Gary and supporting cast (@omgdeedee)

Gary and supporting cast

His beard alone has experienced more than a lesser man’s entire body. CA, USA Team Canon/LG G4

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When did Jesse get so yooge? #babyjegus #bigly #tremendous


That's a shitload of plastic wrap, huh Hank? #whoneeds1500feetofplasticwrap photo by Dad.


#throwbackthursday to a slightly less cynical Margo. (Dec 2013, about 5 months old)


We're out of these little sticks of swill. I fear for my safety.


What a find. The finest, softest polyester. On a lark, I dug through the dusty bin at the end of the furniture aisle to find this jewel toned masterpiece of a blanket. You most likely know it as Costco, but it will always be Burma to me. Then Margo stole it. #jpeterman #smug



The fam is back in all its dysfunctional glory. #teamgary


It takes Gus 12.5 minutes to get off the counter because it's so much fun.


Margo thinks colds are stupid and a waste of time like most things, including Hank. She's still sneezy and sleeping more than usual but I took this photo about an hour ago. #margoylemonday


Uh oh, looks like someone has a case of the Mondays!
Photo by Dad.


Now playing: the remake of the Steven Seagal classic, "Hard to Pill" Showtimes every 12 hours, live from the futon. Starring Garebear. #notforthefaintofheart (this photo is from today)


What's even more hilarious than today's funny pages is your hair. #chucklehead #gustopher



So... My girl's got the cold. I've suspected it for a couple of days. Teary eyes and sneezing that got a little more prominent today. The good news is that her behavior is hardly affected. She's sleeping a bit more and she's more willing to be touched than normal. I'm not entirely sure why it hit Gary so hard, but I think it's just a cold and since Gary already had herpes that additional flare up compounded the problem. Gus got over his cold in four days and there's really no trace of herpes in his eyes... He wasn't even treated. I sincerely hope she's over this soon and I suspect she will be. Of course, she will go to the vet if I feel she needs to.


Gary's had quite a few milestones in the last 24 hours, including multiple assaults on shrubberies, frogging, jumping on the patio rail, meowing and purring. #whydoesgaryhateshrubberies #americancarnage #bringmeashrubbery


Cutest little dirtbag ever. (Gary gave me purrs today. Life is good.) #fringsfridayfreakshow #thisisnotgary #notethemullet


That time I was hanging with my man Paddy O'Furniture. #flashbackfriday #happystpaddys


I know he looks rough, but today we had a lot of "first time in a week" events. He came outside and took a long drink out of his margarita glass. He accosted a shrub. He got in a box. He ate without me having to hand feed him. He still has a ways to go but I'm confident he'll be back to himself within a few days. I can't wait to hear that purr again. #creepyrockiswatching


#throwbackthursday to Gary giving zero effs that you lost your browser toolbar and can't figure out how to get it back. #catliketypingdetected



Gus takes two heart meds twice a day, every 12 hours. One of them requires that his stomach is empty for absorption purposes. So he can take the pills two hours after meals or 1 hour before. This means he can't eat for three solid hours after dinner. So from about 6:30 to 8 pm every night he's hounding me for a snack. Chasing me, jumping on my back. I have to hide from him for the last half hour, and he will take a nap. So here's the lead up to tonight's snack.
(Gary is feeling better every day. I hope tomorrow he'll be ready for pictures. He still looks a bit rough.)


Gingeception. #agingewithinaginge


Gus dug deep to get you the Gary report, so read on. (Photo by Dad) Gary is definitely feeling better, but not ready for prime time yet. He ate a lot better today, and enjoyed some brushing and lots of love from both mom and dad. He's had the humidifier on since I got it yesterday and his sneezing seems to have lessened. I've been cleaning his nose with saline and he's breathing through his nose more than he has been lately. I'm hoping he has an even better day tomorrow. We need our boy back to normal and it looks like we're making some progress.


Margo couldn't let the opportunity to smirk at the Northeast pass. #Stellllaaaa #polarvortexmyass


#thisisnotgary, this is Gus comforting me while I'm comforting Gary. I had to take Gary to the vet again today because I was worried about his lack of progress. We added a second antibiotic, he got more fluids, he got his nose cleaned, and thankfully his lungs sound great. He gave me a few glimpses today after the vet that he's getting better. I got a humidifier and he's sleeping comfortably on our bed with it chugging away after a long day. While I'm still worried, I think the new med combo will get him feeling better very soon. (P.S. - Gus is still as fabulous as a Gay Pride parade.)


I've spent most of the weekend worried sick about Gary, after two weeks of being worried sick about Gus. I am very encouraged about this evening, though. He ate really good and is getting some much needed real sleep that's not being interrupted by too much sneezing. I hope tomorrow will be a good day. Just wanted to say thanks again to all of you... The last two weeks would have been much tougher without you guys. (Let me also add that Gus is doing fantastic)


Gus, it's 8:30 but it's really 7:30. #notthisshitagain #daylightsavings #mindblown


I had to take Gary to the vet today. He was and still kind of is utterly miserable. He's being treated for an upper respiratory infection, and he got some fluids. When he has a sneezing fit, he drools excessively and kind of freaks out and runs and hides. He's never been sick a day in his life besides minor kitten stuff, and he's not taking it well. I hope the antibiotic will have him feeling better very soon. When I brought him home, Hank sniffed him with his tail up and that was it. Because a mother effer better know better. #gare🐻


Gus got a sink all to himself yesterday, so I guess that's good. #stoked (If you missed the results of his vet visit, please see my last post.)


Thank you to Doctors Maureen, Randy and Molly of UC Davis Veterinary Teaching Hospital for taking such good care of Gus! His tests today showed the the fluid in his lungs is gone, his heart is beating from the correct chamber, and the inflammation is mostly resolved. There is still a "plump" part of his heart. That may still be because of what he went through. The next step will be a recheck in one month, and he will be fitted for a Holter monitor which will record his heartbeat for 24 hours to get a good read on what if any arrhythmias are happening during the day so we can determine if he needs more than just medication for the rest of his life. It will also be effing adorable. If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them. Last but not least, thank you all for your donations that made this possible and brought him home to us. (The Hank experiment was a failure. I put Hank in the bathroom with food and water before I got Gus's carrier out. I took Gus and my husband let Hank out. I called before we got home to put him back in there. I brought Gus in without the carrier, took him outside and he wormed all over the patio. Brought him in so he could poke around and realize he was home. Let Hank out and he immediately found him and hissed at him. #whompwhomp)