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Chasing Water: I am excited to share roughly two decades of my photography and film work tonight for the @freshwatertrust in Portland, OR —from Everest to Antarctica and lots of rivers in between. One thread all these adventures share, is fresh water and the challenges and demands we place on our liquid lifelines. 📷 of fishermen on India’s main artery, the sacred Ganges River near Kanpur. For those in the Portland area, come join us at the Patagonia store tonight. #chasingrivers #water #gratitude #photography


Winter light: Rays bounce off that most “loved and litigated river in the world” - the Colorado hard at work sculpting something grand. #grandcanyon #gratitude #nature 📷#petemcbride #sonyalpha #aerial pilot @grandcanyonman


Big hearted hi from this cutie - Happy Valentines Day. Big ❤️ for these orphans at @r.e.s.c.u.e. #elephants #nature #love #conservation #wildlife #africa #kenya



Saluting the empty in emptiness—somewhere inside the enormity of the Grand. Excited to have just submitted the words (11,000 of them) that will accompany my images in an upcoming coffee table book with @rizzolibooks that chronicles the entirety of this iconic national park and our 750-mile, 13 month hike/ immersion inside it. #GrandCanyon-BetweenRiverandRim comes out later this year. @amysmartin21 soaking up the winter sun. #grandcanyon #sunrise #humility #nature #beauty #coloradoriver 📷#petemcbride #gratitude @kevinfedarkoauthor @richrudow


Hand of Poseidon: My second favorite place - below the wave. My first is on it. #surf #underwater #chasingwaves 📷#petemcbride


Turtle Sanctuary: The volcanic sands of the Ostional Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica was created in 1984 to protect one of the world's most important nesting sites of the olive ridley sea turtle. When I came with my friends @nomadicnosara it was vacant -- just lingering vultures and some surfers -- but Olive-ridleys synchronize their nesting in mass emergences or "arribadas", (the Spanish word for arrivals), and show up by the thousands at certain times of the year. “They are late this year,” one local told me. #aerial #coast #nature #ocean #surf #petemcbride



Saving a Species: A day in the life of wildlife conservations and veterinarian @andre_uys_vet working with @africanparksnetwork employing radio tracking devices to protect rhinos from illegal poaching. In the last decade, over 7,000 African Rhinos were lost to poaching and last year, South Africa alone lost over 1,000 rhinos, roughly three animals a day. These illegal killings is fueled by the rhino horn which is made up entirely of keratin, the same as toenails. Nonetheless, the illegal wildlife market has created a huge demand for rhino horn, buoyed by an inaccurate belief they cure cancer, making horns more valuable than gold. To learn more, go to @africanparksnetwork. From work last summer with them. Music @cleod9music thx for edit @michellescreative #rhino #africa #conservation #poaching #petemcbride


Hello super moon - I missed you. #newyork #supermoon #nyc 📷@pedromcbride #archive #moon #laluna


Patterns of water - natural, frozen and manmade. Eastern Colorado. #aerial #chasingrivers #abstract #nature #patterns



One of my favorites shots by my good friend @chamiltonjames, which features Yoina and her pet monkey, is available as part of a flash sale ending today. He is donating 100% of the profits from his first and last large format prints to @rainforestflow, a brilliant NGO who supplies clean drinking water to villages in the Peruvian Amazon - including Yoina's village. The image was featured in the June ‘16 of @natgeo Magazine, and focused on the Machiguenga people of the Peruvian Amazon. Yoina is taking her daily swim with her pet saddle-back tamarin in the image. 10x8 inch signed prints start at $100. To learn more and/or get a copy, go to the profile link at @chamiltonjames. Sale ends today. #flashsale #cute #monkey #peru #chasingrivers #amazon


Dappled light over a fractured landscape. Excited to share stories and images of our year spent hiking and documenting the entire length of Grand Canyon — tomorrow morning at the Conservation alliance Breakfast at the Outdoor Retailer show in Denver. #chasingrivers #aerial #BW #grandcanyon #nature #coloradoriver #publiclands 📷 #petemcbride


No words — Just hoots and hollers when mixing powder and gravity. Apparently I get pretty excited when skiing deep snow. It was a treat to share with @nealbeidleman @jimwmorrison @jamie_mcjunkin @pennkap @protectourwinters. Video by @pedromcbride #sonyactioncam #powder #joy #gravity #nature #snorkel #snowman #laughter #petemcbride @strafeouterwear



I think birds have the perspective. Chasing snow, light, shadow and winter. Patterns of a frozen river reservoir in Canada. #chasingrivers #pow #aerial #nature #grateful


Sunset over the canyons of the big apple — working on my film about another bigger canyon further West. #chasingrivers #newyork #aerial #light #nyc 📷 by @pedromcbride


Laundry Day: A young Buddhist monk uses the Himalayan hills as a drying rack. I once spent a month documenting an old trade route through this kingdom now turned democracy that champions happiness. #travel #snowmantrek #bhutan #archive #gratitude



Beating heart: A curious bull elephant, highlighted by a soft spotlight and the glow of stars, inspects us visitors @lewa_wildlife. Unable to see us, he listened, grumbled and patiently smelled us. I could hear my heart thumping inside my chest. Detecting no threat, he made another low grumble and vanished into the blanket of night. It was one of my favorite wildlife experiences last year. I’m excited to hear from my colleagues @natgeo this week at the #photoseminar - where photographers from all over the world who have inspired me for years and continue to do so, converge to compare stories, offer insight and share ideas from our adventures. Thanks @thephotosociety and #sonyalpha @kaylalindquist for playing a huge part. #grateful #elephant 📷 #petemcbride


