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Came across this cool looking fungus. After doing some research it looks like it's called "Chicken of the Woods" (Laetiporus sulphureus). Apparently it's edible and tastes like chicken... IDK about all that. #chickenofthewoods #laetiporussulphureus


Up, up and away. It's Friday!


All in all it's just another stick in the wall. #stickisbae


You can't defend yourself from...The Claw!


Hope everyone is enjoying their #Caturday, Pouncey sure is. #stickisbae


Peekaboo I see you 👀
#vintagelens #Minolta58mm


Bengal cats are known to like water. So I get asked if Pouncey likes water often. Well he sort of likes it. When he was a kitten I tried putting him in the bathtub and he was traumatized by the experience so now won't even go in the bathroom. He doesn't mind getting his feet wet crossing a stream and sometimes loves running around in the rain. But he doesn't like swimming or playing in water. Does your cat like water?


Hope everyone is having a good Caturday out there ;)


Any job openings for a professional tongue model? #tacotonguetuesday


About to drop the next hot album entitled "Hey, I'm Trying to Sleep Here!" #whiskerwednesday


For Throwback Thursday we have a groundhog Pouncey and I came across. Rather than run this guy decided to stand his ground and make an angry grinding sound with his teeth. I was even able to pat him on the head. He did want to bite me but luckily he couldn't jump. Even as we walked away he just stood there. Some say he's still standing there to this very day.


@rausch.inga's portrait of Pouncey under 365nm UV. To see the original 👉#Ingapouncey.


Caterpillar cocoon photographed under #365nm #ultraviolet light.


Out of all the trees in the forest this is the best one. #stickisbae


Someone say it's #tongueouttuesday?


Took Pouncey for an ATV ride yesterday out to one of our favorite spots. Unfortunately it's now marked No Trespassing and they cut down trees to block access. I found the owner and got permission to go back there but without ATV access I can't get to the pretty spots. So we went and found a new place to explore. I'll go back later without Pouncey and try and find new access, I don't like taking Pouncey off road unless I'm familiar with the trails.


Candy-Striped Leafhopper (Graphocephala coccinea) #candystripedleafhopper


Someone thinks they're still a kitten.


Hang in there it's almost Caturday.


Been awhile since I tried photographing fireworks. Happy belated July 4 America. #fireworks #july4th


So I see a sign at a gas station for a Pet Parade that's going on during they're local community day. Well I just had to go check it out... Hope you enjoy the photos swipe left for more. #Stoneboro PA


Trying something different. This photo was taken under #365nm ultraviolet light. Unlike normal UV and backlights this is outside of the visible spectrum and produces no visible light. The orange stuff I assume is spider excrement. Sorry but I couldn't identify this spider. Edit thinking it's a Enoplognatha ovata an introduced species native to Europe. @mnochisaki14 @insecthaus_adi @isabetabug Any guesses? 1/4" long, green abdomen, yellow cephalothorax, no orb web.


Why the long face Pouncey? It's #tacotonguetuesday


It's a hot #caturday here today. Here's an hour of Pouncey tying to beat the heat.


Flashback Friday #hypnotoad #bullfrog


Couple of reaction clips to passing other ATV's


I've been seeing this cat hanging around at a neighbors house. I never took the owner as much of a cat guy so I stopped to inquire about it and take some pictures. He told me the cat started coming around in October and it was getting cold so he started letting it inside. He hasn't named it and like many cats around here was probably a stray or dumped off. Good to know there are nice people still out there.


How hard do you pet your cat? #thatsthespot


Kill the headlights and put it in neutral.
Stock car flaming with the loser in the cruise control.