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Cold water adventures to uncrowded waves.

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Way back when out east. Should have waited for the one out the back. With @cohenscorner πŸ“· @acorn_art_photography


One of those I can't believe it has not run in print moments....πŸ“· @jeremykoreski


Grey day carving πŸ“· @kylervos


From a fun sesh with the boys! @cohenscorner @chippawilson πŸ“· @kylervos


Getting my new #sled all ready to go. Looks like an epic summer board. Thanks @aftanassurf


Working on the fs grab


Wow. What a fun weekend at the #ripcurlprotofino. Today was incredibly satisfying after coming so close in back to back finals the last few years. I want to say a huge thank you to @aftanassurf for this magic board that is so fast and so smooth. Everyone was ripping this year and the field was more stacked than ever. Fun final @patcurren !! Thanks to the boys for being there to chair me up the beach @cohenscorner @bengulliver and to @monsterenergy and @ripcurl_canada for putting on such a great event and to @domdomic for keeping Canadian surfing moving in the right direction! @hurley @reef @monsterenergy @reef_canada @clifbar @stormsurfshop @zealoptics @hydroflask @sobotofino @nixon_now @mypakage photo @cj__freedom


It was kind of pumping today. But not quite like this. πŸ“· @jeremykoreski


Found this one deep in the archives. Knee tweak at cox bay from 2011. The morning sun in the winter is brutal on the rights and you can't see anything when approaching the lip sometimes. @kookslams


Fun one from last winter by @marcuspaladino


There is an interview up on @magicseaweed with @marcuspaladino along with some beauty photos from around home with some of the local boys. Have a look! @cohenscorner @aquajunkie @reed_platenius


This sandbar decided to turn on for 3 or 4 sets so @cohenscorner and I could trade off a couple tubes. As soon as it started it was over. πŸ‡«πŸ‡· plays tricks on you:) πŸ“· @marcuspaladino


πŸ‡«πŸ‡· edit link in my bio πŸ“· @marcuspaladino


Last fall @cohenscorner @marcuspaladino @achilts and I took a journey over to the otherside of the Altantic in search of sand bottom peaks. We found our fair share of closeouts but managed to sneak out of a couple along the way. Check out the full edit in the link in my bio for the far less closed out version. Filmed by @achilts @hurley @monsterenergy @reef_canada @reef @zealoptics @aftanassurf @clifbar @stormsurfshop @hydroflask @nixon_now @sobotofino @mypakage @futuresfins


This little girl lived life to the fullest. Wether it was stealing tourists food on the beach, raiding the bottom of a baby stroller for a soft chew toy, or digging a hole for her favourite ball she gave it everything she had. She was a handful but we wouldn't have wanted it any other way. She taught Lisa, Asher and I many things and filled our family with so much joy, love ❀️ and frustration:) I can say I've never been so angry or forgiving to anyone or anything the way I was with Naia. She really just wanted to have fun and that is what she did best. We will miss her greatly!😒 we love you Naia. Rest in peace

32πŸ’¬ now ships to Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦!!! Get your wetsuits:)
@hurley πŸ“· @jeremykoreski


Heading north πŸ“· @marcuspaladino


All tucked in. πŸ“· @marcuspaladino


Wrong way!!??? Get back out there. πŸ“· @jeremykoreski


πŸ“· @marcuspaladino


Putting my @hurley phantom backpack to use. One of my favourite products for a day trip πŸ“· @achilts


Pre storm cut πŸ“· @jeremykoreski


Full frame from the previous post. πŸ“· @marcuspaladino


I'm very happy to be on the cover of this months @wavelengthsurfmag from a photo shot earlier this winter by @marcuspaladino such a fun day getting barreled with the boys. @hurley @monsterenergy @reef @reef_canada @clifbar @zealoptics @aftanassurf @stormsurfshop @sobotofino @hydroflask @nixon_now


@janekborg getting under the ledge


That morning winter glare. πŸ“· @marcuspaladino


That moment where you are telling yourself you should have been way deeper. Makes for a pretty photo though. @jeremykoreski