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Well that's a WRAP!! Man had a ball making movie magic with some pretty talented people. You guys are going to LOVE ❀️ this.. Remember the date June 29th 2018, world premiere of the @uncledrewfilm. What a cast n crew of hundreds, friends for LIFE. #LightsOutBaby #UncleDrew @kyrieirving @shaq @realchriswebber @lisaleslie @naterobinson @comedianlilrel @theericaash @tiffanyhaddish @nickkroll


My DREAM TEAM who turned me into #Lights for the @uncledrewfilm. Please follow @richardredlefsen and @bluehairedprincess, 2 of the most talented special effects and makeup people in the business.. #LightsOutBaby #UncleDrew


Ok people, let me hear from ya.. Who ya like tonight, Canelo or GGG?? (Via @bleacherreport)


#MiniMe explaining to #LionessCub, "This is when Rafiki holds up baby Simba, Circle of Life".. Who doesn't ❀️the Lion King.. #ImGoingBeAMightyKing #SiblingLove #BigBrotherProtector


Nothing beats being in character, speaking 3rd party and talking NBA.. Love my job.. #LightsOutBaby #PreacherPreach #UncleDrew


9/11 #NeverForget #GoneButNotForgotten


To share the stage with these GREAT men is truly humbling.. From left to right: Artis Gilmore, 'Slick' Leonard, @spencerhaywood24, Rick Barry and the man of the night, newly minted HOFamer George McGinnis.. #HallOfFameBaby


YESSSSS @tmac213, you ABSOLUTELY belong in the HOF. Congrats on being the keynote speaker and knocking it out the park.. Was an honor to play against you.. #HallOfFameBaby #TMac


Couldn't be happier, a true pioneer and legend of the game, congratulations HALL OF FAMER George McGinnis.. So happy to be by your side.. #TrueHoosier #Boombaby


Yes the LEGEND himself, Mr Boombaby, Bobby "Slick" Leonard. Will be honored to be by your side as we walk George McGinnis into the @hoophall.. Know I take the life lessons teaching to heart and will FOREVER keep Boombaby alive. Let's have some fun tonight.. #BoombabyBoomBoomBoom


Me and my boy @comedianlilrel made it seem like we were shooting Fast n Furious 25, but added our own twist for own @uncledrewfilm.. #UncleDrew #LightsOutBaby #MethodThespian


So HONORED and EXCITED to be standing up with George McGinnis as he's being inducted into the @hoophall. So many life lessons you, Uncle Mel and Roger Brown taught me for my whole career in Indiana. Will forever be indebted to you for your friendship. Congrats to you and your family for this well overdue accomplishment.. #HallOfFameBaby


Hey @trayfour, ummmmmm someone is coming for your 3-pt record, he goes by a lot of names: Shaq Fu, Shaq Diesel, Shaq Curry, Shaq Harden but for the sake of the @uncledrewfilm, we call him Big Fella @shaq #UncleDrew #LightsOutBaby #MethodThespian @lionsgate


When your hat and outfit matches your birthday cake (Aug 24th).. Couldn't post this on my actual birthday, but wanted to thank Charles Stone (Director) and the whole crew for embarrassing the heck out of me on the set of the @uncledrewfilm. Love my crew mates.. #UncleDrew #LightsOutBaby #MethodThespian πŸ“Έ: @naterobinson @theericaash @shaq @realchriswebber @lisaleslie @kyrieirving @comedianlilrel @lionsgate


Nothing but non stop laughing on this @uncledrewfilm set. Everyday it's something new, LOVE IT.. Can't wait for June 29th 2018 release.. #UncleDrew #LightsOutBaby #MethodThespian


YEESSSSSS, we are having this much fun!!! The down times of shooting this @uncledrewfilm have been the best, we just break into song n dance. #UncleDrew #LightsOutBaby #MethodThespian @shaq @theericaash @realchriswebber @lisaleslie


Well here we go, first look from the set of the @uncledrewfilm. Working with some talented people, just wait till you see all the behind the scenes shenanigans from everyone's personal accounts.. #UncleDrew #LightsOutBaby #MethodThespian


You never know who you'll run up on in Da Bu.. Should of asked for a lift home.. #SweatToTheOldies #HelicopterUber


When the trail calls you in 105 degree heat. #VirgosStickTogether #SweatToTheOldies


On the Set ❀️ with my girl @theericaash, y'all really going to love her in this #UncleDrewFilm... #LightsOutBaby #MethodThespian


Hey Coach @looneysonya, Speed Racer @lauren.gregg, Grim Reaper @annekebeerten, Harley Quinn @rachelstrait1, Rose @rosekgrant, Chloe @chloewoodruff, Larissa @larissaconnors and Nikki Jo @nikki_jo_peterson, my #LionessCub is a few months away from her Prevelo Alpha Zero balance bike and can't wait to shred with her heroes.. #BikerChicksRock #StartEmYoung #BabyShredder


One of the things #MiniMe wanted to do on his birthday is put on his new Spider-Man gloves and go shredding. Can't love this boy anymore!!! #VirgosStickTogether


Can everyone please wish my #BigBossMan AKA #MiniMe a Happy Birthday. Son I can't believe it's already been 4 years, you are so smart, kind, loving, giving, thoughtful and most of all protective.. The last one I'm so happy to see that you don't let anyone mess with your Baby Sis, melts me.. Enjoy that cake cake cake and know we LOVE ❀️ you so much... #VirgosStickTogether #VirgosUnite


Show time.. #MayMac


"Dance with me Big Braddah".. #SiblingLove #BigBrotherProtector #LionessCub #MiniMe


YEP, pretty much sums up MiniMe and Myself.. How about it fellow Virgos, accurate?? #VirgosStickTogether


No words can express how I feel with all the fabulous BIRTHDAY WISHES from everyone. The balloons, candy, cookies, cake and plain ole pats on the back I NEVER take for granted. Thanks for all the love on social media, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude.. Now time for some πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚ put your name on it.. #BirthdayLove #BalloonBoyLover


My character is ALMOST there πŸ˜³πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ€₯.. #UncleDrewFilm #LightsOutBaby #MethodThespian


Character starting to evolve πŸ˜³πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜œ.. #UncleDrewFilm #LightsOutBaby #MethodThespian


Getting into character πŸ˜³πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ˜†!! #UncleDrewFilm #LightsOutBaby #PiedmontParkInspiration #MethodThespian