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My name is Nikki. I'm a foster mom in Las Vegas, Nevada. My account documents the lives of my fosters and promotes TNR.

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We interrupt our regularly scheduled kitten posts to show you that foster mom just got a little more independent. #lisfranc #brokenfoot #kneescooter


Former foster Bunny's parents have 3 expert climbers who are apparently training for the cat olympics so they gave me some great advice. They told me to support Sparrow's booty as she builds her strength. With foster dad's help she made it to the top! Thanks #SparrowAndLula #fosterkittens #NubLife #catsofinstagram #kitten #kittenseason #instakittens #instagramcats #instagood #cutekitten #bestmeow #bestcats_oftheworld #spayandneuter #adoptdontshop #rescuepetsofinstagram #petoftheday #petsofinstagram #cat_features #catoftheday #PAWSNEEDCLAWS @pawproject


So far Sparrow can use the littler box, run, wrestle, plays with toys...she's just having a little bit of a challenge climbing so I'm working with her to get her to climb this little post. I think once she strengthens her legs she'll be to the top in no time. Notice Lula watching and cheering sissy on. #NubLife #SparrowAndLula #fosterkittens #tripodkitten


UPDATE ON THE EAST LA KITTIES: 3 of the 4 have been caught by @cindyohmygod (a HUGE thank you to her, she's amazing). One baby still remains out there! If anyone can go out there and search for that last baby, send me a DM and I'll give you the address. Cindy gave these babies a bath and got every flea off them and has lovingly agreed to foster them for the next 2 weeks. We'll need another foster to take over after. If you are in LA and can take over foster care, please message me. #TEAMWORK #fosterkittens #FOSTERNEEDED #EastLA #losangelescat #fosteringsaveslives


Sweet Sparrow. The little diamond in the rough. 💎 #SparrowAndLula #fosterkitten #tripodkitten #fosterkitten


UPDATE ON THE EAST LA KITTIES: So thankful that @cindyohmygod went there and was able to get two of the babies. There are two more and I know she could use a hand if anyone can help her tomorrow. Please message her if you can meet her there and lend a hand. Also, thank you to @jonsi.and.friends who is going to trap the two adult ferals living on the property. Teamwork needed to save these kitties! 👏🏼


I JUST POSTED A NEW UPDATE ➖THIS IS URGENT! Please tag anyone you know in LA. There's a woman standing outside right now that saw these kittens. She has no ability to trap them or grab them so she standing there right now with food until someone comes by to help. Please send me a DM if you can help trap/foster. I'll give you an exact address.#pleaseshare #EastLA #URGENT


I JUST POSTED A NEW UPDATE ➖URGENT HELP NEEDED RIGHT NOW IN EAST LA! Please, someone go get these babies! DM me for an exact address and phone number of the good samaritan that is standing by with these kittens. PLEASE SHARE!


Pierre (left) will be neutered and ready for adoption a week from tomorrow! He's the biggest of this litter (almost 2.5 pounds) and almost ready to go! He can also be transported to San Francisco, Southern California or Nashville! Thanks to @vegasseven and @krystalrmrz for this beautiful photo of him and his brother. François, Madeleine and Olivier will be ready for adoption August 12! DM me if you're interest in adopting any of these beautiful French bébés. PS - did you click on the link in my bio and see these famous Vegas kitties? #ADOPTUS #simonesbébés #LasVegas #VegasSeven


The "R" part of #TNR. All three kitties were TRAPPED-NEUTERED-RETURNED. They were also vaccinated and treated medically thanks to C5 here in Las Vegas. My husband was so kind to return them for me while I'm down with a bum leg. More will be returned from this same job tomorrow. None of these kitties will be reproducing now. They can just live their life in the environment they've always known and they have a great colony caretaker who provides fresh food and water daily. Do you have neighborhood strays or see ferals living in the area you are in? Call your local Humane Society or SPCA and ask them if can borrow traps and get them in for spay/neuter. Many places will let you borrow traps at no cost and often times they have free clinics for ferals! Imagine how much suffering would be prevented if everyone focused on their own neighborhood! #TNRworks #spayandneuter #feralcat #neighborhoodcats #trapneuterreturn


