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BURT is still available for adoption! We only have 3 puppies still with us and 2 are officially being adopted Saturday & Tuesday. He’s a sweet, playful, rambunctious puppy located in Fresno, CA but out of area families are welcome to apply. You must be able to come meet him. I’ll take some new videos of him today ♥️ apply to adopt at
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PDA with bae. Happy love day everybody.





So regal. So dignified. Such wisdom. Much grace. The perfect doggo. And he can make a taco with his tongue.


👀 👀 👀 🙄


🎥Watching house hunters with this overly excited fur pile. + his lip



🎥We have two babies from #thehazelnuts left for adoption. Chester is so sweet and calm, and loves to roughhouse with his siblings. (Burt is the other available pup & I’ll make a separate post for him). They are available for adoption with @fresnobullyrescue - you can read the adoption requirements and fill out an application at ♥️
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Lily ♥️


🎥You know your (foster) dog is spoiled when



🎥who meeeeeeeeeeeeee


#TheHazelnuts had some beauty shots taken at @fresnobullyrescue the other day! 😍 Some of these babies are still available for adoption! I know for sure Missy Pistachio & Meg are spoken for, and a few others as well, I will update this post with their availability as soon as I can! You can submit an adoption application at FRESNOBULLYRESCUE.ORG!
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They are so pure


#TheHazelnuts will be officially ready for adoption in two weeks!!! Wow, time flies! Hazel will also be available once she’s spayed. You can submit an adoption application and read the requirements at (or just click the link in @fresnobullyrescue’s bio). Thank you all so much for your support ♥️ We definitely couldn’t save any of these precious lives without your help!
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Hazel & Lily 😍 2 out of 11 of our current fosters 😂 Lily is learning the ropes quickly with the help of all the other pups’ guidance! We still have quite a bit of training and confidence building to do, but I predict we will get to where we want to be sooner than expected. Both Lily and Hazel are adjusting to sleeping in their crates. We’ve gone through a few beds and are having to retire a couple wire crates because of these two, but last night was the first night we had zero issues. Crate training our fosters is very important to me before sending them off to a forever home. Let’s be real, most people leave their homes to go to work for several hours a day. 99.9% of the dogs I’ve fostered have ended up enjoying their little “safe haven”, and it’s especially useful when they leave our home and have to adjust in their new one. Ideally, I want all our adopters be able to trust that their new dog can rest in a safe zone while they’re gone (where they can’t destroy your furniture, chew through wires, get into an altercation if there are multiple dogs, bust out a door and escape, etc). Because we have so many dogs at a time, crating and rotating is key to keeping everything peaceful and making sure nobody gets overwhelmed. Everyone gets their own space to rest, eat, and chew on bully sticks. Over time and with proper training, some dogs really won’t need a crate anymore. Plus, with 7 LARGE dogs and a very curious baby in the house, this method helps keep me sane 😂
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Happy adoptiversary, my sweet Angel. It’s been 3 years with you and I have enjoyed every single moment. Thank you for helping me foster so many rescue puppies. Thank you fo helping to build the confidence of our adult fosters. You are exactly what this family needs, and we are so lucky to have found you. Today we shall celebrate by doing all your favorite things: watching me while I pee, eating dropped food, cuddling Elias, playing ball but never bringing it back to me, chewing a bully stick, fainting on the bed, and putting your butt on my pillow. And I know you will never read this because you are a dog. But still, love u.
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🎥 First off, thank you all for your name suggestions! As always, there were so many adorable names, it was hard to choose. Some of you suggested Lily (as in Tiger Lily) because of her striped coat. So meet Lily! She has quite a bit of adjusting to do still. When we pulled her from the shelter, she was kenneled with another dog. So, for over a month, she slept, cuddled with, played with, and spent 99% of her time with a buddy. And I think she missed that companionship honestly. It wasn’t until I brought Angel in that she lit up again, gained much more confidence, and was finally able to move around on a leash. It’s evident she hasn’t had much human handling, or if she did, it wasn’t pleasant. She cowers when you go to pet her or make a quick movement, she does not like being leashed, and she doesn’t understand commands. BUT, with Angel’s help, she’ll follow her lead while leashed. If Angel walks through a doorway, she will happily follow (something she wouldn’t do if it was just us). She’ll mimic Angel sitting when she is given a command. Angel is going to be a better teacher than I could ever be! With lots of patience, love, consistency, and training, I know she’s going to transform into a confident, happy girl in no time. ♥️
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🎥We busted this sweetheart out of the shelter today! She is so adorable, very short and with a beautiful brindle coat. Her mange is already looking so much better than her intake photo! She was very hesitant at first..didn’t want to budge on the leash, just wanted to cower and make herself small. She’s loving the backyard, grass, and shadowing Indy. HELP US NAME HER!
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You ever see a photo of a shelter dog that you just can’t get out of your mind and heart? You know your hands are already full, you know you’re already busy, but you just can’t forget their face. I deal with this quite a bit- my social media feeds are usually flooded with dogs in need of rescue from all parts of the world. It’s an exhausting and heartbreaking cycle that I hope will end one day in my lifetime. I wish I could help them all. For now, we can at least help one more. We can give her a soft bed, a warm space, medicine for her demodex & cough, food, love, and care until she finds her forever home. I want to thank @fresnohumane for caring for her, and so many others, when no one else would. We’ll post her “freedom” pictures and videos once we pick her up Monday ♥️
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My heart is So broken for this angel This is Luna. I had seen a video of Luna on the shelter's FB page. In the video she was curled up in a ball and when I took this one days later she was still curled up in a ball. This is how Luna is going to spend her days. She came into the shelter November 30th !!!!! She's spent weeks like this. She's so depressed and confused. Luna went to an adoption event Saturday and Sunday and each time she was passed by. Now she's at the shelter for another day, week, month waiting. Please help us share so that she can find a loving, forever family that will give her the home she deserves.
Luna is listed as a 2 year old APBT. If she's not adopted she will return to the Pasadena Animal Shelter, 5150 Burke Rd, Pasadena, TX. Her ID# is #A132168.

