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Have you guys finished reading Foolish Hearts yet?
💖 We’ve been reading it together in the Official OwlCrate Book Club on Facebook this past month. If you’re an OwlCrate member, be sure to join the group! It’s a great way to meet new bookworms, have fun discussions and read your OwlCrate books!
💖 Korrina and Cori are also planning on doing a Facebook Live in the group on Friday January 26th at 1:00PM PST/4:00PM EST to discuss this awesome book. You’ve still got a few days to read the book if you haven’t already!
💖 Want to get your hands on this exclusive edition? We have individual copies for sale at shop.owlcrate.com while supplies last!
💖 Photo by @jenniferwindram
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This weekend has been a whirlwind of fun! First @harrypotteruniversal, then @beaulitfulcon and finally @disneyland! We are exhausted and happy.
🌟 We’ve also been loving all of your January unboxings!! Thank you for the amazing support and feedback.
🌟 And remember, if you’re already an active member you don’t need to sign up again to receive the February box. Just make sure your payment info is up to date so your renewal goes through!
🌟 Hoping to join OwlCrate? Make sure you join our wait list! When more February spots open up we’ll begin inviting people on the wait list to join.
🌟 Love you guys!! Hope you had a great weekend too!
🌟 Photo by @darkfaerietales_
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Sorry things have been a bit quiet here...we’ve been having a blast in LA for @beaulitfulcon!
⚡️ Yesterday we had so much fun at Universal Studios! There were meet ups and we rode on so many exciting rides. And obviously the Harry Potter Park was the stuff of dreams!
⚡️ Today @beaulitfulcon officially starts and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve already met so many wonderful bookworms. Can’t wait to see what the day has in store!
⚡️ All of the January boxes have now shipped, and tracking emails have been sent. Make sure to check your junk folder just in case the notification got stuck in there! The response to this month’s box has already been so positive. Thank you guys!
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Another big batch of January boxes are on their way!!
❤️ More boxes will be shipping out tomorrow as well! And everyone should have tracking numbers in their emails by Saturday.
❤️ If you have any questions about your shipment/account please email support@owlcrate.com.
❤️ We can’t wait for you guys to receive these boxes!! The anticipation is killing us! We hope you love them.
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The first big batch of January boxes have shipped!! Yahoo!
💖 We will continue to ship in batches over the next few days. Please be patient while waiting for your tracking number, as they are also sent in batches. Everyone should have their tracking email by Saturday the 20th!
💖 If you have any questions about your shipment/account please email us at support@owlcrate.com! Please do not DM as we may miss your message.
💖 We can’t wait to see everyone’s reactions to this month’s box! Make sure to tag your unboxing photos/videos/stories with #owlcrate so we can see them! Thanks everyone!
💖 Photo by @chiaraschreave
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Hey guys! We tested out Facebook Live earlier today and it went really well! Everyone who joined us asked such interesting and thoughtful questions, and it was a complete blast!
💜 You can still watch the video by visiting our Facebook page (facebook.com/OwlCrate) if you wanna see what we talked about! There was wonderful discussion about curating boxes, how the exclusive covers are created, how we organize our bookshelves and so much more!
💜 We’re planning on using Facebook and Instagram Live a lot more in the future because we really love the idea of being able to connect with you guys more.
💜 What types of Live videos would you guys like to see? We’d love to hear some suggestions!
💜 Photo by @libraryoflexi
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It’s finally time to announce our theme for the upcoming February box...HIDDEN WORLDS!
🍄 The February box is inspired by stories that feature characters stumbling upon secret magical lands!
🍄 Our book pick is a very highly anticipated story about a girl who has to venture deep into a sinister land of fairy tales in an effort to rescue her mother. It’s deliciously dark and twisted! We will be including a special exclusive OwlCrate edition of the book which will be signed by the author!
🍄 We have packed this box absolutely FULL of some of the biggest high quality items we’ve ever included. Every single item was 100% exclusively made just for this box!
🍄 Items will be inspired by stories such as The Chronicles of Narnia, Coraline, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Alice in Wonderland and more!
🍄 Already an active OwlCrate subscriber? Your spot is safe and your account will automatically renew on February 1st. Just make sure your payment info is up to date so you have a smooth renewal!
