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As the mind gets quieter, the Dream gets louder (tree log not included) 🌳☁️
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How cool is this? The Giant Buddha in Leshan, China never fails to blow me away - I seriously need to visit it some day! 🗿🙏🏼
Video by: @beautifuldestinations


How your home feels when you turn on the Dream diffuser 😄🌳
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Size perspective is powerful - but turn your phone upside down and it sort of looks like an empty ice cream cone 😂🌲
Photo by: @jacktumen


Take your mind on vacation with Tropical Breeze from the Zen Scents collection 😌🐠
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Shower vs bath? This magical bathroom transformation by @enchanted.forest looks way too relaxing to turn down 😄🛀🏻🌿


Saturdays are for the oils! Loving our Tropical Breeze scent inside the Dream diffuser today 😎🌿💨
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The art of relaxing - take some time off this summer, even if you don't have a van as cool as this one! 😋🚌
Photo by: @j_bonde


"Jungle lunch" by @foreverstaceyjames featuring our Vase diffuser! 😋🌿
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Nothing beats lakeside camping under the stars, it's quite the experience 🏕🌌
Photo by: @ofthewildspirit


Almost looks magical when it lights up ✨💨
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So quick update for you all, we're starting a new social campaign for everyone who shops at our store! 😊
As of today, we will donate to renewable wind energy for every purchase made with us! 🌎 Details can be found on our website, so please have a look if you'd like to know more! 😄
Maybe with enough work and effort, our whole planet can look just as stunning as Switzerland in today's photo! ⛰
Photo by: @sennarelax


The reliable Droplet diffuser never fails to make an impression 💨💨
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Inspiring home design from a café in Berlin, Germany 😮🍃 Tag who you'd take for coffee here!
Photo by: @doyoutravel


Enjoy your 4th of July to everyone in the States today! 🇺🇸
Bring on the good vibes with some ZenSense Dream therapeutic cloud mist 💨💨
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Deep woods camping - better with cats? Tag your cat lovers! 😸❤️
Photo by: @enchanted.forest


Happy 150th Canada! 🇨🇦🇨🇦
Join us in celebration with 45% off the original price of our new Dream diffuser - today only! 😄🍁
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How long would your daily shower be if you lived here? I'd definitely spend over an hour! 😌🚿🌳
Photo by: @haarkon_


Cloud therapy with the ZenSense Dream diffuser, you can almost feel it from here 😌
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So this is an Airbnb in Bali, imagine waking up in that bed 😍 Tag who you'd split it with!
Photo by: @jajatanti


Dreams come true - probably just about the coolest diffuser we've ever seen! 😜
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Future staff lounge goals - double tap if you'd take your lunch break here 😍
Photo by: @ofthewildspirit


The new ZenSense Dream cloud diffuser takes you to a whole new level! 😄
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Challenge: live here for 30 days with no wi-fi, would you do it? 😋
Photo by: @lorefave


Announcing the release of our brand new original ZenSense Dream diffuser 💨💨
We took everything you loved about our diffusers and supercharged them into a unique package! Experience natural freshness on a whole new level with cloud function technology and more 🙏
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Nature and chill? You can be sure to always count us in ✋️
Photo by: @nomadicdestiny


Make any space more inviting with a diffuser and let everyone get load off their minds 😌
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Make time for at least one moment of peace every day, it's the little things that count 🙏🏼🏞
Photo by: Unknown (DM or tag for credit!)


Triple power - natural home aroma remedies with your favourites 💨💨💨
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The true meaning of being immersed in nature! Who would try this? 🍃🌸🍃🍊
Photo by: @taramilktea