Gary and supporting cast

His beard alone has experienced more than a lesser man’s entire body. CA, US #β„οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡² This page talks politics. ⚠️ Canon/SGS 8

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Go ahead and watch without me, I see that shit every Monday morning. #thewalkingdead #soexcite


Everything Sucks and You Should Feel Bad. Love, Margo


Gary would like you to believe that he got that little nick in on his left ear in a barfight, but here's the real story: When he was a couple of years old, we had to replace some fence boards. The UPC label was stapled to the bottom of the boards. One day he was rolling in the dirt next to the fence and his ear got caught on a staple and ripped it. It was a bloody mess but he didn't even notice it. #themoreyouknow


Margo now has her very own personal barista thanks to @nolababies. He promises to serve her with a smile and never spell her name wrong. #MARGOT


Every basic bitches' dream. #flashbackfriday from January 2015. Thank you for the request @tatcee #🍁spazz #πŸ¦€walk


It's a cold and windy night, perfect for a scary movie. #throwbackthursday from February, 2015 #gargo (thanks for the request @simbas_mom )


Intimidating AF. πŸ™„ #hankyouverymuch


Gus doesn't like to talk about his pills, (for those of you who don't know, he has a congenital heart defect and will be on medication for the rest of his life) but I thought I'd ask all of you if you can recommend a pill cutter. The size and thickness of one of his meds recently changed for no apparent reason, and my cheap CVS pill cutter often pulverizes them. #halp #thankyou


Margo ran away with the #TeamGaryTrivia vote, so here's a neener from the Miss herself. In order of softness:
1. Margo - her whole body feels like that little spot at the base of a cat's ear. Go feel that if you haven't.
2. Gary - actually a pretty close second, he has a very fine textured, soft undercoat which also makes him a shedding nightmare.
3. Hank - when I think of his fur, "fuzzy" comes to mind.
4. Jesse - he's got the shortest hair of all, and it's very sleek, almost like he's been dipped in grease. Soft isn't the word for it.
5. Gus - his fur is quite coarse. He may grow out of that, the texture reminds me of Gary's fur when he was younger.


Today's #TeamGaryTrivia comes from @stacisturrock & @stephanieandhiggs : Who has the softest fur? I'll run them down in order tomorrow. #calmdowngus


Well if this isn't a metaphor for 2017, I don't know what is. #tushie #tuesday #crushed #by #the #orange #bootheel #Gasse


WTF are you guys looking at? #creeps


Margo will spend the day giving zero effs. #margoylemonday #hero #Hargo


Calling it quits for the day, if not the year. #gare🐻


Scuse me, I need to get some filth on your pants. #gare🐻


Apparently getting caught with a stick sets off a DEFCON 1 level invisible explosion. #gustopher


What's orange and should be tossed out in early November? #riddlesbymargo


This is kind of like when your straight laced mom enjoys a few cocktails. #funpolice


Wake me up when the President of the Virgin Islands arrives. #waitwhat #whatatimetobealive #foryoudropoutsthatstheUSVirginIslands


Oh look...more pumpkin spice crap. #jank


Yes, Gus, your black whisker is delightful.


Hot mess, circa 2008. #throwbackthursday #🍼garebear


It’s frankly disgusting that Margo is able to write whatever she wants to write. People should look into it. #draghimMargo #nincompotus


Happy 2nd adoptaversary, Gustopher! 2 years ago today I received the best gift I could ever imagine from my friend @emmansophie. Thank you for bringing us this little ray of sunshine and constant source of joy...We can't imagine our lives without him. I love you, Keo!


Hank must be ragetweeting again. #Liddle #baby #gustopher #make #it #stop


Your favorite orange lunatic. #HeresHank


What the eff is this mother effer I don't even...#Messe #photobomb #margoylemonday


Hey, don't come any closer. How do I know you're not a cop? #ihavenocatnip