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My name is Nikki. I'm a foster mom in Las Vegas, Nevada. My account documents the lives of my fosters and promotes TNR.

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Baloo's face looks like he's ready for a beach vacation and a Mai Tai. Teddy looks like he's already there! πŸΉβ˜€οΈπŸ #TheBabyBears #fosterkittens



What you'll be getting if you adopt this adorable duo. #ADOPTUS #NatalieAndBronwyn #fosterkittens #LasVegas


Bronwyn ain't scared of no stinkin' vacuum. PS - Bronwyn and Natalie's adoption fell through. They girls are available for adoption. They are bonded and will be required to go together. If you are in Las Vegas or willing to travel here to adopt this precious 3-month-old pair, send me a direct message. #NatalieAndBronwyn #ADOPTUS #fosterkittens #BestFosterDadEver


Baby Fozzie's ear wiggles 🐻 #wakawakawaka #fosterkitten #thebabybears #spayandneuter


Teddy has got this bottle drinking thing down! 🐻 #thebabybears #fosterkitten


I couldn't get the Baby Bears to stop crying. I fed them, they went potty, they have a warm bed...nothing stopped them from crying. They want the comfort of a mother. I took my shirt off (that has my scent) and placed it in their bed and immediately they curled up to it and stopped crying. #ImTheirMama #fosterkittens #fosteringsaveslives #spayandneuter


Another milestone for Nollie's babies! Wet kitten food for the first time! Sparky and Ginny-Lynn thought it was ok, Bucky-James ran away from it in protest! He prefers milk from mama. I always introduce wet kitten food at age 3.5-4 weeks old and wipe a tiny bit on the roof of their mouth to get them used to the taste. They'll still nurse off mama for a few more weeks. More tips on fostering kittens on my other page @myfosterkittensFAQ (swipe ⬅️ for more videos) #weaningkittens #fosterkittens #fosteringsaveslives #getfitkits


Teddy head bobbing in 3...2...1... #whatdimiss #TheBabyBears #sleepykitten #fosterkitten #catsofinstagram @cats_of_instagram


Mama Nollie and her precious trio. Did you know that approximately 1.4 million cats and kittens just like these are euthanized in shelters because of overpopulation? This does not include stray kittens that are born and usually suffer before they die on the street. PLEASE do not contribute to this by letting your cat have babies. If you want to experience newborn kittens, contact your local shelter or rescue and let them know you'd like to foster. Otherwise please spay and neuter your pets and any strays in your neighborhood. #spayandneuter #fostercat #fosterkittens #fosteringsaveslives #getfitkits #kittens #kittenseason #catsofinstagram


Some good friends of ours are considering adopting sweet Sparky and came for a visit. I think these pictures show how equally smitten they were with one another. #WhoCanResistHim #getfitkits #fosterkitten #fosteringsaveslives #spayandneuter


This little trio looks like they're plotting something naughty. @can_do_stella #NatalieAndBronwyn #fosterkittens


Mama Nollie taking a break from caring for her babies. She was brought in off the street as a stray. The pads of her feed are worn and rough from living outside. A kind man noticed her and thought she might be pregnant and he was right. She delivered her first baby in the car on the way to the shelter. Can you imagine how scary that was for her? She is so sweet and has trusted me enough to let me pet and handle her babies from the minute they were born. No more life on the street for you sweet Nollie! #spayandneuter #fostercat #fosteringsaveslives


Last night around midnight I was walking into my kitchen to get a bottle for the Baby Bears when I saw a random black cat in my kitchen drinking water from my dogs' bowl! 😳 What in the world?! How did you?? Talk about shocked! He ended up going to my backyard patio and sleeping on my patio furniture last night. I didn't know if he was sick or aggressive so I couldn't have him around my pets or the fosters. I thought he was just scared but he wouldn't eat and he appeared to be in pain. A HUGE thank you to Nevada SPCA. I hate giving them a cat, I would much rather take kitties off their hands. They quickly got him to their vet that is currently running tests to see why he's in pain. They'll keep him for observation and once he's well, they'll place him for adoption. He's not microchipped and is already neutered and I have him posted on a bunch of lost & found web pages. I named him Gregg after a pesky neighbor we had years ago that wouldn't leave us alone. πŸ˜‚ #TwoGs #GreggTheCat


They made it to their forever home! After a LONG travel day, Raleigh (now Salmon) and Topeka (now Tuna) are home and loving life in their forever home. Their new mom told me that they discovered stairs for the first time. She said, "they both were very cautious about going up and down the stairs last night then BOOM. They're just running up and down like crazy coo-coos!" I couldn't be happier for them! ❀️🐟🐟 #adopted #brothers #adoptdontshop #thecitykitties


