream from #Klairs
🌟 Rich Moist Soothing Cream from Klairs
🌟 My HG Supple Preparation Toner from Klairs
The rules to enter this giveaway are simple: .
1️⃣ Follow @moikobeauty and @miincosmetics .
2️⃣ Like this post.
3️⃣ Tag 3 friends and tell me whats ur holy grail skincare product.
4️⃣ Extra entry - Screenshot this pic and mention me in your stories with the hashtag: #10kmoikobeauty .
🔥 Important: .
1-No private and / or giveaway accounts.
2-Don’t follow / unfollow.
3-Steps 1-3 must be completed to qualify for an entry.
4-Giveaway is open internationally and will ends on 23-Feb-2018.
5-This giveaway is not associated with Instagram. .
🌸 Good luck everyone!!!!!! .
🇪🇸 Estoy terminando un post en el blog! En un ratito podréis encontrar más informacón allí :) Mucha suerteeeeeeeeeeeee!!! (pd. HG (holy grail) significa “Santo grial” tu producto favorito de todos los tiempos!!)



💛 AM Routine 💛 Hiiii! Today I’ve introduced a new vit C into my AM routine yay! This is from TIAM received yesterday. The color of the serum is red derived from natural vitamin. The texture is soft, leaving a slight glow to the skin. I used my buffet serum after this and fits perfectly. I didn’t felt any tingling or any redness, which means my skin tolerate 20% of vitC! yay! Anyways I’m not going to use it everyday for now, but each other day. .
🌟 water cleansing
🌟 #purito fermented complex 94 boosting essence with cotton pad and another layer patting with my hands my skin. 🌟 #tiam Red C Serum.
🌟 #theordinary buffet.
🌟 #enature squeezing green watery cream with two drops of #euyira beauty-full oil. 🌟 #innisfree blueberry rebalancing watery suncream.
🌟 #mariobadescu aloe mist.
🇪🇸 💛 Rutina de mañana 💛 Hola! Hoy he añadido una nueva vitamina C en mi rutina! :D Es la que recibi ayer de TIAM. El color del sérum es rojo derivado de una vitamina natural. La textura es suave y deja un bonito brillo en l piel. No sentí ningun hormigueo ni ninguna rojez, lo que significa que mi piel tolera el 20% de vit C :D tenia pánico porque la ultima vez me sentó fatal. De todos mdos no lo usaré por el momento todas las mañanas sino que dia si dia no.


💛 AM Routine 💛 Hello! We’re almost on friday!! Yay!!! Aaaand… I’m going to launch a super 10k giveaway with some of my favorites products in collaboration with @MiiNcosmetics so STAY TUNED!! Ahh!! I’m SO excited! and it will be internationally :D .
🌟 #bywishtrend powder enzyme wash.
🌟 #niod SDSM2. running out so fast :’(
🌟 #theordinary buffet.
🌟 #iunik tea tree relief serum.
🌟 #enature squeezing green watery cream.
🌟 #innisfree blueberry rebalancing watery suncream.
🌟 #mariobadescu aloe mist.
🌟 #klairs mochiBB
🌟 #glossier blush cloud tint.
🌟 #pixi lip care balm. .
🇪🇸 💛 Rutina de mañana 💛 Hola! Ya estamos casi en viernes!!! yay!! Y!!!! estoy apunto de lanzar un increible giveaway con algunos de mis favoritos en colaboración con #miincosmetics así que ESTAROS ATENTOS! Y será internacional! :D


🍯 PM Routine 🍯 Hiii! Have you seen my latest stories using manuka honey? XD Yesterday I played it with spirulina powder. It is a powerful antioxidant that fits perfectly with the power of the Manuka honey, plus two drops of tea tree oil and 👌🏻 I’m gonna stop using it till the next week.. is so expensive to waste it the first week xDD.
🌟 #bioderma H2O micellar wter.
🌟 #kravebeauty Matcha hemp hydrating cleanser.
🌟 DIY #manuka honey w/ spirulina powder.
🌟 #niod SDSM2 hydrating mist.
🌟 #iunik relief tea tree serum.
🌟 #enature squeezing green watery cream.
🌟 #laneige water sleeping mask.
🇪🇸 🍯 Rutina de noche 🍯 Hola! Viste el último stories usando la miel Manuka? Xd Ayer jugué con la spirulina, un potente antioxidante pareja perfecta para el poder de la miel de Manuka más dos gotitas de árbol de té.👌🏻 Voy a parar un poco de hacerme mascarillas hasta la semana que viene que es carísima y yo soy muy novelera. jajajaj



