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TALK STEW EPISODE 008 is live on iTunes and @deezer now. This weeks Podcast features @owencutts & @uzooleh with special guest @noelclarke The stew this week discusses everything from Uzo’s pee cure to a Jellyfish sting, Owens Valentines/Pancake day swap and the UK film industry. Why are so many British Talents in music and film doing so well in the states? What’s Noel and @ashleywalters new Cop show about? Plus loads more. Join the stew NOW!


Pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to park in this spot...



Talk Stew Episode 007 featuring the genius @jamalimaddix From the @viceland show Hate thy neighbour is online. We talk documentary, Wu Tang and my Trap House. Available for download on iTunes NOW. Stream on @deezer NOW!


And then @pointlessblog broke down the numbers. FLIPPIN ECK. Talk Stew episode 06 is available to stream on @deezeruk and downloadable on iTunes NOW.


TALK STEW is currently #4 on iTunes! Thanks so much for listening and subscribing to the podcast. Check out episode 006 now featuring @pointlessblog himself!



Out ere.


NO DAYS OFF - So I’m still going. I’m working my butt off on several projects, I’m in another time zone, but I’m making the time to KEEP GOING. This was yesterday and I look smashed (even as a toon) but I’m stronger than ever and loving it. Day 37. LETS GO! @pmacfitness thanks brother.


Them staring into the distance ones.



“Rolling in my G.P” THE TALK STEW Podcast is available to stream on iTunes and downloadable on @deezeruk NOW! Thanks again to the amazing @romeshranga Big up @owencutts moustache and how can we forget Kevin’s leather creep gloves. @mercedesbenzuk I think you need to make one...


The old smize while taking a photo trick... #mysmizegamestrong


Standard. #FBF



London boy... #FBF (yeah it isn’t Thursday... and what?)


The TALK STEW Podcast Episode 005 is live on iTunes and @deezer NOW! Featuring @romeshranga talking all things stand up comedy and mum related. We also spend a decent amount of time laughing at @owencutts moustache. Standard. Stream and download NOW!


🇬🇭 X 3



Come and see pose! Check out the latest episode of Portrait Artist Of The Year on Sky Arts and see what happens when I get turned into a piece of art. Those poor artists had to stare at my bonce for HOURS! 📸 @joelynntw


@officialwretch32 said I use sexy creme! Lol check out this weeks Talk Stew podcast featuring Wretch 32 on iTunes and Deezer NOW.



MAN. LIKE. DANIEL. Oscar nomination.... mate. I mean. Mate... There literally isn’t enough clap emojis.


Had my first real Yoga class yesterday... From now on I only answer to YOGA YATES. 🙏🏽😆


TALK STEW episode 004 is live on @Deezer and iTunes NOW. Featuring one of my favourite conversations so far with @officialwrwtch32 we talk The Grenfell Tower Fire, The best MC in the UK, Pressure to perform, the big American adventure and fatherhood. Oh and we talk about hand creme too. It gets...intimate. Lol. Download on iTunes or stream on Deezer now.


When you’ve got a legend in the room, the stories are bound to be classic. Thanks again to David Roddigan for joining the stew and YOU can stream and download TALK STEW on iTunes and @deezer NOW!


(Un)Polished plaster


When @stormzyofficial makes you feel old!! TALK STEW PODCAST EPISODE 3 Ft. David Roddigan is LIVE on @Deezer & iTunes NOW!


#TBT FAAAAK. Man like @theowalcott in 2006... Nothing but love and luck... But not too much when you’re playing against us. #Gooners


Them boys at @prevulondon got some 🔥


Somehow... I have noooo idea how... BUT WE WON! #crystalmaze was insane. We beat the other three teams playing that night and for the record, we didn’t steal any Crystals. We’re far too grown up for that... Sorta. Oh, one last thing... @pmacfitness got locked in LOLLLLL


Episode 03 of my podcast TALK STEW is LIVE!!! This week myself and the boys sit with DJ and god of the soundclash David Roddigan. Get some stew on iTunes or @deezer NOW!


Now THIS is a throw back. 20 YEARS AGO. Hooooooooo leeeeeee 💩! @fearnecotton Disney Club feels like a lifetime ago! Between my so happy to be there face and your fringe, lets thank the #TBT gods for growing up... Sorta.