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After so long it’s finally here! I’m so excited to share my first official single with you!! “Time Heals All Wounds” Thank you 🙏🏽 @kennethtenglish @choice6 @evanmiless @christinagcheng @postofficesound @shayan.nedaei for each being an important piece of this puzzle. #grateful 🕰️ #timehealsallwounds link in bio 🎶 @itunes @spotify


[D U A L I T Y] ...Download/stream now #linkinio 🕰️ #TimeHealsAllWounds #newmusicfriday #itunes


Down the hatch no parachute🎒#TimeHealsAllWounds #linkinbio #newmusic



Our song on repeat... #TimeHealsAllWounds 🕰️ link in bio ✨🎶


7 days a week... 🕰️ #TimeHealsAllWounds #tomorrow


24 a day... 🕰️ 03.16.2018



I’m waiting... I’m waiting... 🕰️ #THAW #TIMEHEALSALLWOUNDS


They say that Time Heals All Wounds.... 🕰️ #newmusicalert


If you’ve been watching my stories you know something is coming... 03.16.18 🎶



Uneasy lies the head that wears a (flower) crown. 📸 @xivviii #flowercrowns #pinkhairdontcare


I have always had a complicated relationship with my breasts. I shot up to a C cup in the 8th grade, and I was immediately self conscious about my body, it feels like it happened over night. To add to that discomfort, I immediately noticed the shift in the way people looked at me, overnight my body became "sexual" young boys in middle school are so much fun at that age (sarcasm) and would harass me, I wore clothes to cover them because I didn't want to draw attention. Owning my sexuality wasn't something I had nailed down yet at 13. From that moment on, I realized really quickly that my body also made others uncomfortable, by 9th grade I had hips, booty, and big breasts. At school there was and still is this idea that breasts distract the boys and therefore girls with a bigger chest would be forced to wear completely covered tops even on the hottest days while girls with petite breast were able to wear tank tops and no one had anything to say about it. I always wondered about this double standard that never really went away, as we carry it into our adulthood. When you see a woman with big breasts showing cleavage, even if it's tasteful what's your first impression? Slut? Trashy? Looking for attention? When you look at a woman with the same attire with a more "modest" breast size what's your impression? Chic? Classy? Why? Because right after we finish getting our life source from these beautiful mammaries they are immediately sexualized and taboo in any other context, even breastfeeding ironically, something I will never understand. One of the hardest things to do is to deprogram previously held beliefs about anything, especially a woman's body. These breasts have grown, gotten stretch marks, shrank, grew again and nourished my sweet baby boy, who still worships them lol! I'm finally comfortable with them, love them and appreciate them. #THISONESFORME @theboobbook #internationalwomensday what’s your story?


When bae gets creative with your pics @shayan.nedaei you got skillz boo! 🙌🏽💕 #milkandhoney



#nomoretaboob Who would have thought? We are in the middle of another female revolution, you cannot deny what you are seeing and hearing. In order to help make change we have started a world-wide campaign and on March 8th International Women's Day around the world at exactly 1pm EST our sisters, mothers, girlfriends and anyone that relates are all posting at the exact same time to start a conversation about our body, boobs, rights and respect we deserve and stand against the hurt and abuse directed towards the female form. Share your story good or bad with the hashtag #thisonesforme don't sit by while we stand. Say YES because this ones for (you)(me)(us) and it's the only way for change to happen in the world. We are making history. For details sign up at www.theboobbook.com/the-campaign  @theboobbook Tag 5 brilliant women that are going to help change the world.
Love, Light & Stardust 🙋🏾🙋🏽🙋🏼🙋🏻🙋🏿🙋 (*initiative & caption created by @we.want.ev) #fbf


When people used to say you were fat and now everyone’s buying your THICKNESS 🤷🏽‍♀️ be yourself. #thickthighssavelives #mirrorselfie 🤳🏽


They hate fake but only want you as real as they can take. 🤷🏽‍♀️ - Michael Hurd #quotesgram



Red Light Special 🚨 #TLC what is your fav TLC song? Mine is ‘Silly Ho’ from the Fanmail album.


Understand your power, unlock your potential. #godsplan 🙏🏽


When u realize she had the sauce the whole time... Shooby-doo-bop, shoo-doo-bop I, wanna love you... | jacket by @prettylittlething #happyvalentine #wayback | song - Computer Love by Zapp Band



A masterpiece just trying to master peace. 🧘🏽‍♀️✨ #onemonth away!!


#tbt to this Bohemian Rapcity look, pun intended. #bts with @xivviii at @inkaststudio


Did you finish your homework? 💋#snapchatfilters


I knew her smile in an instant, I knew the curves of her face. 🌹#mood


#snatched for 30 human years. 🎈


I woke up like this... thanks to micro needling @newyouspayorkville (& lashes by @solangel416) click the LINK IN MY BIO to read more about my new face! ✨ #nomakeup #suninmyeyes #notmad #ad


Mustard on the beat, ho! 🎶🎬 ⚡️︎ c o m i n g s o o n ⚡️@pareawebseries #bts #webseries #toronto


Ultra Violet, Colour #mood 2018. •

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When he wears the grey sweat pants... 😏 learn more about this top - link in bio ✨


Currently on repeat... ☁️#danielcaesar | #newblogpost in da bio✨


Eye see right through you.... on the blog tomorrow @sebastienblum #ad