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#Twilight at the Taj Falaknuma Palace -- Hyderabad, India

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Fried Hilsa fish -- ইলিশ মাছ ভাজা

Another Bengali favorite & one more #latergram from Dhaka.

Perks of #foodphotography sessions at home in Bangladesh: access to things like fresh-cut banana leaves from trees behind our house and curry leaves from my mom's plant! Wish I could get these as easily in #newyork.

And the biggest perk: I never have to cook anything I photograph when visiting family. 😁

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Bangladeshi sweets that I can (and do, unfortunately) eat my weight in:

Bengali sweet yogurt, "chom chom" from #Tangail & my mom's homemade kala jamun.

বগুরার দই, টাংগাইলের চমচম ও আম্মুর হাতে বানানো কালোজাম ❤️ #latergram #kalajamun #gulabjamun #mishtidoi

I'll need another post to describe these, but if you're Bengali you understand my joy I'm sure!


Goodbye #🇧🇩 -- আবার দেখা হবে


Saffron, cardamom & pistachio bread pudding bites -- aka "shahi tukda". Creamy and decadent, with notes of saffron and ghee (clarified, brown butter) in each bite, it's no wonder that this regional South Asian dessert has its roots in the royal kitchens of Mughal emperors.

I experimented with many recipes for these over the summer in New York and came up with one that I like -- will share soon!

⚠️ #HYDERABAD peeps ⚠️-- any recommendations for restaurants that have a good Hyd style #doublekameetha or #shahitukda?



👋🇱🇰 FRIENDS IN/FROM SRI LANKA 👋🇱🇰 -- Any thoughts where I could take a cooking class (in Colombo) to learn some specific home-style cooking?

I'm particularly interested in Sinhalese and Tamil cuisine and some #Burgher specialties. (Basically stuff that my in-laws don't cook at home). And not the experiences designed for tourists, I'm looking for something more customized and for someone already familiar with Sri Lankan cooking.

If you have any ideas please shoot me a note! Maybe someone's mom/grandma/aunt comes to mind? 😁

#photo #throwback from a while back:

Sri Lankan kiribath (coconut milk rice) with lunu miris (red chilli sambol), dhal curry (lentils) and spicy grilled chicken.

Excited for the next food adventure in #srilanka!
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Tuberoses & marigold - রজনীগন্ধা ও গাদা ফুল

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What I look forward to most during trips back to Dhaka, even more than roadside #fuchka, is the daily "cha nashta" (tea & snacks) hour!

Here's a photo of some homemade "shingara", savory doughy pastries that are a popular snack at teatime. These particular ones are vegetarian, filled with spiced potatoes, carrots, peas and peanuts for a wonderful crunch. The dough is flecked with nigella seeds, which I love.

These are perfect with milky black tea during "bikaler nashta" (evening snack time), which let's say is equivalent to #Bangladeshi happy hour! 👌😬😂 .
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Classic eats from Dhaka streets! #Chotpoti or #fuchka -- which would you take?

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Konta chai? 🤔


Whipped feta & tomato #crostini for impromptu rooftop gatherings with coworkers ❤️ #nycsummer #fun

Btw did anyone else see something that looked like a green shooting star last night!?!?! .

P.S. Quick "recipe"
Toss halved cherry tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, coarse salt, pepper, scallion and whatever seasoning + fresh herbs (I used basil) you want. Let stand for a few mins.
Separately, whip together (in food processor for ease) your favorite feta or goat cheese with some cream cheese, olive oil, pepper and seasonings (I also tossed in some roasted garlic too). Blitz till it's a nice spreadable consistency.
Cut bread slices out of a baguette, place in a sheet pan and drizzle with olive oil. Broil for just a couple of mins. Slather cheese spread onto bread and top with tomatoes.

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#SriLankan pineapple curry.

A delicious curry full of aromatics from curry leaves, pandan leaves, mustard seeds, heat from chillies and sweetness from fresh pineapples and coconut milk.

Photo from the last Sri Lankan supper club dinner I hosted earlier this spring. 😋 Need to make this again soon!