“Hour of the Pearl” - an expression my late grandfather used to describe the subtle light of dusk. I generally avoid photographing sunsets, but the lingering light afterwards is sometimes hard to ignore. #pacific #iphone #surf #light


Chasing Waves. #pacific #surf #aerial 📷 #petemcbride



Green Room: Psyched to make another lap around the sun today. Resolutions for getting older and for the new year - slow down, spend more time with friends and reconnect with the ocean. Chasing waves (and my cousin @johnny.rohrbach down the line) is one of my favorite past times. Thanks to @sea_legacy and @chasingcoral for ensuring the health of our oceans keep thriving. #grateful #underwater #surf 📷 @pedromcbride #petemcbride


A few highlights from 2017 - now in the history books. Wishing all a Happy, Healthy 2018 full of love, laughter and purpose. #grateful #happy2018 All 📷 @pedromcbride


Grateful to witness another lap around the sun and document the magic and challenges of our shared blue planet. While 2017 showed the ongoing global challenges we all face from the undeniable effects of climate change and national policies that took aim at the protections of our national parks and monuments, I also witnessed some amazing wonders. Seeing 500 elephants successfully relocated by @africanparksnetwork to a new park in Malawi, Africa to the Navajo Nation voting down a billion dollar development project to protect the Grand Canyon was profoundly moving and hopeful. For me personally, witnessing the solar eclipse in Wyoming was an all time magical favorite (also one of your), along with my time among friends and family. It reminded me how remarkable and rare our world really is.Thanks for all the support and likes over the year. Its an honor to share stories and snaps with you all. To a healthy and #happy2018 #happynewyear #bestof2017 #eclipse


Storytelling: I spent the better part of 2017 working on a film about the there there of Grand Canyon or “The High Church of the Canyon,” as some call it. In 2016 I walked the entire length of this landscape - some 750+ miles without a trail and I’m not sure what is harder - the physical journey or telling the story of this voiceless cathedral. I do know I’m looking forward to 2018 and sharing with all of you the film (trailer in bio), speaking tour with @natgeo and a book with @rizzolibooks. Thanks all for being part of it. #dustinthebloodfilm #betweeenriverandrimbook #grandcanyon #chasingrivers #wilderness #happynewyear


Merry Christmas to all - from the wilds to wherever your frolicking. #peace #happyholdiays #merrychristmas #penguins #nature #wild #Antarctica #bw


Fun on the other side of the lens: #sponsored by @thewoolmarkcompany. When I explore the mountains around my home to photograph or film, I’m usually behind the lens, so it was fun to experience a role reversal when #woolmark shadowed me out in the elements to test the magic of #Merinowool.


Light, layers and tracks in one of the oldest deserts in the world. #namibdesert #namibia #oryx #archives #nature


#Sponsored Honored to highlight local small businesses as part of @Google's #SmallThanks movement.
The Water Cooler: When your business is a fly fishing shop, your office is the river. @fryingpananglers is located on the banks of the Gold Medal waters around my home in Colorado. I grew up fishing in these rivers, but most of the fish are wiser than me. Fishing guides like @fryingpancam, who I feel lucky to call friends, know how to outsmart these fish — even during the icy months. But like all fish lovers, they catch and release because they know a healthy fishery and river mean good business. To thank a small business that makes a difference in your community, post a #SmallThanks about them and tag @Google. They might get some special recognition.


# Sponsored As part of @google ‘s #SmallThanks initiative, I'm giving a hearty shoutout to a small business that makes my work possible.
To the untrained eye, all snow looks the same. @aspenalpineguides knows better. Throughout the winter, they find secret stashes of powder snow and beauty in and around the remote hills near my home in the Colorado Rockies. Giving a #SmallThanks to the hard-working guides at #AAG who share the magic of the wilds while keeping folks safe.
Thanks @google for supporting small businesses like this one this holiday season and all year long. Share photos and stories of your favorite small business with #SmallThanks and tag @google. Select few will get marketing support from Google. #Sponsored


Flying Low and Slow: #sponsored Giving #SmallThanks to this local business that I admire. I’ve spent years flying with my father who at age 79 still pilots an antique “taildragger” Piper Super Cub. He has been my aerial "wingman" for decades helping me photograph water stories across the Rocky Mountain West. Of course, my father couldn’t help me without the mechanical genius of Hector Brown and #AircraftRepair. Hector is an aviation mechanic who not only keeps these old flying machines in the air, but he is also a gifted tail dragger pilot himself. His dog Ruthie, a springer spaniel, copilots. On a recent visit to his shop, we did some low and slow formation flying through the hills. Thanks @google for supporting small businesses like Hector’s this holiday season and all year long. Share photos and stories of your favorite small business with #SmallThanks and tag @google. A select few will get marketing support from Google.


This Samburu warrior in northern Kenya told chapters with his eyes. Wish I spoke Swahili to ask if I understood. #kenya #blackandwhite #portrait #africa #archive @savetheelephants


The gait of a gentle giant. One of my favorite snaps from a shoot earlier this year for @africanparksnetwork when they moved 500 elephants to repopulate a park newly protected in Malawi. #elephant #nature #wildlife #africa