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When the boys let you go first on a party lap 💁‍♀️ 🎈! Thanks @chrisrubens @markabma @mattyrichardo @mattsterbenz 🙌 Patiently waiting for more of this 🤞. » 🎥 on @gopro


Take me there... » 📸: @ericbergerphoto


❤️ To infinity and beyond @blattphoto. Thank you for making every day special. I’ve never met another like you. Happy Valentines Day! 🍀



It’s been a tornado of good times this year. Excited to reset and get ready for the next adventure. Thanks to @arcteryx for a great weekend in Jackson! Now in search of more of this with the @reelwater crew and @redbull. Back on it! » 📸: @ericbergerphoto // #Originate


It’s been an amazing weekend with @arcteryx at the Ski and Snowboard Backcountry Academy here in Jackson. This event cultivated community and opens the door for opportunity and growth in the mountains. I feel honored to get to work with a company that understands that and gives back by providing real life experiences. Huge thank you to everyone who made this happen! ❤️


Thanks to everyone who came it last night for my slideshow!!! Had a really fun time sharing stories with everyone followed by an amazing day of co-instructing the women’s intermediate backcountry touring clinic today. Enjoyed being back in the Tetons with @skidiva and each one of the #sladies who joined us for a fun day in the mountains. 😘 // @arcteryx



Story telling has been one of my favorite ways to gather community and tonight I’ll be presenting my very first proper slide show at the @arcteryx Backcountry Ski and Snowboard Academy in Jackson Hole. Join us to kick off the weekend at the Rose at 6:45. I’ll be followed up by @_greghill_ & if you are in Tahoe be sure to catch @hilareenelson at the @alpenglowsports slide show, also tonight! Lots of fun to be had this weekend. View the link in my profile for all the info. » 📸: by sensei @christianpondella


A quick 24 hrs at home and I’m off to Jackson to meet up with the @arcteryx family for the Ski and Snowboard Academy. Excited to be giving my first proper slideshow about all things Alaska and the two amazing expeditions I went on last year. Here’s a favorite shot from our #DenaliSummerVacation 🌴 with @codytownsend @shanetreat @ianmcintosh & @johncollinson. Very fired up for the next week and to share some stories and imagery from last years adventures! » Slideshow at the Rose on Feb. 8th kicking off at 6:45 PM 😘 Link in profile for details.


Just got home from an incredible journey through Japan going deeper into the small resorts and family values that keep the lifts spinning with @redbull and @reelwater. Felt good to wrap up the first episode of my new series #Originate with an all star crew of hard workers and genuine humans. Quick turnaround before heading out to Jackson for the @arcteryx Academy tomorrow! Excited to be back in the Tetons. » 📸: @ericbergerphoto // 🇯🇵❤️



The mountains of Japan have been kind to us. Leaving the peace and tranquility for the bustle of Tokyo and mentally preparing myself for the change of pace ☯️, the sensory overload🌀, and skyscrapers that rob me of my sense of direction. Excited for a couple of days in the different environment as it tends to make me appreciate nature even more. Huge thank you to @yukidakemyoko // @liquidsnowtours // @mountainwatch // & @reelwater for all of your hard work and guidance that made this trip an incredible journey. Plenty left unexplored...we will be back. » 📸: @ericbergerphoto (who was always there with snacks and tunes to keep the good times rolling) 💥⛩️🇯🇵 // #Originate


Skiing can be a universal language and I can’t think of a better way to spend our last day in the mountains than chasing the sound of laughter coming from this little pink suit. Liz was fast, clearly taking the lead as @markabma and I tried to keep up. Thank you to @japowhousemyoko and @kimifukaya for the family day. Time spent like this is one thing that I miss while on the road, but today provided copious amounts of good times and smiles. » #Originate // @reelwater // @redbull


The occasional blue sky has been a welcomed sight while here in Japan. Caught this moment just before dark after skiing into an abandoned ski resort and a quaint village, mostly deserted, at the base. Exploring the roots of skiing here and why it’s popularity, despite what you may see on social media, has drastically decreased. It’s been a powder filled journey! » 🙏: @markabma // @reelwater // @liquidsnowtours // @redbull // #Originate



One of the highlights from this trip so far was definitely skiing at @sekionsen, a family run resort passed on from generation to generation. @kimifukaya helped to translate a conversation with the owner and future owner in his arms...this place is truly magical. » @reelwater // #originate // ❤️// 📸: @ericbergerphoto


@christianpondella is still up for a gold medal at X Games with a similar shot from this run. There’s 18 hrs left to vote and Pondella, hands down, deserves a gold. Link is in my profile to vote. Plus, this is the only shot of a lady up against the guys...💃! How rad would that be?! 💁‍♀️Huge thanks for the support. Would absolutely love for Christian to get a gold!


