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#CertifiedG doin #G💩 & #aCuppaHaters gonna hate ♥️ N.J. to L.A. #201 ✊🏼


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A comedian, a singer, a rockstar, & a wrestler walk into a bar...


whose abs are shinier in this photo?



Every King don’t wear a crown. #MovingForwad


@gucci 🖤


Cedric Alexander? I’m about to make u famous kid. #RealestChamp



water sucks. it really really sucks. @champssports ✊🏼 #MondayNightSneakerWatch season 3 coming soon...


@gucci down to da socks 🇮🇹


It’s personal. #201



🤘🏼rockNroll 🤘🏼


Sorry I let @Djkhaled beat me to the mail @champssports ... I’ve been busy.. defending my title on road for 52 days, I’M BACK.... and.. #WhaddaWeGotOverHere?! @jumpman23 x @gatorade = 😮


I literally never address y’all on the internet.... LITERALLY... 😘#aCuppaHaters 😂 ... & now u know why: winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners. @diddy THANK YOU for this ✊🏼 #HATE doesn’t motivate me, I’m self motivated. All you hustlers out there: #KeepOnRising #BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! and don’t let the opinions of others sway or dictate your own: that’s tough. Be your own man. Don’t be afraid to march to the beat of your own drum if you don’t like the music ... #AndYouCantTeachThat



🥇in your ❤️s..... 😘 (those thriller socks tho!? 🔥 #itsTheLittleThings)


look into the eyes of a champion.


🎥 all 3..... What do I do with all my time on the road???? Fill up my tank & empty my thoughts 🎙️..... #RememberThat!? Who remembers 3 way calls with ya mans on the land line??? One of y’all was holding your hand over the phone calling a girl hoping her Dad didn’t pick up so you can ask her what her feelings are about homeboy whose on silent... But if you heard that dial up noise.!?!?!? You done did it: Booted that girl’s family right off the internet... & got her in some 💩! I used to call my mom collect and say where I was instead of my name & I waited around in that spot hoping she’d pick me up. Last time I seen a pay phone it was in a booth in London, & I’m 90% sure that 💩 was there cause it looked cool. But really thou, #remember when you set a time to meet up with people? YOU DEPENDED on that mofo yo!!! #NoCellPhones #MapQuest #Reliable #DialUpInternet #T9TextingRevolution #FakeStuds #a1s #BlowOuts #Taper #ChinStrap #2ginnieTees #1black #1white #NikeArmBandsOnYourForeArms #CurlsForTheGirls #MidWayCheeseSteaks #Surfclub #SurfSideMotel #GiantHoopEarings #10poundsOfMakeUp #iHopeYouRememberThat



I ain’t Finn Bálor 👹 & that ain’t paint 🤬


@kingjames 👟👟..... 🤕...... 👺 @champssports back to @jumpman23 !! 🤬


Tune into the @wwe network tonight following #RAW for #StraightToTheSource.... #TheRealest 🔥





It’s always risky farting in white pants 🤞🏼


⭐️⭐️LET ME EXPLAIN ⭐️⭐️ I’ll tell ya why I didn’t whoopa the tookus of Cedric Alexander’s last Monday on New Years Day on #RAW & Imma also remind you... I’M THE BOAT! B.O.A.T. 🛥️ Best. Of. All. Time. 🏆🥇🏆 #HowYouDoin!! And ya know what makes me the 🚤 kids?? Cause when I say it I believe it, let that be a lesson in confidence. #HowYouDoin!? The BEST #CruiserweightChampion to ever live is alive & well, (#LivingLegend & s/o to the 👼🏼’s working in the Miami Dade County Hospital for putting up with my 💩,🤬, & them bums 💩’s, literally, mine figuratively.) Any way, There have been plenty before me!!!! But none like me!!! Dusty Rhodes once told me: you could be good, you could be bad, or you could be different.... AND I’M DAMN GOOD AT ALL OF EM!!!!! If what makes you different is what makes you great, consider me the #BOAT! 🚢 What you see every week on television... you can hate it, 💸 you can love it, 💸 but don’t take it for granted because you’ll never see anything else like it 👊🏻🎙️... The New Jersey Alternative Public School Education System at it’s FINEST 🧠. Cause YOU CAN’T TEACH how to be the BEST, cause when your’e the best NO ONE can DO IT like you!!!! (s/o my ex’s)💰💰💰💰💰The best of all time 🚢 ..... 🐟 & #InfluENZO


My man 💯grand.. ✊🏼🦉




#Finnesse’n 🎼 #Finnesse’n 🎼 i BE #Finnesse’n” 🎼.... @ibabye congrats on the deal! ✔️ #YoungMoney 👶🏼💸 @liltunechi got #another1 & a #real1 🙌🏼 #Dedication6 #xOtourLifeRemix


I apologize to the fans who won’t get to see a #G tonight in #Miami... I did everything I could from Toronto to Miami... From negative weather, through customs, to opting out on Diddy’s nye party in Miami, 10 hrs in a hospital, I did everything in my power to make sure I would be in that ring tonight to whoop Cedric Alexander’s hind-end 😡... Ultimately: it was outta my hands. And I got the best freakin hands 👊🏻 Say what you want about Enzo (cause with or with out my per-mish you will 😘, but one thing you can’t say about ya boy: #SAWFT!) Cedric, 1 word to describe you tonight kiddo: #LUCKY! 🤬


From hearing 75,000 people repeat the words coming out of my mouth as I walked down the longest runway in the world in a pair of Jordan Player Exclusives (I got my own J’s ✔️) ..... And hearing that crowd when the Hardy-boyz music hit. #Timing is a wonderfully ironic gift that has long been on my side. I’m glad I can say my first Wrestlemania was a stage shared with #TheUndertaker... and potentially my 1st & his last. It’s been an amazing year. Wrestlemania, The break up, the big show, the good guy, the bad guy, main events, Braun & cruiser weights, and CHAMPIONSHIPS. 2 of em. I am stepping in 2018 #TheCruiserweightChampion of the world & I can’t wait to see what #Wrestlemania34 has in store ..... and s/o #aCuppaHaters y’all are great! 😝


2017: Champion. 2018: Champion. #HowYouDoin!? #HappyNewYear


Zo-zo-Zo!!!! #HappyNewYear!!!!




Over a year ago I was on a FaceTime with @cashxo & he straight 💩’d on me 😳... it was motivation I needed & I used to get where I’m at, & more importantly - to get where I am going.... I appreciate that. ✊🏼. “And I can walk it like I talk it blind-folded, cause I know who I am and I know where I am going.” #straightUP - shoot it even if you ain’t open homey: you miss 100% of the shots you do not take. 👆🏼 - HAPPY G-DAY @cashxo appreciate you homey! #ifitaintXOthenitgottago #XO #cashday