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lol I find myself doing shit like this very often, I put an almost empty bottle of juice back into the fridge the other night & I was angry when I came back in the morning & it was still there like someone else did it. Living alone has been a learning experience, I haven’t done this shit since uni & it was way easier & cheaper back when half my food came out of other people’s cupboards & I was helping myself to their student loan. Wait, you gave me a square with 2 bags on it & thought I wasn’t going to take it, my brother that is the move 🤷🏿‍♂️ I thought about getting a house mate not too long ago & then I remembered how much I hate other people lol if you see someone move into my house, financial situation is a bit mad again, don’t question me just keep watching my snaps in silence. My dad came over the other week & I had to tell him to remove his shoes before getting in, something he spent years trying to drum into my head lol If we are being really honest, my carpet is better than his, that must count for something, no? This time last year was MAD for me, I was depressed & on the verge of losing everything, which wasn’t much to begin with but still lol. This year has been very different & I am grateful. My mind wasn’t clear & I knew I NEEDED to move out & be free in my own space if I had any chance of moving forward so I took a mad risk, I moved out of my parents house with a plan & 1 months rent lol if it didn’t go to plan my posts would be very different lol 6 months ago I was broke & when you’re very “popular” (lack of a better word) but your bank account doesn’t match, its long. When you tell people that you’re broke they think you’re bantering, nah bih, I’m broke for real. Sometimes you’ve just got to plan & take risks or you’ll never progress. I’m far from rich, but my situation is a million times better & that’s all because I had a plan & it paid off. I’m in the gym charging my phone & my 3 portable chargers, these bills ain’t cheap man. When you see me overly excited about little things, it’s because not too long ago, consigning an 8th & smoking my knee caps off was very local lol


Midas everything golden.


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I’ve told you people time & time again that @h_moneda is one of the best to ever do it. My favourite verse this year already. Featuring my little bro @itsbrg


This one is pretty simple, if you can’t afford to lose it, don’t invest it. When investing in anything, you either make money or lose money, that’s the first thing you need to understand. Once you’ve processed that, it’s time to ask yourself if you can afford to lose what you’ve invested & depending on what it is you’re Investing in, it’s also about understanding that it is possible to lose more than you have put in. Don’t get sucked into investing in things that you do not understand because you’ve heard other people have made money from it. WHY HAVE THEY MADE MONEY FROM IT? Until you understand that, leave it alone lol A lot of people have invested in crypto recently with no understanding of what they’ve invested in simply because they heard some people made money from it. That’s a wild way to live, that’s up there with barebacking nitties when you’re in cunch.


People need to stop treating knife crime like it is one big homogenous thing. it is an issue with more arms attached to it than Vishnu & if we are lazy & treat it like there is one cause & one cure, we’re going to be going around in circles until I’ve paid off my student loan, which definitely isn’t this life time. When you have people that think every black guy in a tracksuit & pouch is a ‘road man’ leading the conversation & controlling the narrative, it’s easy for things to get skewed. Not everyone is on the “roads” or stabs for the same reason, you have guys that do it from pressure, for fashion, some are driven by mental health issues & a multitude of other things. Some guys on road aren’t even road, they’re just there to make up numbers until the olders, many having never done any dirt themselves, start applying pressure & they have to do something to prove their crud. Some people joined gang just to be in music videos now they’re doing 35 because one of their over zealous mates pulled out a nank & turned a rushing into murder. To truly get through to these kids, if you really want to & are not virtue signalling of course, you must first take time to understand them & the environment they come from & speak the same language as them. Reading articles & watching white middle class documentaries about gangs just wont cut it. There’s a hierarchy in the ‘ends’ & you have to respect this when approaching these kids. A guy in a suit & tie with no knowledge of their situation looking down & talking at them will achieve nothing. Let’s look at youth clubs, the success is determined by the youth worker in charge & how the kids interact with them. If they think you’re a dickhead, they’re just there to hang out & settle scores from ends. I couldn’t begin to tell you what the solution is, I don’t know, but what I do know is that we need more people from similar backgrounds that speak the same language to step forward & lend a helping hand. We teach our kids not to trust the system, sometimes with good reason, & then are surprised when they don’t trust the system.



