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Swedish guy traveling California and beyond. Thanks for checking out my work! @sonyalpha ✉️:hi@nilssonoscar.com


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if you were born with
the weakness to fall
you were born with
the strength to rise - rupi kaur

model @mikaela.alice


Took this photo this weekend after way too much whiskey and way too many s’mores. Good times in Big Sur as always.

Shot on @sonyalpha A7Riii at 20mm f/1.4 1.6s #alphacollective


Try think of something cuter than a puppy yawn 💤 I’ll wait.

This is Dodo @lumadeline



This is Stefan, he is going to die. So am I. So are you. And that’s okay.

@stefan_hunt is an amazing person I had the pleasure of hanging out with at @yeahfieldtrip this past week. If you have a moment you should check him out, and listen to why knowing that death is approaching can be a pretty sweet thing.

Shot with @sonyalpha A7Riii at 1/2,500 f/1.1 #alphacollective


Catch you on the flip side



I grew up by the ocean back in Sweden and the coastline has always represented an escape to me. The great untamed waters out there know no borders and always remind me of the connection to other countries and their diverse cultures.
This image represents No Nationality to me #nn07 @nonationality07 #ad


Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Shot with @sonyalpha A7Rii/20mm at f/3.5 1/640s #alphacollective


Teaching a workshop at @apple this Saturday at 3pm. Come out and play, sign up for free with the link in my bio #todayatapple



Exploring cute cabins and staying 🔥 in the ❄️ with @expressmen #expresslife Link in bio #expresspartner


Hey Carly,
You know I love you and all, but about that new engine you're getting right now 💸 and #throwback to that new transmission two weeks ago 💸 and all the fancy interior stuffs 💸 and your oil leaks 💸 and... whatever, I still love you.

Photo by @peteramend


This little floofball is turning four today, and it also happens to be my fifth anniversary in San Francisco. Yay for us 🎉



Lone wolf no more. Join our pack at @yeahfieldtrip this year 🐾🐾


Sunset swim in the caribbean

Shot on @sonyalpha A9 with the 24-70 GM #alphacollective


Roads of 2017 - swipe right and follow along some of the roads I've travelled this year.

I've also created a collection for phone wallpapers for you to use! Check my story or profile 👌 Happy New Years friends, cheers to new adventures 🚌💨



New Year's resolution: spend more nights on the road 🏜️ Who's with me?

Photo by @jessetalavera


Tulum dreamin'


Merry Christmas friends! Has anyone heard a bark from under the tree? 🎄



Ship ahoy!


It's @quoiatheaussie's 2nd birthday today! Best puppy cuddles in the world. Trust me, I would know 🐾


Catching some of the last golden light of the year with @expressmen ✨ #ExpressWhatYouWant (Link in bio) #expresspartner


Find the color, even in the dullest of days.


There is light and beauty up there that no shadow can touch.

Guess what movie that quote is from?

#reddressseries💃 with @heykelseyj


Lone traveler in California's golden hills


Everyone knows that no hike is complete without being accompanied by dogs 🐾 Feeling like a champ in my @champion tee (available on their site) #ChampionHeritage #ChampionUSA

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Photo by @johnrandolphhh


Can't wait for next year's desert spring bloom, one of my favorite events of the year (after National Ice Cream day)


From a day when the days were longer and the sand was warmer

Shot on @sonyalpha A7Rii with the 70-200 4.0 #alphacollective


Excited to announce that @theartrangers officially is live. I've gotten so much inspiration and joy from the national parks and we've created this platform for artists to give back to the parks using their art. Feel free to donate a print, purchase one by someone else, or help us spread the word #theartrangers. Thanks @goparks for supporting us in this mission and putting the money to best use.


Colder temperatures is no excuse not to go on evening adventures through the holidays! Staying warm through the chilly nights with @expressmen 🔥 Check the link in bio #expressyourgift #expresspartner


Had an amazing weekend with some badass people up in Tomales. We made cheese and played with baby goats 😱 Thanks @allbirds & @outdoorvoices for making it happen #jogwalkersclub