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Hikers trek along White Sands National Monument. Who else spent this long weekend outdoors? 🙋


For President's Day this year, we thought we'd give you a few powerful ways YOU can #resist Trump's agenda. Click the link in our profile, or watch our story to find out more. 👊


Honey bees are incredible creatures, but they're declining at alarming rates, in large part due to the skyrocketing use of toxic "neonic" pesticides. Some major retailers are taking steps to phase out neonic products, and now it's time for Amazon to follow suit. Visit the link urge Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to help save the bees! [video by @experrinment]



Happy #WorldPangolinDay! Wait a don't know what a pangolin is?! These small, scale-covered mammals are one of the world’s most threatened animals, but are also the least-known. Visit the link in our profile to learn more about them, and how to help them.


🙌VICTORY! 🙌Following an NRDC lawsuit, a federal judge just ruled that the Trump administration illegally delayed four energy efficiency standards! These efficiency standards will save America’s consumers and businesses more than $8 billion in energy costs, and prevent 99 million metric tons of CO2 emissions. Read more about the victory in our profile link!


Our president @rheasuh and a panel of NRDC experts spoke at @the.wing tonight. Thank you to all the women who joined us, and inspired us, tonight!

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Women have a tremendous power in the fight against climate change, in the fight for environmental justice. The heartfelt thank you to @the.wing for hosting us tonight.



The Women and Climate Change Act, introduced by Representative Barbara Lee earlier this month, recognizes the tremendous—and disproportionate—effects of climate change on women and girls worldwide. The proposed legislation also encourages climate action that includes and empowers women. Learn more in our profile link!


Trump’s proposed budget is a blueprint for disaster: slashing funding for environmental and health protections, and sacrificing our public lands and waters to dirty fossil fuel companies. Swipe through to see what Trump’s budget puts at risk, and read an op-ed by NRDC president @rheasuh in our profile link.


This Valentine's Day, take a moment to help protect the animals you love 💗 The Endangered Species Act (ESA) is one of our country's most fundamental environmental laws that defends imperiled animals like the polar bear. But now, anti-environment members of Congress are trying to weaken the ESA, putting these species in danger. Click the link in our profile to take action, and remember, extinction is forever.



Trump loves to claim that the Paris Agreement will cost Americans’ their jobs. In reality, implementing the Paris accord would boost job creation in the clean energy market—the fastest growing in the energy sector—which currently employs three million Americans. Take action in our profile link to stop Trump's climate denial agenda. 👊


Republicans are threatening to cut funding for cancer research after World Health Organization researchers found that Glyphosate is carcinogenic. Last week, NRDC’s senior scientist Dr. Jennifer Sass testified to Congress to defend science and speak out against this deadly pesticide 👏👏👏


Hello there 👀! We'd like to introduce you to the Groves' dwarf lemur, recently discovered on Madagascar. Though there are over 100 species of lemur, many of them are already facing extinction, due to their forest habitats being destroyed. Visit the link in our profile to learn more about this new species and how to help them thrive.



Winter views at Arches National Park in Utah


Anti-environment members of Congress are trying to weaken the Endangered Species Act, effectively declaring it open season on imperiled species like the gray wolf. Visit the link in our profile to help us defend the Endangered Species Act before it’s to late.


The use of toxic, bee-killing neonic pesticides is skyrocketing, but thankfully retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, True Value, and Walmart are working to phase out neonic lawn and garden products, including plants treated with neonics. Now it’s Amazon’s turn—America’s largest online retailer can help to make a big difference for these vital pollinators. Urge Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to help save bees by removing neonic-based products and neonic-treated plants from his website by clicking the link in out profile!



Seriously?! It’s 2018 and Scott Pruitt doesn’t understand how climate change works. This man can not be trusted to protect the environment. It’s time to #StopPruitt. Take action in our profile link.


Puerto Rico had the nation's worst drinking water even before Hurricane Maria, and testing after the storm shows that a bad situation has gotten worse. Samples from drinking water systems for more than two million Puerto Ricans tested positive for bacteria at least once, two months after Maria hit. Learn more in our profile link.


BREAKING: The Trump administration put the drinking water supplies of 117 million Americans at risk. So we’re suing. NRDC is joining with the National Wildlife Federation to file a lawsuit preventing the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers from illegally delaying the implementation of the #CleanWaterRule.

Read more about why we’re standing up for clean water in our profile link.



Striped hyenas have a bad rap (the depiction of their cousin, the spotted hyena, in the Lion King definitely didn't help). But now experts are saying these scavengers are really rather gentle—not to mention good for the environment. Learn more about them in our profile link!


Trump’s decision to impose a 30 percent #SunTax on imported solar equipment is widely opposed by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. Not only will it kill tens of thousands of American jobs in the booming solar industry, it will also impede clean energy expansion. Visit the link in our profile to fight back!


Want to fight climate change? We need to stop clearcutting our carbonsinks.
Forests are among our greatest allies in the global warming fight. Let’s protect them so they can protect us. 💪🌳 Learn more in our profile link!


#ICYMI, apparently we've got 6 more weeks of winter ahead. If you need us, we'll be hibernating!


If you heard Trump's #SOTU this week, you probably heard him refer to "clean, beautiful coal." Just for reference, other things he's called “beautiful” include: statues of Confederate generals, weapons, money, and his own face seems the former owner of the Miss Universe pageant may not have a great eye for beauty.
In all seriousness, what we should be focused on is shifting away from coal entirely, which will never be as clean as renewable energy. To read more, visit the link in our profile.


Today, February 2, President Trump is opening up the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments to uranium and coal mining—after drastically shrinking the amount of protected land in his illegal executive order. We need to #StandWithBearsEars and protect our national monuments! Visit the link in our profile to take action.


From @experrinment: When researching a recent video on the Belmont Paul Women’s Equality Monument, I realized many African American women who were fighting for black women’s rights during the 19th and early 20th centuries were excluded by white suffragists. Now I have a new list of heroes to celebrate- swipe to see some of them. The tactics and perspectives of black women have been the sparks that ignited many movements in this country—from environmental justice to #metoo. Preserving monuments is important to @nrdc_org and so is empowering an intersectional, resilient resistance going forward. #blackhistorymonth


Earlier this week, President Trump claimed that polar ice is setting records—which it is…for shrinking. According to NASA, we’ve lost a chunk of sea ice larger than Mexico since 1979, when satellites began to take continuous measurements, bringing the combined Arctic and Antarctic sea ice coverage to the lowest since that year. Take action via the link in our profile.


According to a new report by @endangeredspeciescoalition if Trump continues to hire anti-science industry officials to fill top posts, these 10 species may not survive his administration. Take action to protect these imperiled species in our profile link!


Winter clouds roll through Zion National Park in Utah


"Trillions of dollars"? Hold up. Under the Paris Agreement, 43 countries have pledged to contribute $10.3 billion to the Global Climate Fund. The Obama administration promised $3 billion and paid in $1 billion. Trump has no plans to provide the rest.

We're tracking all of Trump's lies (and holding him accountable for them) at the link in our profile


Covering more than 70 percent of our planet, oceans are among the earth’s most valuable natural resources. Yet we’re bombarding them with pollution, and destroying them at an alarming rate. Learn more about the threats our oceans face, as well as what we can do to help them, in the link in our bio.