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Climbing that property ladder.


Happy 50th birthday to a real G! If I am even half the person she is one day, I can live with that. Between all the the bullshit I've been keeping up with most of my life & my little brother pissing on the floor & using other peoples body towels to clean it, it hasn't been easy but she has done VERY well. We love you mum! My mum turning 50 made me realise how close I am to 30. Fuck



Don't let me catch any Congolese people laughing, some of you have been pretending to be French for how long now? Zoba


That's all some of you know, killing people. Not even the right people, CV full of civilians.





I've been laughing at this for MONTHS. Oi @marston__ you're a dickhead 😂


The only place to be this Sunday & every Sunday. #LuxSundays! Good vibes, good music & most importantly, good people! LINK FOR TIX IN MY BIO


Nah man, there is no way I'm paying council tax AND beefing guys, it's either or because i don't have the energy for both. Can't be bussing my arse all day at work to then come & square off with you pieces of shit. I am not scared of any of you, the taxman is the only one that has me really shook. Been squeezing me for money for a while now & there's nothing I can do about it. When them letters come through the door my heart beats faster than a man driving through Lewisham with no insurance. "Do you know who I am fam?" unless your name is HMRC, I couldn't give a flying monkey. HE'S ROBBING YOU TOO. On a level though, I'm not a criminal, I don't abide by any rules of the roads, can't come to my HOME where I lay my head, aggy me up & think I won't be pressing charges, are you mad? Who am I supposed to call, Younger Stabber? You think a man can kidnap my friend & call for ransom like I won't just call the police. SO19 will have him home in time for The Apprentice. As I type this, I'm sitting by my window watching my road with my finger on my phone waiting to put my taxes to good use. Let a nigga try me try me, we gon' go to court & ima point you out to everybody (8) Man wanna talk about they run the roads but can't tell me why my bins haven't been taken, you ain't got the juice bro.



Come & join us TONIGHT at for another evening of cocktails, games & fun. Good vibes & good people only. We also have SHISHA 🤷🏿‍♂️ LINK IN MY BIO


If you missed it last week, don't miss it this week! Come & join us at @luxsundays for an evening filled with games, more games, cocktails & SHISHA! Not everyone likes to rave, some of us love a chilled out Sunday! Come & join us! LINK FOR TIX IN MY BIO


Waiting for your boy outside True Flavours while he picks up the food



Going to Bagel King with your Roley on.


Some of you let men that line up empty bottles of alcohol & pose with them for pics get you pregnant so I'm not surprised 🤷🏿‍♂️


lol does he know you? Usually the girls that could've never posted about man when he was alive. Even worse when it's guys begging it. Let him rest in peace man, he didn't associate with the likes of you when he was alive. Before you laugh, just remember that some of you only have the nice things you have because your mate died & you didn't give his family the money that he made you hold for him. Stunting on Insta with a dead mans Roley. Look at your life.



lol what can I say about this industry that hasn't already been said many times over about Boko Haram & ISIS? As an outsider you hear a lot about the industry, how fake it is, how much bum licking there is, this Mean Girls "you can't sit with us" attitude, even from grown men, & then you step in & you see for yourself how much worse it is. It is horrible. I've seen cool & humble people turn into monsters after a little while in this, living everyday like it's Halloween. I've seen artists move like their name is Michael Jackson because of a few million views talking down to people. You can suck your dad through the hole in his leggings if you think you can come around here with all that attitude pussio. Then there's the managers & A&Rs who haven't even buss any artists yet, better mind how you talk to me, I've helped way more artists than you my g. Some of them don't answer mans calls but still 😂 Listen, the game is the game lol Gone are the days of discovering an artist before the shine & developing them, now we got people waiting on YouTube for the millions of views & then they step in. Better lower your voice before I show your artist that you've been booking flights on his budget. All your manager cares about is going to events on the back of your name. Don't let this industry suck away at your soul, step in with an open mind & prepare yourself for the fuckery that comes with it & you will leave the way you came. If you're not built for this it will ruin you as a person. I've seen the best of them get snatched. Don't become one of those people. Do what you do & be great. Don't conform. Some of you ain't even paid for your beats & videos & you're moving sexy, low it.when you speak about certain things they'll call you angry or bitter, had more sold out shows than a lot of artists this year. Good over here b 🍹


