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Organic, vegan, all-natural, edible healing balms; perfect for healing dry noses, ruff paws, wounds, & funky skin folds! 🐢❀ International shipping 🌎

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Can you tell which paw had #PawTection applied for 7 days and which one didn't? πŸ’ͺ See the results for yourself, save 25% off all PawTection with code PTMASKA at [Global Shipping]
Check out what @maska_the_husky had to say about PawTection:
"We had great experience participating in the '7-day PawTection challenge'. The improvement to Maska's right paw really impressed us after continually applying PawTection before heading outdoors for walks, adventures, etc. these past 7 days. On day 8, his right paw is noticeably - and I'd say even dramatically - softer and more moisturized than the left paw, which we didn't apply PawTection to."


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πŸ’ͺTry the PawTection challenge for yourself and save 25% off all PawTection with code PTCHALLENGE25 at [Global Shipping]πŸ’ͺ
We asked @bubba_the_stink to apply PawTection to only one paw for 7 days straight. The results speak for themselves! Check out what @bubba_the_stink had to say about their PawTection Challenge:
"Pawtection worked amazingly on Bubba's paws to make them less rough and look healthier. At the first application I saw the difference, they immediately looked less chapped. After a couple days of using #PawTection, the difference was undeniable. I felt terrible at Day 4 as it was making such a difference in his right paws, I felt like a bad mother leaving the left chapped!
I would definitely recommend Pawtection to anyone looking to solve the issue of dry paws. I can't wait to try it in our Canadian winters and see how it holds up to snow and salt. The only downside was the greasy paw prints left at the door before we went on his walks, but easily overlooked with the results that came along with it!
Thank you so much for an amazing product and for letting us be a part of this experiment. The product works and Bubba is very thankful his paws are feeling better."


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πŸ’ͺTry the #PawTectionChallenge for yourself and save 25% off all pawtection with code PTBELLE at [Global Shipping]πŸ’ͺ
We asked @bellethenewfie to apply PawTection to only the right paws for 7 days straight. The results speak for themselves! Check out what @bellethenewfie had to say about their PawTection Challenge:
"We’ve never tried any other Paw Soother/Protector on Belle’s paws, but after trying #Pawtection, there’s really no need to try anything else! The first time we applied the product to her paws, we noticed instant results. Her paws have always been dry and rough due to always going from in and out of water to dry land constantly. I would always watch her bite her paws and I never understood why she did that. Ever since applying the product, I haven’t seen her bite at her paws once!
Throughout a whole week we’ve gone on long walks, dog parks, swimming, and even to the beach. We always applied Pawtection before our adventures. When I would look at her paws after, they were still moisturized and soft. Usually they would be a little more dry than when we left, but not with Pawtection! It kept Belle’s paws soft all day long, no matter what.
We found the Natural Dog Company on Instagram through another one of our followers. They had nothing but great things to say about the Natural Dog Company and we decided to look into it ourselves. I’m so glad we did because these products work amazing. I would not hesitate in recommending these products to our friends and followers." ❀


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Introducing the πŸ’ͺPAWTECTION CHALLENGEπŸ’ͺ
We invited a handful of dogs to apply PawTection only to their dogs *right paws, everyday for a week, and the results speak for themselves! Stay tuned as we feature each of their stories. πŸ’ͺWant to try the challenge yourself? Right now save 25% off all PawTection with promo code PTCHALLENGE25 at [Global Shipping]
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"Mabel has been using the Snout Soother and Wrinkle Balm for the past week - check out these results! The best part is this line is made from real ingredients and is all natural." Order online or stop by @fourleggers shop if you're in the area!


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"Soooo last night we were SUPER excited to try the new #SilkySoft Shampoo Bar! It's all-natural and deeply nourishes the skin while leaving your coat silky smooth! It even suppose to help your pup dry faster with NO wet dog smell!!!" - @bigbadcash


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"I hate going to the vet, but my mom was always taking me there since I would get little break outs everywhere. Since using @naturaldogcompany I feel much better and have had much less visits to that cold place." @waltergeoffreythefrenchie
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Limited time offer: 25% off all new #SilkySoft shampoo bars with code SILKYAMY25 at [Global Shipping | Photo thanks: @amymonkey72] βœ” 100% natural and pet safe
βœ” Moisturizing, Conditioning and Soothing
βœ” Smooths long / curly hair
βœ” Adds shine & luster
βœ” Leaves your dog extra smooth, soft & cuddly
βœ” Dog will dry faster!
βœ” Made from fair trade ingredients, including sustainably harvested organic Palm
βœ” Made in the USA


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Keep your Bully happy and funk-free with our patented #WrinkleBalm. The natural ingredients help to guard skin folds from bacteria and fungal buildup to keep the skin healthy and infection-free. Save 10% off with code RESULTS10 at [Global Shipping]
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Your dog is not basic, so why use a basic soap? This all-natural Silky Soft shampoo bar is ultra-moisturizing and will leave your pup super cuddly and soft. They will even dry faster and without that wet dog smell!
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"I noticed that my french bulldog's nose always looked cracked and really dry. I wasn't really sure what to try until I started seeing ads for The Natural Company and hearing other people's reviews and photos. I finally decided to buy it and give it a try.
Wow! What a difference it made. Her nose looks totally different after using #SnoutSoother. Even after 1 day the skin was no longer cracked and dry looking. I look forward to trying their other products!"
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