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When someone likes the character you portray in a film so much that they #tattoo it on their arm!!! 😳#tiadalma #calypso #tia #piratesofthecaribbean #tattoos


#homesweethome and loving it!!! Nowhere beats #London in summer!! Got off the plane and did my two 'absolute musts' post flying... an oxygen facial (thank you @elemis !!), and grounding... the best way to get in sync with a new time zone is to whip your shoes and socks off and connect with the earth for a good 20 -45 minutes!! Do that whenever you fly and you won't get #jetlag !! #grounding #earthing


They say "all good things must come to an end"... I've never quite understood why?!? I guess that it's to make way for new adventures and lessons, but sometimes, like the last few months, I wish time could stay frozen for a while longer! Working with #candylips @therock (will explain that one during #Rampage promotion πŸ˜‰!!) has been phenomenal, so has having my amazing mummy, my bro bro (and sis JoPo and my stepdad not in the pic) visit me on set, along with my friends. It's made me feel so loved and supported. Then there's been my holiday in Colorado hosted by the warm hearted and super generous Hartland-Mackies @naseebs, along with my trips to Chicago and NY! But, sadly, it's time to head home now... and find out what new adventures await me! Bye bye #USA, thanks so much for the wicked start to the summer!! 😘😘❀️️❀️️


Honoured to be part of the @miumiu Fall/Winter 2017 campaign with the fabulous #katemoss


It's a #topknot day!! #nyc is on πŸ”₯!!! Soooo hot!


In #nyc attending @JaguarRacing #Formulae #RaceToInnovate for the second time and managing to colour coordinate my outfit with the team!! @adamcarroll47 @mitchevans_ love the way #Formulae shines a spotlight on just how incredible electric cars can be... they are our future after all!!


My phenomenal week in Colorado came to an end yesterday with a quick stop over in #Chicago to celebrate my incredible friend @naseebs birthday! An unforgettable night thanks to Ben, Claire, and Dana! Now it's on to #NYC !!


Jumping into today with #whitewaterrafting #colorado


#colorado !!!


Saw the hysterically funny #DaveChapelle live in #Aspen tonight, and had the privilege of being invited backstage to meet him with my friends. Such a down to earth, phenomenally cool guy... he gave me one of the best compliments I've ever been given... apparently I have 'Nerd girl swagger'... I am 110% nerd, always have been and always will be, but I've never had anyone describe me as having swagger before... thank you Dave! Fully owning my "nerd swagger" from now onwards!! 😘


Saving the world from giant genetically modified monsters on #Rampage has been exhilarating, but also soooo exhausting!! Crazy hours, intense stunt work and keeping up with the worlds sexiest man @therock ! Not Easy! So I'm super grateful, now that filming is complete, to be with my gorgeous friend @naseebs in #Colorado getting some much needed #RnR !!


#summertime #playtime
Hair - @boholocs Swimsuit - @coverswim Photo - @naseebs


It's been a fantastic but super intense week of filming. I've been doing 'flying rope stunts' strung up to the ceiling on a plane set at a 30 degree tilt. So I feel like I've well and truly deserved my Sunday rest. I will be spending the entire day curled up on the sofa with a good book, and some great movies. Hope you're having a restful Sunday too! #heaven #Sundays


#mood ... just seen my phenomenal co-star @therock 's post on Instagram about working with me. It's got me beaming from ear to ear with pride, and skipping into the start of this week like #igotthis #happy !! Hope your week has got off to a similarly fantastic start!!! Sending love and light your way.... 😘 Thank you @therock !! I love working with you too!!! ❀️


They say that you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince... giving it a go today!! Family tour of Atlanta continues... #botanicalgardens #love #myprince #frogs #atlanta #nature


Still processing... visited #atlanta 's Civil Rights museum yesterday... if you're in town I can't recommend a visit highly enough. I was moved to tears, and so inspired by the bravery of the countless men and women who risked their lives to secure the freedom and rights of all in the USA. πŸ™πŸ½


My top 3 favorite things... family, laughing and food!! πŸ‡―πŸ‡²πŸ΄ #atlanta #lunchtime


#hotlanta πŸ”₯πŸ”₯




Family Time! My family have visited me on the set of almost every single film I've been part of. Making no exception they are with me in #atlanta where I'm filming for #memorialdayweekend !! ❀️❀️


This week has been a whirlwind of travel and work. In the last 6 days I've been in #atlanta #neworleans #monaco #cannes #london and I'm just stepping on another flight right now. But in amongst all the travel I'm so grateful that the timing worked out so that I could organise surprise #birthdaydinner for two of the people I love most in the world... My mummy and one of my bestfriends. Thank you @asiadecubauk @parkchinois @olliet13 @azmajid for all making it possible!! Can't believe I managed to catch them both off guard, and get 'em!!!


Being a busy bee this week! With #princealbert II opening the first @omega store in Monaco which is inside the casino where #goldeneye was filmed in 1995 with #piercebrosnan !! It marked the start of a long standing relationship between @Omega and the #bond films, which I'm very happy to be part of continuing. Life is hectic at the moment with tons of travel, long hours, and hard work but I am loving every minute of it and full of gratitude. Who knew little old me, born and raised in #northlondon #finsburypark would end up jetting around the world like this! Just goes to show #anythingispossible #havefaith #havefun


And that's a wrap on #cannes2017 for me! #atelierswarovski @swarovski Dress in hand, high heels off and walking the croisette back to my hotel!! Got to keep it real always!! Night, night peeps!!! #gucci


#atelierswarovski @swarovski #cannes #cannes2017 #cannesfilmfestival @gucci COLOUR ME HAPPY!!! ☺️️ All of my favourite colours in one dress, and given an extra edge of glamour with stunning consciously created #atelierswarovski jewellery... so proud to be flying the flag for sustainability this year on the Cannes Red Carpet!!


@swarovski #atelierswarovski Today is one of those pinch myself days! In #Cannes to launch my collaboration with #atelierswarovski 's new fine jewellery collection which is made largely from 'created' diamonds and emeralds... 'created' diamonds are man-made and therefore both socially and environmentally conscious... but just as stunning as natural diamonds with the same clarity and durability!


In LA today celebrating the fabulously talented @VictoriaBeckham and her collaboration with @TargetStyle #VBxTarget #TargetPartner, #sponsored the collection is available 4/9 at


The #Oscars celebrations continue thanks to my wonderful mummy who cooked up a storm last night for my LA pals. #Bestmum


No words... 😱😱


#Moonlight won Best picture!!! So proud of these two extraordinary human beings with hearts just as big as their talent!!!


@calvinklein @bulgariofficial