💛 AM Routine 💛 Hello! Today I went from my doctor and now I know what the histamine test means. I have intolerance to: milk, pig, chicken, wheat flour, white fish and rice. (RICE!! SUSHI! Ohmaigosh) I have to do a endoscopy in some days to know if I’m celiac or not and she told me I have to eat a lot of gluten these days before the biopsy… omg my skin… but I really want to know what happens and why I have that kind of severe cystic acne… (although it is so much better now that I’ve quit gluten and dairy..). I’ll keep you update of everything. .
🌟 #bywishtrend powder enzyme wash - LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS.
🌟 #niod SDSM2 - Love this too!
🌟 #theordinary buffet.
🌟 #iunik tea tree relief serum.
🌟 #enature squeeze green gel cream.
🌟 #earthsrecipe watery sunscreen.
🌟 #klairs illuminating blemish BB Cream
🌟 #glossier cloud paint - blush.
🌟 #itssaem concealer. .
🇪🇸 💛 Rutina de mañana 💛 Hola! Hoy he ido al médico y ya se interpretar el test de histamina. Soy intolerante a la leche, al cerdo, al pollo, al arroz, al pescado blanco, y a la hrina de trigo. (ARROZ! con lo q me gusta a mi el sushi…) Tengo aún que hacerme una endoscopia en unos dias para saber si soy celiaca o no, y me ha dicho que para el test tengo q comer mucho gluten.. asi que a ver mi cara por donde salimos… aunque en realidad quiero saber ya que narices me pasa en la cara y porque tengo este tipo de acne severo que me tiene aburrida ya. Os mantendré actualizados de todo!.


💛 Happy St. Valentine 💛 Good morning my lovelies! Happy st. Valentine to everyone who’s in love! In love with your bf/gf, in love with your friends, in love with yourself, with ur family, in love with your pet, in love with your moisturizer (lol) in love with the life! .
🎀 This is a lovely gift from @miincosmetics for that special day. The set of three masks from @package (in love w these sheetmasks) a little book with some ideas to share w/ your love or BFF (from @planetadelibros ), some heart sweets (🤤) and a cute postal from the illustrator @minibloggers . What a sweet St.Valentine gift! thanks guys!
What’s ur plan for today?? Are you going to dinner somewhere? .
🇪🇸 💛 Feliz San valentín ! 💛 Buenos dias amoressss! Feliz San valentin a todos los que estáis enamoraos! De vuestra pareja, enamorados de vuestros amigos, de ustedes mismos, de vuestra familia, de vuestra mascota, de vuestra crema xD o de la vida misma!
🎀 Este precioso detalle lo recibí de parte de #miincosmetics por este dia tan especial. El set de 3 mascarillas de #packagekorea (adoro estas mascarillas) un pequeño libro de cosas que hcer con tu amor o tu mejor amigo/a (de #planetadelibros ) algunos corazones de chuchería, y una preciosa postal de la ilustradora de #minibloggers . Que precioso regalo de san valentín! gracias chicos! ¿Tenéis algún plan especial para hoy? 😊


🌵 E Nature Vita 8 Nutritive sheetmask 🌵 My friend @nashiel hosted today a #mascarillanight👻 and asked me to join and OFC babe! I was waiting the moment to try this one from E Nature received the last week courtesy of @miincosmetics :D .
🌵 I’m actually using their freshly gel moisturizer and loving it. Formulated with Cenosome, a liposome composed of 8 essential vitamins: C, E, F, H, B5, B6, B9 and B12. High antioxidant properties that improves the skin texture and nourishes it. .
🌵Once opened, I didn’t notice any kind of scent or fragances. The mask was really thin and it came with a protective plastic. (only one, thanks gosh) The adherence was incredible, it fit perfectly to my face. Well soaked with enough (not sticky) essence. Was really comfortable. The mask went dry after 20-30 min wearing it. .
🌵This mask claims to be perfect for tired and dull skins after an stressful day. Well, my skin is everyday at the end of the day tired (mainly coz I’m more than 10 hours in front of a phone-computer) xD so I had the chance to see if that works or not. On the basis of a super tired skin, yeah, I felt it more plump and hydrated, but my bags are still there, I think there are not any miracle for those ugly bags :( Despite of that, loved how hydrated I felt my skin and the shot of antioxidants and vitamins. .
🔥 UPDATE next day ▶️ I woke up without any kind of redness, one cyst that was going bigger is almost gone, my skin is super brighten.... in definitely ... NEW HG! Love this mask!!!. .
#smotd #enature #sheetmaskaddict #sheetmaskreview #koreansheetmask .
🇪🇸⬇️ Spanish at comments



