Gary and supporting cast

His beard alone has experienced more than a lesser man’s entire body. CA, US #β„οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡² This page talks politics. ⚠️ Canon/SGS 8

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Margo ran away with the #TeamGaryTrivia vote, so here's a neener from the Miss herself. In order of softness:
1. Margo - her whole body feels like that little spot at the base of a cat's ear. Go feel that if you haven't.
2. Gary - actually a pretty close second, he has a very fine textured, soft undercoat which also makes him a shedding nightmare.
3. Hank - when I think of his fur, "fuzzy" comes to mind.
4. Jesse - he's got the shortest hair of all, and it's very sleek, almost like he's been dipped in grease. Soft isn't the word for it.
5. Gus - his fur is quite coarse. He may grow out of that, the texture reminds me of Gary's fur when he was younger.


Today's #TeamGaryTrivia comes from @stacisturrock & @stephanieandhiggs : Who has the softest fur? I'll run them down in order tomorrow. #calmdowngus


Well if this isn't a metaphor for 2017, I don't know what is. #tushie #tuesday #crushed #by #the #orange #bootheel #Gasse


WTF are you guys looking at? #creeps


Margo will spend the day giving zero effs. #margoylemonday #hero #Hargo


Calling it quits for the day, if not the year. #gare🐻


Scuse me, I need to get some filth on your pants. #gare🐻


Apparently getting caught with a stick sets off a DEFCON 1 level invisible explosion. #gustopher


What's orange and should be tossed out in early November? #riddlesbymargo


This is kind of like when your straight laced mom enjoys a few cocktails. #funpolice


Wake me up when the President of the Virgin Islands arrives. #waitwhat #whatatimetobealive #foryoudropoutsthatstheUSVirginIslands


Oh look...more pumpkin spice crap. #jank


Yes, Gus, your black whisker is delightful.


Hot mess, circa 2008. #throwbackthursday #🍼garebear


It’s frankly disgusting that Margo is able to write whatever she wants to write. People should look into it. #draghimMargo #nincompotus


Happy 2nd adoptaversary, Gustopher! 2 years ago today I received the best gift I could ever imagine from my friend @emmansophie. Thank you for bringing us this little ray of sunshine and constant source of joy...We can't imagine our lives without him. I love you, Keo!


Super pissed at you. #oknotreallybutstill #gustouchedthepaintinglastnight (painting by @rausch.inga )


Hank must be ragetweeting again. #Liddle #baby #gustopher #make #it #stop


Your favorite orange lunatic. #HeresHank


What the eff is this mother effer I don't even...#Messe #photobomb #margoylemonday


Hey, don't come any closer. How do I know you're not a cop? #ihavenocatnip


They had these beautiful, soft towels. Very good towels. And I came in and there was a crowd of a lot of people. And they were screaming... #nincompotus #notmakingthisshitup


Gary is thinking about:
A. The Costa Rican housing market.
B. Possibly giving Margo a raise.
C. Your mom.


You haven't even heard the punch line yet. #DinGus


Yesterday in Baltimore, a high school had to be evacuated because of a foul odor. It turned out to be a pumpkin spice air freshener. Margo was in the car when I got home. #truestory #coincidence #ithinknot #plugitin #plugitin #deathtopumpkinspice


These two squish my heart. Every night I'm awakened by at least one cat for some damn thing or another and I find #BabyJeGus snuggling.


Throwback to a baby Miss. (November 2013) #miss #margoyle


"It's not a gun law issue, it's a mental health issue."
"So are you going to make sure everyone has mental health coverage?"
"God, no. LOL." #yourrepublicancongressatwork #fuckingmorons


The reason he looks like a wild animal is because he is a wild animal. #hankyouverymuch


If only there were a way to know what day it is...#turn #around
Team Gary calendars available at the link in my profile. We ship all over the world, starting approximately October 20. #TeamGary