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"No matter where you go, there you are"-Buckaroo Banza


In 1896 the Chinese mantis (Tenodera sinensis) was accidentally released in Philadelphia PA. In 1998 the first Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (Halyomorpha halys) was collected in Allentown PA. Both of these species originate from China and are not native in the US. I took a video and tagged it #Stinkbugnomnom if your interested in seeing that.


Turned the engine off and let gravity do the rest :) #didyouseethechipmunk


Coming back from a walk we pass this guy riding a makeshift motorcycle of sorts with like a lawnmower engine in it (sorry it looks like a UFO). He sees some guy riding an ATV with a cat on his lap, flashlight in his mouth and phone in his hand. He ended up taking a double take and losing is balance for a bit. Lol


Happy #Caturday everyone!


If you look up #whiskerwednesday on Wikipedia you'll find this picture.


Watching the squirrels run through the trees.


Day 48: Chickens still think I'm one of their own. #RandomCat #Minolta58mm1_2


Maximum Derp #tacotonguetuesday


Hey guys happy Caturday:) Sorry for the absence and causing any concern, Pouncey and I are fine. Long story short I sold some lenses and ordered a replacement. They had 2 different shipping labels on the box so it was lost for weeks. I had to order another lens and they both showed up last Saturday. I got some pictures but hadn't got them off the camera and Roscoe was acting strange. Took him to the vet and he has IVDD (Intervertebral disc disease). It's a problem with a disk in his spine. He's in an incredible amount of pain and recovery is going to take weeks. I was still talking pictures on my hiatus and now have a slew of photos to go through.


How's everyone enjoying their Caturday? Cold and rainy here feels like fall already.


A Moment of Zen for #tacotonguetuesday


Anyone else excited? #gameofthrones


Did you know I almost declawed Pouncey? It's true, my vet at the time recommended I get him neutered and declawed during my visit. I was concerned Pouncey was too young to be neutered so I said I would on my next visit. Then while researching neutering I looked up declawing. I had no idea just how brutal and cruel of a procedure it was. Pouncey loves his claws, I love his claws, I think you guys love his claws. Please don't declaw your cats and help inform others about declawing. Artwork by @redandhowling in collaboration with @citythekitty.


Came across a nest of Allegheny Mound Ants (Formica exsectoides). These nests can get huge and the ants will aggressively defend it. They don't sting like fire ants and the bite is just a pinch so nothing to worry about. True story a few years ago Pouncey tried using one as a litter box. I yelled "No Pouncey!" he popped a squat and gave me a look like, I'll be done in a minute. I wish I would have captured his reaction when those ants tried to nibble his bum.


Getting out of work on Friday be like...


Ermahgerd! It's #Tacotonguetuesday


Came across this cool looking fungus. After doing some research it looks like it's called "Chicken of the Woods" (Laetiporus sulphureus). Apparently it's edible and tastes like chicken... IDK about all that. #chickenofthewoods #laetiporussulphureus


Up, up and away. It's Friday!


All in all it's just another stick in the wall. #stickisbae


You can't defend yourself from...The Claw!


Hope everyone is enjoying their #Caturday, Pouncey sure is. #stickisbae


Peekaboo I see you 👀
#vintagelens #Minolta58mm


Bengal cats are known to like water. So I get asked if Pouncey likes water often. Well he sort of likes it. When he was a kitten I tried putting him in the bathtub and he was traumatized by the experience so now won't even go in the bathroom. He doesn't mind getting his feet wet crossing a stream and sometimes loves running around in the rain. But he doesn't like swimming or playing in water. Does your cat like water?


Hope everyone is having a good Caturday out there ;)


Any job openings for a professional tongue model? #tacotonguetuesday


About to drop the next hot album entitled "Hey, I'm Trying to Sleep Here!" #whiskerwednesday


For Throwback Thursday we have a groundhog Pouncey and I came across. Rather than run this guy decided to stand his ground and make an angry grinding sound with his teeth. I was even able to pat him on the head. He did want to bite me but luckily he couldn't jump. Even as we walked away he just stood there. Some say he's still standing there to this very day.


@rausch.inga's portrait of Pouncey under 365nm UV. To see the original 👉#Ingapouncey.