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LEE from the #MIBLitter is also still available for adoption with @animalcompassionteam (Jewel too- I'll share a post about her soon). Lee is awesome! He's currently being potty, house, and crate trained, and is doing such a great job! We have not had any accidents inside since we moved him in here from our office. He's playful, happy, eager to learn, and such a lover! He'd fit into almost any home, as long as they spoil him ☺️ you can apply to adopt Lee at


🎥Thank you thank you thank you to Sandra for Irene's new bed, and Abby & Daisy for her new toys. She is soooo happy and content. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, so Irene has been loving her own private outdoor quarters 💁🏽 She is improving immensely as each day passes. Today she saw my dogs through the gate and completely ignored them. That is HUGE for her. I even got her to walk across the house floors! It took about 10 minutes, but she finally did it on her own. I truly adore this girl and all her quirks and surprises. I can't express just how special she is, you'd have to meet her to fully understand. She melts into your arms or lap when you give her affection, and when she walks by you, her shoulder is constantly tapping your leg because she wants to be close to you. When she does feel a little independent and starts to explore, if she hears your call, that's all that matters. It's only a few seconds before she's back tapping your legs again. Anyway, I could go on and on and on. I'll save more for another post and as we continue to see improvement. Long story short, I love her, she's amazing, she needs a home, give her one. Apply to adopt at
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I made a line of hoodies to properly express how I feel about dogs. You may be able to relate to some of these. We have all kinds of apparel for my dog and pibble-lovin' people out there. Best part of our stuff is that when you shop, we are able to give back. Click the link in my bio to shop! Get 20% off all New Arrivals with code NEWNEW. Tag a friend who might be able to appreciate these hoodies!
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#repost from the @pawsitivechangeprogram ...please go check out the amazing work they're doing. People saving dogs, dogs saving people. This is one of my favorite programs. @pawsitivechangeprogram


🎥Life Hack: Tired of plain old shirts? Adopt a dog! In just a few moments you can go from a boring black top to a beautifully textured, white/brownish fashion piece! Thanks, Irene!


🎥Just a girl in a teddy bear outfit 🐻




Just my best friend and I


🎥dogs are so mothereffin handy it's not even funny


Our last day with Will ♥️
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#queenirene👑 up in this bish, featuring some great artists 😍 Irene is so special. Where's her human at!? She needs an equally special home where there are no other current pets. She just needs a place she can feel safe enough to fall asleep belly up. I'd love to see her that comfortable here one day. She'd do best with a family/person who loves to be home and snuggle while watching movies. She does not need long walks, she couldn't handle it physically. She's lived a rough 7-8 years (we estimate) and just needs someone to be there for her in her older age. What she lacks in dog sociability, she more than makes up for with her intense, unwavering love and loyalty for her person/people. So if you have a home with a couch, backyard, and space for a sassy, loving, precious house hippo...and if you have an open heart that will allow you to see beyond her past...please consider applying to adopt her! She's available at
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🎥it's so nice to have some privacy and alone time every once in awhile


They look like sweet little dogicorns 🦄😭 Will is going to his forever home soon and Lee (left) is still available for adoption! Apply to adopt at ♥️ #adoptdontshop #fosters #rescues #spayandneuter @animalcompassionteam #MIBLitter




I know I've been kind of absent lately, but I wanted to share this #MIBLitter update! Smith has officially been #ADOPTED 🎉🙌🏽 Will is getting adopted either this weekend or Monday. Lee is still AVAILABLE! I'll share some more posts of him when I get a moment. Once these babies are gone, we are going to take a break so we can start on our foster rooms! I AM SO EXCITED!
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🎥tbh Malachi considers everyone to be his best friend so


🎥shut up and let me lick ur unibrow


@ my husband






HELP! @fresnobullyrescue needs someone who can foster this mama and her 6 pups until they're ready for adoption. They're located in Fresno, CA! Please share if you can't foster or tag someone who might be able to. They need to stay close to Fresno, CA. If you can foster please email [email protected]


