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The Louis Tully of Music Trivia also the guy Pepa WASN’T talkin to at the top of “Shoop”

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Y’all realize that kids eventually become the parents right?


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All we got is all we need
…and all we want is everything!
Join us, @TheRoots this Sunday during the Half-Time Show for the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP!


A special all star tribute to @reggieosse aka #CombatJack at #cielonyc benefiting his children this Sunday 7-10

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This coming Sunday in Technicolor and Surround Sound!! All Garage jams! All proceeds go to the children of @reggieosse. Music by myself, @stretcharmstrong @djclarkkent @natashadiggs and who knows who else?? NOTE: Link to donate for those who cannot attend IN BIO!



I had fun w you @deltaskymag. Also it was cool “busking” around the town w my @thepocketkit (the scene in #washingtonsquarepark w/
Yosuke, @david.yee11 & @louieleager was off the cuff—-heard them playing #Spain by #ReturnToForever & told them just walk into my shoot and start jamming. Damn those pigeons tho 🤬ha ha ha

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Our cover shoot with @questlove took our photographer and his team all over #manhattan from Tribeca to Battery City to the West Village and Times Square—with a drum set in tow. He even entertained passers-by with an impromptu performance. @theroots @delta #delta #deltaskymag #theroots #questlove #nyc
Created by MSP-C

Photographed and Directed: @martinschoeller
Produced: Lisa Hooper
Camera A: @janertingcom
Camera B: Filiz Demirci
Photo Assistant: Marco Giannavola @studio515_ and Will Glaser
Digital Tech: Lauren Juratovac

Hair: Maisha Stephens-Teacher @elisavalentinaagency
Makeup: Maria C Scali @elisavalentinaagency
Styling: Rebecca Pietri @hommepourfemme
Lapel pins: @rickyanddee
Black Jacket: @lordwillys
Eyewear: @ditaeyewear
Special thanks to musicians:
Drums: Yosuke
Sax: @david.yee11
Upright Bass: @louieleager


On the new @QLS (#QuestloveSupreme only on @Pandora) we got @tydollasign talking about legacy & lineage (any #Lakeside fans out there?) his underground days makin beats and mixtapes w @yg, his days rockin with #SaRaCreativePartners (the voice of “I stay woke” from @erykahbadu’s #MasterTeacher) life in LA w his brother #BigTC & his campaign to get him free. Not to mention gettin @DJMustard in the game. Go and follow us and click the link in the bio!!


23 years Ago: #DoYouWantMore was released. Roots Factoids:
1st Song Recorded: #MellowMyMan
Last Song Recorded: Intro/TheresSomethinGoinOn
1st Song Mixed: Mellow My Man
Last Song Mixed: The Lesson Pt 2
Song That Didn’t Make It Last Minute: Change The Beat (Interlude)
Song That Shoulda Made It: The Ultimate
Favorite Video: Distortion To Static
Favorite Video To Make: Proceed Pt2
Original Title: Home Grown
Longest Song To Record: The Session Pt 2 (20 min posse cut)
Shortest Song: Swept Away (tape ran out)
11t hour idea: Make Lazy Afternoon the same verse and drop Malik & Quest’s verses!”
Best remix: Silent Treatment (Kick The Ball Version)
Shoulda Coulda: Distortion Remix (ran outta tape after first verse)
Regrets: Silent Treatment shoulda had a better video



Praise Rodney Allen Rippy & Black Mary, Sweet Mother Of Jesus...The Return Of Atlanta on March 1st! @atlantafx


Respect to the masterful #EdwinHawkins. His legendary #OhHappyDay was actually the premise for George Harrison’s #MySweetLord —but ultimately The Chifons’ writer Ronnie Mack claimed that it ripped off his #HesSoFine which sent ripples through the industry (something similar happened when TLC sampled & cleared Slick Rick’s #HeyYoungWorld for Creep —-but since they happened to sample the “guess who’s back?” part of the song (belonging to Shinehead a Jamaican artist) HE successfully sued & won millions even though the statue of limitations for Slick Rick was long over. So basically TLC had to pay for the clearance in 94 that def jam never paid when Rick sampled Shinehead back in 89)——ugh sorry to post jack a rip tribute to explain the industry but #EachOneTeachOne—-



Rest In Melody to #TheJBs pioneer #HearlonCheeseMartin (the guitarist who “layed deep in his grange” on the #LiveAtTheApolloVol3 from #NorthCarolina—-it’s near impossible to praise him and ignore his funk twin #JimmyChankNolen it’s so easy to take their power for granted but the juxtaposition of the lead pluck vs rhythm chord guitar was CRUCIAL to the funk—this clip from 72 is one of the TIIIIIGHTEST examples of how in tune the guitarwork duel got in James’s hey day. Damn this is magical. I want musicians to not reach so much and be teammates. Lock into a grove so simple AND TRUST THE PROCESS. You hear how magical this is? This is a motha! rip brother man.


Presenting the @DjClarkKent remix of “Space 2018” pre bday edition. Thanks bro! Thanks @Jumpman23 #ThankEathBunnyBwakBwak!


Damn. Delores O’riordan passed of #TheCranberries. rip.



Just discovered #LordKitchner’s gem #MyWifesNighty now I’m in a #Calypso rabbit hole.