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Cardamom, #coconut & mango truffles with my tea on this gloomy #NYC afternoon!

A twist on good ol' Bangladeshi "narkel er naru", I made these for a quick dessert to finish up some #Hawaiian #mango butter that I had sitting around at home.

Super easy, and it's vegan!

Here's a rough #recipe guide (measurements are not exact but you can't go wrong): I used about 1.5 to 2 cups of dessicated coconut, a bit of cardamom powder (0.5 tsp), about a quarter cup of mango butter and about 1/1.5 tbsps (it could have been sweeter) of jaggery or maple syrup. Mixed everything together by hand and formed into little balls. Dusted with some coconut powder and more cardamom and put them in the refrigerator to set for a couple of hours. Done!

You could try it with other fruit/nut butters or preserves too. Tag me if you make it, I'd love to see!

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Weekend sips! Iced lemongrass & peach tea.

Here's a 3-in-1 nifty #diy #lemongrass hack that I've been using lately to reduce #foodwaste in my kitchen. Try it out!

Instead of throwing away the inedible (upper) parts of lemongrass stalks try saving them next time to use in summer drinks/cocktails -- they don't have much flavor but will make an excellent garnish, stirrer and even function as a straw for your favorite drink. Do tag me if you try it out.

Happy sipping!


Dreaming of green pastures, fresh air and the sea. (I dream of these things often 😜). .
I took this photo last summer in Howth, a charming #Irish village just a quick 30-min train ride out of Dublin. A fun half-day (or shorter) trip if you're visiting Dublin, I highly recommend it! We visited late on a Friday afternoon and enjoyed watching some seals (so many of them!), a picturesque #cliff hike and really great, line-caught fish at one of the local restaurants. I would go back in a heartbeat!


Another rainy, gloomy day in #NYC. I could really use some spicy Sri Lankan food today!

Like this Sri Lankan spicy beef curry with #Jaffna curry powder and "kiribath" ("milk rice" in #Sinhalese), a traditional coconut milk rice that's typically eaten for breakfast in Sri Lanka, especially on New Year's day. I added some pretty mustard greens and flowers for crunch and color.

I made these last weekend for a Sri Lankan brunch with friends. It was my first attempt at #kiribath and I got a little overzealous with the coconut milk, the rice didn't end up setting the way it was supposed to, oops.

Thankfully I got some tips from my friend (and fairy godmother for all things Sri Lankan food!) Jessica @ceylon_lover (check out her amazing work). I have high hopes for the next iteration and I'm excited to add this to my #🇱🇰 supper club menu in the fall!

#lankan #eats


Brunch + people and places I love ❤️ = the best NYC #🗽 weekends.

Vegetarian favorites: @thequeenskickshaw


Back to Bangladeshi basics -- "daal, bhaat, aloo bhorta" (lentils, rice & Bengali style mashed potatoes) with my homemade spicy tomato chutney.

I reimagined how we serve these simple dishes in Bangladesh and turned them into a plated appetizer for recent dinner guests, to give them a taste of traditional, everyday Bengali home cooking. No gimmicks, nothing fancy! Just a nicely presented #vegetarian small plate to introduce simple home-style comforts before we delve into more substantial fish and meat courses.

Note: A small plate of this, especially for guests, would never bode well in Bangladesh! 😂 We have a funny tradition where we invite guests over for "daal bhaat" (lentils & plain rice) but what we actually prepare for company rarely includes these simple things. Because that's just not what you serve guests in a Bangladeshi home!

My husband (who is Sri Lankan) still doesn't understand this concept. 🤷‍♀️ It's beyond him why no one makes the delicious "bhortas" (any mashed dish in Bengali cuisine, typically made with simple ingredients) when they have us over in Bangladesh, and why relatives insist on making the heavier, richer special occasion "dawat" food even though the simple stuff is what he prefers.

P.S. Recipes for simple Bangladeshi #mashedpotatoes & #srilankan style #lentils are on my blog! Tag me if you try them out, I'd love to see what you create.

