Gary and supporting cast (@omgdeedee)

Gary and supporting cast

His beard alone has experienced more than a lesser man’s entire body. CA, USA Team Canon/LG G4

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Sun's out, tongue's out. #dork


Gary tries to get his seat back by cajoling, then bullying, and finally gives up on it like it's a health care bill.


Great news! Biff the buff will have a loving home as of Friday! He will need to be checked out thoroughly and as long as he's healthy enough to be around other cats, he's going to live a life of luxury with a great couple. I will be taking him in with major help from my mother in law @simbas_mom on Wednesday, he will be neutered, vaccinated, tested, cleaned up and any other things he needs. The preliminary estimate is $230 and I truly appreciate that many of you offered to help. If you'd like to, the youcaring link in my bio for Gus is still active. Thank you guys!


Help! We feed and take care of every "feral" cat that shows up, some for days, some for months and some for years. This guy has been here for almost a week, and he's a little different. He's probably had a home at some point, but even if he does, they don't deserve him. I would love to find him a home. He's sweet, friendly, and gorgeous. Margo doesn't feel the need to explain why we can't have another male ginger, and I'm deferring to her. I have reached out to some shelters here on IG to try to find rescues to adopt him out, but with kitten season here, it may be easier to just find him a home with one of you guys. Please, if you're interested, I'm willing to drive just about anywhere in northern CA or northern NV to get this guy a loving home.
I believe he's pretty young. He is not neutered as far as I can tell. 🌰🌰


Missing: one neck. If found, don't bother returning it. #doyoueven #swole



I understand completely. #notreally


So, about 3 or 4 of you got it right. Order of effs:
Margo: 0
Jesse: 12
Hank, hiding in the corner: 43
Gary, on the bed: 62
Gus, under the bed: eleventy billion
(Margo is watching you, @vandercats , who called her a "wussy") #teamgarytrivia #iwishamotherefferwould


Time for some Team Gary trivia! Who gives the least effs about the vacuum cleaner? Who gives the most? #teamgarytrivia


When did Jesse get so yooge? #babyjegus #bigly #tremendous


That's a shitload of plastic wrap, huh Hank? #whoneeds1500feetofplasticwrap photo by Dad.


#throwbackthursday to a slightly less cynical Margo. (Dec 2013, about 5 months old)



We're out of these little sticks of swill. I fear for my safety.


What a find. The finest, softest polyester. On a lark, I dug through the dusty bin at the end of the furniture aisle to find this jewel toned masterpiece of a blanket. You most likely know it as Costco, but it will always be Burma to me. Then Margo stole it. #jpeterman #smug


The fam is back in all its dysfunctional glory. #teamgary


It takes Gus 12.5 minutes to get off the counter because it's so much fun.


Margo thinks colds are stupid and a waste of time like most things, including Hank. She's still sneezy and sleeping more than usual but I took this photo about an hour ago. #margoylemonday


Uh oh, looks like someone has a case of the Mondays!
Photo by Dad.



Now playing: the remake of the Steven Seagal classic, "Hard to Pill" Showtimes every 12 hours, live from the futon. Starring Garebear. #notforthefaintofheart (this photo is from today)


What's even more hilarious than today's funny pages is your hair. #chucklehead #gustopher


So... My girl's got the cold. I've suspected it for a couple of days. Teary eyes and sneezing that got a little more prominent today. The good news is that her behavior is hardly affected. She's sleeping a bit more and she's more willing to be touched than normal. I'm not entirely sure why it hit Gary so hard, but I think it's just a cold and since Gary already had herpes that additional flare up compounded the problem. Gus got over his cold in four days and there's really no trace of herpes in his eyes... He wasn't even treated. I sincerely hope she's over this soon and I suspect she will be. Of course, she will go to the vet if I feel she needs to.


Gary's had quite a few milestones in the last 24 hours, including multiple assaults on shrubberies, frogging, jumping on the patio rail, meowing and purring. #whydoesgaryhateshrubberies #americancarnage #bringmeashrubbery


Cutest little dirtbag ever. (Gary gave me purrs today. Life is good.) #fringsfridayfreakshow #thisisnotgary #notethemullet


That time I was hanging with my man Paddy O'Furniture. #flashbackfriday #happystpaddys


I know he looks rough, but today we had a lot of "first time in a week" events. He came outside and took a long drink out of his margarita glass. He accosted a shrub. He got in a box. He ate without me having to hand feed him. He still has a ways to go but I'm confident he'll be back to himself within a few days. I can't wait to hear that purr again. #creepyrockiswatching


#throwbackthursday to Gary giving zero effs that you lost your browser toolbar and can't figure out how to get it back. #catliketypingdetected


Gus takes two heart meds twice a day, every 12 hours. One of them requires that his stomach is empty for absorption purposes. So he can take the pills two hours after meals or 1 hour before. This means he can't eat for three solid hours after dinner. So from about 6:30 to 8 pm every night he's hounding me for a snack. Chasing me, jumping on my back. I have to hide from him for the last half hour, and he will take a nap. So here's the lead up to tonight's snack.
(Gary is feeling better every day. I hope tomorrow he'll be ready for pictures. He still looks a bit rough.)


Gingeception. #agingewithinaginge