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Je suis fou, mais je suis libre @lanadelrey



Are you following the current Facebook-Cambridge Analytica revelations? It's the best
latest political Rorschach test: it shows not only how a data company (Cambridge Analytica) harvested millions of Facebook profiles and used it for psychological warfare (helping to get Trump to power; producing Brexit), but the power structures behind it - from Steve Bannon to hedge-fund billionaire Rebekah Mercer. Imagine a world where everything you do in your online life, your dreams and desires, are not only harvested by the Surveillance Valley, but used for what Noam Chomsky called "manufacturing consent", not only to decide elections but to program and reprogram human behavior, to program our very dreams and desires.
We need a multi-level trans-national resistance movement, across borders and disciplines, from artists to whistleblowers, from community organizers to hackers, from psychologists to actors, from kids to adults, a multitude of different experiences and histories from all over the world, which would enable a collective and effective resistance to the ultimate (digital) robbery of our dreams and desires.
We do not have this sort of global movement yet but DiEM25 is making a great effort in Europe,
Bernie Sanders is trying in the US,
Corbyn in the UK -
Thé courageous Marielle Franco tried in Brazil before being killed,
Assange is still in the Ecudaorian Embassy -and now
the boss of CIA
became someone
notorious for torture...



@elle_russia « My foundation is very active.
Even in small doses. I prefer to be involved with the warriors risking their lives. My hero’s like @seashepherd and @peta
And refugees @helprefugeesuk and truth tellers #couragefiundation
Everything I learn.
I apply to my life and to my foundation.
My very smart friends and I-
have a very interesting project that will be primarily funded by artists,
since it may be a little radical.
It’s called Activist Tenure. (#activisttenure based on academic tenure)
I want to support career activists
and invest in them. Invest in people that are intelligent and are genuinely engaged in helping the world be a better place. I think it’s brilliant.
This foundation would cover conservative living expenses. , encourage brave and positive minds and ensure that more vital issues can be addressed.- to give salaries to career activists.
Who will be activists in the world no matter what - there is so much to do. We need an army of Love and healthy imaginative minds. I just want to make sure they have food on the table and their families are protected.
While they do the selfless, difficult
and sometimes dangerous work - «


@elle_russia « I have had multiple meetings at the Kremlin - and felt very heard and respected. Minister Serguei Ivanov and Minister Sergei Donskoy have been very receptive and now more aggressive
To stop the illegal capture of whales in Vladivostok that are then sold to Aquariums.
President Putin has already fulfilled his promise to put a stop to the importation of seal products.
Russia represented 95% of the market, they alone should have ended the barbaric seal hunt.
It makes me so sad that Canada refuses to give up this cruel outdated practice- there are many issues our planet must face together.
We discuss a lot.
I find the people I have met charming and
very forward thinking -
of course we don’t agree on everything but when it comes to certain important ideas -
you can count on them to act quickly.
I feel very connected to Russia - I hope to work together more to bring a voice to the voiceless in any country -
I believe Russia can save the world.
I hope Russia will step up and be the heroes this planet needs;
I have lost faith in other options. »


@elle_russia « I have always found Russian people to be very resilient, with a deep and rich artistic culture - full of struggle, tragedy, beauty and strength «



on my way to a beautiful place @gut_aiderbichl_official
Feeling like a little girl.
To support
Je parle française beaucoup maintenant - it’s coming 🇫🇷 merci ... #onmymind re-
indépendance I understand.- and it’s a naive concept -
the world is so small ... Do you think a world without borders is even possible?
no more war -
cyber currency
world owned by the world -
We rent space here -
to give back to the planet -
and the people -
but in a more socialized way - #world wide.
less consumerism for survival and sharing of wealth -
political positions are volunteers/acts of passion and empathy
I feel like John Lennon’s #Imagine
and may start preaching this ...
the book I wrote #hatchettebooks on love and feminism. (#lustforlove ) comes out end of April in USA (hoping to translate into French, German and Russian)
I believe in self regulated population control which would help with immigration issues - in every country. We are all #climaterefugees @climaterevolution
I believe in
less prisons -
I love the Ted Talk on this. #deannavanburen
To replace with more résolution centres-
And they could all be vegan.
The film I produced (#thegamechangers) with #jamescameron about vegan men is getting a nice réponse.
In the mean while (in the fake press) I’m dead and FBI is ´probing ´ me? -not sure if you have seen my response.
My son gave his father a well deserved bop on the nose in self defense .
Another wake up call -
and life keeps moving.
How do we appeal to the terrible people in the world.
the greed .., through art, expression - @angierichter
philosophy -
exposing truth #julianassange
loving activism.
marriage, family, good sex.
I’m In Madrid. next week at @globalgiftfoundation event in response to refugee crisis. @helprefugeesuk
I want to expand my focus.
A receptive audience. Find solutions #poverty #hunger and #chooselove
My new book will help throw me into mainstream TV
and give me good opportunities to discuss the root of what we all desire.
any ideas ?

Just a girl -
learning all I can...



By #pamelaanderson my 2nd drawing (2017) #pencil


By #pamelaanderson my 1st drawing (2017) #pencil



When I am happy it is so rare. I need to dwell on it, to contemplate it. What a hunger, a craving for beautiful things. #anaisnin #nearerthemoon



When she exits a location, Pamela leaves behind sparks of electrostatic, radioactive biodiversity.— Ed Ruscha. @edruscha_official #edruscha #pamelaanderson


Artists are the freedom fighters of the world -You've got to invest in the world, you've got to read, you've got to go to art galleries, you've got to find out the names of plants. You've got to start to love the world and know about the whole genius of the human race. We're amazing people
@viviennewestwood #viviennewestwood


@hansklok_magic #austria
Yearning to take risks ... #live


I feel a mysterious, soft happiness. I am in the dream again. Intact, as I was at the beginning of dreaming. It is the dreaming which creates the innocence. — #anaisnin


We are not mad.
We are human.
We want to love,
and someone must forgive us for the paths we take to love,
for the paths are many and dark,
and we are ardent
and cruel in our journey.
- #LeonardCohen


We must not forget that only a few people are artists in life -
the art of life -
is the most distinguished and rarest of all the arts. #carljung