🍄 If you’re hoping to join OwlCrate, please join the wait list at owlcrate.com. When spots open up for February, we will be contacting people on the wait list first before offering any spots to the general public. We highly advise joining the wait list if you’re interested in ordering.
🍄We are working hard on increasing numbers for future boxes, but spots will be very limited for at least February and March. Thank you for your patience as we continue to grow! Hopefully by April we’ll have enough spots for everyone to join!
🍄 We hope you’re as excited about this box as we are! We’re so proud of how it came together and can’t wait to see your reactions!
🍄 Graphic by @heyatlascreative
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Happy Sunday everyone!
☕️ What are you guys up to today? What are you currently reading?
📚 I’m spending the day cuddled up in bed. I just finished reading My Plain Jane. It’s a reimagining of the story of Jane Eyre. I loved the direction the authors took with this...it felt like a classic Ghostbusters! Very fun indeed.
☕️ Now I’m about to start reading Sea Witch by Sarah Henning which is an origin story for the sea witch (Ursula) from The Little Mermaid! Such a cool concept...I hope I love it!
📚 Whatever you’re up to today, I hope you’re having a lovely day! We have some fun things planned for this upcoming week (such as attending @beaulitfulcon) so be sure to check out our Stories. We’ll be posting lots on there!
☕️ Photo by @cfeecup
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Attention! We now have individual copies of the OwlCrate exclusive edition of Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills in our shop!!
📚 When you purchase a copy from our shop, you will receive the OwlCrate edition. It comes with a letter and signed bookplate from the author, as well as an adorable patch!
📚 Our edition also features a really gorgeous design underneath the dust jacket too!
📚 We absolutely loved this funny, heartwarming and addictive book all about unlikely friendship and theater. Many of our subscribers have told us that they devoured it in one sitting. Even people who don’t normally enjoy contemporary are giving it a lot of praise. We highly recommend it!
📚 Copies are available at shop.owlcrate.com while supplies last. Once we run out we won’t be able to print more, so order while you can!
📚 Photos by @wordsave, @paperfury and @skyhazzard
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Time to announce the winners of our December box photo challenge! Thank you to everyone who participated this month. And here are the lucky winners...
💜 OWLCRATE UNBOXING: @drinkbooksreadtea
💜 TOTE BAG & BOOKSTORE: @literarynook
💜 PLANNER & 2018 TBR: @magi.cas
💜 ORNAMENT HANGING UP: @reign_of_books
💜 FOOLISH HEARTS & SPIRALS: @pietromooseimoff
💜 OWLCRATE BOX & COZY VIBES: @heatherfulreads
❤️ Please email support@owlcrate.com and we'll make sure you receive a free OwlCrate box! Please mention your username in your email!
❤️ As a reminder, all winners are chosen completely at random, in an effort to be as fair as possible.
❤️ We are already looking forward to next month's challenge! Check out the little magazine booklet in your January box (shipping soon) for a first peek at the prompts for next month!
❤️ Check out our Facebook page to see the winners that were chosen there as well!
❤️ This challenge is in no way endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with Instagram.
❤️ Challenge graphic designed by @eviebookish
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Today is the final day of our December box photo challenge! Today’s prompt is OWLCRATE BOX & COZY VIBES!
✨Share a photo of your OwlCrate box, and show us how you like to feel cozy!
✨ Go check the list of prompts and get creative with your OwlCrate goodies!! Remember to share them with the tag #octheday for a chance to win a free box!
✨ Don't forget to enter on our Facebook page too and double your chances of winning!
✨ Photo by @lattes.and.literature
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Time for a sneak peek of our January box! Every box will include an exclusive handmade item from @authoredadornments!
❤️ The bookmark in this photo was an item Authored Adornments created for us back in November 2016. You guys absolutely loved these bookmarks and we know you’re going to love the brand new item she’s made for the January box!
❤️ The item you’ll be receiving is a brand new creation for their shop, and is inspired by a classic Grimm’s fairy tale. It’s so beautiful and we can’t wait for you to see it!
❤️ As a reminder, the January box is completely sold out. We wanted to share this sneak peek because subscribers were very excited.
❤️ If you would like to be notified if/when spots open up for the upcoming February box, please join our wait list. Link in bio!
