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On this date in 2001, Marc Jerry and Richard performed their infamous acoustic show at the Northberg Tavern in Columbus, Ohio. The two sets were rarely heard O.A.R. songs, along with covers not often performed.



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Sharing more pics from our Summer 2009 shows in Chicago where we recorded "Rain or Shine", the live album that was released on yesterday's date 7 years ago (see previous post). We’d also LOVE to hear your feedback and stories from those 2 days in the comments below. We’ll make sure to read ALL of them, and will send a signed copy of the Deluxe Limited Edition package of “Rain or Shine” to our favorite one!


TODAY marks 7 years since we released “Rain or Shine”, the 4-disc live album we recorded at Charter One Pavilion in Chicago, on June 18th & 19th, 2009. These were truly a special and memorable couple of days for us, for obvious reasons, but also because of the craziness of the 2nd night, as you’ll read about in Chris Culos' story below. BUT we’d also LOVE to hear your feedback and stories from those 2 days. We’ll make sure to read ALL of them, and will send a signed copy of the Deluxe Limited Edition package of “Rain or Shine” to our favorite one! …. Pretty sure we met the Chicago-based legendary rock and roll photographer Paul Natkin in 2003 when he was hired to photograph the band for a story in Playboy 🤘. A few years later, as we were planning to record our next live album in Chicago, we reached out to see if he could photograph the show as well as capture some photos around the city for the album artwork. He spent the entire day driving me all around and shooting interesting spots from the south side all the way uptown near the Aragon Ballroom, and then back downtown to shoot the Chicago skyline at night. The only specific thing I had in mind for him to shoot were the iconic lions standing guard outside of the Art Institute. I wasn’t sure how we would use that but we had previously used lion's in our artwork and I thought it would be cool to have. A few weeks later, it was showtime... (rest of story continued in 1st comment or check our Facebook page!)



#repost @marcroberge ... The time Stipe walked through my wedding photos giggling. #firedup


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#Repost @marcroberge (@get_repost) ・・・ Making this here song wth the great @jerrydepizzo and @jonlampleymusic
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Happy bday to my brother @jerrydepizzo
This is you @theanthemdc being great. "I think I did pretty well, considering I started out with nothing but a bunch of blank paper." - Steve Martin "Ever since I was born, I was dope." - Conner 4 Real


Thank you to our family, friends, crew, team, audiences, fans and everyone who contributed to this very special and memorable year! Can’t wait for 2018. Happy New Year!


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#tbt 6/30/2010 Benj and I had just landed in London to play @isleofwightfest with the guys. Tired and jet lagged we met down at the hotel bar for a drink. It was pretty much empty except for the bartender and LEMMY fn KILMISTER from Motörhead. One of the last legit living rockstars at the time, I was completely starstruck. After some liquid courage we walked over to Lemmy to meet and pay respects. We told him about our band, our UK shows and had a few Jacks together. He couldn’t have been kinder or more interested in what we had to say. I don’t quite remember, but he may have even told us to snap a pic together. I do remember him squeezing the hell out of us during the picture RIP #Lemmy



Enjoying all the submissions for our 2017 #mystOARies!
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HEY GIRL. "My friends say she's crazy, I must agree, but that's ok, that's the way I love her to be. Hey girl, come with me and let yourself go." For those that don't know, Andy and I met at work. I worked at the office in Denver and Andy was a remote employee out of KC. We didn't start "talking" until we had worked together about a year and a half. I was super resistent about starting a relationship and was perfectly happy being single. In fact, I insisted I was never going to get married because I was so carefree and happy by myself. A few weeks into somewhat dating (long distance), Andy mailed me an OAR live album from their Madison Square Garden show. I didn't think much of it until one night, when we were on the phone until the wee hours of the morning with me talking about the "walls" I put up to avoid people, Andy told me to hang up the phone, listen to this song Hey Girl on the album and then call him back. I did and then my world was never the same. I knew at that moment that Andy "got me" and understood who I was beneath my facade. I had called him back, in tears, and it was mostly an unspoken understanding that this song solidified a relationship between us. About 9 months after that, it was only fitting that Andy's marriage proposal to me was centered around this song. We've seen this band live way too many times for me to remember, but it's more than fandom for us. Each time we see this band, it's like we renew our vows. #CheesyPost #Drunk
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#Smile and enjoy this collaboration between @marcroberge and @jonlampleymusic @huntertonesband ! Special thanks to @arcadesongs & @carlosmora92! #MerryChristmas!


