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Swedish guy traveling California and beyond. Thanks for checking out my work! @sonyalpha ✉️:[email protected]


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I've found my favorite way of getting around the city 💨 Cruising around with style in my stretchy #ExpressJeans 👌 Shop @expressmen with the link in my bio #ExpressPartner


That feeling when you're not the tallest person at the festival... Tag someone who can relate #outsidelands


Above the clouds is where I want to be ☁️


Such a fun Saturday with good people, golden light, cute puppies, delicious burgers & maaaaybe a milkshake. @adrienney


Driving off the beaten path often lead to the best views, and how do you better do that than with an @Audi allroad. Get yours delivered anywhere in SF with the @audi_ondemand app. #AudiPartner #Audiondemand


Beach strolls with the man @zeekyan


A man and his dog 🐾


Who's in your adventure squad? 👯👯‍♂️


I will never get tired of cruising through the golden hills of this magical place 🌾 Even better doing it this weekend with my #Audiondemand rental. Get 20% off your own from the @audi_ondemand app with code OSCAR20. Available in San Francisco #AudiPartner

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Question! It is basically impossible for me to carry stuff in multiple rounds, whether it's groceries, laundry, suitcases, etc. Is this normal? I literally would rather spend 30 min walking up the stairs with 13 bags and dropping half of it than split it up into two comfortable rounds 🤷‍♂️ @sonyalpha


By the edge of the world 🌊 @listyyloo


Will you get mad if I post another puppy photo? ...oops, too late 🐾 @sonyalpha


Cruising up the coast in style with @msvizzero


If Joffrey was any more inbred he'd be a hot dog 🌭 Who's watching #GameOfThrones tonight? Also, yes, dad jokes are the only ones I know 🤷‍♂️


Hues of the Caribbean 🎨


I just wish someone would look at me like @quoiatheaussie looks at @jessetalavera


As the sun goes down among the fields of gold #WHPmultiply


Anyone read the book "Into the Cave" by Hugo First?


New profile photo from last week's shoot for @expressmen. Stoked to take on the foggy San Francisco summer now ☁️ P.S. Check the link in my bio #expresslife #expresspartner


Happy 4th 🗽


Road tripping around Oregon over the weekend and love it more and more every time I'm up here 🌲 Here's a photo of the last golden light over Yosemite, another place I love ✨


Cruising into the long weekend like


One of the highlights from BVI was to dive the RMS Rhone shipwreck, here's a photo of some #alphacollective members during our ascend. Have you ever been diving? 💦
Shot on @sonyalpha RX100V with underwater housing


Summers in SF don't always equal sunshine but I'm not mad about it, I can still rock my summer look from @expressmen while exploring the city 🤙 Check the link in my bio for more #expresslife #expresspartner


First Milky Way shot in a little while. Me and @shortstache had about 10 minutes down on the beach before the clouds completely ate the sky up (and the mosquitos completely ate me up 🤷‍♂️). Shot on @sonyalpha A9, 10sec with 35mm 1.4 #AICdoesBVI


Currently on the plane back from the British Virgin Islands and one of the most badass trips I've been on lately. Huge thanks to @sonyalpha for organizing and bringing so many talented and creative people together. I'll be posting photos from this trip for a while 💃 #AICdoesBVI


Into the turquoise depths with @shortstache. Having such an amazing time here in BVI, it truly is beautiful out here @sonyalpha #AICdoesBVI


The sky literally blew up tonight, not too shabby for day #1 BVI. Having a blast with the @sonyalpha team at #AICdoesBVI

P.S. How majestic is @asenseofhuber!? 😱


Getting up in a couple of hours to fly out to British Virgin Islands with @sonyalpha and some amazing photographers. Follow along through #AICdoesBVI


From a golden sunrise over San Francisco ☀️ Having a bike from the 60's is a lot of fun, but also takes a lot of work 😅 @biltwell has been a lifesaver

Thanks @garrettroth for the snap