🌵 #mymasktime Beauty Box 🌵 Hello! Yesterday I received a beauty box from @mymasktime ! They’re a service of monthly sheetmask boxes subscription placed on UK. I was contacted by them to send me one of their monthly boxes, and I cannot resist to try new sheetmasks… Honestly, I don’t use them daily, and probably 1-2? per week as much, but I wanna start using them more frequently from now. 🌵 This is the January box, It is still available for purchase in their website for £29.95 (it is more or less 33€) and it comes with a lot of great sheetmasks!! .
🌟 #SNP Fresh Vita C Jelly Mask.
🌟 #THEFACESHOP Real Nature Kelp Mask.
🌟 #LEADERSINSOLUTION Aquablend Oil Pocket Mask.
🌟 #YOUTHOVERFLOWER Iceland Aqua Pass Mask.
🌟 #TONYMOLY Tako Pore One Shot Nose Pack.
🌟 #BOH Air Jet Daily Mask – Hyaluronic Acid.
🌟 #VERITE Real Power Cool Down Mask.
🌟 #MEDIHEAL Stress Zero Solution Soothing Care Mask.
🌟 #MISSHA Pure Source Cell Sheet Mask – Rice.
🌟 #ETUDEHOUSE Black Hydrogel Eye Patch.
🌟 #ETUDEHOUSE Honey Jelly Lips Patch.
🌟 #ITSSKIN Boarding Pass Kit.
Swipe right to see all the masks :) .
🇪🇸🌵 Hola! Ayer recibí un paquetito de Masktime! Son un servicio de subscripción mensual de mascarillas Coreanas situ en Inglaterra. Contactaron conmigo para mandarme una de sus cajitas mensuales y no pude resistirme a probar nuevas mascarillas… Sinceramente, no suelo usarlas a diario, igual 1 o 2 por semana… pero quiero empezar a utilizarlas más frecuentemente por culpa de @nashiel xDD 🌵 Esta es su cajita de Enero que aún está disponible en su web por más o menos unos 33€ aprox y viene con un montón de buenísimas mascarillas!!!


🌵 AM Routine 🌵 Good morning!! So excited today bcause I’m gonna receive my manuka honey! yay! I can’t wait to do my first DIY mask with that amazing pure honey. My AM routine today is quite simple but love it :) .
➕ water cleansing
➕ #purito fermented complex 94 essence.
➕ #enature Squeeze green watery gel cream. ➕ #earthsrecipe waterful sun gel. Love this sunscreen. ➕ #klairs illuminating BB cream. ➕ #klairs mochi BB cream. to retouch my makeup during the day :D.
➕ #glossier cloud pint. Love both and I usually use both, but pink ones (PUFF) is the best! ➕ oh and my cheap and cute #primark candles XD .
🌵🇪🇸 Buenos días!! Estoy hoy super nerviosa por recibir la miel de manuka tan tan tan recomendada y empezar a hacer mis mascarillas caseras con esta pedazo de miel 😍 Mi rutina es sencillita pero me encanta :D


🌵 PM Routine 🌵 Helloooooow! I wanted to shared my yesterday’s PM routine because today I woke up with my skin amazingly hydrated, calmed, and with the pimples so surprisingly smaller. I’ve brought with me for this weekend the Purito essence because of Niacinamide. I know this is not on my regular routine yet but I wanted to add this ingredient this week pre-period to prevent some breakouts.
This routine was quite simple, I try to use a minimal skincare the days before my period, and I don’t know if was because the essence of this slice sheetmask but.. OMG I had one cyst on my chin going bigger per day, and I woke up with this super small and not painful anymore. I’ll try tonight the same routine and I’ll see if I wake up tmr like today. .
➕ #bioderma Sensibio H2O.
➕ #kravebeauty matcha hemp hydrating cleanser. ➕ #kocostar slice mask sheet watermelon. Loved it. ➕ #purito galacto Niacin essence. If it works toninght as It did yesterday, I will add this little guy to my daily routine. ➕ #enature Squeeze green watery gel cream. . 🌵🇪🇸 Holaaaaa! Hoy quería compartiros mi rutina de ayer porque me he levanatado hoy con la cara genial e increiblemente hidratada, calmada y con los granitos sorprendentemente más pequeños. Me he traído conmigo este fin de semana la esencia de Purito por la Niacinamida. Se que no forma parte de mi rutina diaria aún pero queria añadir este incrediente para prevenir brotes los dias antes del periodo. (estoy a 3 dias de la warri).
Esta rutina es bastante simple, intento usar lo mínimo los dias pre-periodo para no saturar la piel, y la verdad es que no se si fue la mascarilla o la esencia pero.. buah.. tenia un quiste en la barbilla que iba a peor por dias y me ha disminuido considerablemente y ya ni duele. Lo probaré esta noche otra vez a ver si me levanto mañana como hoy.



