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Congratulations @jimmypolo10 ! My daughter @suttongracekennedy and I couldn’t be happier! Worth EVERY damn penny. Go @49ers ! #allofasutton @sarahkthurber


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Grateful to to finish our business week on such a strong note.
In the world of Hollywood deal making - this “Ferocious” bidding war was as big and intense as it gets.
Deal is unprecedented.
Congratulations UNIVERSAL & LEGENDARY for the win. And a huge THANK YOU to all our studio partners who participated in the auction and pushed all their chips in on our big idea.
Respect to my good friend and writer/director @rawsonthurber (CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE, SKYSCRAPER) for once again coming to the table with an original concept idea - that caused big waves in the world of entertainment.
Now the fun part begins for all of us.. we roll up our sleeves, dig in and put in the work.
Soon the world will see red. I’ll keep you guys posted.
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World premiere of #SKYSCRAPER. An original concept film about an FBI Hostage Rescue Negotiator severely wounded in the field. Framed in Hong Kong for murder and a wanted fugitive on the run - while his family is kidnapped and trapped in the world's tallest building set ablaze. Honored to play this role. *Link in my bio for FULL TRAILER.
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Here’s your first look at @therock in #SkyscraperMovie. See the full trailer tonight in @fallontonight.


Here we go! Second quarter. Around 4:12pm PST (but who’s counting) the first look at our #skyscrapermovie — So many talented and dedicated folks worked countless hours on this picture. After the game, @therock will debut the full length trailer on Fallon. Big day. Both for me and @tombrady


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Before our #SKYSCRAPER trailer launch tomorrow during the #SuperBowl, it’s with boundless gratitude and humility I introduce you to this man @teamglas who inspired me to take on this role.
The first American amputee to climb Mt Everest, Mr. Jeff Glasbrenner.
Being that my character in the movie has only one leg, I knew when I said “yes” to this role, it would be the biggest challenge of my career and most significant because of the community I would represent.
I realized thru this entire process that there’s no way I could ever truly understand what it’s like to be an amputee unless I had been one myself.
I’m grateful that Jeff gave me the motivation & psychology to fully immerse myself in the role and for that I gave him my word that every one of my actions in this movie would be from my gut, mind and heart.
With so much respect, I thank you brother for everything and I hope I make you proud.

And thank you for the words I’ll never forget that you shared with me when you first lost your leg... “you can choose to be powerful or you can choose to be pitiful, but you can’t be both”.... Amen.
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No matter what occurs, stay alive — I will find you. #skyscrapermovie #NoFilter #ThatsRightMofosBlueANDgreenScreen #ILM


Today is the day people! RYAN HANSEN SOLVES CRIMES ON TELEVISION* is live and ready to be binged like a mofo! Very proud of this show and all the talented people who worked so hard on it to make it come to life. I promise you’ll laugh! Honest!


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Dream team.
Officially kicking off DAY 1 of shooting our action thriller #SKYSCRAPER.
To my right, our director/writer @RawsonThurber. To my left, the real star of our movie, legendary cinematographer and Oscar winner, #RobertElswit.
From ROGUE NATION and GHOST PROTOCOL to MICHAEL CLAYTON to THE TOWN and to his Oscar win for one of my favorite films, THERE WILL BE BLOOD.
Robert is on the Mt. Rushmore of Cinematographers and I'm grateful and inspired to work with this man.
What a dream team and crew I'm honored to create and drop sweat with.
Day 1 and takin' it to new heights. Literally.
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Happy birthday to the most beautiful wife and mother a guy could wish for. Love you, baby. xxx. #allofasutton #BeautifulOnTheInsideAndOut


If you can dodge a wrench... Wrote & directed this little piece. So fun to get the band back together for a good cause.
Check it out and enter to win! (try not to bleed your own blood!) Link in the bio!


Here's the thing: I'm afraid of heights. http://deadline.com/2017/03/dwayne-johnson-skyscraper-summer-2018-1202044097/



Thank you @shinola for these incredible watches. Thank you @microsoft for the equally incredible space. But mostly thank you my #NinjaBrothers for 9 years of friendship, family and fun. Best team I've ever been a part of. Love you guys. #microsoftlounge #shinola


Before today the only thing I knew about #HongKong was that Maverick & Goose almost had to fly a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of here. What an amazing city. #scouting #SkyscraperMovie #MissMyGirlsAlready



This is what happens when you leave your Holiday card duties until the last minute. #WeSuck #NextYearWeGotThis @sarahkthurber @suttonthurber


If I was medically capable of feeling love, this would've done it. Protip, @therock don't post pictures of us next to each other. I'm crushing you in the looks department. #Repost @therock with @repostapp
On set for our big FORD commercial. Don't be fooled by his boyish looks and cool charm - my director @rawsonthurber is a real 18 karat asshole. I kid.. this guy is ohana and salt of the earth. Constantly pushing himself and his team to be better daily. We made CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE together, he brilliantly grabbed the creative reigns for our @ford campaign and delivered the goods and in 2017 our goal is to team up again and make the globally ambitious and very exciting film called SKYSCRAPER, which Rawson wrote and will direct. We'll film in CHINA. Can't wait.
Until then he's still an asshole. And I look extra tan in this shot. That's what happens when my body feels that icy Detroit cold. You see my body's DNA has this special gene that produces darker pigmentation when the temperature drops below 33.7 degrees... never mind.
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So proud of my brother @rawsonthurber! His film @centralintelligence was nominated for best comedy of the year at the @criticschoice awards. Here he is in his custom @tomford tuxedo. And as luck would have it he sat next to #tomford at the event last night. A very meta media and fashion moment indeed. 📸📸📸 #criticschoice #criticschoiceawards #criticschoiceawards2016 #centralintelligence #centralintelligencemovie #fashion #style #mode #moviedirector



Halloween costume? Check.


Niners. Cal. Giants. #PerfectNight #ThanksHoney #ManCave


Missed it by THAT much. #NotGoingPro #theopening #nike


Incredible day at #theopening #nike


Sometimes when you're directing a commercial, you just gotta take the bull by the horns. Get it? Because there's a bull and...I'll show myself out.


Hi Everyone. My movie comes out today. A lot of folks worked really hard on it for a long time ( @ikebarinholtz @davidstassen ), so please go check it out. I pinky swear you'll laugh. Plus @therock @kevinhart4real are in it -- TWO big stars for ONE low-low price! Best bargain of the summer! @centralintelligence


That's a wrap on the international press tour. Three countries in three days. Gonna miss these dummies. Legit the two best guys in Hollywood. #NoShit #LuckiestDirectorInTown #centralintelligence #June17th @therock @kevinhart4real