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good morning everyone! happy Rosh Hashanah to all my jewish dogs out there!


put me in slo mo so i sound so angry!! pay attention to me!! PLAY WITH ME!!!


have you ever tried wood finish? it's delicious!


IM SO FEROCIOU...time to nap 💤💤💤


I am now on @dogsofinstagram! Like a dog hall of fame!


hello! everyone! how are you! i went to the park! two! Times today! i very much like this ! it is like i am BARKING!


haven't seen anokha in a few days but it's okay because i play with my friends all day at the park and i'm so stinky but no one is throwing me in scary water!


momo memoirs day one:
today i saw a pigeon and i just had to say hi so i started running and then my leash came off so i was free! so i ran into the street and someone screamed my name but then the pigeon flew away so i decided i missed anokha and i came back.
momo out


my name is momo but you can call me the baddest dog