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The highlight of the @southridge_usa race in Fontana was watching MiniMe once again race up and compete against a young boy who is 7 years old. He held his own early but had a much smaller bike, his Christmas Day bike would have been perfect but he's still not comfortable on dirt because it's still a tad too big for him. So proud that he likes racing the older boys, builds confidence... So Dad got 4th, MiniMe 2nd and LionessCub got top podium for being the cutest 😜😳😝😛.... #ToddlerShredder #RaceReady #RidersUp


Hard work is starting to pay off from @looneysonya and @brinanner7, placed 4th out of 9 in Sport Class 50-59.. Ran 3 consistent laps, big thanks again to @incyclebicycles for the tent Hoosier Hospitality for the family. Kudos to my @redzoneracing1 family of @philieman @centurydreamhomes_rguzman and @jerryvenge for the trail side assistance, warmup laps and pictures. Was great racing with such badass Enduro racers like @annekebeerten @curtiskeene @kelleymtb and @blakemastrangelo. Thanks for letting me follow y'all on the sketchy stuff to get the proper lines.. Winner of my class time was 1 hour 4 mins, I was 1 hour 10 mins, so getting closer.. #EmbraceTheBurn #BallersBall #WeCanRebuildHim #WeHaveTheTechnology


The GANG is ready!! #BallersBall



Love my brotha @snoopdogg... #BallersBall


The GANG was ready!! #BallersBall


My SOUL Sista @jemelehill, keep speaking the truth.. #BallersBall



Trying to keep the legs strong to control dat bike on the up and downhills 😳😜😂😝.. Let's keep getting better in da Lab Coach @brinanner7 Coach @looneysonya.. #IBelieveICanFly #ChiropractorNeeded #AgeNeverDefinesYou


Happy Valentine's Day to my Boombaby Squad... #SmilesAndLaughs #BlueEyedBabies


LIGHTS, Camera, Action.. It's finally here, check out the NEW @uncledrewfilm trailer, in theaters June 29. Full trailer in my bio link up above. Check out how Lights lights up dat screen 😜😝.. #LightsOutBaby @kyrieirving @shaq @naterobinson @lisaleslie @realchriswebber @comedianlilrel @theericaash @nickkroll @tiffanyhaddish



Lights, OLD??? Please, my game is refined. Watch me play on Uncle Drew's team June 29th!! #LightsOutBaby @UncleDrewFilm


Fellas, look how miserable we look, and look how rad and airborne @annekebeerten looks 😳😝😜. That's the difference between amateurs and a PRO!! Congrats on your downhill victory the next day Anneke the Grim Reaper.. 📸 @pbcreative #BikerChicksRock #IBelieveICanFly #MiseryLovesCompany


AWESOME job of capturing the feel of the race @jerryvenge, this is on point... So glad for cloud cover and no wind.. @philieman @annekebeerten @no_weaksauce @centurydreamhomes_rguzman.. #ReadyForMyCloseUp



The BEST thing about my race today was watching MiniMe take a podium spot (second) in his very FIRST race. Held back tears, but seeing the joy on his face just competing melted me. Now we have to work on his cornering skills 😳, but his straight away speed is on point. Plus he competed up, the kids in race were 5 n 6, even thou he TOWERED over them on the podium.. #ToddlerRaceCrusher #RealKidsWearPink #Tallboy


Survived another round at Fontana's @southridge_usa XC training series race. In fact shaved 4 minutes off my previous time, finished 9th out of 16 with a time of 1 hour 10 mins.. Thanks @incyclebicycles for the Hoosier hospitality with the tent, you guys ROCK.. Bigger thanks to @annekebeerten for the pre-ride and showing us all the downhill lines to take, girl you float on dat dirt.. Last but not least, big ups to @jerryvenge and @centurydreamhomes_rguzman for the great pics as well as bottle service trail side.. #RidersUp #RaceTimeReady #RealMenWearPink


The GANG is ready!! #BallersBall



The GANG is ready!! #BallersBall #PlayersOnly


He's a cross between Jimi and Prince, we ❤️ the hits MiniMe is putting out. Today it was Purple Haze 😂😝😜😳.. #MyGuitarHero #ChicksDigMusicians #AllAboutTheHair


Thank you Coach Steve Alford for letting me address the troops after that HUGE win versus that other team cross town. Glad MiniMe got to see up close why it's special to be a BRUIN. All he kept talking about on the way home, "Dat locker room was so cool Daddie".. #HeartAndDetermination #ShareTheBasketball.. @uclaathletics @uclambb



Just a couple of 'Old Schoolers hanging with my Young Schooler'.. Thanks Vince for letting my MiniMe elbow you during that intense @uclambb vs Trojans battle.. #BruinLove #8Clap


The GANG is ready!! #BallersBall


Thanks @socal_endurance for putting on a GREAT race, my riding partner @philieman and I finished 7th out of 28. Was well worth the hustle and grind... Even got some pump track action in with MiniMe at the end. Thanks @pbcreative for making us look badass.. #RidersUp #RealMenWherePink


What a RIDE. What a RACE. What a BLAST. Had so much fun with my riding partner @philieman at the @socal_endurance, we finished 7th out of 28 amazing teams. We both finished with 4 laps each for a total of 8, my lap times were 43,44,45,46, George's was 40,41,42,44, the winners got in 10 laps 😳.. Can't thank @redzoneracing1 enough for the Hoosier hospitality, family had a blast as well. Legs feel like jello, time to get some food in this BELLY. #RidersUp #RaceDayReady


The GANG is ready!! #BallersBall


Can't wait to ride with my TWINS partner @philieman at the @socal_endurance 6/12hr MTB race Saturday January 27th.. Always a pleasure to ride with you repping @redzoneracing1.. If you're near Vail Lake Temecula area, swing by and cheer/support some amazing riders/racers. P.S. for clarity I'm Danny DeVito and George is the Arnold Schwarzenegger character from the movie 😜😳😝😂... #RidersUp #RealMenWherePink #SpandexHeaven


@looneysonya Assignment: Technical riding all day, all about bike-body position on bike, keeping arms relaxed and staying loose, all while looking ahead.. #WeCanRebuildHim


Congrats @joelembiid on your starter All Star nod, keep grinding.. #TrustTheProcess


The GANG is ready!!! #BallersBall


Can everyone please wish THIS ONE a Happy 30th Birthday, the very talented Ms @kristenledlow. Only you can pull off the #SnowUnicorn.. #RainbowUnicornsAreReal #GoShortyItsYourBirthday #LookBackAtIt


Please excuse my jibber jabbish, I'm new to all this technology, the internet blogosphere Instameter-Tweeter. People call me Lights, I'm 4th from the left, styling in my 2 piece green combo meal outfit with my sunblockers.. Will be good to see my old friend, OG Uncle Drew tomorrow in Boston. Boy we were a HANDFUL on dem courts, I sure wish they would add us to the #NBAAllStar ballot, just so we could show these young bloods how it's REALLY done. Anywho, I will be dropping pics from time to time showing love to my crew. Now has anyone ever heard of Facenovel, I need to post there? Peace. #LightsOutBaby #UncleDrew