🍉 #Kocostar Slide Mask Sheet Review 🍉 Hello! I’m so sorry for the lack of posts!! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m at my family’s house because I have an wedding interview and.. it’s #CARNIVAL in Cádiz!!! 🎉👯‍♀️ .
🍉 The weather here is being a bit weird, hot and sunny at midday but SODAMN cold and high humidity at nights… my skin … ☹️ my under cheeks and jawline goes quickly dehydrated and dry with this kind of weather.. and this mask was the best option to re-hydrate that specific area! .
🍉 Is the first time I use this kind of mask and I really enjoyed it. It claims to provide a deep hydration and surprisingly it does!. They were soaked with watermelon extract (this ingredient is on the top of the ingredient list) and a lot of fruits and plants extracts. It doesn’t contains parabens, alcohol, sulfate or comedogenic ingredients but it has fragance. The scent of the sheet mask was very pleasant and “yummy” … The adherence was pretty good, although they started to fall down after 15 minutes wearing them, I thought I could kept them 15 min more, but probably my skin absorbed all the essence.. :S (believe my, my skin was SO dry). .
🍉 It is suitable for all skin types but are great for dry and dehydrated skins. The price of this set of 12 slice mask sheets is 4,93€ on Sheethappens and you can get it in their monthly boxes! Would I recommend it? For sure. That area switched from dry to suuuper moist.
I received it courtesy of @sheethappens_sthlm Thank you!! Loved it! .
⬇️🇪🇸 Spanish


🌵 Updated AM routine 🌵 Hello!!! I’ve changed two products from my AM routine. The #Klairs moisturizer is already empty, I have used it since the last year and as I said on my last post, is one of my baes 💕. The new one is from #enature I’ve been using it only these three days and I found that I need at least two layers on the morning to be hydrated all day, loving the freshly gel texture!
🌵 I decided to stop using my beloved Klairs Vit C for just one reason. I’ve been using it for along 3 weeks every morning (opened 10 months ago and was almost empty). The first week I started to got some blackheads when I don’t usually have, but ok! would be. I did a facial cleansing to remove all the blackheads and start from 0. The second week.. the blackheads were there again. wtf? how the hell!? my routine was clean, simple, and effective. After throwing a question on my stories about that many of you replied me that you were having the same issue with other brands. I was a bit confused till I found a article where says that although VitC is a powerful antioxidant, it can turn inestable and causes rapid oxidation resulting in a darkening of the oil pore’s surface. My Vit C didn’t turned brown tho, although someone told me that doesn’t matter. Anyways, I will be using now another serum instead my vit C and I’ll see. So don’t be scared! I will confirm that in two weeks. :) Anyways my Vit C was so “old” although it was refrigerated all the time.
🌵So my new routine goes like this! .
➕ #kravebeauty hemp hydrating cleanser - Each other day.
➕ #NIOD SDSM2 - Super antioxidant mist! Review soon!.
➕ #theordinary Buffet ➕ #iunik tea tree relief serum - soothe and hydrates ➕ #enature Squeeze green watery gel 🇪🇸⬇️ En español


🌵 PM routine 🌵 Hello!!! This have been my PM routine for 2-3 weeks. Right now is working fine but I’m getting some blackheads.. and I think it’s because the daily use of Vit C so I’ll use it each other day from now on. .
🌵My PM routine goes like:
. 🌙 BASICS: ➕ #bioderma micellar water Sensibio H2O - Using this atm and taking a break of oils for 3-4 weeks. Then I’ll go back them. I DONT scrub the cotton pad on my breakout zone, I just give touches with the soaked pads on that area. if I don’t have any active pimple I gentle use the cotton pad all over my face. ➕ #krave matcha hemp hydrating cleanser - Loving it. I’ve been using it 4+ weeks so I will do a full review soon. Super gentle cleanser that leaves my skin hydrated. 👌🏻 *
➕ #niod SDSM2 - Antioxidant & hydrating mist - This is my daily “shot” of antioxidants. A must have on my daily regime. *
➕ #theordinary buffet - Several forms of hyaluronic acid, amino acids and blend of peptides for my 30s skin. Loving it and a must-have. * ➕ #enature squeeze green watery gel cream - Super FRESHLY. It provides a good amount of hydration with its oil microcapsules . * . *PR/Gifted .
⬇️ Continued on comments



