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My name is Nikki. I'm a foster mom in Las Vegas, Nevada. My account documents the lives of my fosters and promotes TNR. Check out my blog ⬇️

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I don’t think Mama Muffin has ever seen a cat toy in her life. The shelter staff told me that she was dumped with several other cats in the dirt lot behind the shelter. Don’t worry mama, you’ll have plenty of food, toys, love and a safe place to raise your babies. #fosteringsaveslives #spayandnueter #calicocat #adoptdontshop #fostercat


Update on the cat I trapped this morning. The vet examined him. He’s a sweetheart! Poor boy is a mess though. He has a mangled ear which is likely a carcinoma from being a white cat outside with no protection from the sun. He also has very bad teeth and the vet said it is extremely painful for him so they are going to extract several of them. Oh and he’s deaf. C5 (the organization I’m a volunteer trapper for) is going to cover the cost of his treatment. If you would like to donate towards his care, visit Make a note that this is for VanGogh (the owners of the business he’s been living at named him). Any amount is appreciated. #TNR


NEW FOSTER! Meet Mama Muffin! We are officially on baby watch although I think (hope) we have a while. Please mama, don’t deliver while I’m gone for the next 3 days or I won’t have a husband to come home to. 😬 #allthesingleladies



Caught this big boy who has been living at an industrial site. He’s the father to at least one litter of kittens born last September. The owners of the company really love cats and since he’s friendly they are planning on bringing him inside when I return him and making him their office cat. Dropped him at the neuter clinic this morning. #NoMoreKittensThisSpring #TNR #neuter #spayandneuter


Just finished the job at the Metal Works shop. Trapped for the last two days and the traps were empty with none of the workers seeing any more cats. I’m confident I got them all. 17 in total were trapped and spayed/neutered. That’s 17 cats who won’t be having babies this spring. 17 cats that won’t be fighting to mate. They can live out their life in the only home they’ve ever know with the employees who were very happy to have them back. This week has been a very busy week for me (CO visit) but I really wanted to document this TNR job to encourage others to get involved. If you see stray/feral cats in your neighborhood or place of employment, call your local shelter or rescue and ask to borrow traps. Get them into a neuter clinic. It’s going to take some effort on your end, but think of the suffering you will prevent! PS - the employees were excited to have their FAVORITE cat return and when he didn’t return today, they were wondering where he was. Guess who their favorite cat is? Yep, Feral Fred. They can’t wait for him to return. #TNR #trapneuterreturn #spayandneuter #NOKITTENSTHISSPRING


Today I returned 8 of the ferals back to their home at the metal works shop (video to come). All have been spayed/neutered and vaccinated. One turned around and jumped into my car engine! That was a first! It took some patience, but we got her out safe. #TNR #AdventuresInTNR ⬅️ (I should make this my new hashtag) #NOKITTENSTHISSPRING



ADOPT US - “Our foster parents are driving go Southern California in 2 weeks and can deliver us to our forever family. The problem is, we don’t have a family to call our own. We’ll be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and ready to go!” Send me a DM if you’re interested in adopting these cuties. #SailorAndFisher #brothers #adoptus #adoptme #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter #nauticalkitties #catsofinstagram #kittens #cutekittens


“Ok I ate the minnows and I MAY have liked them.” -Feral Fred #feralcat #feralfred


I got Feral Fred some minnow treats. By the look on his face, it must be the first time he is seeing fish falling from the sky. #FeralFred #cattreats



My husband and I were checking in on the kittens last night because it seemed awfully quiet in their room. The babies were looking up at the camera and then you see a fuzzy ear on the left side of the video. Teeny tiny Sailor got on top of the tall dresser! Don’t ask me how that happened. That’s where the camera sits. That’s where I also keep the fishing pole toys because I don’t like them playing with strings when I’m not around. The look on their face is like, “Oooohhhhh Sailor’s in trouble.” When I walked in the room I caught him with a fishing pole toy in his mouth on top of the dresser! Naughty little monkey! #caughtya #NauticalKitties #petcamera #petcube


Feral Fred (see previous post) is all set up in my garage. He is in a large kennel with food, water, a litter box and a hiding spot with a blanket. I draped a thick blanket over the top to keep him warm and cozy. He just had his first dose of medication that I mixed in some wet food and now him and I can BOTH sleep soundly tonight. #FeralFred #TNR #eartip


MEET Feral Fred! He’s one of the 14 cats I’ve trapped (so far) at the metal works site. He was neutered and examined by a vet yesterday. The vet diagnosed him with Faucitis which is a painful inflammation in the throat. Because of this he has not been eating much and is extremely thin. I didn’t sleep much last night worrying about what I was going to do with him. I don’t have the heart to put him back out there in this condition, so I am setting up a large kennel in my garage. I will be administering his medication by mixing it in his wet food. Since he is 3-years-old and feral (not socialized by people) I will be returning him to his colony at the metal works shop when he’s healthy. #FeralFred #TNR