❤️ January boxes will be shipping between the 17th-20th. Hope you guys are excited!!!
❤️ Photo by @eviebookish
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Today is day six of our December box photo challenge! Today’s prompt is FOOLISH HEARTS & SPIRALS!
✨Share a photo of your special exclusive edition of Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills, and include spirals in the photo in some way.
✨ We have individual copies of this beautiful book for sale at shop.owlcrate.com while supplies last!
✨ Go check the list of prompts and get creative with your OwlCrate goodies!! Remember to share them with the tag #octheday for a chance to win a free box!
✨ Don't forget to enter on our Facebook page too and double your chances of winning!
✨ Photo by @lattes.and.literature
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Official update time! All extra spots for January have now been filled. Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in this month’s box! They’ll be shipping around January 17-20th.
💜 We’re sorry to everyone who couldn’t get this box. We have limited numbers every month and unfortunately can’t build more boxes on short notice, even if we wish we could.
💜 We contacted people on the wait list in small batches, in order of when they first joined the wait list. We thought this was the most fair way to do things. Everyone who was on the wait list and didn’t get to order the box will get first dibs if new spots open for February.
💜 We will be working to increase our numbers in the coming months so more bookworms have the chance to sign up.
💜 We will be sharing a sneak peek for the January box tomorrow!
💜 We will be announcing February’s theme on January 15th. If you want to be notified if more spots open for February, make sure to add your email to our wait list! We will always contact people on the wait list before opening any spots to the general public. Trust me you guys, you’re going to be excited for February so don’t sleep on it!
💜 Thank you all so much for your patience and support while we’ve been selling out so often. We really appreciate your excitement!!
💜 Graphic by @heyatlascreative
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Today is day five of our December box photo challenge! Today’s prompt is ORNAMENT HANGING UP!
✨Share a photo of your exclusive wooden ornament from @juniperandivydesigns hanging up (on your tree or elsewhere!). This ornament was inspired by Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. Would you guys like us to make ornaments a yearly tradition?
✨ Go check the list of prompts and get creative with your OwlCrate goodies!! Remember to share them with the tag #octheday for a chance to win a free box!
✨ Don't forget to enter on our Facebook page too and double your chances of winning!
✨ Photo by @berrybookpages
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Today is day four of our December box photo challenge! Today’s prompt is PLANNER & 2018 TBR!
✨Share a photo of your exclusive OwlCrate planner, with some of the books you really want to read this year! This fun planner was created in collaboration with @bluestarpress. I was able to have creative input on the design of every page, and I’m so thrilled with how they turned out! There’s monthly calendars, weekly plans, reading logs, a place to write your favourite books, to do lists and more! I hope you guys enjoyed it and that it inspires you and helps you achieve your goals this year!
✨ Go check the list of prompts and get creative with your OwlCrate goodies!! Remember to share them with the tag #octheday for a chance to win a free box!
✨ Don't forget to enter on our Facebook page too and double your chances of winning!
✨ Photo by @booksnfeatherz, @library.della.anima, @imagine.books and @cfeecup
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Time to announce the winners of our recent rep search!!
📚 Drum roll please! 🥁🥁🥁 The people joining our rep team this round are...
🏆 @thebookorder
🏆 @berrybookpages
🏆 @bookisglee
🏆 @cantstop.wontstop.reading
🏆 @iammissmistake
🏆 @virgithebookdragon
📚 Congratulations!! If you were selected please email me directly at korrina@owlcrate.com so I can give you more info about being a rep, and we can sort out all the details. Please mention your username in the email! Please do not DM me, as your message may accidentally be missed.
📚 Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who applied this round! I spent a lot of time going through every entry, and I absolutely loved reading your submissions. It’s always incredibly difficult to select reps. I know how hard it can be to put yourself out there and apply for things, and I’m sorry I can’t pick you all!
📚 I know this was a smaller search than usual. Hopefully as we continue to grow in 2018 we’ll be able to bring on more reps. We’ll be hosting another rep search in three months, so please consider applying again!
📚 Please give these 6 new reps a big round of applause and a warm welcome! Be sure to follow them for discounts, to see their thoughts on OwlCrate boxes, and simply to see their beautiful photos!!