🌵 2 Empties 2 New 🌵 Hello!!! I have a few updates about my skin and my acne, but I will talk about that in the next post to don’t make this so longer. .
I’ve finished two products and there are the new ones! .
1️⃣ EMPTY - #klairs rich moist soothing cream - Second bottle. I love this cream since the first day I used it. Its great for winter, keeps my skin moisturized and love the texture. I will repurchase it for sure!! I will do a full review of this soon. This was provided by
1️⃣ NEW - #enature Squeeze Green watery gel - I used it today by first time. Love the gel texture, It leaves my skin super hydrated, brighten and fresh!. This will be so great for summer btw. Its absorbs quickly and doesn’t leaves any shiny. Rich on antioxidants, VitC, hyaluronic acid.. 😍 This was provided by @miincosmetics .
2️⃣ EMPTY - #heimish all clean balm - my third bottle, I have another one but Im going rest a bit of oils and balms. I’ve heard that oils are amazing, but we shouldn’t use them in long term. (dunno exactly why, I watched it in a korean beauty TV program) so now its time to go back my beloved micellar water. (not PR)
2️⃣ NEW - #bioderma sensibio H2O - that’s not really “new” I’ve used two bottles of this and this one is alrady 1/2. It removes the dirt and makeup easily, but I would recommend you to wash up your skin after use any kind of micellar water. I will use it this month, then I’ll go back to oil cleansers. (not PR) .


