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My debut Book 'Unseen' is out now. Buy yours using the link below.

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In yesterday’s Observer Food Monthly, I talked all things food and family. FYI Not a Footlocker employee shirt. Promise. Check it out online now. @obsfood #mocktail


TALK STEW episode one is now live. Check out my podcast where myself, @owencutts & @uzooleh chat with David Baddiel. We discuss everything from the similarities between the black and Jewish communities, a bad joke at a urinal by a South African security guard and spend wayyyy to much time on a pair of cuddly toys called wee and poo. Jump on iTunes or Deezer now to download. BOOM BAM.



AND WE ARE LIVE! Episode One of my Podcast TALK STEW is now available on Deezer & iTunes. So glad I can finally share the meaty goodness! LOL What is Talk Stew? Get downloading and see what happens when I throw David Baddiel into a conversation with me & two of my pals, while sat in a building site in South London. It all makes sense if you listen. Promise. Subscribe now as I’ve got several episodes in the can that will drop weekly from here on out. This is my spin on what a chat show should sound like so wherever you are, whenever you are, get yourself some Talk Stew.


Loved the London Q&A with @claraamfo UNSEEN the Book and Audiobook is out now.


We’ve come a long way big sis... from Saturday morning cartoons to published authors. Mad. Always inspired by @fearnecotton Love ya sis.





Remember remember the 5th of November... @illsun


FINALLY I can share the news... My next documentary will be for @bbctwo on the hidden victims of The Grenfell Tower fire. I’ve been desperate to tell you all what I’ve already learned and experienced, now I can.
I’m out to unearth the human stories of the many residents whose lives were lost in the fire and about whom so very little is known.

Amid the aftermath that followed the Grenfell Tower fire - calls for justice, claims of conspiracy, accusations of social apartheid - it’s easy to forget that there is still so much we don’t know about many of those that died, who they were and how they lived before the fire.
Through conversation both challenging and enlightening, I’ve learned so much and can’t wait for you to see the film.



Great conversation, good people, good vibes only... I’ve spent so long in my own head not sharing my perspective, but since writing the book, I realise the value in speaking loudly about what I’ve learned and I’m so thankful it’s resonating... If you’ve not heard the full @halfcastpod podcast you can watch it on YouTube and listen to The HalfCast Podcast on iTunes and Spotify now.
Thanks again @chuckieonline & @poetscorneruk


Oi. This new @officialavelino is 🔥Go get that new project!


PART II of my @fault_magazine interview and shoot is Online now. Check it out!



ENERGY IS TANGIBLE- I’ve had some amazing feedback from my appearance on the @halfcastpod I can’t thank you guys enough. LOVED the conversation and you can hear the entire episode on on YouTube and Soundcloud now. Thanks again @chuckieonline & @poetscorneruk for having me.


Check out Part 2 of my interview and photoshoot with @fault_magazine Online now. I talk my photography, book and what’s coming next.


Thanks so much to everyone who joined the UNSEEN Q&A tour. The london event hosted by @claraamfo was really special. Thanks so much to everyone for the support. Huge love as ever. Shout to @penguinliveuk for all your love! UNSEEN is out now.



On that Barry white. #SEXYEYES 👀


When your barber @slidercuts is hating on your natural skills as a Jedi master of all things fade related.



The UNSEEN tour continues! Looking forward to tonight with the amazing @edibow UEA I’ll see you later!!!


Have you ever been cornered by that “Let’s have a conversation but I’ve got nothing to say” person??? Yeah, Dem ones.


This advert for UNSEEN was brought to you by @slidercuts The worlds friendliest Barber. AKA my page 234 & 208.


I go on a date with Holly from @marieclaireuk and you can see how great (or crap) a date I am. Hit play to see my candle lit patter or copy and paste the link below to see the full intimate dinner. Lol


Currently... grateful. Mad mad week. Thanks for your support people. Happy isn’t even the half of it.


@sundaybrunchc4 was fun today! Cheers for tuning in guys. UNSEEN the book is out now...


Today today Brighton! I’ll be doing a Q&A with @julieadenuga covering my documentaries and Journey in TV. I can’t wait to see you guys and I’ll be signing every single one of your books too!


The Audiobook version of UNSEEN is also available today. Hit play to hear the first paragraph of the book. I read every blasted word so you don’t have to! 😇 Jump on amazon if you’d rather listen than read... Hit the link and get yours now...


My interview with @wonderland is online now. 📸 @lilybw


Can’t believe we’re here, but we are. It’s release day and my first book UNSEEN is out now. There’s so many things I never thought I could do, but the minute I invested in self belief I’m continually surprised at where I find myself organically. Case and point - a book. This is the first of many and as it’s built on the back of my documentaries and formative experiences, I’m over the moon I can finally share my truth and more insight into who I am. Love you guys for the support. No, REALLLLLY! Massive love people. R


UNSEEN The Book is out tomorrow! Hit the link in my bio to grab a copy. 📸 @israelpeters #Bookcover #Outtake