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We found paradise 💦🌿
Would you swim here?


Happy 3rd wedding anniversary to my favorite adventure buddy, @matthewhahnel 💛✨


Island breeze 🌴✨
If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?



Living in the van felt incredibly freeing. We could wake up wherever we wanted, drive as little or as far as we pleased each day, and could choose to stay longer in our favorite spots. Occasionally it felt more burdensome, like during breakdowns or severe weather. Overall, living on the road for 7 months straight was probably the best thing @matthewhahnel & I have ever done. Our relationship is stronger, our passion for adventure fueled more than ever, plus we learned to live with less and definitely became more patient! 😜
🌲Location: Redwood National & State Parks (check out our park guide on the @drinkevolve website!)
📷 More photos from Redwoods featured in my ‘stories’ today ✌🏼
🚐 Van: @gowestycampers


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Wearing - Stratus Lightweight Shell & Lotus Yoga Pant 🌙


I grew up close to the beach in Australia and swam frequently when I was a kid. My parents used to call my sister and I “water babies” because we could stay in the water all day long. I am more drawn to mountain adventures these days... but I will always find my bliss in the water 💦



✨ New blog post! ✨ (link in bio)
I have been living out of a suitcase & on the road for the past 15 months, without a house or apartment to call “home”. Along the way I have learned a bunch of tips & tricks to feeling more at home wherever I travel 🌏 Read more in my latest blog post (click the link in my bio or head to
I would love to hear how you avoid home sickness & burn out on the road - share in the comments section below! 🗺️
🚐 Van: @gowestycampers


We made it to our final national park! American Samoa - park 59/59 on the @drinkevolve road trip! I can’t wait to share more from our adventures in the pacific with you all! We should have better phone service/wifi soon, so stay tuned 😊 For now, here is a throwback to a beautiful sunset in North Cascades National Park (43/59) last month 🏔️✨


Some facts you might not know about me 👇🏼
• When I was kid I used to be terrified of the dark, but now I live for deep starry skies ✨
• I had traveled to 28 countries before getting a proper camera or considering myself a photographer. I wish I had better photos from those trips but I don't regret it because I think it allowed me to be more present in those moments 🌏
• I met my soul mate in 7th grade. 12 years later he asked me to be his wife. 3 years later we are living our dream life together 💛
• I grew up on a small farm in Australia, horseback riding and playing in the dirt. My parents bred miniature horses & I have even helped deliver the odd foal 🐴
• Back in 2015, @matthewhahnel and I packed up everything and moved across the world to base ourselves out of Colorado. Best decision we ever made 🏔️
• I am super gullible so don’t joke with me 😜
• I hate bullies and you will never see me use this platform to put others down or make fun of people. I believe the world would be a much better place if we were all a little more accepting ✌🏼
• I am a qualified Speech Therapist - a career I love but have put on hold for the time being 🤓
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The biggest perks of #vanlife? 🚐 Sleeping in the outdoors in “comfort” and being able to work on the road. The biggest downside? Breaking down in the middle of nowhere... oh and that one time we woke up to a mouse crawling on us in the middle of the night 😶 It’s definitely not all fun but it’s part of the journey and good to laugh about afterwards!!
🚐 Van ⇢ @gowestycampers
🌲 Trip ⇢ @drinkevolve


Mt Rainier is one of the most magical places in the world. Check out my journey through the park with @sackclothxashes (link in bio) ✨


One of my favorite moments from this road trip ☀️ Big Bend National Park is an underrated gem - add it to your bucket list!✨



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Dancing in the moonlight ☽
✎ ɴᴇᴡ ʙʟᴏɢ ᴘᴏsᴛ ✎ Click the link in my bio to read all about my trip to Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska. Including itinerary ideas, a description of our Arrigetch trek and photos. We have posted more park guides on the @drinkevolve website so check them out too ☽


Roy’s Peak or Death Valley? 😜 We had such a great time exploring Death Valley National Park - it was full of surprises! ✨



We are so close to finishing the @drinkevolve National Parks Road Trip, only 7 parks to go! Thanks so much for following our journey around the country. Road trippin’ in Ruby, our @gowestycampers Vanagon, has been an incredible adventure! 🚐✨


Moments before the storm ⛈️ I’m stoked to announce that I’ve joined the @sonyalpha Imaging Collective! I’ve been shooting with Sony gear for over a year now & I’ve loved the freedom of owning a smaller/lighter setup whilst still having incredible image quality. Shot on Sony A7Rii, Sony FE 24-70mm f/4 #alphacollective ✨


