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💌 | Thankful for the little reminders.
I received a card from my grandfather for Valentine’s Day today, within it newspaper clippings from articles relating to my current/previous schools (USC + VAPA). Taped to the inside of the card was a baby photo of me, est 1999. Yesterday afternoon we celebrated my grandmother’s 83rd birthday. “You gotta be there for them while they’re here” my mama keeps saying. The days seem to mesh closer together with every passing minute. Learning to enjoy the ride rather than nitpick at detail. Allowing the path to lead me to the next step, and not vice versa. Soon this will be routine.
Until then, I will appreciate moments like these, where someone who loves you takes the time to show you they care. I have been blessed as of late with so many beautiful reflections, so many beautiful beings. They’ve been teaching me the importance of compassion, patience, love, support, holding space, be present. “Paying it forward.” We’re not alone. There are many levels to this frame. This is just the beginning. A work in progress. Under construction. Coming soon. Brb. Peace. { #reminders }


🌞 | Happy happy gal. { #bliss }


🌞 | The sunrise over the city of Angels gets me every time. { #grandrising }



🌳 | When I was younger
Mama used to tell me stories
‘Bout how my folx was one with the trees.
Didn’t realize that it was because of them
That I now know how to plant my roots.
Firmly. In the soil beneath my feet.
Capricorn sun, Virgo moon, Cancer rising.
One with the earth,
With the flow of the current on her side.
In awe with this power,
What did I do in the lives prior
To deserve such a blessing?
〰️ Shot by Maya Bingham { #myancestors }


📿 555. shot by Maya Bingham


🌞 | (external) Sanctuary.
Grand rising to y’all!
We made it through another week, pat yourselves on the back + tell ya neighbor you love ‘em. Happy February aka Happy Black/Afrikan History Month ❤️🖤💚 we repping HELLA black and HELLA proud. White people, don’t test me. Non-Black POC, don’t start no shit. Spending the rising reminding myself of how thankful I am to be here on this earth presently. Thankful for every blessing, every lesson. Every message. The whole ting.
Much love to y’all as always, stay blessed. { #grandrising }



💈 | Back in the studio.
Not going to be performing for a minute.
Art is a two way street: it is a verbal written contract between the creator and the consumer agreeing to embrace/unpack vulnerability together. To be honest together, to understand together. To learn. It is a commitment, on both ends, a vow to understand what was not understood prior. It is a fair exchange: the artist builds the storyline (within their own vulnerability) to the emotion already humanly present / the consumer acknowledges this interpretation and decides whether or not to adopt it as their own. The consumer is responsible for keeping the artist alive, just as the artist is responsible for keeping our attention focused on the human shit (i.e. the emotion, the joy, the pain, the feeling, the healing). We gotta assist in each other’s healing, this ain’t a one way street.
Anything that does not align with that healing?
Let it go. Stop, hold. Take a few steps back, analyze the situation, make a decision (do I stay? do I go?). Act accordingly, wholeheartedly.
And never fucking look back.
Shot by @jen_desrosiers { #supportyourlocalartist }


🖤 | Very Black, and hella fuckin’ proud of it.
Shot by @jen_desrosiers { #veryblack }


💙 | Take your time.
Trust the process.
Mind ya business.
Be fuckin’ proud of all you’ve done.
Show love, all ways.
Shot by @jen_desrosiers { #selfcompassion }



🌞 | Happy Monday beauties:
Recite your affirmations, drink 3 glasses of water, smile at your reflection in the mirror, dance in the sun, tell someone you love them, note 5 things you love about yourself. Breathe, laugh, smile, heal.
Have a blessed day loved ones.
~ January 22nd, 2018 { #grandrising }


♑️ | Smiles only going into my 20s.
Thankful to be blessed with another year, thankful for all those who have showered me with praise + love on my born day (and every day).
We ain’t doing that teen shit noooo mo! ✨ { #birthday }


🦋 | Lemme tell y’all bout my sista.
I am so thankful for all the reflections that surround me. The continuous lessons, the constant blessings, the search for “THE ALIGNMENT!” I’ve got sooooo much love for my riders, especially mah girl. Thank you for being a sistar like no other, for showing me the best parts of myself (and teaching me how to love the “worst”), for countlessly holding space for me (and many others), for accepting all that I am, and for always reminding me what warmth feels like. You’s a whole ass reflection!
Captured by @_renrut_ { #prebirthday }



