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My name is Nikki. I'm a foster mom in Las Vegas, Nevada. My account documents the lives of my fosters and promotes TNR.

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Precious little Sparrow is doing great! Her little nubby is healing beautifully. The vet said as she gets older we will be able to see if she can keep the nub or if it'll need to be amputated. We want to see if it irritates her when she walks and develops any sores. Of course we don't want to go the route of surgery, our goal is to make sure she is comfortable and happy either way. So far she is. She's a happy, purring little 5.4 ounce nugget. #sparrowandlula #fosterkitten #fosteringsaveslives #nublife #milkmustache @cats_of_instagram #catsofinstagram #kitten #tripod


If you're my friend and you come to visit me, you're going to be put to work. Two things you'll notice in this video: Sparrow has one set of blonde eyelashes. Two: there's a reason I picked a gender-neutral name for her. We still can't tell. (Thank you #@jeanettivon for your help today!) #dudelookslikealady #fosterkitten #LulaAndSparrow


Teddy is so fascinated with #sparrowandlula. I can't believe the baby bears are almost ready for their forever families! 😭 #thebabybears #fosterkittens


Chunky Punky! She just weighted in at 1 lb. 4 oz. #punkythekitty #punkypower #fosterkitten


A-MAZING! You guys are incredibly generous. You donated 80 bags of litter to Nevada SPCA in less than an hour! I have tears running down my face. THANK YOU SO MUCH! SORRY mailman! 😬 I'll post a video of foster dad and I delivering the litter. (pictured here is precious little Lula girl) #NevadaSPCA #kittenseason #sparrowandlula


Sweet little Sparrow is officially 4.8 ounces now. Her weight is going up! I put four "faux" mamas on our Amazon wishlist with the hopes of donating the rest to Nevada SPCA to comfort other newborns. All four were purchased. Thank you to whoever bought one because as demonstrated by little Sparrow, they are so comforting to these precious motherless babies. Speaking of Amazon wishlist, I updated mine and you can find it in the bio of my other account @myfosterkittensFAQ - the reason I'm telling everyone is because Nevada SPCA is completely out of litter to give to other foster parents. I put 30 bags on there in hopes that if anyone would like to donate litter, they can donate and I will personally take them to the shelter since I am there all the time. I will also post a video of the donations being delivered in my Instagram stories. #sparrowandlula #fosterkitten #fauxmama #kittenseason


MORRISTOWN, TENNESSEE - Help needed to get these precious little kittens out of a drainage area. The fire department came and pulled off the gate and one kitten was rescued. The others aren't so easy to catch and we can't leave the others behind. Is anyone in the area and can lend a hand? Does anyone have a trap? If so, send a direct message to @karaw2016


"Hey! That's MY baba!" (The video on the right is when I was bottle feeding Teddy not that long ago.) #sparrowandlula #thebabybears #fosterkittens #flashblack #bottlefeeding #newbornkitten #catsofinstagram #spayandneuter #kitten


Goodnight from Sparrow & Lula. These two are the cutest duo since Lucy & Ethel, Lloyd & Harry, Milli & Vanilli... #SparrowAndLula #fosterkittens #sisters #dynamicduo


SHE PEED!!! 🎉 This little brat peed right in front of the vet! #whyyoulittle Her nub keeps opening up so the vet stitched it shut. She's back with her sister now sleeping comfortably. Thank you for all the kind messages. She has an uphill battle ahead of her but she is a little fighter with her fat sidekick by her side (two if you count me). THANK YOU also to everyone who bought a #PunkyPrint from @margotrmoulton because YOU paid her vet bill today. (WARNING❗️graphic photos) #SparrowAndLula #fosterkitten


Headed to the vet with Sparrow. She hasn't peed since I brought her home last night and that concerns me. I don't know if they can do anything since she's so small but I'm going to try. 😔 To the person who didn't spay her mom...I hope you slept well last night while this baby suffered. #spayandneuter #SparrowAndLula #fosterkitten


NEW FOSTER! Meet Lula - Sparrow's fat sidekick. They were found on the same property with other feral cats but we don't actually know if they're related. What I do know is that they really love being together. When I take Sparrow away to feed her, Lula cries. #SparrowAndLula #fosterkittens #spayandneuter #fosteringsaveslives #catsofinstagram @cats_of_instagram #kittens