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Today is day three of our December box photo challenge! Today’s prompt is CANDLE & INSPIRING BOOKS!
✨Share a photo of your gorgeous exclusive candle from @novellyyours with some books that really inspire you! Fiction, non-fiction, picture books, poetry...whatever! This candle was inspired by The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord (one of Korrina’s fav books of 2017). It smells like apple cider, cinnamon and a hint of magic. Novelly Yours made each of these candles by hand and we love the glitter she added!
✨ Go check the list of prompts and get creative with your OwlCrate goodies!! Remember to share them with the tag #octheday for a chance to win a free box!
✨ Don't forget to enter on our Facebook page too and double your chances of winning!
✨ Photo by @robbyreads
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Today is day two of our December box photo challenge! Today’s prompt is TOTE BAG & BOOKSTORE!
✨ Take your awesome tote bag on an adventure to your local bookstore! This tote bag was designed by @bookwormboutique. It was made exclusively for this box, and we LOVE how they turned out. They have long handles and are made with strong cotton, so that you can really pack them full of books!
✨ Don’t have access to a bookstore? You can alternatively share a photo in front of your bookshelf.
✨ Go check the list of prompts and get creative with your OwlCrate goodies!! Remember to share them with the tag #octheday for a chance to win a free box!
✨ Don't forget to enter on our Facebook page too and double your chances of winning!
✨ Photos by @theandreeadaniela and @theanimagusblack
✨ #owlcrate #subscriptionbox #bookstagram #yalovin #harrypotter #bookwormboutique #bookish #photochallenge #bookstore


Are you participating in this month's photo challenge? In case you missed it, we posted the prompts yesterday! The first prompt was OwlCrate unboxing, and I wanted to share this gorgeous photo by @demislibrary!
✨ The December box contained a Harry Potter inspired tote bag designed by @bookwormboutique, a Dreaming Tree candle from @novellyyours, a Percy Jackson magnet designed by @inkandwonder.designs, a double-sided bookmark with quotes from The Serpent King and The Perks of Being a Wallflower designed by @littleinklingsdesign, a gorgeous wooden ornament inspired by Everything Everything and created by @juniperandivydesigns, a custom weekly planner designed in collaboration between OwlCrate and @bluestarpress, a collectible monthly postcard and pin illustrated by @spykles, mini magazine booklet, and promotional Kasie West bookmark from @ireadya. And our book pick this month was Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills! We sent out a gorgeous exclusive edition which came with a letter and signed bookplate from Emma, as well as a cool patch! Once again, every single item in this box was made exclusively for OwlCrate members!
✨ Go check the list of prompts and get creative with your OwlCrate goodies!! Remember to share them with the tag #octheday for a chance to win a free box!
✨ Don't forget to enter on our Facebook page too and double your chances of winning!
✨ #owlcrate #subscriptionbox #bookstagram #yalovin #foolishhearts #emmamills #fiercereads #photochallenge


It’s time to share the prompts for this month’s photo challenge! Grab your December boxes and get ready for some fun! The challenge officially begins tomorrow!
❄️ JAN 5: OWLCRATE UNBOXING: Share a photo of all the goodies you received in your December Seize the Day box!
❄️ JAN 6: TOTE BAG & BOOKSTORE: Take us on a trip to your local bookstore, and don’t forget your awesome tote bag (designed by @bookwormboutique)! If you don’t have a bookstore near you, feel free to take a photo in front of your bookshelf instead.
❄️ JAN 7: CANDLE & INSPIRING BOOKS: Share a photo of your exclusive candle from @novellyyours as well as some books that you find really motivational/inspiring!
❄️ JAN 8: PLANNER & 2018 TBR: Show us some of the books you really want to read this year! And make sure to include your exclusive custom planner created in collaboration with @bluestarpress!
❄️ JAN 9: ORNAMENT HANGING UP: Share a photo of your beautiful Everything Everything ornament (made by @juniperandivydesigns) hanging up, either on your Christmas tree or elsewhere!
❄️ JAN 10: FOOLISH HEARTS & SPIRALS: Take a photo of your exclusive edition of Foolish Hearts, and use spirals for inspiration!
❄️ JAN 11: OWLCRATE BOX & COZY VIBES: Show us how you like to get cozy! And include your OwlCrate box in the photo too!
