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The patterns of a shrinking winter. This time of year these hills are usually under blankets of snow. #Rockies #BW #aerial #changingclimate @protectourwinters


Playful Porto Light - If this Portuguese river could speak - or sing - I’d listen. For those in NYC, I’ll be sharing river tales, images, films and songs this Monday at the Sony Square space at 4 pm - join us. Info in bio. #chasingrivers #DouroRiver #sonyalpha #portugal


The magical world of books and their homes that inspire us. Allegedly one author got the idea for a place called Hogwarts somewhere around here. Thanks @ngexodusaveirofest for opening my eyes to the hospitalidade de #Portugal #livrarialello #imagination #travel



Yesterday was a dark, turbulent day for public lands. The White House announced its plans to significantly reduce the size of Bears Ears and Escalante National Monuments in Utah. Having grown up using and enjoying these lands, I understand the economic debate around them. What I don’t understand is when the concept of conserving these lands and leaving them for future generations, a value shared by many, could be thrown aside by so few. If you care about protecting shared #publiclands, now is the time to speak up. Link in bio. #bearsears #conservation #blackandwhite


What happens when we ask too much of a resource? It disappears. The Colorado River Delta is a perfect example. I’m privileged to share my work on this “hardest working river” with amazing audiences at the @ngexodusaveirofest in Portugal alongside many remarkable storytellers. A video clip from my film #deltadawn by @pedromcbride. To see how this scene briefly changed a few years, see the full film in link in bio. #chasingrivers #coloradoriver #nature #water great to partner with these amazing shooters @michaelclarkphoto @elialocardi @oliverhl @kpunkka @amivitale @shamsfilmmaker @gmbakash @rezaphotography


I love dark spots on the map — those areas where the night sky shines. Honored to share imagery about one of those spots as the keynote speaker tonight to water experts and CEOs at the American Water Conference in Austin Tx — and shine a light on water, a river and the wild place they both create. #grandcanon #coloradoriver #nightsky #milkyway #nature 📷 @pedromcbride of @richrudow in his happy place.



Chasing composition: I love documenting the hard work of others, getting lost in my lens trying to frame beauty in the swirl of chaos. Shot on assignment for @natgeo #cowboys #bw #arizona #grandcanyon #photojournalism


Thankful for the remote places, the wild friends, some furry, some not, and the many trails we travel to explore this magical sphere we share. #grateful #family #friends #nature #wilderness #happythanksgiving #archive 📷 @pedromcbride #snowmastrek #himalaya #bhutan


“People of the Forest”: It’s hard to comprehend there are just 880 of these remarkable, clever and curious creatures sharing the planet with us. The mountain gorilla roams the dense jungles of the Virunga Volcanic Mountains in Central Africa and thanks to the hard work of those carrying on Dian Fossey’s legacy in and around the park - teaching the value of conservation to communities and schools alike — these social primates, although critically endangered, are surviving day by day. #archive photo @pedromcbride from the film #hope with @savinggorillas @craghoppers #davidattenborough #gorillas



Land of shadows: Excited to share my experiences and lessons learned from spending over a year on foot inside this magical world of erosion for @natgeo and @grandcanyontrust tonight at the Lone Tree Arts Center Denver. #grandcanyon #chasingrivers @kevinfedarkoauthor #nature #aerial #bw


Upside down: Today was a sad day for African elephants as the U.S. lifted the ban on importing elephant “trophies” into the country. This image shows a tranquilized elephant getting moved by @africanparksnetwork to safer regions last summer in effort to protect them during a historic conservation effort. I fear today’s news will enable a flood of images of dead “trophy” elephants getting moved to people’s living rooms instead. While many argue hunting can help pay for conservation, corruption has paved the way for widespread declines in elephant populations. #elephants #africa #conservation #500elephants #malawi
@savetheelephants @r.e.s.c.u.e


The sweep of seasons. Winter is looming but taking its time to fully arrive here in Colorado. #rockymountains #nature #aerial



Layers of time, light and stillness. What happens here - resonates elsewhere. #grandcanyon #aerial #fineart #nature #bw #dustintheblood


Winter dusting on the lakes named after Pierre. #home #wilderness #rockies #aerial thx for platform @ecoflight


Paddling perspective: This narrow strait off the coast of Graham Land called “Kodak Alley” is blessed with placid waters, but the climate here is anything but calm. Temperatures are changing faster than anywhere else on the planet. Shrinking sea ice challenges the populations of many species like Adele penguins and krill, the tiny shrimp-like crustaceans that sustain the marine food chain. When we made this sea kayaking expedition, I was amazed to experience 50 F degree days and even rain. #archive 📷 @pedromcbride #climatechange #antarctica #frozen #nature #gratitude