❄️ | Comin’ for my 2018 plots like...
It’s a week until my birthday (Jan. 16th ♑️), first week of classes, there’s water falling from the sky in LA + the grind is already at a hunnid! Let’s get ittttt!!
I’m kicking my bday weekend off with a set in Hollywood on Friday 1/12! Doing originals + a few covers w/ the gals again 👭 Tickets onsale in @untitledprodigies bio for $10, homies/fam slide in my DMs if you need a ticket ✨✨ Set @ 8:20pm! 21+ !!
This weekend I’m putting together a lil shindig to celebrate another year of life, dropping those details later today. Sending y’all love, set three goals for the week, tell yourself four things you love about yourself, and five things you’re thankful af for. Love y’allllll 💙
Shot by the brilliant @natmagloire
Location: Brooklyn, New York { #capricornshawty }


🐉 | Infinite wisdom (life path 8 + 3rd eye)
Life Path 8: Represents authority, material wealth, ambition, and caution. 8 is also a number of returning karma and opportunity. You are reviewing the lessons you've brought from other lifetimes, and reinforcing what you choose to keep. 8s use their abundance and power to make the world a better place. Right or wrong, the 8 Life Path person must act with uncompromising ethics at all times. Resilience is often noted with this life path.
Third Eye Chakra (Ajna): The center of intuition and foresight, the duality of a personal “I” separate from the rest of the world, of a personality that exists independently from everything else. The "way of the third eye" is seeing everything as it is from a point of "witness" or "observer", or from simply being mindful / moment by moment.
〰️ pieces purchased at @namastebookshop in NYC, much love to y’all ✨ { #healing }


🕉️ | This was never a game.
Leaders Over Kings Vol. 1 in Harlem, NY
Captured by @natmagloire { #manifest }



💗 | I get it how I live it.
You livin’ how you get it?
T-Minus three days ‘til we back in Sunny California, in the meantime I’ll be freezin’ during this snow storm. See y’all on the other siiiiiide! { #newyork }


🕊️ | Healing (v) : to make sound or whole / to free from grief, troubles, shadows, etc. / to restore to original integrity
〰️ Many thanks to @byp100, @jewel_thegem, @fitz_themisfit + @leadersoftheblockent for having me Thursday/Friday night. Third time in New York and I was able to perform in two of my favorite places. Much love to everyone who came out, thank you for allowing me to heal with you. This trip to the East has been very insightful and filling. I have learned a lot about myself, my people, our culture, this country, and the world at large. Much has been put into perspective, everything is connected, nothing is separate from the collective.
“These lyrics don’t hurt anymore.” My reply to a friend who asked about the last two nights. Growth. Development. Resilience. Healing. There is so much more going on in this picture. I remember when there was a time where I thought I was stuck, I thought I would never be able to grow, I thought shit was going to stay stagnant. Didn’t think healing was a possibility, I didn’t even know how to heal, I really didn’t think I could ascend.
I am thankful for this healing. I am thankful for the ability as artists to heal our wounds while simultaneously healing that of others. I am thankful for being gifted with a blessing such as this, thankful for this purpose and journey.
En route to ascension, only way is up ⬆️✨
Shot by @dinobi.co { #LAtoNY }


🚨 | It’s like @sza’s ctrl but political.
〰️ Support Black/Afrikan artists.
“God Bless America” by Paul Stephen Benjamin
On display at the Studio Museum in Harlem { #blackartmatters }



❄️ | 12.5.17 in Venice, CA w/ @sofarsoundsla
Thank y’all so much for having us, we had a great time.
Shot by @sundowntraveler { #livemusic }


🖤 | shadow / / self
You are part of me, I part of you.
No better or worse, no lighter or dark.
You and I are same.
I am nothing without you.
You: the fear, the insecurity, the anxiety, the grief, the pain, the angst.
It has taken me a long while to accept your beauty, your addition to my narrative.
I was ashamed, I was fearful. I was neglectful.
I did not want you.
I did not want to accept you, for you were too dark, too much of a trigger for me to be willing to be shot by your bullets.
I didn’t care if you were truth, I didn’t care if you were more of me than I was myself.
I wasn’t ready.
I wasn’t ready for the truth, so instead you gifted me with reflections outside of this physical body.
You showed me what I loved, what I hated, what I feared, what I adored.
And the reflections became more complex, more blunt, more demanding, more painful to look in the eye.
Until I realized that the world is a big mirror,
These beings are reflections of (my)self outside of me,
My thoughts are a part of a bigger collective,
The world is extremely big,
And I am very small.
In order to understand the bigger picture,
One must tighten their lens in order to capture the full frame (and vice versa).
One cannot expect to understand the world externally
If they cannot acknowledge and appreciate the world within.
So, here we are again.
Face to face.
Eye to eye.
The question is
Are you gon’ run
Or stand tall in the face of your truth?
You decide. { #reflections }


