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Hi,I'm Nala, 7yrs old Siamese&Tabbymix.I was adopted from a shelter when I was 5months❤️ Vote for me! Kids Choice Awards! ⬇️ @white_coffee_cat

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Who let the cat out of the bag?! @google Clips captures moments of me even when mom is sleeping! Since Google Clips is smart enough to recognize expressions, lighting and framing - it’s great at getting my good side. Plus - it gets smarter over time! #googleclips #madebygoogle #ad


Best theme park ever!


Remember when I tried to be a shark? 😆



I want to take home a blimp at the @Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards so vote for me meow! 🏆 #KCA
TUNE-IN: Saturday, March 24th at 8p/7c
To vote for me on Twitter, use #FavInstagramPetNala_cat


Where is the rest of the bird? 🤔 @white_coffee_cat


@lullbed sent me a new bed in a box! The bed is for my mom and of course, the box is for me! (I also love the bed and have been sleeping in bed with mommy). Give them a try and get $50 off your @lullbed when you use my link: it comes with free shipping! #ad #lullbed #GetYourLullOn



Busted big time 😹 @white_coffee_cat


Hello my friends, I love you! Thank you so much for supporting me and loving me! ❤️


I’m a baby seal 😹



Nom nom nom today we're having a Snacky Sunday in the Petzbe app! Ask your human for a snack and share a video of the moment with the Petzbe community! Don't forget to tag me in your video so I can give you a little Snacky Sunday greeting. Also, many of you have asked for Android - we are working on it as fast as we can! Stay tuned. Kisses and love from the Purresident of Petzbe!


Sunday funday let’s sleep all day 😁


Black paws... pink paws 🐾 #catsonglass



I want treats! 😆


Did you know that @prettylittercats reacts to certain urinary elements which allows Mommy to monitor my health daily. Use coupon code NALA20 for 20% off your first order. To learn more click the link on my profile❤️ #PrettyLitter #sponsored


I will be taking over @thedodo IG stories today! Don’t forget to check it out! 😘 I love you!



Top view! When @ping_et couldn’t find my legs and start taking to me in Thai 🤔😂 @shannonellis808 @pookie_n


Turn your volume up for some purr therapy 🐾


This is the very first photo that I posted on Instagram 6 years ago💕❤️



Went shopping with my brother @hello_spencer_dog at @petsmart today and found our favorite food @halopets there! Did you know that Halo is now available at PetSmart? 💕 #HaloFeeditForward


I play fetch like a dog 🐶🐯🐱


Hi friends and family! Thank you for joining me today for my 6th year social media anniversary! Our Facebook Live Donation benefiting the ASPCA was a huge success because of YOU! Thank you to everyone that made a donation! Thank you to our special guests @cats_of_instagram @pudgethecat @kadylone @kittenxlady @travbeachboy @waffles_the_cat @crankthatfrank @evangelinedemuro . We love you and we’re proud to call you our friends! A very special thank you to the @Facebook and @Instagram teams for making all of this happen. Thank you to @aspca for all that you do for animals in need. Thank you @halopets for matching in food donations, you’re our hero! We are filled with gratitude! Cheers to spreading happiness around the world!


Don’t forget to tune in to my Facebook live today at 11:15am PT. I love you❤️ #nalacat #catsofinstagram #edbyellen #edbypetsmart


Double tap to put a heart between us @white_coffee_cat


In honor of my 6th year social media anniversary, I present Nala’s Facebook Live Donation benefiting the @ASPCA
Tune in to My Facebook page on Monday march 12 @11:15 am PT. For the first time ever, I will be LIVE on Facebook and Instagram at the same time. Special guests include: @pudgethecat @kadylone @kittenxlady @travbeachboy @cats_of_instagram @crankthatfrank @evangelinedemuro @waffles_the_cat
I will see you there! Thank you for your support for all these years❤️


I’m an astronaut 👩🚀💕


Going through my old hard drive and found this video that was taken 7 years ago. I love fetching since I was a young.❤️


Today I'm happy to announce my role as Purresident and co-owner of the Petzbe app. It's a super fun and loving community for cats and dogs only ❤️ As Purresident my mission is to make sure everyone feels loved and appreciated in the Petzbe community. Lots of purrs and tail-wags are coming your way. I'm looking forward to connecting there with my fellow cat and dog friends. I LOVE YOU ALL! See link in my bio


Can we cuddle all day? 🤔 @pookie_n @shannonellis808 @ping_et


I got this 💪🏻😍❤️


You all know that I’m cute and funny but are you curious about what I do when you’re not looking? With Google Clips, Mom is able to catch more moments of me that she usually misses. Clips automatically saves candid moments when it sees me or Mom. The more she uses it around our friends, the more Clips learns to take photos of them too. Ok, Google. I approve! Be sure to keep a lookout for more content I capture on Clips #googleclips #madebygoogle #ad @google