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Just hand over da cookies and no one gets hurt. 🍪
Hoodie: @bullenbeisserdog use code BOBA10 for 10% off!


Trust me, it’s fine. I’m fine. #sundaymood


During the “Yulin Dog Meat Festival” thousands of dogs are killed. This giveaway is to raise money to help rescue these dogs. Tickets will be sold at $1 USD, and proceeds will be donated by @gstopybowtie to “The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation”.
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Just a smol puggerino doin’ a snooze on my first day home. 😴 #babyboba


I never properly thanked all my wonderful friends for making my first holiday season so special. Thank you for all your adorable cards! I’m trying to convince the ‘rents to leave em up all year. 🎄
@chewy .
@onetoughcookieee .
@mrbugglesthepuggles .
@mrschristinez .
@3.little.pugs .
@meetluluthepug .
@hueypotatothefrenchie .
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@brian_larbear .


2018 resolutions off to a great start.



Looks like someone missed a dust bunny under the bed. 🐰


Sloth-mode engaged. 😴 My face does not convey how excited I am to announce that I’m officially a rep for one of my favorite brands, @bullenbeisserdog ❤️ check out their stuff and use code BOBA10 for a discount. I guarantee you won’t be able to pick just one product!


How much longer do we have to do these resolution things? 😅



It’s a Netflix and chill with bae kinda day. 🖥️
My chicken jerky bae is from @doggiedabbas and was given to me in exchange for my review. @pupfluence #doggiedabbas #pupfluence #ad #sponsored


These temps are snow joke. Comment how cold it is by you so I can feel better about the 15 degrees in Chicago. ☃️❄️
📷: @tylerangelo2


A Baby Boba Blooper for your #tbt enjoyment. Believe it or not, I was not always the majestic, agile creature I am today. Make sure you watch until the end. 😂



Merry Christmas, furiends! I’m very tired from all the festivities, as you can tell, but I had a great first holiday. Hope you all had a fun day, too! 🎄🎅🏼


Don’t you worry, Auntie Lola and I will be riiiiight here guarding the presents. You can trust us. 🎁


How I sleep knowing Christmas is in four days and I’ve only bought gifts for myself. 😴 #babyboba



Pug pro tip: save money on a scarf by focusing on your neck rolls instead.🧣


A very “special” #tot in honor of @toastmeetsworld ❤️ we were so sad to hear of her passing. Rest In Peace, cutie 🌈 #toastmeetsheaven


Me everyday: slay. Me in December: sleigh. 🎄🎅🏼



Thursdays are for Baby Boba. Here’s me and my brothers when we used to live together. I’m the cute one. 👶🏼
*breeder photo*


You've heard of Elf on the Shelf, but what about Mug on a Pug? 🎅🏼
Just when we thought the crazy lady couldn't get any crazier, she gets this mug like SHE'S responsible for my success. It is super cute though, thank you @handpickedbyhadlie ☕️ #handpickedbyhadlie


Chicken jerky: breakfast of champions 🍗
My favorite treat in the entire world is chicken jerky, so I was super excited to receive this shipment from @doggiedabbas 🐔 The humans were, too, because they’re very particular about what I eat (overbearing much?). It’s made with 100% human-grade chicken... and that’s it! Nothing else! I think that means I should be allowed to eat the whole package, don’t you? I might have stolen a few pieces from that bowl in the process of taking this photo. 😏
These treats were given to me by @doggiedabbas and @pupfluence in exchange for my review. #pupfluence #doggiedabbas #ad #sponsored


Am I the wolf or a pig in this scenario? 🐺🐷📖
Celebrating two weeks until Christmas with my Secret Santa Paws gifts from Dexter and Oliver @mrschristinez 🎅🏼 how did you guys know I’ve been meaning to buy a tie?!
They were even nice enough to send something for my humans (👉🏼) which I’ve now claimed as my own.


Found a nice photo opp on my walk and accidentally busted out of my jacket. Few too many Christmas cookies for dis puggy. ❄️🍪


Guys, I met @wicketthetzu irl! Did we just become best friends? 👬


Happy Friday, friends! But first, let me take a selfie. 🤳🏼 #live .
But actually, I don’t have thumbs... photo cred: @tylerangelo2


What a nice bow. Wouldn’t it be a shame 👉🏼 if someone 👉🏼 ate it? 🎀


No tree is complete without a “Boba” ornament. 🧐
My adorable ornament is from my sweet friend @meetluluthepug and her pawrents’ shop, @meyouandlullc 💙


The photogenic gene runs in the family. 🦊🐷 #cousins 📸: @tylerangelo2 .
I’m off to hang with Bowie again this weekend so I’ll be a little off the grid, but check back tomorrow for a big surprise! 🎄


Happy birthday, daddy! Thanks for making me a risk taker 😎🎉 #babyboba (please excuse mom’s hyena laugh 🙄)


I’ve teamed up with my friends at to support their #nomorelostpets campaign. With my new Smart Tag, my pawrents can track me at all times, and they get notified immediately if I fall out of range. They can even track my walks, potty schedule, medications, and feeding times (not enough of those, if you ask me)! I don’t even notice the tag on my collar, but my parents can sleep easier knowing that if I ever go missing, they’ll be able to find me. If you want this amazing tag for yourself, use code BOBA15 for a discount! #ad #sponsored