It’s pretty mental that you can’t really be yourself because people are afraid of you & all you’ve done is exist In that space. I couldn’t even tell you when I started, you don’t even realise that it’s happening or what kind of effect it has on you mentally. It’s exhausting. You get on a bus or train & you automatically get into character & try to convince everyone you’re not what they might be thinking you are. “I’m not like those other black guys” now I’m stereotyping other black guys in a bid to make others feel safe, what are other black guys like? You start smiling at everyone like a dickhead to show how harmless you are, hands out of pocket, music low, might even draw for the queeniest of the Queens English. When you walk into certain places, you have to go the extra mile to prove you are meant to be there. I’ve gone to talk at events many times & some people have looked at me like I’m lost. You can’t even wear certain things because their associated with a type of person. Some of you think every black guy in a tracksuit is a “road man”. Have you seen how tight these bottoms are? There’s barely any room in them for me let alone a weapon. Even when I’ve convinced people I should be where I am, they then assume it’s because I’m a drug dealer, some kind of criminal or a rapper. There’s people on my page now that see me post from my house etc & assume it’s from criminal proceeds. It’s also crazy that as a rich & successful rapper, they’ll still look down on you. “Oh he’s a rapper, that’s how he got it” :/ A large number of people that judge that aspect are from our own communities 🤷🏿‍♂️ If you’re out with a male sibling, child, friend, partner etc, watch how he interacts with people around him & how they interact with him. There are probably other groups of people that experience similar things, people from different places, I am just speaking on behalf of the group that I belong to from my point of view, please don’t come on here to do oppression olympics, if it’s something you can relate to, please raise awareness on your page, share your experience with us.


I posted this yesterday & without context things can come off a lot ruder than they are, & sometimes not rude enough depending on which side of the river you’re standing on. I was watching an exchange on twitter yesterday which reminded me of how cheeky people can be. It was after the whole Dave comments on knife crime stop & search thing & some people didn’t agree with it, which is cool, it’s just how some went about it & the things that were said. People don’t even know how to disagree without being stink. When you’re nice to people for too long they start thinking you’re mates. I am not your friend fam. I don’t mind meeting new people on social media, networking, vibsing, I appreciate ALL the support BUT the internet skews things & some can get a bit too familiar. Listen, there’s a reason you’d have to notify me (or anyone) of your loss of respect, I wouldn’t notice. I don’t know you from anywhere to be worried about your respect or lack there of. I can’t throw insults your way even if I wanted to because I don’t know you lol Suck your dad 2 times through the hole in his leggings with a bendy straw will have to suffice. There’s nothing I hate more than unnecessary insults & rudeness, especially over a difference of opinion, something we can debate & walk away from amicably. A lot of people take advantage of the fact that people in the spotlight have to think carefully about how they react to things, I’ll tell you to eat a dick live & direct & plead not guilty to my PR. You’ll NEVER see me on anyone’s page or comments talking smack, I don’t trouble anyone but don’t let that lead you to believe that I can’t, I’m a piece of shit before any of this, we can go back to back like this is Eskimo Dance. Don’t even worry about respecting me, RESPECT YOURSELF. Your grandparents did not travel to this country for you to be dancing Macarena with me on the internet because I promise we will dance until there is nothing left of either of us.


I’m very big on efficiency, especially in conversation. If you know me you know that i have the attention span of a light skin girl on molly. I’m very upfront, forward & I get bored of small talk & I stop replying. The worst ones are the people that pop out of nowhere & want favours & they spend 6 hours giving you pretend convo, get to the fucking point & ask what you want to ask so I can stop opening your messages & pretend I didn’t see them. For 2018 let’s all just get to the fucking point, no more senseless conversations pls



You don’t want to get into problems with a man that JUST got his burner. Them man ITCHING to do something over anything. “Why’s man looking over here like I won’t bun him?”


Uncles don’t even have to go Miami or Guvnor Bar anymore, these girls flying to the motherland to pound yam 🌚 “Africa is so beautiful, feels so good to get in touch with my roots” I bet it does.





Pls pls remove yourself. Live & let people live. Let them shine let them be great. The same energy you had when they were struggling, keep it when they’re shining. If you had nothing to say before, you have nothing to say now. Relax bruddah *Tazer Black voice*


Happy birthday dad!