TO ADOPT... please come in or go to our website you can fax the application to 281-991-6981 or email to

TO FOSTER... please go to and under applications look for the link that says "have you considered fostering a shelter pet". Fax back to 281-991-6981 or email to

PHONE NUMBER....281-991-0602 (answered by Dispatch)

WHO WE ARE....we are a group of volunteers with the goal of placing as many dogs and cats as possible in loving forever homes by showing you what we see. We include shelter contact information as we are not involved in shelter operations and cannot help with adoptions, fostering, or approving rescues. Many thanks for following our page and sharing our animals. Your support means a lot to us!!


🎥Puppies are so dumb and cute, I love them.
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#TBT on a Wednesday because someone just reminded me of this video... do you remember this infomercial Indy starred in? I guess we’ve always been a fan of voiceovers 😂 I want to start doing more of these.
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I bet u look like this right now


🎥Guys, Malachi did another make up tutorial for you all! You can view the full video on He is really trying to be the next big make up yt guru so please support his dream.
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Ever see something so cute you just want to stuff it in your mouth? Just me?
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My friend John of @ipittythebull fostered Sully a few years ago and ended up getting sued by a potential the story and if you can help, follow the link in his bio!
#repost from @ipittythebull:

Before I start let me say that Sully is still with his dad Brian living the life!! Now I shall continue. Back in 2016 I was fostering a dog named, Sully. He was a big fearful and insecure dog who had bitten his previous fosters. However, Sully had been around multiple people without any problems and EVERYONE that came near him was aware of his issues. During his time with me he had a potential adopter come meet him. Long story short he bit the lady while she was walking him. It was a quick bite but it was a bite, nonetheless. Despite attempts to contact this lady after and multiple attempts to pay any medical bills she may have had, neither the rescue or myself received a response. What the rescue did receive was a lawsuit. A lawsuit saying nobody ever warned her about Sully’s past. Anyone that knows me or the girls at @rescuingphilly knows that we are honest to a fault. We had enough character witnesses to go to court but the only problem was we didn’t have enough money to fight it and this lady knew that. We ended up “settling” out of court because we didn’t have $50,000 to prove someone wrong. With that being said, @rescuingphilly has exhausted all their resources, even having to spend their personal money to make this case go away. Between the settlement and the lawyer fees, they are no longer able rescue dogs. So we are trying to help them get back as much money as they can so they can get back to do doing what they do best...rescuing dogs. If you can’t donate you can always just share this post. Link is in the bio! #rescuingphilly #phillyphoundation #ipittythebull #saveadogkeepyours


🎥This is how we get woken up every morning usually. Snot shower sneezes or machine gun ears. GREAT for my son when he’s napping 😒🤫


🎥All they do is eat, sleep, poop, step in their poop, then climb all over me. I love this life I live.
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🎥yawn kiss cuddle
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