Who wouldn’t want to adopt these handsome brothers? 😂 Sailor & Fisher will be ready for adoption soon and IF you’re in Los Angeles and interested in adopting them, my hubby and I will deliver them to you the first weekend of March. Send me a DM if you’re interested in taking home these studs. (Photo by @purrsonalportraits) #adoptus #brothers #familyportrait #nauticalkitties


By popular demand, I moved this from my Instagram stories so we can cherish it forever. These little geeks are obsessed with this crunchy ball. #NauticalKitties #fosterkittens


Just trapped number 9! This was supposed to be a 2 cat job 😐 #nokittensthisspring #TNR #trapneuterreturn #spayandnueter #feralcat #neighborhoodcat #straycat



Neuter date is coming soon which means these two pipsqueaks will be available for adoption soon. I’ll be traveling to Los Angeles the first weekend of March and if you live there, Foster Papi and I can deliver them to you! I’d LOVE to get Sailor & Fisher adopted together. Send me a direct message if you’re interested in adopting this precious pair. #ADOPTUS #nauticalkitties #fosterkittens #kittensforadoption #adoptdontshop


Started trapping this morning at a metal works shop. The owner and employees really love the cats. They have a few food and water bowls inside the warehouse. At night the owner says they call all the cats and make sure they all sleep indoors, in the warehouse. I love seeing people who care about stray cats. Can you imagine kittens running around this busy industrial area? Thank goodness that won’t happen. Caught 3 so far and have more traps set overnight in a secure location. DO YOU have stray cats in your neighborhood or place of employment? Call your local shelter or rescue, ask to borrow traps and get them into a neuter clinic. Now is the time! #nokittensthisspring #trapneuterreturn #TNR #feralcat #straycat #neighborhoodcat #spayandneuter


Kittens are adorable, but did you know that approximately 3,300 cats and kittens are euthanized in municipal shelters every day because of overpopulation? Please don’t add to this. Spay and neuter your pets. If you have stray cats in your neighborhood, call your local shelter or rescue and ask to borrow a trap and get them into a neuter clinic. Imagine if every person who liked this video neutered one stray cat this month. Can you imagine the suffering we’d prevent? #nokittensthisspring #spayandnueter #TNRworks #fosterkittens #adoptdontshop #catsofinstagram #cutekittens #KittyKasa


In the southern parts of the US kitten season has already started! That means foster homes are needed now! All this adorableness could be going on in your home and as you can see, no fancy toys are needed. A cardboard box will do. If you have a spare space in your home (a room or bathroom would work perfect) then contact your local shelter or rescue and sign up to foster. In fact, we need a foster home for a pregnant cat in the San Fernando Valley in CA RIGHT NOW! Send me a DM if you can help! #fosteringsaveslives #fosterkittens #adoptdontshop #nauticalkitties #ilovecats #stopdeclawing #excellent_kittens #catstocker #animalsco #cat_features #kittycat #petstagram #kittensofinstagram #bestmeow #catsrequest #instacat #meowbox #cats #kittens #bestcats_oftheworld #kittenvideo #catsofinstagram #animalsco #babycat #toocute #spayandneuter


Baby Fisher working out in his Kitty Kasa gym #swoll @kittykasa #NauticalKitties #fosterkitten


At the Vegas Pet Expo today with merchandise from @fosteringapurpose and besides for sleeping on the job, our Marketing Team (aka #NauticalKitties) did fabulous today! They are used to our crazy dogs because all the barking dogs didn’t phase them a bit. #fosterkittens


The cat dad of former fosters (@clover_and_daisy) came by our booth at the Vegas Pet Expo to say hi today. He found a little buddy from our Marketing Team to snuggle with. #BabySailor #naiticalkitties #fosterkittens


Goldie is making progress in her new foster-to-adopt home. She met one of the resident cats for a short visit and they got along great! She’s been coming out of hiding much more today and has a good appetite. All good news! #GoldieTheKitty #fostercat


Flashback Friday - Tonight I was going through some old videos and came across this one and now I’m bawling. 😭 I’ve heard many say they couldn’t foster because they’d get too attached. I’m here to tell you that I get too attached. I love these babies with my whole heart. I’m not gonna lie, saying goodbye is hard. Some foster moms are better at saying goodbye, I suck at it. I always cry. Hundreds of fosters and I still cry. My “paycheck” is seeing them so loved and cherished with their forever families. Bunny Girlfriend is no exception. As you all know, she scored in the forever family department and for that I’ll always be grateful. #BunnyGirlfriend #formerfoster #fosterkitten #fosteringsaveslives