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Black Jaguar-White Tiger
Cats of Instagram

From @susan_kimm: "하다하다 이젠 방울토마토까지.." #catsofinstagram


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Video by @brainxplode



That's the spot😁



Keep calm. Love wins. ❤ || 📸 @tmnikonian 😍 || #thisislondon


The Many Cats Of Instagram

"Rumour the catstronaut." - @ConnorRundell



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Menswear Dog

Back in the office perfecting my doge face 2.0 ✨

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Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

"Crusoe the Avalanche Rescue Dachshund is here!! Tag a friend who you'd trust me to save! 😉❄️⛷" ~ Crusoe

#rescuedog #doxie #avalanche #avalanchedog #crusoe #dachshundsofinstagram #wienerdog



That little chirp of pure happiness. ♥️


Manny The Frenchie

This is the fluffy and adorable @matildathefluffyfrenchie and she's my buddy of the week!
To be featured follow @manny_and_friends and use tag #mannysbuddyoftheweek.


Digby & Aloysius Van Winkle

I just wanted to show off my @biffy_clyro pins. 😂


Priscilla and Poppleton💗💙
Kevin Richardson LionWhisperer

We are so proud to have had the opportunity to collaborate with our sponsors to create two commercials for the Casio PRG 600 for their channel. Starring our very own Graeme and Katlego, with Kevin doing both the still photography @gopro work & the drone footage, these commercials show off our beautiful home at Welgedacht Game Reserve. Make sure you watch until the very end and see if you can recognize which lion is getting his ‘close up’. Over the next few days we will be sharing some of the gorgeous still photography that Kevin was responsible for, and both variations of the commercial. We hope you love it as much as we do. Thanks Casio, for all you support. #PRG600 #protrek #liontough #reliable #toughsolar #solarpowered (LINK CLICKABLE IN BIO)


Cesar Gonzalez Cocinero

Una Torta de Brownie Oreo es para volverse loco. Aquí tienen la receta para que me acompañen en esta locura!

Para el Brownie:
10 cucharadas (140 g) de Mantequilla sin sal.
1 ¼ tazas (250 g) de Azúcar.
¾ taza más 2 cucharadas (65 g) de Cacao en polvo sin Azúcar.
¼ cucharadita de Sal.
½ cucharadita de Extracto de Vainilla pura.
2 Huevos grandes fríos.
½ taza (65 g) de Harina Todo Uso.
⅔ taza (75 g) de Nueces troceadas u otro fruto seco.
10 Galletas Oreo.

Relleno y decoración:
60 g de Cacao en polvo
2 latas de Leche Condensada
50g de Mantequilla -Precalienta el horno a 325°F/160°C. Engrasa bien un molde redondo para torta.
-Combina la Mantequilla, Azúcar, Cacao y Sal en un recipiente resistente al calor y lleva a baño de María (sobre una olla con agua caliente). Mezcla bien hasta que se derrita la Mantequilla y todos los ingredientes formen una mezcla uniforme. Retira y deja hasta que esté tibia la mezcla. Se ve bastante arenosa en este punto.
-Agrega la Vainilla con una cuchara de madera. Añade los Huevos uno a la vez, agita vigorosamente después de cada uno. Cuando estén bien mezclados, añade la Harina y mezcla muy bien hasta que se integre totalmente. Agita vigorosamente por 2 minutos con una espátula. -Agrega las nueces y lleva al molde, agrega Galletas #Oreo troceadas y no muevas para que quede solo en la parte superior.
-Hornea hasta que un palillo de dientes salga limpio, de 20 a 25 minutos. Hay que tomar en cuenta que dependiendo del horno esto podría tomar hasta 10 minutos más. -Deja enfriar completamente sobre una rejilla antes de cortar.
-Se divide con un cuchillo en 2 para poder rellenar la torta Brownie.

Crema para decorar y rellenar:
En una olla, agrega la Leche Condensada con la Mantequilla temperatura ambiente y el Cacao disuelto en una cucharada de agua a fuego bajo por 20 minutos, sin dejar de mover con cuchara de madera, la firmeza de la crema la determina el tiempo en el fuego y el agua, así que pueden dejarla más suave o más firme, como ustedes deseen.

Sobre un plato o bandeja, se coloca la primera capa de Brownie, la crema de relleno y luego el otro #Brownie, se decora con la Crema y #Chocolate.


詩丸 utamaru


つぶつぶのマンゴーやリンゴの入った新しいご褒美おやつ、ピューレKISS 💕
とっても美味しいようで、会場でいただいた#顔ハメ のリーフレットから、顔を乗り出して食べていました😍笑♪

Love this new treat! 🍭😋💕

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Pumpkin The Raccoon

My little sister @hello_luna_rose 😽


Bahrain 🇧🇭
Bob & Marley

🐤 Loucos!!! 😎



Kiss me good night.
#柴犬 #shiba #shibainu
#weeklyfluff #ilovemydog #cute #love #kawaii


Hosico Cat

I'm leaving, and you're going with me. 🚀



Our doggy Instagram world is a wonderful community of people who have a passion for showcasing their pets, the funny things their pets do and the loving relationships they have with them. We spend many hours scrolling through dog and cat Instagram accounts swooning over all the beautiful dogs and cats on here (it's mums favourite pastime) And we know that lots of people visit our page to see us being cute too. But we thought, instead of just sharing our pictures all the time we're going to hand over Fridays for other adorable pets to take our space. We're not limiting any pets here (well except snakes or spiders cos, ew.) but we will be looking for some interesting/cute/silly/naughty pets to share, or some with an interesting story/background that we can share. So if you'd like more people to swoon over your fur baby here's how to have your pet take our limelight for the day. Upload a photo or video of your pet and tag us in the caption/photo. Use #phillysfridayfeature and then be watching your DM because if you are selected you will need to tell us a little about your pet so we can post a mini bio of them with their photo.
First #phillysfridayfeature will be in 3 days so start posting! Xxx
Edit: all these amazing dogs coming out of the woodwork that I've never even met! Please tag your dog account in the comments so I can come follow you! 🏃🏽‍♀️🐶🐶


Grumpy Cat


Bulldog Stuff

First car break-in in San Francisco! Buggy thinks it's funny. Fortunately he wasn't in the car 🚗 🐶❤️



Ahhh... No Work. ThOink goodness. I wasn't planning on wearing pants anyway. 😱😬😜


SirCharlesBarkley the Frenchie

Monday mood 😞


Sledgehammer Games

On this day, the Twentieth of February, Two Thousand Seventeen, we celebrate George Washington's Birthday, also known as #PresidentsDay.


Animals | Nature | Landscape

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- Hamilton The Hipster Cat -

Best pals. ❤️ via @isabella_boo_boo_minipig