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Helping rescues🐢 1 accessory @ a time. Seen in: πŸŽ₯The Big Sick πŸ“ΊTVD πŸ“ΊVeep πŸ“ΊBones πŸ“Ί Pump Rules πŸ“ΊSupernatural πŸ“ΊHTGAWM πŸ“ΊBraindead πŸ“ΊBaby Daddy

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All the way from Argentina, @simonabernese 's dogs do this amazing thing. πŸΆπŸ’™πŸΆ 20% of every purchase of our Tees & Apparel are donated to our rescue partner of the month. This month it's @joeys_paw.


A little #totπŸ‘… from @vader__the__husky. He and his Mom support spay/neuter with our This World Has Enough B*tches Tee. πŸ‘• Every purchase this month helps @joeys_paw. 🐾


Did you know we can customize any of our jewelry designs. This Life is better with a Husky Bracelet was customized with 2 customer's Husky names. 🐢🐾🐢



If you're in LA, you can catch our interview with the amazing @djlisafoxx on MYFM 104.3 tonight. πŸ“» You can also listen to it on their site.


Just getting comfy with Dad...goodnight. ❀️


Meet Arthas, he can now run pain free for the 1st time in his life thanks to @joeys_paw. They provided him with his wheelchair, how awesone is that! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™All our donations this month are going to them so they can help more dogs in need like Arthas. 🐢



Now available on our site, Adjustable Paw Print Charm Rings. πŸΆπŸ™ŒπŸ± 20% of every purchase is donated to @joeys_paw.


2 oldies but goodies, available on square pendants now. 🐢🐾🐱 20% of every purchase this month is donated to @joeys_paw.


I went for my first grooming appt Saturday. βœ‚οΈ I have big shoes to fill but I think I look like a CEO now. 😊



Our heart is so heavy and extremely sad. πŸ’” We extend our love and condolences to the George Family on their devastating loss of @myblindpal. All our thoughts and prayers πŸ™ are with you. πŸ’ž


Does your dog do this amazing thing? πŸ• @emmytheblue does and we love this pic of her with our pillow. πŸ’š Available on our site through @threadless.

20% of every purchase this month is donated to @joeys_paw.


New year, New designs coming soon. πŸ™Œ Paw Charm adjustable Rings in Gold, Rose gold and Sterling silver.

20% of every purchase this month will be donated to @joeys_paw. 🐢🐾



Mom & I should be working but chewing leafs outside is much more fun! 🍁 Idk about this CEO thing. I just had an accident on our sofa and I'm pretty sure that wasn't in the job description. 😁


We are so thrilled that our rescue partner this month is @joeys_paw. πŸΆπŸ’™ They do such awesome work for dogs in need of wheelchairs and prosthetics.

20% of every purchase will be donated to them this month.


From our family to yours, wishing everyone a healty, happy & prosperous New Year! πŸŽ‰β€οΈπŸŽ†



Here's our best nine of 2017. Love that it includes Mowgli, Milo & Smiley. ❀️❀️❀️ We hope everyone has a fun and safe New Year's Eve. πŸŽ‰


Looking forward to the New Year. πŸŽ‰ We hooe everyone has a happy, healthy and prosperous one. πŸ’ž


πŸ’™We value your feedback, please vote by commenting belowπŸ’™ Our CEO in Training Milo, has been given his 1st assignment. 😁 He needs your help!

Currently we donate 20% of all our proceeds to a rescue of the month.🐢 Milo would like to know if we should continue doing this. Or, have customers select on our site, their favorite rescue to donate a portion of their purchase to at checkout.

We appreciate all your support and feedback, thank you! πŸ’



We know firsthand how difficult it is to lose a beloved furbaby. We are honored to make our memorial designs to commemorate your love for them. πŸ’ž All our donations this month are going to @apurposefulrescue @bulliesandbuddies
@bullybreedrescueinc and @ghettorescue.

Original post from @meggy.storey.

You may no longer be by our side but you will be forever in our hearts. Thank you @nairandbjorn for the beautiful necklace and keyring. They are perfect. Jackson will be with us where ever we go 🌈🌈


From our family to yours, wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas. πŸŽ„πŸ’žπŸŽ…


#fbf Mowgli was the best present ever. ❀️🎁❀️ Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and Merry everything!


Milo and I are excited to be taking a few days off. πŸ™Œ We finished shipping the last of our holiday orders πŸŽ„ today. Here's a few of the necklaces that are heading to their new homes.

All our donations this month are going to @bulliesandbuddies @bullybreedrescueinc @apurposefulrescue and @ghettorescue


Milo went on his 1st big outing to Old Town Pasadena yesterday. 😊 He had so much fun and he was so good. We stopped and bought him some treats and a toy @thedogbakery too. He loves their treats. πŸ’™


The amazingly talented @lenatoritch has begun sculpting @fortheloveofsmiley 's statue. She's wearing our Smiley Bracelet in the video. 😍 Original post by Lena Toritch.

The process has began! I'm working on a small clay sketch of the future life-size statue of Smiley. In the beginning it's just a lump of clay...but little by little his sweet features will emerge. I'm using photos kindly provided by @fortheloveofsmiley, and proudly wearing my @nairandbjorn Smiley bracelet. πŸΎβ˜ΊοΈπŸ• Thank you to @ryfastudio for filming this historic moment 🎬

#BronzeSculptureQueen #Smileystatue #fortheloveofsmiley #Smileydog #seeingwithyourheart #ilovemynandb #goldens #goldenretriever #doglovers #sculpting


We have been busy elves trying to get all our Chistmas orders out. πŸŽ… We want to thank everyone for all your support! The past few months we have shipped out the most orders to date.

We couldn't do it without you. πŸ’ž Thank you!

All our donations this month are going to @apurposefulrescue @bulliesandbuddies @bullybreedrescueinc and @ghettorescue


When the sculptor of Smiley's Bronze Memorial Statue @lenatoritch orders one of our Smiley Bracelets! 😍 We are so honored to help spread @fortheloveofsmiley 's message. We can't wait to see his ❀️ statue.

Post by @lenatoritch.

Beautiful Smiley bracelet by Nair and Bjorn is finally here! Now I am fully equipped to create Smiley's statue. 🐾❀️🐢
#BronzeSculptureQueen #Smileystatue #seeingwithyourheart #fortheloveofsmiley #goldenretriever #doglovers #smileydog #ilovemynandb


Being the CEO in training is hard work. I inspected orders all day today and I'm beat. I better get a lot of treats...goodnight. πŸ’€


Mowgli is always in my ❀️. Spending the day at Disneyland and California Adventure wearing my Mowgli Bracelet...lets save all the rescues together.

Available on our site. All our donations this month are going to @apurposefulrescue @bulliesandbuddies @bullybreedrescueinc and @ghettorescue .🐢🐾🐱


What's better than coffee and preaching to spay and neuter our pets? 🐢🐾🐱 All our Tees πŸ‘• & Apparel include FREE Shipping for U.S. orders $45 and International orders $80 thru Dec.15th from @threadless.

They make great gifts 🎁 that give back.

All our donations this month are going to @apurposefulrescue @bulliesandbuddies
@bullybreedrescueinc and @ghettorescue .


Are you seeing with your ❀️? We are so honored to help spread @fortheloveofsmiley 's message. We have shipped orders for his bracelet all over the world including Israel, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Australia and the Philippines.

Smiley's Bracelet is available @ 20% of every purchase will be donated to help with his bronze memorial πŸΆπŸ’™πŸΆ statue.

Photo πŸ“· by @nicoleboxx.