❤️ We will be selecting a winner at random for each prompt, and they will win a free OwlCrate box. Make sure you use the hashtag #OCTheDay so that we can see your entries!
❤️ We will also be hosting this on our Facebook page. Follow us and participate there for an extra chance to win! Yes, this means that there will be 14 winners in total!
❤️ Accounts must be public to be eligible to win prizes.
❤️ You don't need to post each day of the challenge, but you do need to post your entries by the end of the final day (Jan 11).
❤️ Already posted a photo that would work for a prompt? Simply go back and add the hashtag!
❤️ We hope you guys have fun with these prompts! We can't wait to see all your amazing photos!
❤️ Graphic designed by @eviebookish
❤️ #owlcrate #subscriptionbox #bookstagram #photochallenge


Do you guys like looking at books without the dust jacket on? Personally, I am a total sucker for a pretty spine, or any time there’s a special detail under the dust jacket.
❤️ Here are a few fun spines from books we sent out last year. Lovely!
❤️ Photo by @cherryblossomreads
❤️ #owlcrate #bookspines #bookstagram #subscriptionbox #bookhaul #booklovers


What an awesome photo of all the books we sent out in 2017!!
📚 Which book was your favourite? We’re so curious to know!
📚 Ooo we can’t wait to show you what books we’ve picked so far for this year. All we can say is they are EPIC! We definitely think you’ll love every single one!
📚 Photo by @bookboxsherlocks
📚 #owlcrate #subscriptionbox #bookstagram #bookmail #booksof2017 #bookhaul


We hope 2018 has gotten off to a good start for each of you!
💖 We included these beautiful, exclusive and custom planners in our December boxes. We hope that they help make 2018 your best year yet!
💖 We created these planners in collaboration with our friends at @bluestarpress. We helped give input on the design of every single page. Working with Blue Star on this special item was so much fun!
💖 The planner features places to write down your favourite books, write mini reviews, keep TBR lists and more. Each monthly calendar features quotes from previous OwlCrate books! And what’s even better? You can start using this planner at any time during the year, because you get to pencil in the dates.
💖 We hope you guys enjoyed this awesome item! We’ve already seen a lot of you using it, which makes us so dang happy.
💖 Photos by @paperfury and @lasrtaou
💖 #owlcrate #subscriptionbox #bookstagram #planneraddict #bookmail #bluestarpress


This is what an entire year of OwlCrate looks like! 😍
📚 This photo contains every item we sent out in 2017. Isn’t it beautiful??
📚 How many boxes did you receive during 2017? What was your absolute favourite item of the year? Please let us know!
📚 Incredible photo by our amazing rep @prettygeekery. If you’re not following her already, you’re really missing out!
📚 #owlcrate #subscriptionbox #bookmail #bookstagram #booklover #bookhaul #epicreads


Happy 2018!! Since today is January 1st, it is renewal day for many of our subscribers!
💜 If you experience a failed renewal, we ask that you fix your payment method by January 3rd to help secure your spot. If you wait longer than that you risk losing your spot for January’s Fearsome Fairy Tales Box.
💜 If you have any questions about your renewal or account, please email support@owlcrate.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!
💜 After we’ve given current subscribers a few days to get their accounts in order, if we have any boxes left over we will be offering them to people on our wait list. To add your email to the list, click the link in our bio!
💜 Thanks everyone! I hope the first day of the new year is a great one for each of you!
💜 Photo by @alice_stormborn 💜 #owlcrate #subscriptionbox #bookstagram #bookmail #booklover


Thank you for an incredible year! 2017 brought so many fun themes, books, goodies, exclusive items, special editions and more. I’m so proud of our boxes this year, and I’m so happy you guys liked them too!
💜 This year we also launched @owlcratejr, our box for middle-grade readers! The response has been amazing, and it continues to grow. Thank you for supporting this new project!
💜 Throughout the year we partnered with over 80 small businesses and artists!! Supporting small businesses has always been incredibly important to us, and we look forward to working with many more awesome shops next year!
💜 You guys also supported our efforts to donate towards relief in Puerto Rico. Together we managed to donate nearly $2300!