“Holla @chamsface4music that’s the gang Wo Wo Wo”


2018 we are paying producers right? Beat might end up on someone else’s project 🤷🏿‍♂️



The tings always local, I never leave home without it cuz. We can do dis ting


Life as a middle aged white woman isn’t going too badly, I’m settling in. I have wine with almost everything & sometimes I get the random urge to call the police on people that don’t look like they belong here. Bought a teeth whitening kit the other day but I still season my food though, life is about balance, not bank balance, that’s under mad pressure. Went from lying to my parents about how much my trainers cost to lying about how much rent I pay. My dad is always asking about my house mate 🌚 This year we are celebrating EVERYTHING. I’m behaving like those drug dealers that want everyone to know they’re drug dealers, trap phone in every picture. “My keys don’t jingle”. I spent a long time acknowledging my accomplishments quietly, turned my volume down because I didn’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable, being HUMBLE as they put it. Fuck that, I work HARD & I’m amazing at what I do. When I was posting pics from the cramped room I was eating, sleeping & working in at my parents house, no one had anything to say, the minute the surroundings got nicer, it became ‘showing off’. The frequency of the posts didn’t change, just the backdrop. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for enjoying the fruits of your labour, especially those that haven’t ever lifted a finger for you. 2017 was a crazy year for me, I took a LOT of L’s, I had a lot of wins but most importantly I learnt a LOT of lessons. It’s not always about the big wins, start celebrating the little victories too, you deserve it. More life, more EVERYTHING. Yes, that’s a £27 bottle of champagne, gotta think about the gas & electric 🤷🏿‍♂️ Fell asleep with the heating on by mistake other week, I woke up FUMING. Wherever my dad is he is enjoying this.


lol they saw you walk past here the first 6 times ma’am, respect yourself.


lol fam


Empower your circle.


I value all the great people around me because I know that not everyone has the best intentions. Be GRATEFUL for those that look out for you & help you to win when they can. More life


It’s been an AMAZING year for #3shotsoftequila. Thanks to EVERYONE that has shown us love & supported us through the year. Bring on 2018 & let’s do it bigger & better. Merry Xmas from Me, @tazerblack & @marvinabbey!


What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says support black business? (Hold on really tight to that thought). Not too long ago I saw a little rant from someone on Twitter, & they were displeased by the way business was going & to cut a not so long story short, they basically felt like they were not excelling because of a lack of support from the community, the black community. Okay, you can release that thought now. Whenever you hear support in terms of business, it’s usually someone that is upset that people are not spending money, & to an extent that’s justified, I’d be angry too if my business was not generating as much income as intended but support for business comes in many forms. In my humble opinion, education & advice is probably the best type of support anyone can receive in business. Many fail simply out of a lack of adequate knowledge, an idea is amazing but it takes a lot more to start & run a successful business. Some people don’t even know who their competitors are. A lot of you see people you know doing things wrong, stepping into things they’re not equipped for, over saturated markets etc & you don’t say anything, why not? We can all share videos & even go as far raising money to keep them afloat but how long can we support a bad business? Forever is a long time you know, don’t let these R&B songs fool you. I’ve seen videos of businesses that are under stocked & overpriced with “support black business” as the caption, you’re going to have to step your game up before you get any of my money. I’m all for supporting GOOD black business, I have bills to pay, I can’t afford to pay way over market price for certain things. Encourage someone to go on a business course, find a better location, delegate some of the work to better suited people, that is SUPPORTING A BUSINESS. With that being said, if your people are good at what they do, use their services, buy their shit & make them rich! Your friend starts a business selling fish & he tells you it's not doing so well. You see him fishing in a pond with only 10 fish. What is more beneficial, buying his fish from him or educating him & showing him where there are more fish?


You have no idea how funny this moment was in the studio 😂 3ShotsOfTequila UK on YouTube. Subscribe!


Hey @rollsroycecars, just a thought.


Female intuition lol “half the shit you don’t think I know I found out a long time ago” ... lol and? Your man & your best friend having been fucking for how long now & you still don’t know? Some of you are the funniest, you'll do all kinds of MI5 secret agent to find out what your man is doing & then when you catch him all you will do is cry & indirect on Twitter & stay. Doing Dexter Morgan forensic analysis for 40 days & 40 nights, rolling behind bushes & jumping out of wheelie bins for nothing. All some of you know is making memes & running jokes when your man is a piece of shit & you know it. What is this "female intuition-we know everything-Mystic Meg" power good for if you're not going to do anything with what you know? Just sit around on insta with your dead friends talking shit about the girl he's probably juicing when she's actually a spice. Making fake accounts to pree the women you're sharing your man with instead of leaving. Always bragging about how you know everything when you don't even know that you only have 27% shares in your man. You're not even the majority share holder. You got a Rolex but where is the paperwork? All you know is talking shit. Some of you are just paranoid & have bad taste in men, that’s not intuition, that’s an inevitability. "What are we, where is this relationship going?" All this female intuition but you don't know that I'm just here to juice?


Gonna watch it on InstaLive.