For all the places I have been, I'm no place without you ✨



✨ NEW BLOG POST ✎ my current inspirations & favorites ✨ I’ve put together a list of some of the people, images, YouTubers, podcasts, music, books, documentaries etc. that are inspiring me right now - click the link in my bio to check it out! Comment something/someone who is inspiring you below! ☼
This photo was captured in Kings Canyon National Park a couple of days ago. Looks a little like Yosemite doesn’t it? I love the Sierras 💛


The perfect way to end a week of adventuring in Yosemite ✨ Wearing my @KEEN Terradora's, which practically haven't left my feet these past 6 months! #TrailFit #ad


Kenai Fjords National Park (37/59) was even more beautiful than I expected. The top of the Harding Icefield Trail provides a horizon of ice and snow that stretches as far as the eye can see. Camping up there felt like a dream ✨
We just posted a mini guide to Kenai Fjords National Park on the @drinkevolve website - go check it out! (link in my bio)


I travelled to the US for the first time in 2012. Yosemite was one of @matthewhahnel & my first stops on a 3 month road trip across the country, a trip that inspired us to eventually relocate from Australia a couple of years later. Yosemite opened my eyes to the beauty of America’s National Parks & I will forever be grateful for that. I mean, who couldn’t fall in love with a view like this?! We had an absolute blast exploring the backcountry & valley of Yosemite this last week, park 48/59 on the @drinkevolve National Park’s Road Trip. Can you believe we only have 11 parks to go?! 🚐
It saddens me to hear of the deadly rock fall from El Capitan today. I guess it is a reminder that nature is just as powerful as it is beautiful. Stay safe out there everyone 💛


Walking amongst these giants was so surreal & definitely not something I will forget 🌲✨


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Many of you have asked how @matthewhahnel & I live/travel in a van & manage to not kill each other. Well here are some tips!
•Use a GPS or Google maps etc. because then no one is to blame when you end up getting lost! 💁🏻
•Make sure to have some alone time. Go for a walk, read a book, put on some noise cancelling head phones. Distance can definitely make the heart grow stronger 😜
•Spilt up the mundane tasks like dish washing, cooking, making the bed, cleaning etc. Having a routine will set up expectations & help you be way more efficient each day ✌🏼
✨Read more of our tips on @culturetrip, featured today!✨
🚐 National Parks Road Trip thanks to @drinkevolve & @gowestycampers 🌲


There has been so much more to this road trip than just seeing the National Parks. The journey has taken us through a bunch of cute towns, to state parks, forests, lakes, beaches and even some big cities. Often the best parts simply involve us chilling in the van down a backroad, waking up with the sun and enjoying each other's company. The saying "it's about the journey, not the destination" can be so true, if you let it happen ✨ Ruby is going strong by the way, she's enjoying being back on California soil. I don't know how we are going to give her back to @gowestycampers in a month 😫


Is Lake Clark be the best National Park in America? Read more in my new blog post (link in bio)! The @drinkevolve National Parks Road Trip is flying by! We are already at park 47/59 and there are only 6 weeks remaining! Thanks again for following along on this crazy journey 🚐🏕️🇺🇸


Nature ignites the senses & the soul. Feeling the spray of a waterfall, the fresh ocean breeze, sunshine on your face & the grass beneath your feet. Hearing the wind howling through a canyon, birds awakening at dawn & wolves howling in distant valleys. Smelling a pine forest after rainfall, the saltiness of the sea & a lush meadow in the height of spring. Seeing towering mountain peaks, animals being wild & sand dunes being shaped by the wind. Nature will always be my happy place 🌲


Back in May, the @drinkevolve National Parks Road Trip took us to the beautiful island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands. Our aim was to visit Virgin Islands National Park & explore the culture of the island. We fell in love with the vibrant waters, lush foliage, amazing wildlife, delicious food & kind people of St. John. It breaks my heart to hear of the intense damage Hurricane Irma has caused on St. John & many other islands in the Caribbean, as well as to parts of the southeast of mainland America. On St. John there are still locals missing, people & animals injured, limited safe shelters, & there is not currently enough safe drinking water or food to go around. The non-profit organization St. John Rescue Inc. is doing a brilliant job getting help to those in need & aiding the recovery process. Please consider donating to the cause if you are able to (link in my bio) 🙏


Three of my favorite things - mountain views, sunset & the company of a cute pup 🐶✨