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My name is Nikki. I'm a foster mom in Las Vegas, Nevada. My account documents the lives of my fosters and promotes TNR. Link to my YouTube channel ↙️

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Little Phoenix, tomorrow is your big day! #NeuterDay #spayandneuter #fosterkitten #fosteringsaveslives #thecitykitties


Dudley update! Handsome little Dudley is doing great with my sister and her boyfriend. I was over there to visit him tonight. The vet called me today with his blood test results and said that everything looks good. His kidneys, liver and thyroid are functioning great. The vet is not quite sure why he has high blood pressure, but his medication should take care of that. He will go back in a few weeks to recheck his blood pressure. He must've not ever lived in a house with stairs because he cannot figure them out. They are trying to work out a way to keep him on the main floor/family area of the house. He's getting along great with her two blind dogs. He is still considered a foster with her as they haven't made any permanent decisions, but so far all is well! 😊#DudleyDoodely #StudlyDudley #fostercat #fosteringsaveslives


Dallas and Phoenix are on their way for bloodwork getting ready for neuter surgery tomorrow and adoption day Saturday! I can't believe it! My little boys 😭#thecitykitties


The girls are being perfect angels for foster dad. Apparently they save their shenanigans for mom! #natalieandbronwyn #fosterkittens


Me: "how's everything going back home?"
My Hubby: "these guys are crazy!" #fosterdadproblems



Studly Dudley is doing wonderful after his first night with my sister @cwhite3737 - she has 2 blind senior dogs including Cinco pictured here who is treating his new houseguest well. Dudley has obviously been around dogs before he was dumped by his previous owner. (Dudley is enjoying his breakfast which is why he wouldn't look up for this photo) #DudleyDoodely #fostercat #fosteringsaveslives


Natalie and Bronwyn are in foster room number 2. This should help them stay contained while I'm out of town for the next few days and foster dad is in charge. #fosterkittens #natalieandbronwyn


DUDLEY UPDATE: Just left the vet with new foster Dudley. He has high blood pressure (280/195) and he was given medication for that. I did a full blood panel on him and expect the results will come back in the next day or two. The vet thinks that his high blood pressure caused his vision loss. The vet also thinks he's at least 10 years old so we signed him up for AARP. He was a perfect angel though. He wasn't scared at all, very happy and social. Heading to my sister's now with him. She'll be caring for him for a few days while I'm out of town. #DudleyDoodely #fostercat #seniorcat #fosteringsaveslives


From a feral kitten on the schoolyard to demanding booty scratches. Natalie has trained her humans well. #feralkitten #fosterkitten #NatalieBear #NatalieBear #catsofinstagram @cats_of_instagram


Exciting news for new foster Dudley! My sister (@cwhite3737) her boyfriend are taking Dudley for a "trial adoption" tomorrow and will keep him at their house for a few days. They have two blind dogs (one was a senior blind dog they adopted from Nevada SPCA 2 years ago). They want to make sure the dogs are ok with Dudley. So far Dudley is doing fantastic in my home and even met our dog Frank who gave him a lick and Dudley didn't mind one bit! Our vet appointment is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon so I will know more about his health tomorrow. (PS - I lint roll all my cats and they love it) #DudleyDoodely #fostercat #fosteringsaveslives



New foster Dudley. A little shy, but that's to be expected. He's VERY sweet though. He let me pet him and even gave me a little purr. #DudleyDoodely #fosteringsaveslives #blindcat


NEW FOSTER! Meet Dudley. He's 6 years old and blind. He was placed in a box and abandoned outside the animal shelter. You're not trash sweet boy, you're important and I'll make sure your days are full of love and no one will ever abandon you again. #blindcat #fostercat #fosteringsaveslives


Prison break. I give up. It's their house now, I just live in it. #natalieandbronwyn #fosterkittens


There's no such thing as personal space in our house. #ialwaysfeellikesomebodyswatchingme #fosterkitten #BronwynTheKitty


Natalie busted out of the clink and left her bunkie behind. #onthelam #snitchesgetstitches #catsofinstagram @cats_of_instagram


Dallas is the first to jump in my lap and he's always grooming me. Watch out foster dad, looks like I have a new boyfriend! (Swipe left for more pics) #thecitykitties #fosterkittens



Brotherly love ❀️ #thecitykitties #fosterkittens #catsofinstagram @cats_of_instagram


Has this video of Phoenix and Raleigh convinced you to call your local shelter or rescue and tell them you need to foster? Go ahead, give them a call. We'll wait. #kittenseason #fosteringsaveslives #thecitykitties #brothers #fosterkittens #catsofinstagram @cats_of_instagram


Oh my heart 😭 #natalieandbronwyn #fosterkittens


Hi baby bear 🐻 #NatalieBear #NatalieTheKitty #fosterkitten


May your day be as wonderful as Baby Bronwyn's is. #BronwynTheKitty #fosterkitten #siamesekitten #catbed #sleepy #catsofinstagram @cats_of_instagram


Bronwyn selfie 🀳🏼 #ducklips #selfie #BronwynTheKitty #fosterkitten


The City Kitties were on the big screen yesterday at @sxsw in Austin, Texas. @petcube was there so that attendees could use their interactive pet camera to sneak a peak in our foster room and play laser pointer with the kitties. Not only do we love our Petcube, but I love anything that brings attention to fostering and adopting animals. (PetCube coupon: MYFOSTERKITTENS for $20 off) swipe left ⬅️ #sxsw2017 #sxsw #petcube #fosterkittens #southbysouthwest #thecitykitties #PetRescueLounge


Aspen's five little boys are growing each day. Dallas and Phoenix are the biggest of the bunch (right around 2 pounds) and will be getting their neuter surgery a week from Friday. They're scheduled to be adopted TOGETHER a week from Saturday. The other three boys will have to wait another week for surgery. #DallasThePantLicker #thecitykitties #fosterkittens #fosteringsaveslives


Who do we contact to get them a modeling contract? #5littleHunks #babystudmuffins #thecitykitties


Herding Cats: An idiom denoting a futile attempt to control or organize a class of entities which are uncontrollable or chaotic. #herdingcats #fosterkittens #thecitykitties