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"La Nic Nic Nic Nic Nic" She is gorgeous. Born partially deaf and blind, doctored with Love and Respect. Follow @blackjaguarwhitetiger and help support this beautiful mission of Love. #BlackJaguarWhiteTiger #fblive #babynicolebjwt #bjwt #rescue #tiger #animalsmatter #animalshavefeelings


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Nanny Eli is fine with Lions and Tigers but Jaguars not so sure πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I just love her. @blackjaguarwhitetiger #BlackJaguarWhiteTiger For more @blackjaguarwhitetiger Follow my new account @karmaisalioness as this account is not working properly. Thanks


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I think Catalina was more tired than her Dad. #babycatalinabjwt @blackjaguarwhitetiger #BlackJaguarWhiteTiger #fblive Follow my new account @karmaisalioness


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Look at this beautiful happy new galloping rescue. It is so important to help support @blackjaguarwhitetiger They are our future. #blackjaguarwhitetiger Please Donate @boycottcircus or on Facebook at JaguarandTiger


Live. Please join us. #blackjaguarwhitetiger


#LabaiForever This Video and Poem are from our beautiful Michelle @babylove_bjwt She could not post it and asked me to do it for her. #honoured Our little king, we miss you so, today's the day God brought you home. Don't worry Dad 😘, I know you tried, I also know the tears you cry. I tried my son but as you know the human race has failed you so. It's OK dad there's no more pain I know someday I'll see you again. I know there isn't one dry eye cause everyone misses me Labai . Just one more thing before I go my sister Karma says hello. We're always here we're watching you thank you Dad 😘 for all you do. Until we meet again I love you Labaito #blackjaguarwhitetiger @blackjaguarwhitetiger @boycottcircus #boycottcircus



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Love is the greatest gift. #babybambinobjwt #babymariebjwt #newbabybjwt #blackjaguarwhitetiger Follow my new account @karmaisalioness


Eddie is live. Please join us. Link is in my bio. #blackjaguarwhitetiger #facebooklive


We All have to order one or 10. Super super excited for the release of these gorgeous Swarovski Bracelets at the end of the month. May Fiona be blessed All her days for sponsoring @blackjaguarwhitetiger and the kids. @swarovski #blackjaguarwhitetiger #swarovski #want10 #yaaaay #karmaisalioness Via @gioielleria.scali_marcello


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Oh Thank you #instagram for updating my feed just 1 post. This is sarcasm of coarse. I can't use this account other than to post. I would really appreciate if you could fix the problem. I appreciate getting my account back but I can't use it #blackjaguarwhitetiger :(



Rescued Jaguarundi Via my sister @tiffieldtwins2 #babytazbjwt #blackjaguarwhitetiger #donate #makeadifference


One of my favorite accounts Via @teamczr Honesty is the key to every relationship πŸ˜‚ Thanks Czr #teamCZR #LassieWho #BetchaCantDoItLikeC My new account @karmaisalioness


Yup. One of those days. Via @pupflix #doggies #are #the #best My new account @karmaisalioness


I just love Nanny Eli. She is my Heart. ❀️ I posted this on my other account @karmaisalioness #blackjaguarwhitetiger #forever #babytazbjwt


Look at these beautiful Rescued babies living their life with Love and Respect. Thank you @blackjaguarwhitetiger for saving these beautiful beings. #blackjaguarwhitetiger #babylovebjwt #babytroybjwt #animalsmatter #animalshavefeelings


All Lives Matter. Please Donate RepostBy @boycottcircus: "SHOP + DONATE 🐾
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How adorable is this little guy. From my sister @bjwt_fan_nikki


This has been happening to me as well. My @queenkarmabjwt account has dropped 6 thousand followers which is less people to share the magic of the kids and the foundation. I only want to bring more people and awareness to BLACKJAGUARWHITETIGER. This is my Passion. This is how the kids get help and more Rescues happen. Please Fix this IG. Repost Via @blackjaguarwhitetiger This is how by an act of magic, more than 10 Million new and extra followers don't show on my Instagram account. I have been telling the Facebook team for more than 11 months that there's something super weird in my account. Before, I used to have 15,000 new followers a day, and when they fixed an issue in my account, they dropped to 1,000. As you can see, from the 10 new followers that I accepted, only 7 showed up initially and then they disappear and I ended up losing 1 from the original count. I edited like 30 seconds of the video because they didn't fit in here. You can see the complete one on our Facebook. We are a Foondation that lives from donations, imagine having the support of an extra 10 million Humans. We work super hard to bring joy to our rescued Angels and to you, so this is not nice and not fair. Thanks to @crimebydesign for helping me prove this point...
#TaMadre #blackjaguarwhitetiger #PapaBearChronicles @chase.benjamin #karmaisalioness


Baby Taz. Please follow my new account @karmaisalioness as the feed is still not working on this account. #blackjaguarwhitetiger #donate #rescue #save #babytazbjwt


When you are just minding your business and want to sleep 😴 #chihuahuas Via @iamfoxx2000 My new account @karmaisalioness