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Tell us about your self-love journey in the comments! πŸ‘‡πŸ’–
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And society needs to check itself. πŸ‘
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#SelfCare is probably the best invention since sliced bread (which we're about to eat know...self care). 🍞✨


Hostin' a classy French 🍷 and πŸ§€ night just so we can DIY this and show it off to all of our friends.


Happy birthday to the ever-powerful, ever-wise, and ever-inspiring @amandlastenberg. πŸ’ž
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Episode three of Unstyled is double the fun with @chloexhalle, who stopped by to talk about dream boarding your dream life. With so much success at such an early age, they're *literally* living the teenage dream – tap the link in our bio to listen to how they do it all! #unstyled.
We're in the thick of Season 2 of the weekly Unstyled podcast! Host Global Editor-in-Chief & Co-founder @christenebarberich is dazzling us with a lineup of incredible women/voices/powerhouses of truth. Tune in to these honest, funny, inspiring, often heartbreaking conversations around the intersection of life, love, work, and, YES, style, too.


New week✨new horoscopeπŸ’«! Find yours below.
πŸŒ™Scorpio: It's officially your season! Your extended birthday celebration will serve as a major reboot, but don't let nostalgia keep you stuck β€” try traveling to a new place!
πŸŒ™Sagittarius: Get ready to use that open-minded nature of yours to bring different people together through a project β€” the more creative the better! Be sure not to overcommit. Now is your time to relax and recharge.
πŸŒ™Capricorn: You're a social πŸ¦‹ this week! In your social life and your work life. Try learning a new skill or working with people you normally wouldn'tβ€” it could pay off!
πŸŒ™Aquarius: It's time to work at those goals β€” you are all about the ambition this week. Take some time for yourself towards the end of the week, you're going to need it!
πŸŒ™Pisces: You're about to go through an adventurous phase! A strong connection may emerge with someone whose background is different than your own.
πŸŒ™Aries: It's getting hot and heavy for you, Aries! You may be feeling lustful, but make sure to save your final rose for someone with staying power.
πŸŒ™Taurus: Be wary of trying to change those that aren't the way you want them to be. Put energy into the people who can give you what you need.
πŸŒ™Gemini: Time to make wellness a priority. Try skipping the drinks and opting for a hike with friends instead. And you may be feeling extra crafty with Halloween coming up β€” grab that hot glue gun!
πŸŒ™Cancer: Put on those glitter boots β€” it's time to wear your wild side on your sleeve! Go out and enjoy yourself β€” Cupid will be making plenty of appearances in the coming weeks.
πŸŒ™Leo: Dinner parties, cocktails, parties β€” oh my! Your domestic side is showing! But make sure to get your private time in, it will be important for you to recharge.
πŸŒ™Virgo: You've been working hard β€” it's time to get out there and enjoy yourself. Get out of the house! Be open to new experiences, you may meet someone who will be important to you.
πŸŒ™Libra: You had your birthday fun, now it's time to put your nose to the grindstone and get back to work! Take time to enjoy the moment β€” some opportunities may be sitting right under your nose.
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Don't be afraid to get your ✨ on, whether you're alone or in a big ol' room full of people. πŸ¦„
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When your skirt is so versatile you can take it from day to night like THAT.


Like this if this view was better than any of your weekend plans.✨
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On October 24th, we will be premiering @thetaleoffour on our website as a part of @r29shatterbox. The directional debut of @gabby3shabby, this short film is inspired by Nina Simone's song, "Four Women" and weaves together the stories of four women and their different stories. Covering topics from police brutality and domestic abuse, to wanting to know more about where you come from, the film serves as a powerful commentary on the racism that is still so prevalent in our society.
Just 7% of 2016's top films were directed by women. Follow us at @r29shatterbox to change that by giving female directors a chance to claim their power. ✊πŸ’ͺ


Today marks the beginning of #AsexualAwarenessWeek. We see you and we hear you! 🌈✨
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Come for the style, stay for the sisterly πŸ’ž. Tap the link in our bio to read interviews with sisters about their other halves.
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Remember when we were like "oh we should do laundry after work." Nope. Start your nightly routine by checking out our guide to K-beauty via the link in bio!


Happy birthday to the πŸ‘‘ , #CarrieFisher. Comment your favorite memory of her below. πŸ‘‡πŸ’ž


Chocolate and peanut-butter = one of the best food combos there is. 😍 Here are 6 nutty facts about our go-to snack.


Another spot we're adding to our nap-bucket-list. πŸ’€πŸ’†
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A huuugeee πŸ™Œhell yeahπŸ™Œ to this and an even bigger happy birthday @amberrose – thank you for using your voice to lift up so many! πŸ’˜
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Today would have been #CarrieFisher's 61st birthday. Thank you for helping to keep the Force so strong. ✨
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Catch us celebrating @johnkrasinski’s birthday by scream-crying at our fave Jim & Pam moments. πŸŽ‰


Fall 🍁 = Us layering on all of our fave pieces because we've been waiting to get our hands on new sweaters and jackets. πŸ‚ #R29xTJMaxx
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If you missed grabbing 🎟️🎟️ to #29Rooms LA, we're ⚑️giving some away!⚑️Head to @29rooms for details. 😏
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Yeah, you’re seeing double. πŸ‘€ We challenged twin sisters @simihaze to take the idea of a β€œmatching setβ€œ to the next level. Tap the link in our bio to see how they give any piece of clothing their signature touch. βœ¨πŸ‘―
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Because you’re you, and there’s nothin’ more true blue than that. πŸ’™
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Shirt dress FTW. This R29 editor is puttin' her own spin on this fall trend. πŸ‚


It might not be today and it might not be tomorrow, but there’s a πŸ’‘ at the end of the tunnel that’s gonna let you shiiiinneee.
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β€œThey can only know my worth if I know my worth.” Another @badgalriri-ism we’re gonna get tatted on our chests– add it to the list. πŸ’«


β€œIt’s a constant uphill battle showing our stories need to be validated. But I think we’re consistently framing and positioning ourselves as allies first and foremost across races, across the spectrum of gender identity, and across general ability.” - Hawa Arsala
✨Who: cofounders @yaytonia and @ha.w.a, and their team @youngmoneyjazzmoney, @meerfrau_engel, and @toy_papi.
✨What: @browntourage, a media agency which supports socially conscious and diverse culture makers.
✨Where: they’re makin’ 🌊🌊aaallllll over the 🌎.
To learn more about these ⭐️⭐️, tap the link in our bio.
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Brb, reevaluating the entire πŸ‘»πŸŽƒ look we had planned. πŸ’Ž
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Getting checked is just one more way to tell your body you πŸ’˜πŸ’žπŸ’“ it. #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth
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