💜 We also traveled to LA for @yallwest and to NY for @bookexpo and @thebookcon, where we had the chance to meet thousands of booknerds and OwlCrate members in person!
💜 We also were given the opportunity to visit the offices of @harpercollinsca and @hccfrenzy. It was so much fun meeting the team there in person!
💜 At the start of 2017 we officially brought on full-time staff, and built our team. Because of them we started a YouTube channel, OwlCrate Jr, our Book Club on Facebook, OwlBabble chats, faster customer service and more. A big shout out to @owlcratejr, @yeahcori and @novel.nails!
💜 2017 was a very difficult year for me personally, as my best friend passed away. I’m so grateful to the OwlCrate community for being there for me, whether you guys knew it or not. Being able to throw my whole heart into work that I’m passionate about helped me get through the hardest time in my life. I can’t express how much OwlCrate and its members mean to me. Thank you! I will continue to work hard for you, and make our boxes the best that they can be!
💜 I know 2018 is going to be huge!! We have so many cool things planned, beginning with sending out signed books! We’ve secured signed books from January-June, and I’m so excited to reveal the books we’ve selected. They’re all so amazing!!
💜 From all of us here at OwlCrate, we wish you a Happy New Year! Thanks for being awesome!
💜 Photo by @demmi_writist.
💜 #owlcrate #subscriptionbox #bookstagram


Happy New Years Eve! It's time for our next rep search!! We're going to choose FIVE people with bookstagram accounts to join our rep team for the months of January, February and March. If you are selected we will send you an OwlCrate for free each month and you'll have to post at least three times about each box you received (one complete unboxing, and two other posts about the items). You must also be willing to mention an exclusive coupon code for your followers that they can use to sign up for OwlCrate. You must also state in your profile that you are an OwlCrate rep. Selection for reps is NOT based on how many followers you have. What are we looking for? Creative, unique bookish photos, and how well you interact with your followers. Please read the following carefully - How to enter:
❤️ Must be following @owlcrate.
❤️ Find up to 5 recent photos in your account that you're proud of and create a collage with them. There are lots of apps out there you can use to make the collage (one I use is PhotoCollage). Post the collage and tag it with #OwlCrateRep0118 so we can see them. It is very important you use this hashtag. Photos must be in a collage format to be considered.
❤️ In the caption of your post please tell us a bit about yourself and why you would like to become a rep for OwlCrate.
❤️ Open internationally (excluding Mexico and Peru - sorry!).
❤️ Anyone can enter. Even if we've sent you a box to review in the past, you can still enter. If you're a current subscriber you're also allowed to enter (If you are chosen we'll credit you for any boxes you've already paid for). If you've been a past rep, you can apply again. Anyone can enter!
❤️ Accounts must be public.
❤️ Must be 18 years of age or have parental permission.
❤️ Entries will be accepted until the end of the day on January 6th, 2018. We will then announce our selection after we've had time to go through all of the entries.
❤️ Good luck to everyone and a huge thank you to everyone who tries out! Can't wait to see your submissions!
❤️ Original photo by @darkfaerietales_
❤️ #OwlCrate #subscriptionbox #bookstagram #bookmail #bookbox #booklover


One of the things we were most proud of in 2017 was being able to include exclusive editions of the books we select! Beginning in May this year, every book was an OwlCrate exclusive hardcover edition.
📚 Swipe through to see all of the unique editions we sent out this year. Be warned - our December book is included in this photo set.
📚 Which cover was your favourite this year? Let us know!
📚 It’s been a lot of fun to work alongside publishers to create these special editions for our subscribers. And just wait...there’s so many exciting things coming in 2018!
📚 Photos are tagged by the original creators!
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This is another epic exclusive item we sent out this year...a beautiful book sleeve from @bookbeau!
🦄 We had received hundreds of requests over the years to work with Book Beau. We are still over the moon that we had the opportunity to include these book sleeves in our September Mythical Creatures boxes!
🦄 Benita at Book Beau found the perfect fabric for our sleeves. It features a lovely mermaid and unicorn! 🦄 The size of sleeve we included is perfect for paperback books, as well as some small hardcovers. Book Beau does offer larger sizes too, so be sure to check out their shop.
🦄 Photo by @babybibliophile
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