Ginny-Lynn saw Sparky getting a bath and turned around. πŸ˜‚ #getfitkits #fosterkittens #fosteringsaveslives #fosterkittens


If you didn't die from cuteness overload in my other post today, this will do you in for sure. Teddy flings himself onto his back and does this after he's done eating. Every. Single. Time. #TheBabyBears #fosterkitten #catsofinstagram #thedodo #instagood #newbornkitten #2weeksold #kitten #kittensofinstagram #cutekitten #ilovecats


HAPPY UPDATE! The other day I put out an urgent plea asking for help with a Mama cat and her babies who were living in a backyard in Yuma, Arizona. A HUGE thank you to @queenamyj for stepping up to foster them. They are safe and now living in Phoenix, Arizona. Thank you also to @ang_ee_lahhh for keeping them safe and fed until a foster took over. So thankful they are off the street and in a loving home! πŸŽ‰ #fosteringsaveslives #spayandneuter


You've met Teddy and meet Fozzie 🐻 He just got here but I've already taught him how to say WakaWakaWaka. #HesSmart #FozzieBear #TheBabyBears #wakawakawaka #fosterkitten #2weeksold #blackcat #blackcatsofinstagram #blackcatsrule #blackcatsclub #blackcatsrock


Sparky boy only has eyes for his mama. *Warning!* If you swipe left you may die of cuteness overload. Swipe with extreme caution. #getfitkits #fosterkitten #motherandson #spayandneuter #fosteringsaveslives #instagood #toocute #cutenessoverload #kitten #babycat #ilovecats


ADOPTED! Raleigh and Topeka have been adopted together! They are in the arms of their very sweet forever mom and dad who flew to Las Vegas from West Virginia to adopt the pair who are now renamed Salmon (Raleigh) and Tuna 🐟(Topeka). Just dropped them off at the airport and they are headed to their forever home. Your foster mama loves you boys! #fosteringsaveslives #adopted #togetherforever #adoptdontshop


Meet Baloo! 🐻 Swipe left to see how much he loves having his pictures taken. #TheBabyBears #fosterkittens #fosteringsaveslives #blackcat #blackkitten #2weeksold #spayandneuter #kittenseason


YUMA, ARIZONA - HELP NEEDED for a friendly mama cat and her four newborn babies! Foster/rescue group needed ASAP! Please direct message me if you can take them in to safety! JUST A THOUGHT - Yuma is 2.5 hours from San Diego if we could get a foster and transport there...πŸ€” #pleaseshare #fosterneeded #yumaarizona #Yuma #HelpNeeded


Mama Nollie and her precious babies ❀️ Did you know that about 1.4 million cats and kittens just like these kitties are euthanized in shelters every year because of overpopulation? This does not include kittens that are born on the street that suffer before they die from car traffic, weather elements, disease, human and animal predators. PLEASE do not let your cat have babies and add to this problem. If you want to experience newborn kittens, visit your local shelter or rescue and let them know that you would like to foster. #fosteringsaveslives #fosterkittens #spayandneuter #kittens #kittenseason #catsofinstagram #catlover #kittensofinstagram #kittylove #kittycat #getfitkits


Mama Nollie and her babies. Swipe left for more. Photo 1) Bucky-James 2) Sparky 3) Bucky-James 4) Ginny-Lynn #fosterkittens #fosteringsaveslives #getfitkits


Meet Teddy 🐻 #NewFoster #TheBabyBears #fosterkitten #NoItsNotADog


Meet my NEW FOSTERS! Three boys (I think) who are 10-14 days old. They were brought into the shelter with no mother and placed with a surrogate mother who started attacking them because she was having pain in her nipples. We tried bottle feeding and they hated it. That's typical when babies are used to a mother's nipple. I'm reluctant to place them with Mama Nollie because her babies are a) older and larger b) completely healthy and I don't want to risk them getting kitty coodies if these boys have any. I'm going to keep trying with the bottle but for now they're sleeping and I'm tired so I'm off to take a nap myself. #newbornkittens #bottlefeedingkittens #fosterkittens #fosteringsaveslives


ADOPTED! Anyone who adopts a senior, blind cat is a HERO in my book. Sweet Dudley boy has his forever home! His new parents drove 12 hours round trip to adopt him. A huge thank you to them and to my sister @cwhite3737 for fostering him. Another precious life saved! Follow Dudley with his 2 feline siblings @itzacatslyfe πŸŽ‰ #DudleyDoodly #adoptdontshop #seniorcat #blindcat