Woohoo!! Can't wait!!! We'll be there at our @urbsub booth, probably with Angel again 😇 come shop, say hi, and/or pet Angel and tell her how pitttyyy she is! It's from 8 am-12, all breeds are welcome, and it's a great event for the whole fam ♥️ hope to see those of you who can make it! 🐾 sign up or learn more about the event at




#QueenIrene👑 appreciation post
#adoptdontshop #foster #rescue #spayandneuter 👉🏾Apply to adopt at 🐾OH AND PS MY STORE IS HAVING A HUGE BUY 1 GET 1 FREE SALE THAT IS ENDING SOON! Check it out by clicking the link in my bio or go to


🎥 My heart cannot handle this


#QueenIrene👑 had a really rough start when she was first rescued...but look at her now. I love this girl so much. She's the first foster we've ever had that doesn't love every dog she meets, yet she is so sweet, tender, and loving with humans. She NEEDS her own person. Someone she can cuddle up with every night, someone who will enjoy her snorting, someone who will show her how good her life can be, someone she can fart on, someone she can follow around, someone she can rely on! If you want to adopt this snorting couch potato, please submit an application at
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🎥Henlo I am ready to come out now, thanx u
👉🏾we put all the puppers in their own area for a couple hours a day so that Queen Irene can come and chill inside the house worry-free. (She's usually out in her own comfy area in the air conditioned office of our shop) She is dog selective and gets easily stressed...unlike Jewel here, who finds a way to be hilarious in every situation. 💎 Jewel is available for adoption with @animalcompassionteam (click the link in their bio). Jewel is good with all dogs, kids, people - don't know about cats. She's great on a leash, potty trained, knows some basic commands, and is OK in a crate SOMETIMES. She can be an insanely impressive escape artist, and has completely bent and ruined 2 of our wire crates. She just wants to be where everyone else is (typical lol), but with time she is learning that the crate is a safe place for her.
She is a chewer, but with a good supply of toys and chews, plus training of course, that won't be a problem. Her fur is sooooo soft and she is so sweet and squishy. She's a younger gal we believe (1-2 yrs) and is ready to find her human(s)! Apply to adopt Jewel at @animalcompassionteam .org
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🎥I love how you can literally hear #QueenIrene👑 smile 👉🏾Apply to adopt this sweet girl @
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#repost from @dallasdogrrr "UPDATE AS OF 7am on HARVEY FLOOD VICTIMS IN Hankamer, TX 775602. A message from Kat: "-- Please pray for us and our dogs. Its non-stop raining here. We are laying on a picnic table near all the dogs we could get. Trying to catch a little sleep to regain strength for tomorrow. Please pray to whatever God or spiritual being you pray too. And may God forgive us for the choices we had to make today." I want to address some false rumors, although The Chambers County Sheriff department has most certainly helped with making 1 trip to get a handful of dogs which is so very much appreciated, in no way shape or form are the animals safe. Last night Kevin and Megan went back very very late and it was unsafe, in the matter of 1 hour the water rose 3 inches. Dogs and Pigs still remain at the property and another dam may be released this morning. More boats were to go back out this morning. Our very own Kay has her trailer and is approaching as we speak in communication with the sheriff but the conditions are pretty wild right now. Park where they are located with the animals: Whites Park Pavillion off I-10 exit 61 Anahuac TX I'm told they need these supplies right away if anyone is near the area: Dog bowls, leashes, Collars Cleaning supplies, Blankets, Large sized crates, Water, Warm clothing for adults. If you are currently nearby and can help Kevin and Kat walk dogs, bring food, supplies phone charges please do not wait. Go now! If you have a boat and are near by, please do not wait and go to the house. Kat is one of the most True Grit, compassionate and efficient rescuers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Kat is responsible for saving thousands of dogs through out the years. We need to come together and make sure that Operation Save Tall Tails Animal Rescue will keep going. Please share and tag. Please donate at : (funds will go to Tall Tails Animals) We will be doing a wishlist and when a shipping address is final we will let y'all know. Please remain patient with the updates-- Kat and Kevin are bogged down and we are communicating with Alicia right now."