🌿 Unboxing E Nature Korean Brand 🌿 Happy sunday! How it is going? The day before yesterday I received a surprise package from @miincosmetics ! I’m always so damn thrilled when I receive something from them 😍👏🏻👏🏻
🌿 E Nature - I didn’t know that brand before, but after having searched a bit by google I found a lot of good reviews about their products. I was even more excited when while I was making the stories some of you DM’d me saying that their products were incredible good. 🌿Naturalism & cruelty free brand that works with eco-friendly natural ingredients and utilizing smart technology on the process of their products. 🌿 I’ve received the following:
🌱 TONER - Squeeze green watery toner.
🌿 MOISTURIZER - Squeeze green watery gel cream.
🌱 SHEETMASKS: Vita8 Nutritive sheet mask - Squeeze green watery sheet mask - Cicaherb restore sheet mask - Bio-Zeup sheet mask. .
🌿The key ingredients of the toner and moisturizer are parsley, kale and chlorophyll. Provides a high moisture level and promotes skin regeneration and vitality. The moisturizer is infused with oil capsules that release a boost of moisture when in contact with skin. looks so damn GOOD!!! OMG! My actual moisturizer is almost empty (1 day more I guess) so this will be the next one I’m gonna add to my skincare routine. 👏🏻 welcome baby! And about the sheetmasks *-* !!! I will review them separately. Promise! The toner will take a bit to be tested, a few weeks, I have to try the iunik first :) .
Thank you so much MiiN !! cant wait to try all of them. .
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🌵 New & Empty exfoliators 🌵 Hello!! The other day posted how was my “stable” AM routine. Two of the them, my moisturizer and my sunscreen are running out , I will show you what I will use instead of them and a full review of each product. I also will post my PM routine tomorrow :) 🌵Today I wanna show you my exfoliators! 🌟1️⃣ #skinfood Black sugar Mask - EMPTY - I used to LOVE this one and the scrub method of exfoliation but I started using chemicals exfoliators and I almost forgot about this till a month ago. I’ve been using this scrub these days to finish it before the expiry date. For those who we have acne, scrubs can spread acne causing bacteria paving the way for a full-blown outbreak. When I bought this one I didn’t have acne, and probably I will buy it again if my skin goes clear again. .
🌟2️⃣ #mizon AHA 8% Peeling serum - ALMOST EMPTY - This is my HG peeling serum. Formulated with 8% of glycolic acid it leaves my skin super soft, clean and I can feel how it works for the slight tingling. I bought it a year ago, almost empty now, it has 2-3 more uses I guess. I will use now the new from Krave & Ordinary, but I will repurchase this for sure in the future. Oh and this is the best thing I’ve used on my cysts. .
🌟3️⃣ #cosrx Blackhead power liquid - IN USE - I loooooooove this guy. My skin is free of blackheads thanks to this, but I’ve noticed that if I don’t use this salicylic acid enough in a week my blackheads come back. I could use this everyday, but I have to switch this with the AHA & Retinoids and its a pain sometimes do a correct schedule! 2/3 and will repurchase it for sure. It also hydrates. .
🌟4️⃣ #krave Kale-Lalu-yAHA - NEW - I can’t wait to start using this. I tried it twice and liked it. Since the concentration of AHA is quite low for me 5%, I will alternate it with the 7% from The Ordinary. Maybe 2 times a week this one and 1 times on weekends the ordinary ones. 🤔 Love its ingredients: AHA, kale, spinach, parsley, aloe, hyaluronic and allantoin. Probably the best AHA with that kind of ingredients on the market. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Continue on comments .
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🧖🏻‍♀️ #Maskingdom Ginger Lily & Saw Palmetto 🧖🏻‍♀️ Hello! A month ago I received courtesy of @sheethappens_sthlm a few masks to try. A few of them was from the taiwanese brand maskingdom! they have such a nice sheetmasks with aaamaaazing illustrations designs in their packaging.. 😍 🌟 I kept this one specially for my period week when I usually have my skin more rough and dull. 🌟 This is a unique 2-step mask-serum formula that balance oily skin, shrink pores and fight breakouts, its perfect for acne prone skins. 🌟 Main ingredients: Ginger lily is a traditional herbal extract that soothes redness from acne and balances oil levels while saw palmetto gentle exfoliates the skin to improve acne breakouts.
Saw palmetto has the ability to inhibit the most powerful androgen in our body, DHT. (, great for hormonal acne. It gained a good reputation curing oily skins and reducing the amount of pimples. I have here these supplements, although I decided to stop taking them when I was looking to get pregnant. (now I paused it) but I bought them after read the amazing reviews healing hormonal acne. 🌟 I left it on my skin for 30-40 minutes and when I took it off, there was no sign of dryness on the sheetmask. When I took it off my skin was pretty hydrated thanks to the essence and it took 10 min more or less to be absorbed by my skin. I had a very bad breakout these days… due cheesecake, fast food, etc etc.. (was my bday! I couldn’t do anything!) and I felt this mask helped me to calm it down a bit coz my acne pimples were less irritated the next day. I will use it again, I really want to see how it goes using it frequently. About shrink pores, honestly, I haven’t noticed of that, although in only one use I think it would have ben a miracle.. 🌟 The price of this #sheetmask is 5.65€ (6$?) on Sheet Happens. It is not super cheap but it totally worth it because of its ingredients.. .
#sheetmaskreview #sheetmaskaddict #beautyblogger #instaskincare .
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🎂 First anniversary #MoikoBeauty 🎂 Hello everyone! A day like today, I decided to start a journal on Instagram talking about my experiences with the korean skincare routine introduced by myself after read the Charlotte’s book. I also launched my blog Never would I have imagine all the amazing people I’ve met during this year, how much I’ve learned thanks to all of you, special mention to @aboutliahyoo (love you) and I would love mention all the brands that believed on me, but the first one was , which one I love soo much, my lovely Paula from @sheethappens_sthlm and all the team from @miincosmetics , Thanks.
🌟 Mmm Maybe I should do something after reach 10k to celebrate as well our anniversary… 🤔 I will think aout it. .
🌟LOVE you all guys. Love this #abcommunity and.. for more years together! .
🎀 Moira is wearing #miincosmetics headband in tone LovelyNude. Actually promoted for free for any purchase over 60€ 🎀 !! .
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🌵Supplements series #zinc 🌵Hello!! When my acne came back a few months ago, I started to research about how fight it avoiding accutane or antibiotics and not only with skincare, but with healthy diet and supplements. 🌟The first one that was several times mentioned googling and in was zinc, so why not! I decided to add this supplement to my diet. 🌟I also read that many studies confirm that 50% of acne patients have lower levels of zinc than people with clear skin and that supplement could reduce their acne by 50%, particularly inflamed acne like cystic (mine), acne vulgaris or also hormonal acne. So why not! it wasn’t expensive, so I tried it. I’ve been taking it for 4 months now. (personal opinion below) 🌟 What does: This mineral plays an important role in cell division and regrowth accelerating the skin cells healing process. It also reduces the inflammatory response to bacteria that causes the red and painful pimple. It is a DHT blocker, reduce the effect hormones have on our skin (a.k.a. hormonal acne). Reduce the amount of oil the skin produces and its a powerful antioxidant.
It wont help prevent your acne from occurring but it allows your active acne to heal a lot faster.
Zinc works better taking Vitamin A since it carry this vitamin to our liver. Vitamin A is considerer an anti-acne nutrient. This is the last vit I’m gonna buy the next… I haven’t tried them together yet :/ .
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🌵Peeling day 🌵 Hii! Yesterday I mentioned on my stories these three jewels. I usually exfoliate my skin 2-3 times a week, I alternate between AHA and BHA, depends of how my skin is and if my period is coming or not. I feel that I need more times glycolic acid (aha) but if I don’t use BHA enough I can find some new blackheads on my skin, so the clue is the balance between those two. But, every other week, I love use this “strong” concentration of AHA from #theordinary mostly on sundays, I call them my #sundaypeeling ✌🏻
🌟 #deciem AHA30% + BHA 2% Peeling serum - This is a rinsed-off exfoliant exfoliating facial. 32% of acids (AHA, Lactic, Tartaric, Citric, BHA), plus, hydrating hyaluronic acid, pro-healing vitamin B5, antioxidant black carrot and soothing ingredient Tasmanian Pepperberry.
Deciem’s top seller that keeps my skin super soft. Don’t use this if it’s your first time using chemical exfoliation btw.
This scary red liquid produces a bit of tingling on my face while I’m using it but doesn’t leaves my skin red or irritated. All the times I use this, I follow my routine with soothing products like following.
🌟 #klairs midnight blue claming cream - My beloved top n.1 soothing cream.. it gives me a great moisture plus calms down my angry pimples and soothe my skin. It doesn’t break me out (thanks gosh!) and I usually use it as spot treatment but the times I exfoliate my skin I use this on my whole face, and love it. Please Klairs launch a bigger size.. 🙏🏻 .
🌟 #alkimi CINCO oil - Bought it a few weeks ago and alternating this with another amazing oil from livecrude. I was a bit afraid of tamanu oil because when I used this oil separately it clogged my pores, but the livecrude oil is formulated with tamanu too and doesn’t break me out or clog my pores, so I gave another chance to this from alkimi (because it is so Hype! and is formulated with amazing oils-ingredients) and yay! my skin is responding pretty good, without sign of congestion, quite the opposite, very nourished and hydrated. I’ll review this in some weeks of continued use. .


