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My wall calendar is available in stores now!! ✨🐶📆✨おつまる〜*\(^o^)/* まるの壁掛けカレンダーブックが発売されたよ〜✨カレンダーブックっていうぐらいだから本でもあるしカレンダーでもあるんだよ


@cc_sabathia with a strong performance and a swagger to match.


Too much cute! ❤️😲


Follow @elitexlbullies 👈 She's a character 😂😂 A #hungry BBQ... Oh the irony 🙄🤷🏽‍♂️ #queenb #diva #puppy


The view can't get much better than this.

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I'm not doing anything...I dunno who dragged the bag of food in here and ate some. It was probably Frank. 😉
October is non gmo month and @halopets sources their fruits & veggies from farmland that prohibits the use of genetically modified seeds. 😋


Photo by @milkwood_permaculture
From the golden pellets of sprouted grain they feed their chickens to the ingredients that make it to their kitchen table for supper, nearly every bite of food Kirsten Bradley and her family eats is grown on their 100 percent sustainable farm, Milkwood (@milkwood_permaculture). “Homegrown food tends to be very delicious,” says Kirsten, who lives in Victoria, Australia. But Milkwood is much more than a family farm growing great flavors; it’s also a school where people can learn how to build sustainable farm systems. Kirsten and an extended community of educators offer courses on everything from natural beekeeping and mushroom cultivation to biointensive growing, an organic vegetable growing method designed to maximize harvest in small spaces.
Soon it’ll be growing season in Australia, so Kirsten's family is busy planting tomato, pepper and eggplant seedlings and making sure the bees pollinate their fruit trees in hopes of a big summer bounty. And then? They wait. “Growing of food is not an instant process, and it needs patience and perseverance,” she says. “But watching people bloom out of consumerism into makers and doers is really quite beautiful.” #WorldFoodDay
Watch our Instagram story to see what life is like at Milkwood.


Can I have more treats pleaseeeee?!
2018 Calendar available online at


Clean sheets today☁️🐶🦊☁️


It’s officially #KiaTipOff17 Week!


🐱🐱 .

ブルゾンすずめ with Neko あーんど うなぎ🐒 .





3 ways of ignoring the fact that the weekend is already over.


Join Chloe, me, and 30 famous dogs for the first ever PetCon on November 18th & 19th! I’ll be speaking and sharing my Dogist photo tips. Follow the link in my bio to learn more and get tickets while they’re still available! #petcon


I need a bigger pool!💦🤣
By @goldenlotushana


Yesterday was a real adventure but the sweet thing is that it ended right here way up in the mountains @ 12,000ft. Life ain’t always easy but if you’re willing to have the courage to show up and let yourself been seen it’s all worth it.


Dis Saturday morning smiles brought to u by the smell of scrambled eggs cooking 🍳 #smilefortheeggsimeancamera


There's a new little terror at Camp Crystal Lake! 😼CH CH CH, AH AH AH, MEOW MEOW MEOW 🎶#FridayThe13th #JasonVoorhees #millathecat


Good Mornig Siren Mikeko
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