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Thankful for them + all of you ♥️


🎥l think l need a bigger kitchen......


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🎥My top favorite things about Hazel. Her wide-eyed “relaxed” face, her wonky tail, and those EARRRRSSSS. She’s been doing so well lately..learning her basic commands and how to be a house doge. She gets along perfectly with all my dogs, but she is still learning manners, SO when she is ready for adoption, l think she’ll do best with a very playful and tolerant fur-bro or sis. She’s wonderful with Elias and all people she’s met! We just love her ♥️ I’ll let you guys know when she’s officially available. @fresnobullyrescue
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Malachi 😭 omg but then Mayby 😭 also Indy 😭 and look at Angel 😭





🎥Me trying to get out of bed in the morning.


🎥When you’re kinda mad at someone but they’re also holding food so you start to wonder if it’s worth holding that grudge.


So if you’re wondering what Hazel is like...this picture explains it all.
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We have these adorably ugly Christmas sweaters available for pre-order in my store @urbsub with guaranteed domestic delivery before Christmas! Proceeds from these will go right back to our fostering efforts (food, the foster rooms fund, etc) 😬 Get one for the whole family at (or link in bio!) We print all your orders ourselves and work so hard to make sure you’re all happy with your stuff! Thank you guys soooooo much for your support, I’m so appreciative ♥️
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Sweet Hazel ♥️ She is as sweet as can be and will literally melt into your arms. She is very sensitive girl and will cower down if she thinks she’s in trouble, which seems to be triggered by almost anything -quick movements, a firm tone, a new noise. We are happy to work with her at a speed she is comfortable with and build her confidence up. Luckily, she’s so eager to learn, loves training, and has a great food and toy drive so I️ think we will see improvements rather quickly. We are starting from scratch with her because she doesn’t respond to a single command, and she’s just barely starting to understand her name. This is a lot for her to take in. But we are here for her every step of the way! Basic training or not, she has been a PERFECT little house guest. She loves her crate, looooooves her stuffed toy (she literally carries it everywhere), has never had a potty accident, doesn’t chew things she’s not supposed to, and RARELY barks (and her bark is so soft and sweet 😂). She’ll be available for adoption when she’s healthy and we feel she is ready. If you’d like to donate to her vet care, please go to!
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Omg guys...guess whose (or who’s? Frick I don’t know lol) son this is...GUESS!



What do you guys think? Was One of Hazel’s parents or grandparents a frenchie?!


🎥When you realize humans are actually kinda cool cuz their laps make great head rests and their fingers scratch all your itchies and their hands usually have treats in them.
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This dog is not real. 🐰
#adoptdontshop #foster #rescue oh ps she met Indy and she’s a social butterfly. She’s going to do great with the others I’m sure! Add that to the list of her perfections. ✅



🎥Does anyone else have a dog who sounds like they’re snoring deeply when they’re awake?
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🎥OKAY SO...I went through your name suggestions and the one that seemed to pop up the most was “Hazel”, and I think it fits perfectly! So everyone meet Hazel! This is her being her sweet self, just chilling while I work. She has kennel cough, so we’re going to worry about introductions later and just focus on getting her healthy and comfortable here. I can’t wait to see her growth while she’s here. She’s already completely stolen my heart! She will be available for adoption soon with @fresnobullyrescue / She still needs to be spayed and get some vet care, so if you’d like to donate to Hazel please go to!! #foster #rescue #adoptdontshop


🎥Look who we busted out of the shelter today 😍 This sweet girl needs a NAME! She came into the shelter as a stray, and nobody ever came forward for her. She was a mama at one point, and she is soooo sweet. She has a beautiful brindle/blue coat, pointy ears, and a short wonky tail. Aka she’s perfect. Help us pick a perfect name for her 🧐
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Elias literally woke up like this. Angel is obsessed with her #baldpuppy ♥️


I'm so glad I'm not in the dating world anymore because this is probably the exact issue I'd have. #repost


🎥Didn't really have time to dress all the pups up for Halloween this year, so here's Mal, Angel, and Indy at work dressed as elves doing a dance routine.


👉🏾 #swipe


Irene was sassy, loving, sweet, and adored all humans she came into contact with. She was a shelter favorite before @fresnobullyrescue pulled her and placed her with us in foster care. She didn't immediately like any of my dogs. She didn't really like being inside of our house all that much. At first it seemed like having her here would be complicated, but keeping her happy ended up being very simple. She liked what she liked and that was that. She spent her days here sprawled out on her grassy patch, comfy dog bed, or the outdoor couch in the nice weather. Sometimes she'd come inside and hang out with us, but it wasn't long before she was asking to go back to her favorite area. I'd sit with her on her couch and pet her head til she fell asleep. She followed Elias and I around and never strayed too far. We met Irene when she was weak from cancer, freshly sutured from surgery to remove a tumor on her leg. We knew it was a possibility that it could spread, but we remained hopeful. She was starting to lose weight and she had not been acting herself, so we scheduled an appointment for her. We did not expect for them to say it was time to let her go. I don't know if there is anything we could have done to prepare ourselves for this. Our home just doesn't feel the same right now, and we are missing her so much. Thank you for all your kind comments, I know she was loved from afar by many of you ♥️ She will always have a special place in my heart and I just hope she left knowing how loved she truly is.


Irene, we were just discussing adopting you. We knew you finally got comfortable with us, and we didn't want to put you through even more distress by trying to rehome you. We came to love and adore you as if you were our own. As if we had you since you were a puppy. I'm going to miss your hot breath and sweet little nose boops. I'm going to miss seeing you reign over your deck. I'm so sorry we could not have more time together. I'm so sorry that your cancer returned so quickly. We are just heartbroken. Rest In Peace, #queenirene👑


What do you think it takes to make this perpetual DGAF face finally smile? A. Treats B. Water C. Ball D. Bully Stick E. Kanye West Music or F. Other


When you wake up and realize it's not the weekend yet
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A couple more pictures from the Boo Walk! First picture is one of my favorite costumes 😂 Can you guess

Picture credit @imfire_withskin


Angel wanted to thank everyone who came by our booth today to say hi or purchase some @urbsub goodies! Especially to the girl who cried when she saw her!!! It was the sweetest, most touching moment. Like does Angel even know HOW LOVED SHE REALLY IS!?


Yayyyy Jovie (formerly Jewel 💎) has a page now! Follow her and her brother at @buddyandjoviethepittieelves ♥️
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🎥Just got this video from Jewel's (now Jovie) mom 😂 it's safe to say she's feeling quite at home already. Look how proud she is.