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It's raining and all I'm thinking about is a good cup of "cha" (tea, in Bengali) -- brewed to perfection with milk and maybe a hint of cardamom. Sugar not optional! 😁 Who's with me?

I took this photo at a roadside tea stall in #Dhaka on my last trip -- currently also wishing I had access to that vintage-esque bench as a backdrop for my photo projects. 😂 Isn't it cool?

#☕ #latergram #deshi #cha #milktea


#Throwback to chasing double #rainbows last fall. I could use a splash of that cold water and mist right now!


Bangladeshi style shrimp curry that I made a few days ago for a #quick #lunch using the #Barishal spice mix that was sent over by @bangcurry -- I was excited to receive the spice kit and finally got to try it out. And this curry came together beautifully! I generally avoid using pre-packaged curry mixes which are always way too spicy or salty for me, but was very pleasantly surprised by the balanced flavors in this one.

It smelled distinctively Bangladeshi (the aromatics reminded me of a garam masala my mom grinds for her meat curries so I'm going to try this with beef or mutton next) and was easy to cook with. I only added onions, ginger-garlic paste, tomatoes and finished with a teeny bit of coconut milk, salt and a couple of green chillies. Delicious for a quick, no-fuss curry.

Friends across the pond, I hear these are now sold at @wholefoods in the UK -- and US friends, you can order the spice kits on #Amazon if you're curious. Good stuff, I will stock up for my lazy "cheat day" cooking needs! 😋



Stained glass magic, the best I ever did see!
#Barcelona #throwback #memories #espagna .
I remember waking up at the crack of dawn (like, 8am 😬) one morning in Barcelona last year to see this. Our local hosts had advised that we check out the interiors and that Gaudi's masterpiece must be seen when the full glory of natural light is in effect during early morning hours for it to be truly appreciated. And they were right, the play of sunlight through the intricate stained glass was purely magical!


Dreaming of these #Gujrati dhoklas. I sense a trip to #jacksonheights coming up! Who wants to join? 🙋 .

A friend and I rushed to this place last month after @vikaskhannagroup recommended doing so at an event. We were not disappointed!


Taking time to stop and smell the flowers... that fell off from the flower vase. 😂 Nonetheless, these to me smell like home! #🇧🇩 .
Back in Bangladesh marigold flowers were traditionally used to adorn brides and decorate wedding halls during the Bengali pre-wedding "holud" (turmeric/yellow) ceremony. People seem to use them less in Bangladeshi weddings these days, but I've always loved the faint, citrus-like scent and the bright orange and yellow hue of these flowers. They remind of the years I spent in Dhaka, of beautiful weddings and of "falgun", the Bengali celebration of spring. ❤️ .

I grabbed a big bunch of marigold flowers from @wholefoodsnyc last week to decorate the table for my Bangladeshi supper club dinner, and they are currently making me very happy. Flowers have such an incredibly uplifting power! On me at least. 😊 .
Have a great week everyone!


Pretty dragonfruit. Look at that gorgeous color! I had so many of these on our last trip to Sri Lanka. #tbt #srilanka .
Anyone know where I can find pink dragonfruit in #NYC? I only ever see the white ones sold in fruit markets and Chinese groceries.


I love farm fresh summer produce! ..
While normally I roast or grill a ton of summer veggies, last week I made a Bangladeshi spiced "bhaji" instead with onions, zucchini and corn from my favorite local market in Astoria. .
A bit lighter than the usual "bhaji" (which refers to fried dishes in Bengali cooking), this was more of a sauteed medley of vegetables with turmeric, cumin, chillies and "panch phoron" spices (cumin, fennel, mustard, nigella and fenugreek seeds). Super simple and delicious!


"Chotpoti" & "fuchka" with tamarind shots! Tangy, addictive & quintessentially #Bangladeshi street-side classics. 😋 .
I'm featuring these at the next few pop up dinners I'll be hosting this summer in #NY. Excited to show guests from all over the world how we eat these in #Bangladesh!

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Beets & burrata 👌