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Happy #Caturday everyone! You know I think this is the first silhouette I've ever taken. At least one that's using only natural light.
#Sonya7rii #Minolta58mm 1/160, F2, ISO-200


Little know fact. Pouncey drools when he's happy.


Thanks to those that tuned in for the live feed. This is the photo I edited during it. I use Capture One to develop my RAW files like this photo. Just about everyone else in the world uses Adobe Lightroom as their RAW editor. RAW is an undeveloped digital negative and needs to be processed, developed and converted to .jpeg before it can be shared. If you're just shooting .jpegs like you would with your phone and most do with their cameras here's a trick. There's a free version of Capture One for Sony. It will handle Sony RAW files or Jpeg, TIFF, DNG. So if you want to use a professional editing software for your cell phone photos, the same software I use. You can download the Free Version for Sony and edit jpegs from any camera or convert RAW files from Canon/Nikon to DNG/TIFF and edit them. I prefer Capture One to Lightroom but it's expensive if you want to edit Canon/Nikon RAW files directly but if you shoot Sony the full pro version is only $50. I still recommend Lightroom to new users as there's just so many more people using it. You can find tutorials on YouTube, share presets and just about any photographer you talk to uses LR. So you're kind of on your own learning C1, there's videos on YouTube but nothing like the support for LR.


Epic journey to get the mail with Pouncey.


Now for your moment of Zen.



Happy #tacotonguetuesday/#tongueouttuesday ;)


So I hear there's a snow storm coming...Is spring ever going to get here?


Keeping his shoes clean. #snowshoe


About to get his feet wet.







Throwback to playing in the snow.


Eye see you


Hear me roar it's #tacotonguetuesday


Oh, great. It's Monday...


You are my sunshine.β˜€οΈ


Happy #Caturday everyone! #minolta58mm1_2 1/640, F2, ISO-100



The wonder and amazement of cats.


I wish Pouncey loved me like he loves this stick. #stickisbae


It's important to understand how cats use body language to communicate. The feet together and the distinctive curve of the tail can be roughly translated to "how about #netflixandchill now?". #tbt


You really need to swipe left and see the other videos to truly appreciate this post. I get asked all the time if I ever get scared walking Pouncey in the woods...I think these videos sum up what a hike in the woods with a cat can be like...


Best wishes to the crew over at @omgdeedee. They've been very good friends of ours on IG for a long time now. Gus is having some heart troubles and my thoughts go out to him. Go to @omgdeedee for more information and info on donating. Get well soon Gus.


Just jumping off of this fossilized Tyrannosaurus Rex we found.


It's hard using a vintage film lens to get pictures of a cat. But look at how smooth that background is. This lens design was the first ever to be made on a computer back in the 60's. My version is from 1972 and luckily doesn't use radioactive glass like the early versions. So what do you guys think? There's been a lot of improvements in 35 years but correcting those "imperfections" can makes the out of focus areas more busy... How does a background like this impact a photo to you? Is it worth the trade off of some sharpness, color, contrast of a modern lens? Can you even see a difference? #minolta58mm1_2 #sonya7rii 1/1600, F2, ISO-100


Yesterday Pouncey took me on a really long walk. I'm not sure what got into him, he was on a mission to rub on every stick and cover as much ground as possible. Could be the ginger cat I've been seeing around;) He sure was having a good time marking his territory.


What manner of sorcery is this?


How about this for a throwback. 10 photos I've never posted from the time I met up with @oskar_the_blind_cat, @iamthegreatwent and @kittenxlady in NYC. Just swipe left for more photos;)