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Doga is a way of life. 😎 Who's done doga with their human? 🤔
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Photoshoots done for the day! Nap time in my pajamas from @icondogwear 😴
(see my last post for photoshoot photo 😉) *
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When you have so many photoshoots in one day that you make a nap look like a pose 😋
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Hello Incredible Followers! 😍
Thank you for being patient these last few weeks! We have a few things we would like to announce!! 1. We are launching our YouTube channel! Find hilarious and behind the scenes videos of yours truly! Click the link in my bio, check out my first video, and be sure to subscribe!! We will be uploading new ones every week!⚡️ 2. We are going to be changing up our photography style a bit so the way photos are presented here will change, we hope you like it! 👌🏼 3. We have just made exclusive Pom Pom Chewy stickers with an amazing designer! DM me or write 'ME!' below and I will enter you in the draw for 20 winners! Yes, 20 winners will be chosen! 🙀

4. We're going to be focusing a lot on our Instagram Story as well to bring you a lot more content at a faster rate! Keep your eye out! 👀

5. There is one more surprise but you'll have to wait for this one, it's taking longer than we thought but it's worth it! Turn on notifications and keep checking back! Big prizes coming with the next release 😉

Lastly, we would like to take a moment to really say thank you to our followers. You are the reason we do this and you make it amazing. All we've ever wanted was to spread happiness and joy. We love you so much! So so much! ❤️ #puppylove #dogoftheday #doglover #ilovemydog #weeklyfluff


Is the day over yet? 😑😑 who's still at work and needs a break? 🙌🏼




Even when my glasses are crooked I still show my best with my @danielwellington 😉
Thanks so much for the watches @danielwellington and for keeping me up to date in fashion! Use the code POMPOMCHEWY15 for 15% off your own gorgeous timepieces! #danielwellington #spon


Whenever it rains I find a small hideout to wait until it's over
Raincoat by @ruffstitched


My ninja turtle moves are epic 🐢


Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know my uncle passed away today and I might not be posting for a few days. I love you all, hug your loved ones ❤️


Is anyone interested in some Pom..corn?! 🌽


This is me in all my natural glory. I want to thank all of my incredible followers and friends. There is such tragedy in the world today. All I want to do in life is be a positive influence for people and spread happiness. So thank you for being you, for being amazing, for being supportive, for lending a hand, for your kindness, for being awesome awesome people and animals. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and with all of my love. ❤️❤️


When you rep your team with everything you got 🍁 @bluejays -
Jerseys from @dogfatherandco


Sorry everyone! I deleted my last post by mistake! TICKETS!! Win one of 10 VIP passes to the Celebrity Dog Experience at @Woofstock by tagging a friend below! Enter as many times as you like! Winners will be announced Friday!! Be Red Carpet ready and prepare to take home a Woofstock SWAG bag which is PACKED with goodies!
Shirt by @dogfatherandco


You swing the best when you're with your best friend @pompomsolo


Look at this gorgeous piece of #chewyartwork by @lisa.creative.lab 😍😍😍


Choosing which watch to wear for the day is the hardest part of all 🤔 which one would you choose??
Thanks so much for the watches @danielwellington and for keeping me up to date in fashion! Use the code POMPOMCHEWY15 for 15% off your own gorgeous timepieces! #danielwellington #spon


My brother @pompomsolo is such a silly pup 😅


A behind the scenes look from my shoot for @dog.eyes.magazine just hit the stands in Canada! United States next week!


Heading to @woofstock high tea today! I'm dressed ok right? @theweeknd


Goodbye Winter!! ☀️☀️☀️


Me when I was just 11 months old! 🌸😄


The only way to relax after a crazy few days is with my favourite robe by @hapubathrobes


It was an amazing weekend at the @canadianpetexpo! I loved seeing all of my friends and meeting new ones! If you took a photo with me check my Facebook page! Link in bio ❤️ -
Clothes by @ruffstitched 👕👖


🎵🎶🎵🎶 @sudiosweden


Ready for the playoffs!! @mapleleafs 🍁


Goodbye Winter I see signs of Spring 🌷🌻🌹#foxeranian


Post swim cuddles with my daddy 😊


Who's a little jealous of my beard right now? 😎


Who's plans for the weekend involve fuzzy slippers and shut eye?