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It’s time to get it in and get life started for the day God blessed ya so get up get out and do some, @iamtherealdp , @dj_jones10 we in here @hxfitness


Congratulations to Alexus & Antonio aka Team @alexusreneestar for winning Challenge ONE of #thahopelessromantic! CHALLENGE TWO - @adizthebam Bambi's challenge for all you men is to show your woman your best dance moves ... set the mood , get romantic and show your woman your best dance moves to get her in the mood! Contestants have 4 days to upload their Videos! @Sallie_green @Gwen custis @luvu__kj @Black_blacklovematters @Bizzybodygetnbizzy @alexusreneestar @SamielsSpot @Kerrah_87 @rissaree22 @Rosebud052717 @Chase_stylz DM @kefromcali #info


Good am, man nephew out handling his business @streetbud_ #Repost @streetbud_
My New Single Dropping Friday!! 🏃🏾‍♂️💨✔️💵🆙. COMMENT “RUN IT UP” 🚦prod by Usando



Stay clean , focus and consistent #workinglifeout


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@mo2it_st6 I need all my G’s and locc 2 come out an show love the N.H00D way support my 6ig homie Father's First Movement @imafatherf1rst let's get it


Good am let’s do the right thing for the right reason, and for the right people, go through what u gotta go through to see the blessing God got for you it’s love and grace that got us here



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It’s challenge time for the men! If you haven’t already ... go vote for your favorite couple at ✨ Ladies, y’all killed it. Guys ... it’s your turn. Have fun #hopelessromantic #hopelessromanticcontest


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I do know (before a plethora of comments are posted) that there are scores of police officers who do their job. But this post reflects the depiction that media wants us to see. This is the ultimate message. They don’t care about the select few cops who do their job correctly. It’s to be known and understood that what you see is the instructed protocol. #ARMUZIC #BagDifferent #TMT #TBE #OSG #MILQBOYZ #TMTDigitanetwork #AllahIsMerciful


Told My Lil princess that we gotta get in the word a lil mo and stay on the path God got for us , I said we gone start from the beginning #Genisis #TheWord



Woke up and prayed then I had to smoke one to this I’m like dayum , life can’t b so sad we gotta turn life into a str8t up #PORDY go to @adizthebam bio and or go to the mursic sites and snatch that bih live life dnt b scared for the Pordy must go on


#thahopelessromantic - VOTING IS NOW LIVE - Goto the link in my bio and pick your favorite couple and VOTE for them! 3 Days of VOTING will determine the couples that make it to the next round! @adizthebam Ya feel me... @Sallie_green @Gwen custis @luvu__kj @Black_blacklovematters @Nique_084 @Bizzybodygetnbizzy @alexusreneestar @SamielsSpot @Kerrah_87 @rissaree22 @Rosebud052717 @Chase_stylz @Suedadon #Dm @kefromcali for #details


Feeling real #Wakanda ish #Kingish



Big Facts!, hean lyin what we gone do trumpet


#thahopelessromantic - VOTING IS NOW LIVE - @adizthebam Goto the link in my bio and pick your favorite couple and VOTE for them! 3 Days of VOTING will determine the couples that make it to the next round! Ya feel me... @Sallie_green @Gwen custis @luvu__kj @Black_blacklovematters @Nique_084 @Bizzybodygetnbizzy @alexusreneestar @SamielsSpot @Kerrah_87 @rissaree22 @Rosebud052717 @Chase_stylz @Suedadon DM @kefromcali #info



Wow I seen this on one of my parents page and this is so true , remember when we prayed in school it was no mass shootings or nothing, they took God out the school and it seems as if the devil stepped in, we gotta just do better in the world 🌎 and politics


Dne deal #GGC #DaPrince shot by @princedaphotographer jeans by @elitepremiumdenim


Thank God for another day and a second , naw 4th chance at this thing called life, wake up and go get it



Me and my black Queen went to check out #BlackPanther , look at her looking all shimmery and shiznyee


#BlackPanther premier was lit the movie is def phenomenal, and very creative I must say


My lil one just called and said she received her gift 💝 and I’m happy I can show her what it’s supposed to b , I’m grateful for having you in my life Lil lady that’s growing up on me


Go get Bam new joint #ISSAPORDY #Repost @adizthebam
#IssaPordy 🎈🎈🎈 click the link in @adizthebam bio if you’re trying to be at the #Pordy 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽


Just want to thank God for the amazing wife I have and I’m def grateful for u giving us to each other . Even when she’s mad or irritated I love her , she really is a loving woman and someone who knows how to make me smile , love you my beautiful wife @adizthebam #HappyVdayBoo


It feels good to be back on the radio 📻 especially in the city I’m from #presence is everything @streetz945atl #SELFISH ft @sammiealways


Go follow @chain_gangz get u some bomb tats and he up next in the game #GGC


All you gotta do is do your research on a real true King name translated in all religions and nationalities, I believe , so I’m winning #chooseaside I’m more spiritual than religious


Inna zone #GGC


#albumflo i ain’t did a album in a couple lol, but @hitmansteviej_1 @chuyadig got me rolling #mursicthatsall #Grown coming soon


#Shimmer #GGC Hair and clothes lol what I want we got it