Look how precious little Pierre is (he's available for adoption)! A huge thank you to @vegasseven magazine for highlighting my fosters this month. If you're in Vegas, pick yours up today. Click on the link in my bio to read the article. 📸: @krystalrmrz #fosteringsaveslives #VegasSeven #fosterkittens #adoptme


A few days ago, my husband and I started a TNR job. So far we've trapped six ferals who were spayed/neutered. One had a mammary tumor that was removed so thank goodness we caught her. Last night however while I was out walking a dog, I fell and broke my foot. Looks like I will be out of commission for a little bit and I'm so grateful for my husband who's not only my nurse, but who's now the foster mom/dad for our 8 fosters AND trapped two more cats at this same location this morning. He's amazing and I don't know what I'd do without him. #BestHubbyEver #lisfranc


Some more Sparrow and Lula to get you through your day. Often times I hear people tell me that they could never foster because they would get too attached. I'm here to tell you that I get too attached. I love my fosters so much and I've said goodbye hundreds of times on adoption day and remember every single kitty that's come in my door. My heart may break just a little when it comes time to say goodbye so that theirs will never have to break again. #fosteringsaveslives #SparrowAndLula #kittenseason #fostersneeded


Sparrow 'n Lula 🌸 #SparrowAndLula #sisters #fosterkittens


She didn't choose the nub life. The nub life chose her. #nublife #gangsta #SparrowAndLula #fosterkitten


Olivier & Francois 💙 #brothers #simonesbébés #fosterkittens


Something about these two makes me laugh so much. #curiouskitty #SparrowAndLula


Did you know a long time ago pre-kittens I used to have bed skirts on my beds? #thatswhywecanthavenicethings #SparrowAndLula


Punky girl. Can you believe in less than three weeks she'll be spayed and heading to her forever home?! I'm in denial. Once alone outside at an apartment complex and dumped at the shelter in a filthy box starving and look at her. She'll move on to a wonderful new family soon and take a piece of my heart with her. #punkythekitty #fosterkitten #fosteringsaveslives #catsofinstagram #kitten #kittenseason #instakittens #instagramcats #instagood #cutekitten #bestmeow #bestcats_oftheworld #spayandneuter #adoptdontshop #rescuepetsofinstagram #petoftheday #petsofinstagram #cat_features #catoftheday


How amazing is this artwork of precious little Pierre?! Thank you @bernadettesartwork - you have amazing talent. Pierre and his siblings (François, Madeleine and Olivier) are looking for their forever homes as they'll be available for adoption in a few weeks. I'll be printing out and framing this beautiful portrait to give to whoever adopts sweet Pierre. #petart #petportrait #simonesbébés #ADOPTME #fosterkitten #adoptdontshop #LasVegas


Lula's one black toe bean. #frijole #LulaAndSparrow #fosterkitten


In shelters across the US the situation is urgent. Fosters are needed this time of year. I just stopped into Nevada SPCA and every single cage in the facility was full. To say that the situation is desperate is an understatement. Some kittens are healthy and eating on their own and can be left alone all day long, they just need a place to stay until they are neutered and ready for adoption. Also, I asked them if they needed any supplies and they said they could really use a litter pans and empty spray bottles for bleach solution. I added them to my Amazon wish list and I will personally deliver them and post a video if anyone would like to donate. I put the link in my bio. Spay and neuter, spay and neuter, spay and neuter. I'm going to say it until there's a kitten shortage which will probably not be in my lifetime. #fostersneeded #spayandneuter #kittenseason #LasVegas


NEVADA SPCA DESPERATELY NEEDS FOSTER HOMES! The shelter is FULL! This sweet fluffy all black kitten needs love! Please, if you have a spare bathroom or room in your home and some love to give, stop by Nevada SPCA! Not in Las Vegas? Contact your local shelter or rescue because fosters are needed all over the US this time of year.


I feel ya gurl. My Facebook profile pic was when I was younger and the actual weight on my driver's license. And I'm never changing it. #SweetMadeleine #simonesbébés #fosterkitten