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So I see a sign at a gas station for a Pet Parade that's going on during they're local community day. Well I just had to go check it out... Hope you enjoy the photos swipe left for more. #Stoneboro PA


Trying something different. This photo was taken under #365nm ultraviolet light. Unlike normal UV and backlights this is outside of the visible spectrum and produces no visible light. The orange stuff I assume is spider excrement. Sorry but I couldn't identify this spider. Edit thinking it's a Enoplognatha ovata an introduced species native to Europe. @mnochisaki14 @insecthaus_adi @isabetabug Any guesses? 1/4" long, green abdomen, yellow cephalothorax, no orb web.


Why the long face Pouncey? It's #tacotonguetuesday


It's a hot #caturday here today. Here's an hour of Pouncey tying to beat the heat.


Flashback Friday #hypnotoad #bullfrog


Couple of reaction clips to passing other ATV's


I've been seeing this cat hanging around at a neighbors house. I never took the owner as much of a cat guy so I stopped to inquire about it and take some pictures. He told me the cat started coming around in October and it was getting cold so he started letting it inside. He hasn't named it and like many cats around here was probably a stray or dumped off. Good to know there are nice people still out there.


How hard do you pet your cat? #thatsthespot


Kill the headlights and put it in neutral.
Stock car flaming with the loser in the cruise control.


The results of testing did not produce the expected results. I will try to do further testing under different parameters and compare results. Swipe left for part 2. #fidgetspinner #forscience.
*Disclaimer* If you think I'm being mean to the chipmunks I'm not. Between the chipmunks, squirrels, birds and other wildlife feeding them I go through 50lb/23kg of sunflower seeds every 3-4 weeks. There's literally a pile of sunflower on the ground in this video and there's delicious peanut butter on the back of those peanuts he's eating.


Results where inconclusive. Further testing will be required. #fidgetspinner #forscience


More to come on this later....Hopefully #forscience #fidgetspinner


So out for a walk with Pouncey when all of a sudden a turkey starts attacking Pouncey, then it flys off. So I look around and found this little baby turkey. My guess is there where several of them hiding around in that area. I took a few photos and we continued on our walk. Pouncey never hurt the turkey and I'm sure mom will come back for it. But I must say I really wanted to take it home and try and raise it, it was too cute.


Keep your head up. Monday can't last all day.


Oh wow guys I'm so excited! As many of you know I was hacked and over 2000 photos deleted. While I still have the originals they're buried in hundreds of thousands of unorganized photos and I'll probably never dig through them to find the good ones. Well I just logged into an old Photobucket account and found 150 of some of my old favorites! I thought I'd post this monster snapping turtle we found back in 2014. I remember I captioned this "Pouncey finds a tortoise". Oh the comments people left correcting my obvious misidentification where hilarious.


Why they're called Snapping Turtles (Chelydra serpentina) #cute #cuddly #turtle #turtlesofinstagram #snappingturtle


Out for a little walk. Not always so graceful he fell of those branches but not to worry he's a tough cat and just shook it off.


Pouncey doing his best cat impersonation for #caturday


Draw me like one of your french girls.


Found this frog climbing up my window. I didn't go outside to identify it but my guess is a Spring Peeper (Pseudacris crucifer). #springpeeper


Hello I'm Pouncey, nice to meet you. #tacotonguetuesday #tongueouttuesday


Taking a break on yesterday's walk and a mouse(s) kept running by us.
I get asked if Pouncey ever runs away and the answer is no. However when he's tired he'll go to some spot I can't get to and take a nap. At first I learned to not panic and just wait it out he'll come back. Now I've learned to tell when he's getting tired and I sit down. He then jumps on my lap or lays down next to me and takes break. So he has me well trained. Also Pouncey never sits on my lap indoors.


Took Pouncey on a little walk today...he loved it :)


Happy Memorial Day hope everyone is enjoying it :)


Yellow-Spotted Salamander (Ambystoma maculatum) #yellowspottedsalamander


Check out this awesome painting by @rausch.inga. Thank you so much for sending to me all the way from Germany. We love it!


An article was released by Popular Science (@popsci) highlighting the long-term consequences of declawing. A study done on 274 cats of various ages and half of them declawed found the following. A declawed cat is...
7X More likely to pee in inappropriate area.
4X More likely to bite.
3X More likely to be aggressive.
3X More likely to overgroom.
3X More likely to have back pain.
Link to the full article is in my bio. @pawproject #stopdeclawing