⭐️ | capricorn sun, virgo moon, cancer rising.
basically, i get shit done.
Crown braided by @_braidsforyou
Shot by Jarrett Lampley @jwestbroo { #letswork }


🌅 | “All the street lights,
Glowin’, happen to be
Just like moments passing in front of me
So I hopped in the cab and I paid my fare
See I know my destination, I'm just not there.” - Streetcar by @danielcaesar
〰️ LA residents have been blessed af with these sunsets, good Goddess. Thankful for you, thankful for your continuous love + beauty, you are all that is needed. { #sunset }


💈 | Lord be my witness...
📷 by @magloirehavemercy { #liquorstore }


💓 | Thanks so much to everyone who came thru last Friday for ACA’s final Mental Health Awareness Month event! I had a great time listening to everyone’s experiences regarding mental health, thank you for allowing me to share some stories regarding my own personal journey with mental health as well. Shoutout to all the other performers, thank you for being brave enough to share your story.
〰️ Since we’re on the subject of mental health, I’ve been going thru the run around with mine as of late. I’ve been learning a lot about how I cope with unwanted energy, my shadow’s role in my daily, my hand in the situations I find myself in. It’s not a smooth path, this shit gets more challenging the deeper you get into it. However I am beginning the learn the importance of acknowledging all aspects of a situation (regardless of whether they fit into your mindset at a given time), to forgive even when met with opposition, to find the light in every scenario regardless the circumstance. It’s taking some time. There have been road blocks here and there. But the lessons are worth the discourse. I will continue to put in the work; no matter how tired I may get, no matter how often the fear attempts to creep in, no matter how much they hate, no matter how much shit is talked (ya, I fuckin’ hear all that mess! ✨)
The monkey chatter doesn’t matter, y’all can keep talkin’ ya shit, I’m learning it’s only excess noise going on in the midst of this journey. The work has to get done, it will, and I’m the only who can do it. I have to. With or without the help. Let’s get it.
+++ happy Halloween boos! 🎃🍭 { #inprogress }


🌷 | Peace y’all, happy Monday!
Got some goodies to share with ya.
〰️ I just finished an interview with @christina.sara for @happeningindtla, where I discuss influences, vulnerability, my creative process, my upcoming EP (yessss it’s comin’!) and being a full-time student while also pursuing a musical career.
Thank you so much again for having me, it was a pleasure reflecting with you.
Link in bio. Let me know what you think!
Shot by @j.essink { #happeningindtla }


🍊 | Mood bc I’m performing next week!
10.27 / Ground Zero Performance Cafe / 7 PM / FREE
〰️ I’ll be sharing a few songs about mental health, self care + all that good stuff in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month next Friday! Stop by Ground Zero for a milkshake + live music/poetry, all for the low price of ✨ free ✨ hope to see y’all there!
📷 : @amber.jaee { #livemusic }


🎶 | Thank you to everyone who came thru for the Second Year Pop Midterm Friday!
Here's a snippet of part of our set, I'm sangin' bout them bad girls, the sad girls + more! ✨ Comment ya thoughts, thankful to be able to share my gift with folx + to be able to do so by way of those who came before us. Have a great night! { #donnasummer }


🌸 | Much love to those who are willing to build relationships regardless the distance.
Much love to those who are open to sharing pieces of themselves with others.
Much love to those who act with the intention of healing those outside of ourselves.
〰️ S/o to @jena_dominique for being a dope queen + starting up a cute pen pal exchange! Excited for what's to come during this exchange, thankful it was delivered safely. Much love, you'll be hearing from me soon ✨
Postcard by @streetsalad.co { #penpal }


🦋 | Footage from "Girls Girls Girls" last week w/ @hellalooks + @leiminspace
〰️ Thank y'all so much for coming thru last week + sharing space with us. Thank you once again to @hellalooks / @neijahlanae for inviting me, always grateful to share my art + experience with others especially with family. In case you missed last week, here's a few clips to give ya lil taste.
P.S. the project is in da works.
It's comin' soon, I promise ;) { #goodmorning }


🍊 | Saw this today in Little Tokyo.
Spread knowledge in any + all ways you can, especially in spaces that used to be home to marginalized folx (until gentrification took place that is smh).
Did y'all know that Little Tokyo used to be home to Black/Brown/Native folx? During the Great Migration out of the South and WWII, many Afrikan migrants moved to began the West Coast, where labor shortages in the defense industry brought new employment opportunities. Bronzeville, the area now known as Little Tokyo/Arts District, provided space for these communities to relocate.
〰️ Hope y'all have a great weekend + learn a thing or two you didn't know prior.
📻 : Black & Ugly by @rapsody + @bjthechicagokid on #LailasWisdom { #gentrification }