Rejection builds character 😂 @tazerblack





lol wait, you think you proved her wrong because you sell drugs? You think you made it because you're deetsing Winter Wonderland tickets? "My teacher said I wouldn't make it now I'm taking multiple holidays a year" ... ON DEETS. You're a thief, she couldn't have been more accurate even if she'd used a protractor & a ruler. And you over there, you've got your sugar daddy paying for things & you think your teacher was gassing? You can't make any financial decisions without putting a testicle in your mouth & this is making it? Did you people go to the same school & have the same teacher telling you that you were failures or? 😂 Let's keep it 100, some of you were good students & were most likely to succeed in your school & your teachers reminded you of that all the time, you were a prefect, now you're on social media lying on your teachers because you fucked up & ended up selling drugs to children. You had 23% attendance, was always rude to the teachers & left school with 2 GCSE's, even your shadow thought you were a failure. But yeah, go out there & make Mrs. Miller proud & succeed like she told you would. You fucking prefect.


When you get home & one of your siblings has eaten your left over Chinese


The holder is taking long inside the bank so you walk past to check & see police inside


Certain man can't even sleep easy when certain rappers are in town 😂 your mrs in studio giving neck to rappers that can't even get 27 downloads on the mixtape


😂 I can't even be around these guys for too long #3shotsoftequila




lol some of you rappers are moving like those "these muslims are taking our jobs" racists that ain't even got qualifications for said job. "There are artists that have been doing this for many years & the comedians bussing" you don't get points for how long you've been doing this, only for how well you've been doing it. Let's keep it all the way 100, you were not getting any recognition long before Big Shaq came about, that's on YOU. Some of you are clutching at straws, instead of focusing on why it is that you've been doing this for 10 years & no one cares. "They're making a mockery of the scene, the US is gonna think we are a joke" some of you are rattled because Big Shaq is banter & he sounds like some of your serious projects, that's why the US won't be able to differentiate lol let man live his best life & focus on yours 🤷🏿‍♂️


Can always count on mum! She wasn't happy that I didn't know who Nicky Campbell was though 😂




I come across a lot of people that refuse for me to grow, people that hold on to how I was, people that aren't the same person they were 3 years ago trapping me in the mindset of the person I was 8/9 years ago. You're allowed to change your opinion on things you know. You take in new information & then see things differently. That's how it works. We GROW, we LEARN new things as we go along. Once upon a time you didn't know better & you were wearing bootcut jeans & plimsoles, now you know that it is the Devil's uniform. The reality is that some people just don't want to accept that you've changed for the better because that would mean that they have to change their opinion of you & they do not want to do that. They've run out of reasons not to like you, so they'll create some. People will tweet & post memes about growth all day but when it comes to acknowledging that other people have this capability, their brains go on flight mode. If YOU can change, why can't I? If YOU can become a better person, why can't I? With that being said, there's nothing that you can do to appease people that are stuck on disliking you. Focus on being a better you & you can never go wrong!


I went to a vegan restaurant yesterday & I can't lie I actually enjoyed the food. I'm really getting the hang of this Fiat 500 lifestyle. Had meat when I got home though, life is all about balance. As one of the mandem said, we can't stop eating these cows, don't want them thinking this is India fam. It's my birthday soon & I'm getting to that age where dying of natural causes has overtaken getting caught slipping by your opps, so I've started taking better care of myself. Man eats cous cous & quinoa & dem ting now. This growing up shit is the biggest scam ever, life is getting harder & my bills are constantly screaming "boonk gang" in my bank account. I give homeless people money whenever I can because the possibility of joining them goes up with every direct debit & If you know me you know I'm all about networking & building relationships, gonna need friends when I get there. People always ask me why I give homeless people money as opposed to food when I know the chance of them buying alcohol with it is as high as they will be when they smoke the drugs they also get with it & my answer is quite simple, if I was sleeping outside, I wouldn't want to do it sober either. After 2 light & 2 dark or a can of K Cider, the alleyway you're sleeping in feels like memory foam. We are so quick to judge the homeless without ever asking if they are homeless because of drink & drugs, or if they are on drink & drugs because of being homeless. Can't be easy to watch your old life walk past you everyday as you beg for money for food. It's been a long day, I'm tired & on my way to the gym & I'm hoping that something falls on me in there out of no fault of my own so I can call @tundeokewale & buy myself a small island when I eventually relearn how to walk.


lol this caller was not in luck that day. Aim of the game is for a caller to pick one us & whoever can complete the most dares for them wins them free tickets to our show at the end of the month. Full episode out later 😂 #3shotsliveonradar