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So stoked on this team! Thanks @etienneaurelius for putting in such hard work and making shadow companies short film so sick! All i can say is get ready for Shadow Company Northern Hemisphere 🔥


The one that got away! Cloudbreak will do it to ya! @chaddy_witcz @tavaruaislandresort @shadowcompany_sc


We are on!! TONIGHT AT @modernhonolulu Shadow Company FINAL PREMIER Door open at 7:00 movie starts 9:00pm


Oh yes! @shadowcompany_sc bringing that premier home to hawaii! Will be on at @modernhonolulu on August 11th!


Its the day! Shadow Company short film at @thebungalowhb tonight!! Starts at 9:00pm be there!


🤙🙌🏻 Puerto Escondido @wsl 📷@tony_heff


So pumped to have competed in my first Big Wave World Tour event at the Puerto Escondido Challenge, honored to have gotten to hang and surf with all these inspiring legends 🙌🏻 thanks for the opportunity and good times @wsl and Congrats @kai_lenny !!!


Couple warm up rounds today...tomorrow should be ON for the Puerto Escondido Challenge! @tony_heff @wsl


Green light has been issued for the Puerto Escondido challenge! Hopping on a plane and getting siked up to compete in my first Big Wave World Tour event!! Thanks for the opportunity @wsl 🤙 @vanssurf @progenex @speaquasoundco @grapes


One of those moments where everything went slow motion, i remember looking at the nose of my board and seeing a bit of water start splashing over it, can see it start on the 4th sequence, thought it was gonna go very badly very quickly but managed to be leaning back just enough and pulled through. Only to realize my next issue. Probably one of the coolest things about barrels, your only in that moment, only reacting and registering never really thinking until its over. A combination of the randomness of the ocean against the reaction of your instincts. Basically theres nothing like getting barreled!! Thanks @dmosqphoto for nailing this moment!


Yes its finally here the OFFICIAL TRAILER for @shadowcompany_sc SHORT FILM directed by @etienneaurelius PREMIERING AUGUST 2nd at @thebungalowhb and AUGUST 11th at the @modernhonolulu BE THERE. BE READY. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @surfline @progenex @vanssurf @speaquasoundco @grapes @billykemper @koarothman @lukedavisthegrey Narrated by @salmasekela 🙌🏻


The team sent it yesterday down at Waimea, workout was pretty much mind bending haha! Run swim run- 50 dumbbell thrusters-run swim run- 50 burpees- run swim run 50 ball throws- run swim run finish, cry. Fueled and recovered with @progenex and pretty damn comfortable in my @vanssurf Era Board shorts. Squat was strong 👉🏻 @koarothman @boarsnest808 @kaheevay @kanoegarcia @kevinkwhite @jdoner edit by @mahinagarcia


WORLD PREMIER of Shadow Company short film will be happening August 2nd at the Bungalow in Huntington during the @vanssurf US Open! Your gonna wanna be there to see some of the most rogue surfing and characters in the game! 🤘🏻😎


Ya win some....and ya back out of some and pay heavily for it 😂😂 👨🏼‍🌾 🎥 @justisstjohn


Prize pack for the final 30 days of give aways from @surfer_magazine
@vanssurf is giving away the all new ultra range shoe, era trunks, t street sandal and more all in my colorway! Enter today on @surfer_magazine site for a chance to win! 🤙


@koarothman and I had a bit of an argument over an identity crisis yesterday 🤷🏼‍♂️ #knowme #knowwho? #knowyou


That one time koa lost his front teeth and we saw a shark and then they left me and forrest with all their board bags, count on @shadowcompany4 to Be as Scrambled as possible 😂 ...........but we sure do know how to have a good time ☝🏻 cool 3D photo thanks @forrestjaqua ! @billykemper @koarothman


Cake batter flavor!? 🍰🍰 yes its true, shop now at 🍰🤤


The team was ON today for the First Spandex Triathlon 😂😂 swim, bike, socks was a bad choice haha thanks for the video @peterkingphoto / @progenex @boarsnest808 @kaheevay @kaimanimal @haleiwabowls @momsatwork @bunkerisking


Came across these photos from an old Africa trip with a good crew of people, those disposable cameras were worth all of there $4! The memories they saved are priceless.


Someones doing it right ☝🏻 @i_van_florence contemplation time in Europe. 😂


Light weight durable with a comfortable stretch! My signature Vans Era Board short colorway just hit the stores near you or shop at ! Also join us down at Kewalos beachpark if your in town for a fun BBQ and surf with @vanssurf and @hicsurf 🎥 @_danielrusso_


Happy fathers day to this guy!!


A surf trip in the books with @progenex new product burn and i can honestly say it added a ton of endurance to my sessions! More energy and less fatigue for longer! Check this stuff out 🙌🏻👌🏻 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


So stoked to Introduce my signature colorway Era Boardshorts with @vanssurf !!!! See more at 😎⚡️


ALL THE FUN with @shadowcompany4 squad!? Yes its true, All the action on @surfline now! 🙌🏻


@surfline just launched a feature on @shadowcompany4 most recent strike in fiji! Get over there and check it out!! ⚡️🎥 @_danielrusso_ . @vanssurf @progenex @speaquasoundco @grapes


Squad modeling it up for @etienneaurelius 🎥 ⚡️


Haha Real Life! Happy memorial day!


Thanks @vanssurf for a damn fun trip in the wilderness!