🌵 n e w - AM Routine 🌵 Hello! Today I did a stories talking about a few changes in my life, and Ill try to resume it. My 7th dermatologist derived me to a Esthetician because she couldn’t do “more” with me and my severe acne prone skin. The kind esthetician recommended me a few of her products but with the obvious condition in leave all my actual skincare products - routines. It was a hard decision but, honestly, my skincare products have been meticulously selected for my skin type and actually they work amazing, so no, I’m sorry. BUT, there is a thing that she was right. She told me scientifically that but I’ve completely forgotten lol, the resume would be: Our skin needs a period of adaptation to a new skincare product for at least two months (it may derive of the product anyways) (this is the part I’m a bit lost lol—>) we produce a new cells with new “information” provided by the ingredients of that product, if we use a different routine everyday, our skin become saturated and they will not be effective at all. I’m going to research a bit more about that anyways.
🌵 Second thing. Today my endocrine confirmed what I thought. My dairy intolerance blood test is positive, although I have a mild dairy intolerance, and she thinks that my severe acne is not caused fully because of dairy, there are any not known yet intolerance. 🌵 Third thing. I’m taking birth control pills again. Thats the only thing that keeps my skin clear. I quit it a year ago because I was looking a baby, but the wedding season is almost here, so I decided to wait till the end of the yea, and I’m done of try everything.. The vitamins, the probiotic, the skincare, healthy diet, etc, was not enough, although it helped my skin as hell.. it could have been much worse without all that. I’m going to continue taking my probiotics, my morning celery juicy, my vitamin D3 and Zinc. 🔽🔽🔽🔽 continue..


🌵 AM Routine 🌵 The purge has been stopped, and the pimples are healing so fast… 😶 Maybe its because the celery juice I’m religiously drinking all mornings 💪🏻 or maybe the vit b5..
Today’s reading correspond to both sides of my cheeks. My left side is more drier than the right side, and probably thats true because when I usually break out is there, my right side is almost clear. :S .
➕ #bywishtrend green tea enzyme powder.
➕ #niod SDMS2.
➕ #klairs vitamin C.
➕ #purito galacto niacin 97.
➕ #earthsrecipe watery sungel.
🇪🇸 🌵AM Routine 🌵 El brotecillo que me dio antes de ayer (más bien purga) se ha frenado de la noche a la mañana, y los granitos que me ha dejado se están curando también super rápido.. igual es el zumo de apio que religiosamente me estoy tomando! o quizás vitamina B5 🤔
Las lecturas de hoy corresponden a ambos lados de mis mejillas. Mi lado izquierdo es más seco que el derecho, y probablemente sea verdad porque cuando tengo un brote suele ser ahi, mi lado derecho está practicamente limpio.. :S


🐶 Hello! Working on my blog! Btw I just noticed that IG has been cancelled all the allowed apps I’m using on it 😶 weird. .