Tree skiing at its finest. @markabma booked a one way ticket to Japan. I hope he comes back, but if he doesn’t I can see why. » #originate



I heard they measure snowfall in centimeters per hour here...seems about right. Day one in 🇯🇵 working on my new series called #originate!!! Off to a good start. » 📸: @ericbergerphoto // @redbull


@christianpondella produced some of my all time favorite images from this trip to AK last year. I love reliving the experiences through his photos. You can still vote for his photo (link in profile) to get him a gold medal until the 28th. Up and against the boys...let’s do this one ladies 💁‍♀️! Would love to see Pondella with a new necklace as he is one of very few photographers who is on par with the athletes he shoots to get himself that first hand view of these mountains. Also, best of luck to everyone competing at X this week! It’s been a pleasure to watch on the Olympic year. 🌀


Spent the first part of my year marooned in Canada chasing winter. Good times were had and many amazing adventures began with genuine humans with whom I had the pleasure of meeting along the way. Sometimes these journeys aren’t necessarily about the place, but about the people your surround yourself with. Like @blattphoto, my fave partner in crime, who snapped this shot at beautiful @baldfacelodge. » @anonoptics



As today is a day to celebrate women, I’ve got to shout out one of my all time faves. Meet Ramsey, a strong, determined, and hilarious 8 year old. We became fast friends since the day we met. We have a ukulele duet and sometimes we FaceTime on her mom’s phone. She makes me laugh harder than just about anyone I know. A couple of weekends ago she threw down the fastest time on the race course ages 6-11 boys and girls!!! Love this little one to the moon! 💃💪😍 Big love to all you ladies! » #contaxt2


Mid day snack break at base camp with @steepskiing...feeling small surrounded by giants. Couple of things I learned sleeping under the stars; @hydroflask insulated bottles are key to hydration without frozen water, down booties rule and I’d prefer wearing them all the time, and seeking out couloirs in AK can be extremely fruitful. 🍇🍉🍌 » 📷: @christianpondella // Link is in my bio to vote for Pondella’s shot from this trip. You can vote once a day to help get him an X Games gold medal 💁‍♀️🕺🍾🥇


This shot by @christianpondella has been nominated to win an X Games Gold medal 🥇!!! Always honored to get to shoot with Pondella and can’t say enough good things about the skill set that he has to capture images like this one from our trip to AK last year. I felt like this trip was a culmination of years of experience coming together. We had a solid crew and skied some of my favorite lines, like the one pictured. Let’s get Pondella a gold!!! The winner is based on votes. Link is in my profile. 🙌 Huge thank you for your support. Much love!


I yodel every time I drop in...🤔🙌💁‍♀️ » @mspfilms


Feels good to be back in the coast mountains! Views are 👌! » 🕺: @forrestcoots // @arcteryx


@arcteryx keeping it light and simple with the new Alpha SK pack and Sentinel LT jacket. Plenty of time spent in harsh conditions with this jacket and it’s holding up to the test. » #arcteryx // 📷s: @joeleinhorn & @robinoneill // 👌🎒🙌👘


Plenty of group shredding happening up here with a few of my favorite friends. Lady’s first on a pow day is pretty awesome too 💁‍♀️. Thank @chrisrubens @markabma & @mattyrichardo! » @blackcrows_skis // #thehojimovie


🧚‍♂️ This place feels like a fairytale and yesterday was full of magic. Every run produced copious amounts of laughter and smiles. Don’t stop until the sun goes down! » @mspfilms // #thehojimovie


Day one with these kooks. Don’t look just go... @markabma & @chrisrubens having a time! » @blackcrows_skis 🍦🍦🍦


So very proud of this beauty and still feeling the energy after getting to ride with her over New Years. Head over to the link in her profile to read her latest interview on her journey to motherhood as one of the top snowboarders. Big love to you @kimmyfasani! ❤️ Sidenote...two ukes are better than one. 😍 » 📷: @blattphoto // @tydemusic // @baldfacelodge


Marooned in Canada 🇨🇦 sending snowy thoughts to Lake Tahoe. A taste of winter up here had me scrambling to continue the journey further North. Made it to Revelstoke from Nelson with a little help from a wonderful young lady from Montana taking a year off from school to chase winter, much like I once did. We listened to Bob Dylan the entire five hours of the drive, her musical taste influenced by her Dad, as is mine. We both love climbing and skiing equally as much and our passions drove the conversation with little silence the entire drive. On a spontaneous whim she replied to my Instagram story yesterday asking for a ride. Thanks @sophie.roberts13 for helping a stranger. Excited for the next adventure, but much like skiing a beautiful line, sometimes the approach is where the adventure begins. » 📷: @ming.t.poon


🥂New Years Eve’n with a new fave @baldisbeautiful in a new fave spot @baldfacelodge. His passion and vision shine up here in the mountains and it was truly a pleasure to visit. 🎸Music, ❄️powder, 💥fireworks, and plenty of laughs. » 📷: @blattphoto