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To feed a starving being is to nourish a hungry soul. In Greece, I am falling in Love with this little guy. #havetofindahome #rhodes #greece


His Life. Please support @blackjaguarwhitetiger and his Mission. 💙 #blackjaguarwhitetiger


We all need Karma in our life. Via @blackjaguarwhitetiger: "The only girl that has broken my Heart beyond repair...
Original Caption: Super close up to Karmita...
Date: May 31, 2014
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Via @blackjaguarwhitetiger. WIN A TRIP TO BJWT :)
Enter to win at Winner will receive ONE paid trip to The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation. Winner announced on Facebook Live Saturday, September 9 2017. Winner can be from anywhere in the world, 18 years or older. Flight, hotel, dinners, Starbucks, transportation and two days at Stage 1 and 2/2B included. Also, you can invite one guest (At your own expense) if you feel like not coming alone. Thank you for your love and support to BJWT and good luck. More info at

Donando y obteniendo un boleto a @blackjaguarwhitetiger y concursa en una rifa para ganar un viaje a BJWT. El Ganador recibirá UN viaje todo pagado a BJWT (Un vuelo redondo, hotel, comidas, Starbucks y transporte incluido) para pasar 2 días en Stage 1, Stage 2 y Stage 2B. A su vez, si así lo prefieres, podrás invitar a un acompañante (Gasto de avion corre por TU cuenta). Gracias por tu Amor y Apoyo. El ganador se anunciara en FB Live el Sabado 9 de Septiembre del 2017. Mas info en #blackjaguarwhitetiger #love #itsallforlove


Via @blackjaguarwhitetiger The Adventures of Naropa and Princess. They've been together since day one. Princesa's mom is a Pitbull that we rescued pregnant from the street, she had 2 kids and one of them died within hours so I decided to remove Princesa from her. Naropa, on the other hand, I can't tell yet his origin, but in the next couple of weeks (Spring Break in Mexico nobody works except me) I'll reveal his origin. And no, we don't breed Animals (Except endemic to Mexico but that's another story :) )
Las aventuras de Princesa y de Naropa. Han estado juntos desde bebes. Princesa es la cría de una Pitbullita que rescatamos embarazada y que tuvimos que separar de su mama pues su otro hermano murió a las horas de llegar al Planeta y decidí criarla a mano. Naropa, de momento no puedo decir de dónde llego pero en un para de semanas les dare la noticia y no, no nos nació a nosotros :)
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@boycottcircus 50% Off Sale! Help us build habitats and enjoy 50% off almost everything at!
Thank you so much for your Love and support to the @blackjaguarwhitetiger Foundation. 🐾
You can Shop and Donate online at or on by clicking the active link on @boycottcircus bio :) ¡50% Descuento! Ayúdanos a construir hábitats y disfruta de un 50% de descuento en casi todo en
Muchas gracias por su Amor y apoyo. Pueden donar o comprar mercancía para ayudarnos en o en al darle click al link activo en @boycottcircus bio...
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Via @blackjaguarwhitetiger My granddaughter opened her eyes in the morning :) Ya abrió sus ojitos... #BJWTdogs #blackjaguarwhitetiger #princesabjwt #queenkarmabjwt


One of my favorites. @karmaisalioness Karmaisalioness


Via @blackjaguarwhitetiger When Maya is in heat she turns into a bitter being. Maya, Montserrat, Cheyenne (Alex says but I don't think so), Ronda and Corazón are in heat, look at all my boys outside waiting for them...
Las niñas en celo (Menos Cheyenne) y los niños afuera esperándolas...
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The Best Rescue Foundation on Planet Earth. Via @blackjaguarwhitetiger Introducing Baby America, confiscated for obvious reasons by the Mexican Government @profepa_mx She is around 3 months old and is super energetic, a breath of fresh air to Bambinos Pride. When I see her, she reminds me a lot of my son Labai. So now we have an Africa and an America. I Love her...
Les presento a América, confiscada por obvias razones por el Gobierno Mexicano @profepa_mx Ya se unió a la Manada de Bambino. Es súper energética y me recuerda mucho a Labaito. Ya tenemos una Africa y una América...
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This family is performing CPR on a lizard to save it from drowning! (Credit: Jukin Media)

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Via @thedodo When this dog found a baby deer stuck in a fence, he just wanted to help — and then waited with him until he was finally free. 💙🐶🦌 #doglovers #wildliferescue #animallovers #rescue #animalshavefeelings #animalsmatter #queenkarmabjwt


Have you ever seen anything so magical and magnificent? Make a difference and donate @blackjaguarwhitetiger #saveourplanet Via @blackjaguarwhitetiger Alcyone growling at @magomezgarza
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Via @blackjaguarwhitetiger Very thankful to my brother @kellanlutz for reposting the info about our fundraiser. He's the only celebrity that has reposted about it and he's also the only celebrity that has donated to us (Besides Mr Bernie Ecclestone, Eli Roth, Dana White and Fiona Swarovski). Brother Kellan, you are a super classy Human being. Thanks for being a true friend. You DO know that it's all for Love. And thanks to those few that have donated, we'll do Magic with it. The active link is on my bio but I'll leave it here too just in case: ----------------------------
Hola, acabo de crear una campaña en goFundme que nos ayudara a cubrir los gastos del Santuario por los siguientes 3 meses (La pienso hacer cada trimestre). Si el 1 por ciento de nuestros seguidores donaran 1.5 Dolares al mes, podria hacer verdadera Magia, pero desgraciadamente este no es el caso. El link activo esta en nuestro bio pero lo escribo aqua también. Gracias de todo Corazon… #blackjaguarwhitetiger #queenkarmabjwt


Via @blackjaguarwhitetiger I posted this like a year ago...


Sharing a snack together. Via @suetoshi_farm #queenkarmabjwt @karmaisalioness


Conversations with @ana_wolfgang


Her Royal Highness, Queen Karmita Via @blackjaguarwhitetiger The origin of the now world famous Chupa-Dedo. A tradition now protected by Lovey Dovey. This is my baby Karma. Look at those eyes. They were so bright that when they closed they took half of Papa Bear's happiness with them to the other side...
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Original Caption: The Queen…
Date: May 24, 2014
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Incredible. Via @vanessafdeztho HILARIOUS. This video and the next one are worth watching a million times. Look how Gorakh doesn't want to go out and he closed the door! These felines couldn't be smarter! This is amazing. #blackjaguarwhitetiger #theyhavefeelings #theyhaverights #SaveLions #NotPets #NotTrophy #RescuedLions vid @dannydelfierro