🌵 PM Routine 🌵Good nite! Today I did the dairy intolerance blood test and it took so LONG… 2 hours of blood drawn.. I wish that I don’t have to repeat it… and let’s see what the result says. 🌵I added retinoids again into my routine. I bought this bottle from ordinary (advanced retinoid 2%) 10 months ago but the first time I had a weird reaction, it was because my skin was super sensitive due over-exfoliation. To be honest I was scared (because that reaction turned into amazing breakout all over my face) but since my skin barrier is already restored I decided to give it a new try and.. YAY! Any itching or tingling or even redness.. so I’m going to use it all nights except the day I exfoliate my skin with any acid. *so happy*
🌵I incorporated again the Klairs midninght blue youth drop :D It is almost empty but I have another bottle. 🌵Oh I forgot to talk about my skin update. Yesterday, period. I ate cheese cake, and I’ve increased my Vitamin B5 dose to 3gr instead 500mg. A.K.A. white heads. BUT it is not a breakout, it is more likely a purge… and probably because the Vitamin… 🤔 I’ve read that its normal have an initial purge taking that vitamin, but it will be clear in 2-3 weeks or so. I wont stop taking it atm, I will wait and see. .
So, PM routine goes like this: .
➕ #heimish all clean balm - Almost gone my 4th bottle. I have another new one here but its time to try a new oil!
➕ #kravebeauty matcha hemp cleanser - I’m loving this everyday more and more...
➕ #NIOD SDSM2. - its 1/2.. and I’m going to repurchase it for sure.
➕ #klairs midnight blue youth activating drop. Peptides!! ➕ #cosrx propolis ampoule - Almost gone. Going to use my new iunik propolis serum soon. Review soon too.
➕ #theordinary advanced retinoid 2%. - Any kind of reaction. YAY! it will be on my daily routine from now.
➕ #klairs midninght blue calming cream as moisturizer. It is great to calm down my angry pimples.
➕ #livecrude BLOOM super-potent healing serum - jojoba, tamanu, rosehip oil, etc etc. Love all the oils that has this serum. .
🇪🇸 In spanish ⬇️⬇️


🌵 AM Routine 🌵Hello! Finally my period is here (I’m so sorry to give you that kind of information lol but that matters to my skin moisture! Today my skin is supposed to be super dry, and dull, but its not!.
🌵Yesterday’s little whiteheads were the warning of the arrive of my “friend” lol and surprisingly they were gone today at morning 🤷🏻‍♀️.
🌵I haven’t tried so many products with hyaluronic and I’m just loving that ingredient so much.. the #iunik toner is a-ma-zing keeping my skin hydrated almost all day.
🌵I picked up again my #naobay moisturing milky peeling. It has microparticles that gently scrub the skin leaving it super bright and soft. It is close to expires so I’m gonna use it this month 3 times per week. ➡️ Swipe to see the reading 4 hours after my am routine. .
➕ #kravebeauty matcha hemp cleanser.
➕ #naobay moisturizing peeling.
➕ #niod SDSM2.
➕ #iunik hyaluronic acid toner.
➕ #cosrx propolis ampoule.
➕ #larocheposay ultra nuit moisturizer.
➕ #mariobadescu moist mist - to keep my skin hydrated all day. 🍩 Wayskin device. .
🇪🇸🌵 AM Routine 🌵Hola! Finalmente mi periodo ha llegado (siento tener que daros esta información pero es importante para la hidratación de mi piel! xD) Hoy supuestamente tendria que haberla tenido super seca, apagada, deshidratada, etc y que va.. esta mas hidratada que de costumbre.
🌵 Ayer los granitos blancos q me salieron se han ido hoy por la mañana, y eran el vivo aviso de la llegada de la warri. 🌵 No he probado muchos productos con ácido hialurónico y ya estoy tardando.. me está encantando como mantiene la piel hidratada.. este tónico de iunik es genial. No se si están buscando tester pero preguntarles a ver! 🌵 He pillado de nuevo el scrub de naobay, tiene micropartículas que suavemente exfolian la piel dejandola super suave e iluminada. Esta apunto de caducar asi que he aprovechado para terminarlo, lo usare unas 3 veces a la semana ✨