This year, when you buy any bag of dog or cat food, we give a meal to a pet in need. It’s that simple. Buy a Bag, Give a Meal:

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Who would win if you raced a shark? Tell us by commenting with πŸŠπŸŠβ€β™€οΈ for you and 🦈 for shark. #shark #race


Happy #Fryday! 🍟 #helloweekend (πŸ“·: @martinthebabydog)


Want to make a difference today for pets in need 🐢🐱 and the people who love them πŸ‘¨πŸ‘©? #buyabaggiveameal #fortheloveofpets


Happy #NationalIceCreamDay! 🍦Watch our Stories to see how @lacorgi is celebrating today, and remember to stop by a PetsHotel today for a free dog-friendly ice cream! 🐢🍦


Just because I'm a small dog, doesn't mean my love isn't big! ❀️ Join us today at your local PetSmart from 12-2pm (local time) to celebrate small dogs everywhere. Tap our profile image to see @Tinkerbellethedog's tips for being Instagram famous too! #petsmartevents


It's almost the sweetest day of the year, #NationalIceCreamDay! Tap our profile image to see how to make dog-friendly ice cream treats perfect for celebrating! (πŸ“·: @jackson_the_dalmatian)


When you love ice cream but don't have any, squeaky toys do the trick. But for a real frozen treat, stop by a PetsHotel on Sunday (7/16) for free doggie ice cream! 🍦 #NationalIceCreamDay #PetSmartEvents (πŸ“·: @dog_days_of_owen)


Couldn't make it to our Doggie Ice Cream Social like @irresistiblecharlie @ipartywithbrucewayne @tinkerbellethedog @oscarfrenchienyc !? Don't worry! Stop by any PetsHotel for a free dog friendly ice cream this Sunday for #nationalicecreamday #petsmartevents


Rain or shine, ice cream is a good choice πŸ‘Œ The ice cream truck will be here till 8pm at The Beaches! #nationalicecreamday #petsmartevents


Doggie Ice Cream Social with @kirkthefloof. Make sure to check out our πŸ‘» filter #nationalicecreamday #petsmartevents


One for me, one for you 🍦🍦Doggie Ice Cream Social in Seattle is here till 8pm! #nationalicecreamday #petsmartevents


🍦 dance 🍦 #nationalicecreamday #petsmartevents (πŸ“· @callmebanjo)


I scream, you scream, @thedailywalter screams for ice cream! 🍦Tune into our Facebook page at 12:30 pm EST tomorrow, where he'll go live to kick off our ice cream truck’s cross-country tour! If you’re in the NYC area, the truck will be at Washington Square Park from 12-4pm or at Madison Square Park from 5-8pm 🍦🍦🍦🍦 #nationalicecreamday #petsmartevents #tongueouttuesday


Just standing on the dock of the bay. #OntheLookout #HelloSummer (πŸ“·: @alxpluspup)


Perched high upon a ledge, #spideycat is ready to pounce into action (πŸ“·: @pablo.lechat)


Practicing my best "more treats please" look. (πŸ“·: @ringos_ruff_life) #fortheloveofpets


Who wore it best #4thofJuly edition: Uncle Sam or this little pup? Our vote is for the pup β€οΈπŸ’™β€οΈ(πŸ“·: @theleodipuprio) #fortheloveofpets


Hoppy weekend! 🐰 (πŸ“·: @mrbeansthebun) #fortheloveofpets


"You were born and roughly three years ago today, wild and alone on a native reservation on the Wyoming/Nebraska border. I was fortunate to come into contact with the lady that runs (Lightshine Canine) a rescue out there, the one that found you, after donating a few bucks. Not much later, I was on the highway into the desolate of Wyoming before we drove back home to Colorado, together. I remember being scared that you wouldn't accept me, or that you would grow up to reflect the worse parts of me in your own behavior. It didn't take long for me to realize I was foolish, and that we were a match. A few years and 85 pounds later, here we are. We have bagged a multitude of peaks, forded streams, and shivered in the bitter cold of night. We physically saved each other's from certain death once each (I guess that makes us even). I can't imagine not having you on nights alone in places that scare the shit out of me once the sun goes down, or being without you once the sun finally starts coming up like in the picture above. You are my brother, and always will be, Gansett." writes @shotswithmike #fortheloveofpets


A throne fit for a good boy πŸ‘‘ #fortheloveofpets (πŸ“·: @knoxtheaussie_ob)


#SummerBucketlist: Frolic through an open field #ibelieveicanfly (πŸ“·: @missladybagel)


Sometimes you need a few more minutes of beauty sleep before you can properly tackle the day. #Caturday (πŸ“·: @irisfold)


Working hard for the treats on take your pup to work day! (πŸ“·: @msleonathelion)


Naps are part of the job description, right? Tap our profile image to check our Insta Stories and see how we are celebrating bring your pup to work day in our own office! #fortheloveofpets (πŸ“·: @dublyndoodle)


The look you make when you go to PetSmart for one thing and end up with a whole cart full of goodies. #PetSmartCart (πŸ“·: @talk_to_the_paw)


Go for a swim 🌊 βœ…, soak up the β˜€οΈ βœ…, and explore the outdoors🌲 βœ…. Using your favorite emojis share with us how you're spending the start of summer. #firstdayofsummer πŸ“·: @goldentrailz


Happy #FathersDay to all of the two and four-legged dads! Sending a little extra love today ❀️#happyfathersday #EDbyPetSmart πŸ“·: @theodoodlebear


Graduating with honors! #graduate #petsmarttraining πŸŽ“πŸΆ
πŸ“·: @likeabosley


20 million meals (that’s 111 semi trucks of food!!!) will be donated to pets in need. But this is just the beginning. Join us by buying any bag of dog or cat food in-store, online, or autoship. Buy a Bag, Give a Meal – it’s that simple ❀️ #fortheloveofpets Photo credit: @underbiteunite


Shake it off, shake it off! End the weekend with an outdoor adventure and a good shake. #summervibes (πŸ“·: @shumblebumble)