NEW FOSTER! Meet Sparrow (named after Jack Sparrow). At just 4 ounces this precious girl has had a rough start to life. She was found in a backyard with another kitten twice her size. They had a mother who wasn't producing milk or caring for them. She's missing most of her back leg. We don't know how that happened. Maybe the cord was around her leg and her mother chewed it off at birth? We can only guess. She has puss coming out of her eyes and leg wound. Good news is she latched on great and drank formula. I've been messaging my vet and we are starting her on antibiotics (see third photo). WARNING❗️The fourth photo is graphic! #SparrowAndLula #fosterkitten #fosteringsaveslives


I've had a migraine all morning but how can I say no? #kittenseasonsucks


Raise your paw if you like mom's outfit! #OlivierDoes #simonesbébés #fosterkitten


Baby Baloo snuggling with his foster dad. Six more days until their neuter! #thebabybears #fosterkitten #blackcatsrule #blackcatsofinstagram #blackcat #blackcatsofig #kitten #adoptdontshop


HAPPY UPDATE! Remember the 4 kitties we got at the disgusting TNR job? You know, that one my hubby and I got behind the shed in the roach-infested yard? LOOK AT THEM NOW! Fostering SAVES lives. Truly. A HUGE thank you to my friends Jesse and Oksana for fostering this 4-pack. I'm here visiting them now and snapped a few pics. Scroll through the photos and see their transformation. The first four photos are the "before photos" but keep scrolling and see how great they look! They will be available for adoption in just a few weeks. Check out more videos and photos of them on their page @cutehooligans #fosteringsaveslives #fosterkittens #spayandneuter #transformation


Trapped these two this morning who have had it rough on the streets. Thankfully they'll be going in for neuter surgery and medical treatment. Life on the street for an unneutered cat is tough. Males fight to mate and most males we trap come in with deep wounds that are infected. Unspayed females give birth to litter after litter and the kitties usually suffer before dying. Want to help but can't foster? Call your local TNR group and let them know you'd like to volunteer. For more information on TNR and the work C5 is doing here in Las Vegas, click on the link in my bio to see a video of a news story done this week. #trapneuterreturn #tnrworks #TNR #spayandneuter #feralcat #neighborhoodcats


Notice how Punky gets groomed by Mama Simone but snuggles up to her "faux" mama. ALSO ➡️ a big thank you to @kittykasa for sending us these two cubes. There made from durable plastic so they're easy to disinfect and the pillow inside is washable. Music to a foster mom's ears! Oh and our little munchkins love them! #Simonesbébés #punkypower #PunkyTheKitty #fostercat #SPAYANDNEUTER


Punky is hanging out with #thebabybears tonight. I gave up trying to keep her contained to one room a long time ago. #shedoeswhatshewants #PunkyTheKitty #fosterkittens #fosterroom #spayandneuter #fosteringsaveslives


Mama Simone is taking a much needed break from caring for her babies to help me with orders for @fosteringapurpose #Simonesbébés #fostercat #spayandneuter


Beautiful little Teddy reminding you to #adoptdontshop. Over a million cats/kittens are euthanized in shelters every year because of overpopulation. The only way we can stop that is to spay/neuter and by choosing to adopt a pet rather than purchasing one from a breeder. #putbreedersoutofbusiness #spayandneuter #thebabybears #siamesekitten


Frank and #thebabybears - Teddy comes back for MORE Frank kisses. #fosterkittens #bostonterrier #catsanddogs


Guess who's finally one full pound? #punkypower #PunkyTheKitty #onepound #fosterkitten


Five little sleepy babies in my lap and a Punky on my leg. Can't move. Send help. #Simonesbébés #PunkyTheKitty #fosterkittens #catsofinstagram #kittens


The Baby Bears are so hard to get photos of. They're either too wiggly, running around or crawling on me to snuggle. So, I bribed them and let them play with my sun glasses if they let me snap a pic of them! 🐻🐻🐻😎 #thebabybears #fosterkittens #fosteringsaveslives #blackcatsrule #blackcatsofinstagram #kittens