The power of a few: A gondola development, The Grand Canyon Escalade, was proposed to whisk 10,000 people a day into the confluence site inside Grand Canyon but two days, in an emotionally-charged Navajo Tribal Council meeting, the tribe voted down the project citing an array of concerns. The grassroots opposition to the tram, #savertheconfluence, was led by a group of predominantly Navajo women, who want economic growth but “not there”, adding they don't want “a Disney-style development at our sacred places." It’s been an honor to document this small but mighty group of women and their unwavering dedication to a landscape they love. #dustintheblood📷 @pedromcbride thx for film assist @justinclifton #grandcanyon #bw #confluence #navajo #chasingrivers


“Where life begins” is how many native tribes describe this sacred confluence. Today, the future of this landscape begins anew as the Grand Escalade, a tram proposed to be built at this location, and its request for Navajo financial support (65 million) is being debated in the Navajo Council chambers — in English and Navajo. Honored to be filming this historic mtg. @justinclifton @laurendefilippo #grandcanyon #navajonation #chasingrivers #dustintheblood #nature


Confluence: The start of a sacred flow: The Ganges River officially begins its spiritual run here, where the Alakananda meets the sediment-free waters of the Bhagarathi river (dammed upstream). From here this river begins its challenging journey downstream, supplying water for 500 million people across India. I spent two years following this holy river from its headwaters in the Himalaya to the sea at the Bay of Bengal with @mountainworld @davidcmorton. Our film #holyunholyriver will release online soon and shows tonight @stanford United Nations Film Fest. #chasingrivers #ganges #india #aerial #nature #gratitude



Mountain Man Farewell: Thanks to my friend Andrew for his slow speaking drawl, his high speed skiing, his artful craftsmanship and for teaching us all how to listen - to each other, to the hills and to our hearts. I’ll see you somewhere in the mountains where the spirits dwell. 📷 @pedromcbride Somewhere on Aconcagua 1999. #memorial #grateful #friendship #rip


The dwindling days of fall in Colorado - a time and place I love. I, however, am in #nyc speaking at Photoplus today for @sonyalpha and sharing images and stories from such places. For those here, come join me at 11:30 am today to learn about my photographic journey. #aerial #nature #sonyalpha #fall


I’m always amazed by the flash of color in fall - and how quickly it vanishes. #maroonbells #colorado #nature #fall #iphone


I’m used to being on the other side of the lens, but it was an honor to have my ongoing work telling fresh water stories and my passion for chasing water , featured on a recent magazine cover. This image was captured during my paddle to the sea across the Colorado River delta. Sadly, our team of three were the last people to paddle the Colorado River to the Sea of Cortez in Mexico because it is currently a river run dry. Thanks #etched #chasingrivers #coloradoriver #conservation #nature 📷 @pedromcbride


Heading Home: The babies @r.e.s.c.u.e follow their Samburu warrior caretakers home for the night. These dedicated animal lovers are helping save these cuties who lost parents to poaching or human/ wildlife conflicts across northern Kenya. They are also creating a conservation model at the same time with @nrt_kenya. It is amazing how quickly views can change: one local Samburu told me he used to fear elephants but now loves them like his children. #elephants #orphans #hope #wildlife #conservation #kenya
Video @pedromcbride edit @michellescreative


I still get this excited when it snows...sometimes. #puppy #photobomb #colorado


The West: Headed to the headquarters of the Navajo Nation to try to understand how tribal traditions can be balanced with economic Sustainablility - all part of my ongoing film project #DustintheBlood No matter how many times I drive this iconic rd, it never ceases to amaze me. #monumentvalley #bw #navajonatio


Back at this place of awe giving a talk tonight for @goparks and the @usinterior. @kevinfedarkoauthor and I will do our best to impart what we learned on our 750+ mile hike through this magical public park. #grandcanyon #dustintheblood #humility #nature


Feeding time: I had the privilege to spend time at the @r.e.s.c.u.e elephant orphanage this summer where a small group of dedicated animal lovers are helping save these cuties and create a conservation model at the same time with @nrt_kenya. It is amazing how independent each of these orphaned elies are - some are sweet and gentle while others want to wrestle all day. You can learn more about this remarkable program at the link in my profile. #elephants #orphans #hope #wildlife #conservation #kenya #africa video @pedromcbride edit @michellescreative


Your spirit and light will be missed far and wide, Hayden.


Feather of a Delta: The Colorado River delta in Mexico no longer connects to the Sea of Cortez. In its wake are artery-like drainage patterns that remind us of a wetter time before a changing climate and over allocation left their drying mark on this river lifeline. But there is some good news - a new treaty with US and Mexico will create water savings for restoration. #hope #chasingrivers #aerial #coloradoriver 📷 #archive @pedromcbride


Patterns of life: Icelandic river delta seen from above. I've been making a documentary film lately, which feels at times, as chaotic as this volcanic delta-- and the world we share. Sometimes, amidst the chaos though, we find clarity and a way. #hope #chasingrivers #aerial #iceland