Things like this only happen if you’re an #OARVIP! #Repost @frankstrangio
@ofarevolution That time @benjgershman photobombed us #sidestage @rapids_theatre @niagarafallsusa ... #mystOARies Amazing show, awesome experience, phenomenal band!!! @mercar10



On this date in 1999, we released our album, #SoulsAflame. A few weeks ago, we released this album and our first, #TheWanderer on #Vinyl. What personal memories do you have associated with any songs from SA? Share here; or make a unique post and hashtag #mystOARies - we will repost our favorites! VINYL LINK IN BIO


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Umm what is life. We are on stage. With @ofarevolution. WHAT!? #playthatsongtour #willamettesoundtrack


Great celebrating with this little rocker during our @theanthemdc concert and #OARVIP Experience! #Repost @brunetteboldandsassy ・・・
A HUGE shout out to @ofarevolution for making this little dude one happy kid on his 11th birthday! You guys are class acts. I'm thankful to all of you! He had an amazing time dancing and singing his little heart out with his stepdad and I. #mystOARies #raisingthemright #miniOARfan #hometownboys #rockville #O-H #I-O #theanthemdc #hisfirstconcert



As 2017 draws to a close, we would like your help recognizing the standout moments you enjoyed with us. Please share your favorite photos/videos and hashtag #mystOARies ... we will retweet and repost our favorites on FB, Twitter and Insta over the next days. Thanks!


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Well. That was the best night ever.


#soldout @theanthemdc our last show of the year, going out with a serious bang! Thank you everyone!!!!


On this date in 2012, our band teamed up with the #BeethovenFoundPhilharmonic to benefit Youngstown Ohio by delivering three new computer labs to their school system and also establishing a scholarship @theohiostateuniversity ! #HeardTheWorld


Can’t wait for this show with so many great friends! Join us 3/23 at @beacontheatre for the #ConcertOfDreams celebration. There’s just a few more tickets available. Get yours and help a great cause before its sold out!
#Repost @nyrangers ... with ‪Hayden from @gardenofdreamsfoundation here to greet #NYR as they come out to the ice for warmups! #GDFWeek


Thanks to @Nubbs.live for shooting #ADayInTheLife
We're looking forward to 2018. Where do you want to see us play next year?


We’ve been working with an incredible organization for close to ten years called @lovehopestrengthfoundation where they add people to the international bone marrow donor registry and we want YOU to #GETONTHELIST!
We’ve already had close to twenty matches from people signing up at our shows, but now you can get the kit sent to you at home. It couldn’t be easier, just follow the links and it gets sent right to your house. Swab the inside of your cheek, mail it back and you’ll be on the list!
Go here for all info - http://oar.gotl.org


And now we’re even more excited for our #SoldOut @theanthemdc concert December 16 because....@stephen_kellogg is opening the show! Comment on your favorite OAR/SK Experience or what you are looking forward to next Saturday!


Happy Birthday Lamps! Shoutout and let @jonlampleymusic know you love him!


Can’t wait for this #SOLDOUT evening @theanthemdc! Photo courtesy of @elvanmcm! Pardo on the go with the photoshopped #stOARies Marquee!



Photo 1- “Peace” is another one of those iconic, I have always wanted to get photos. Behind the drum riser. Because of the lighting, I ended up being stuck back there for the whole song all so I could get one photo. Well worth it IMO.

Photo 2- Goodnight. That’s a wrap

Photo 3- Dinner with friends. Touring bands work different hours than most people. This means dinner happens later than most, but it still happens at the end of the workday.

Photos and words courtesy @nubbs.live



Photo 1- 5 minutes until show time. As a concert photographer this one of those iconic photos you always wanted to get. I walked up and down these stairs backward five times counting the steps so that I knew when and where I would be as the band made their way to the stage.

Photo 2- It’s show time, this was a great venue for the fans and a photographer. The stage was low which allowed me to get great angles of the band.

Photo 3- It’s so hard to get all five guys in the same shot. This night, the owners of a private box allowed me to come in and shoot a few shots from their railing. The band's fans are some of the nicest I have ever had the opportunity to work around.

Photo 4- Most of my concert photography is from the front of the stage. I love how this frame includes the fans. It brings a different level of energy to the image.

Photos & words courtesy @nubbs.live