Birth Acknowledgements to my hero #MaxRoach. The most lyrical drummer EVER. Jan 10 1924 - Aug 16th 2007


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Oh hey, @theroots are on @latenightseth tonight as the musical guest, performing #itaintfair from the film “Detroit.” You should watch, especially if you’re an Academy voter. 🙏🤞



Every 100 eps I change drums. The artist of 800-899 is the gawd @FWMJ (link in his bio for ill shirts/stuff too) 🤜🏾🤛🏾


Lemme tell ya: when #LesPaul & #TBoneWalker are giving you WEEKLY LESSONS before the age of 10 in guitar technique and engineering? You are guaranteed to go far kid. One of THE BEST conversations we’ve had on @QLS. The @ROckHall legend himself #SteveMiller of @stevemillerband.official #SteveMillerBand takes us on a mindblowing journey of his life in music AND TECHNOLOGY (y’all ain’t ready for those stories) & business. Seriously I know I say EVERY #QuestloveSupreme is a must listen, but this is a damn tutorial on sticking to your guns when things don’t go your way and you need encouragement from someone who lived it and was persistent in his ways. Such a great episode!! Go to @qls follow us and hit the link in the bio. Only on @pandora





Thank You So Much @pastaflyer!


I’m sure the apologies are a coming. And the ads will be pulled. I’m certain there will Be media fixers and whatnot and maybe a grand gesture like a donation to some charity (donations under these circumstances are the corporate version #SomeOfMyBestFriendsAre move if there ever was one) all this tells me about @HM is that the seats in the boardroom lack something...wanna take a guess?


Another Day At The Office @TheRoots


Chillin In My B-Nerd Stance. Photo by @candytman. Book in lap? #PrinceAndThePurpleRainEraSessions by @duane_tudahl for every prince fan: the BIBLE of his creativity from 83/84


Me: @sunsetsoundrecorders the home of Prince’s peak genius period from 81-86 and the basketball court he ruled on

Suga Steve: @sunsetsoundrecorders the home of Neil Diamond’s 15% @rottentomatoes classic #TheJazzSinger

@stevemandel @sunsetsoundrecorders


Please do us a solid and RT this. The link to the MAKING of #ItAintFair is on @songexploder’s link. We are trying to get as much academy attention as we can with this.
Repost from @songexploder @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost New year, new episode! @questlove breaks down "It Ain't Fair" by @theroots, a song they wrote for the film 'Detroit.'
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Illustration by @thatlerms


How I Figured It Out Pt 2


How I Figured It Out pt 1 (see last post)


Dude, y’all know my laugh. I’m in a quiet room scaring ALL THESE PEOPLE choking over this. @columbia_nights who did this????!!!!! #PotatoSaladContest @nissan Altima Salesmen, outdoor furniture on layaway!!!, OJ was innocent, Alize, My son My King!!!! The fact that Oleta Adams is in between “everybody’s business” & “trial size White Diamonds”, the big wooden slave spoon, all them hits and you telling me SOS Band is just above #PurseCandy?—-LOWERS MYSELF INSIDE A CASKET 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️ #BlackCoachella


Dude..... @mrchuckd_pe & @shockleeofficial & @wizardkjee & #ericsadler @publicenemyftp —-seriously without the creativity and genius of y’ I’d be LOST.


Go to @QLS. You don’t know Jason Flom (@itsjasonflom) but you should. Yeah, he’s prolly one of the greatest A&R cats in the modern music era. Under the tutelage of the great #AhmetEurtegun as a TEEN he signed #TwistedSister & soon under his mentor #DougMorris he signed #GreatWhite & #StoneTemplePilots & #ToriAmos to @atlanticrecords. We can’t forget that he led #Jewel & #HootieAndTheBlowfish & #CollectiveSoul to the promise land too. —Wait did I forget that under his @lavarecordsofficial label he signed @KidRock & @MatchboxTwenty & #SugarRay & #TheCorrs? Butbutbutbutwaititgets crazier: he signed #HayleyWilliams & @paramore when she was 14!....but then he moves to @capitolrecords & guides @LennyKravitz & #RollingStones as well. Oh—I forgot! he also signed some unknown singer named @KatyPerry—-I mean at this rate it’s overkill: all of his artists become superstars: @30SecondsToMars heard of them? @corinnebaileyrae anyone? How about @lilyallen? Ok one more!!! @JessieJ!!! He signed her too, so we talking about what, 400 million units? But peep!! His success in music is NOT WHY HE IS ON #QuestloveSupreme—- His most important contribution to our society is——oh wait he discovered @LordeMusic too 😂😂😂😂—-i know ridiculous right?what separates him from ANY exec I’ve known?: his @WrongfulConviction podcast is one of the most important political podcasts out there. Since 2000 he has used his power and resources to help overturn wrongful convictions of people who have served DECADES for crimes they didn’t commit. As a boardmember of the @innocenceproject he is putting his money where his mouth is and step by step and bit by bit he is bringing attention to this unfair and biased system. Wait wait I forgot to also mention he signed—-


So apparently y’all like the memes better than my photos (well I think there were only 30 non dj gig related photos of me so my fault right?) so no #2017bestnine instead let’s call it my #2017Suitable9?