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Organic, vegan, all-natural, edible healing balms; perfect for healing dry noses, ruff paws, wounds, & funky skin folds! 🐢❀ International shipping 🌎

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Have you checked your dog’s paws lately? 🐾 Harsh surfaces can dry out paw pads, making them rough and cracked. Organic #PawSoother is made from natural butters to quickly moisturize and heal paws – you can really see a difference after just one use!
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You might think your dog's paws look normal until you see what they're supposed to look like. Healthy, moisturized paws are spongy, flexible and allow for dogs to get a better grip - significantly reducing risk for injury, splitting and cracking.🐢
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Dog paws are actually a lot more sensitive than people think. Hot and harsh surfaces can cause them to become dry, cracked and painful. Use #PawSoother to naturally moisturize and smooth dry, damaged paw pads. It’s organic, satisfaction guaranteed, and ships all over the world!🌍
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"Paw soother and PawTection working wonders on my dogs poor rough paws! Wisconsin winter, salt, and ice have dried her poor feet out, but thanks to Natural Dog Company, we are repairing years of damage." - Erin, WI
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There are a lot of impawsters out there 🐾 don't be fooled by cheap imitations, cheap product = low quality synthetic ingredients. We only put the finest, all-natural goodness in our products for guaranteed quality, safety and results.πŸ’―
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Notice results after just one application! #PawSoother heals, soothes and mends paws - guaranteed. Save 20% with code HEALTHYPAWS at [ends 4/30] πŸ’•
Check out just one of our amazing reviews below:
"This was my first time using the Paw Soother. It works amazingly! I have a 4-year-old Rottweiler that has very cracked paws from spending most of her life stuck in the backyard and being used to have puppies. After I took her home I started to notice the problems with her paw pads and decided to give the Paw Soother a try. She fell asleep while I rubbed it into her paws. It is like night and day on her paw pads now. I will definitely be getting it again!" - Darlene, West Sacramento, CA


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Ruff paws aren't just annoying, they're actually more prone to injury because the skin can split, crack and bleed. 🐾 Healthy, moisturized paws are flexible and allow dogs to get a better grip! Paw Soother heals paws FAST and is completely pet safe.πŸ‘Œ
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Does your dog have hyperkeratosis?
Hyperkeratosis is a condition where the paws get extremely dry and start growing spikes. Paw Soother CAN help to heal this condition!
Check out Mike's amazing results & review:
"I soooo have to share this amazing healing experience of Mike's with all of you, guys! Mike's dry dog paws were absolutely rough and dry, every time his paw touched me, it was horrible; my skin would become extremely irritated in just a few seconds...It was awful.
But now, after only 12 days, I've noticed such a huge difference! His paws are like when he was a little puppy. They are moist and as soft as a silk. I am absolutely happy with this amazing result and mostly because it has shown a huge difference IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!! That's unbelievable!!!
I really recommend EVERYONE to get this Paw Soother for your doggy friend/baby! It's absolutely incredible! Mike is happier now that his dog paws aren't cracked or bleeding and besides that, he can step on me with no regrets! Lol!
This is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! THANKS, @naturaldogcompany for your amazing product and the quality of it; it's not only perfectly healing but totally natural, so I don't have to worry if Mike wants to lick it! THANK YOU! Mike is sending you a big thank you with his new paws and all his heart! LOVING YOUR PRODUCT!"


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