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Where is your dream winter destination? ❄️ Vote below! Use these emojis (unless you want to choose somewhere else!)
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I’m so curious to see what comes out on top!


Still mornings at Lake Louise ❄️ Doesn’t that cabin look idillic?! Shame it’s actually a canoe rental shack 🙈 Shot on @sonyalpha a7RIII, Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, ISO 100, 27mm, f/8, 1/30sec 📷 #alphacollective


Walking on a frozen river surrounded by towering canyon walls ❄️✨ It was such a treat to explore the ice formations, frozen waterfalls and ice caves of beautiful Maligne Canyon in Jasper National Park. Winter in the Canadian Rockies is pure magic 💫@travelalberta #explorealberta #myjasper



Oh hey there 👋🏼 Just a reminder that there is a person behind these pretty pictures of far away places ☺️ It’s so easy to forget that Instagram is just a highlight reel of the best moments and the most picturesque places. I want to get real for a minute... because when we embrace our vulnerability and open up to the world, we ALL grow from it. Here are 4 things that I struggle with on a daily basis and are working on improving...
✨Balance ✨ If you didn’t know - I am a full-time freelance creative (photographer, blogger, influencer, etc.) That means amazing things like being my own boss, having flexibility to create my own schedule and getting to travel a lot of the time. On the flip side, I feel like I can never switch off and that I am working nearly every waking hour, every single day. I nearly always feel like I have a to-do that is a mile long and that my brain is juggling too many things at once. I am incredibly blessed for the amazing life I have but it can be really exhausting and overwhelming at times. This year I am implementing some strategies that will allow me to work smarter instead of harder... because health and happiness are always more important than numbers ⚖️
✨Comparison ✨ It always seems like everyone on social media has it all worked out. This frequently makes me feel like I’m not doing enough, that I should be hustling harder, working even longer hours, etc. etc. I recently started a gratitude journal to help combat these feelings of inadequacy, because when I step back and put things into perspective, I am very quickly reminded that my life freaking rocks! (The app that I use is called “Grateful”) 💫
✨Skin ✨ I’ve spoken before about my struggle with acne. It can sometimes feel all consuming, but I’m grateful things are slowly improving. Constant travel, time zones, jet lag and extreme weather changes are not my favorite things when it comes to clear skin... I’ll be doing a blog post soon about traveling with acne, which will hopefully help some of you ☺️
✨Accumulation ✨ I am constantly juggling the desire to live a more minimalistic life and the realities of my job.


Happy ♥️ Day everyone! We started off the morning ice skating on beautiful Lake Louise and now we are about to sample the Chateau’s famous afternoon tea. Feeling incredibly blessed to be in such a stunning place and to share my life with this amazing man ❄️⛸️✨ @travelalberta #explorealberta #mybanff


The pool suspended in clouds... ⛅️✨
I recently had the pleasure of staying at @mundukmodingplantation in Northern Bali. The entire resort was magical, with some highlights being this infinity pool, the kind staff, and my villa overlooking the jungle. My favorite moment of the trip was getting caught in a rainstorm during a dip in the hot tub one evening... an indescribable feeling 💫 Thanks for helping me get this shot @robintuck1 ☺️



The rains in Bali meant all the waterfalls were raging! I wouldn’t say this was a peaceful dip... with the spray lashing my face and the current trying to pull me down the river... but we had a good laugh and got to cool off from the heat 😆💦✨


Swinging over the jungle... a feeling I hope stays with me forever 🌴✨
PC: @christinagalbato, with my edit 💛


Woke up in paradise ✨🌴✨
Tag someone you would take here!



I have been overwhelmed by how friendly, genuine and kind the Balinese locals are... They always go out of their way to help you, are incredibly trustworthy, and are pretty much always smiling ☺️ I can’t wait to return to this beautiful island... next time with @matthewhahnel! ✨PC: @christinagalbato, with my edit 💛


This wasn’t the photo I set out to get. I had my tripod all ready with a long exposure shot in mind, and I was posing facing towards the falls. Someone called out, and as I turned around Peter from @passports2life captured this more “candid” moment from the side. Although it isn’t the composition I had in mind, I love how this image captures the moment and shows the scale of the falls. Photography is often like that... you’ll take 100 photos of one angle and it’s the single image candidly captured that is your favorite 😆 Am I right?!
What kind of images do you prefer to take? More staged or candid? I personally like to mix it up ✨
Thanks for capturing this moment @passports2life 🙏🏼


☼ H E L L O B A L I ☼
I haven’t been to beautiful Indonesia since I was about 12 years old and it’s so nice to be back! This was taken at sunrise yesterday - big shoutout to @sutarahady for being my human tripod and to @christinagalbato, @robintuck1, @wzylouisey, @passports2life & @roads.ruins for the adventure... such a fun morning ☺️
Dress by @freepeople ✨



Happy Australia Day to everyone who celebrates! Even though I’m now based in the U.S., Australia will always be “home” 🇦🇺🐨✨ #AustraliaDay


I visited Yosemite for the first time in the spring of 2012 (it was also my first trip to America and my first National Park experience). I couldn’t believe somewhere that beautiful actually existed... and there began my love for the National Parks. I have since returned to Yosemite a handful of times and fall in love over and over again each visit. I just put together a video and a blog post of my most recent California road trip, to the Redwoods and Yosemite. Click the link in my profile to check them out - let me know what you think! ✨ Trip in partnership with @nature_valley. Note - this photo was taken on a previous visit to Yosemite during spring #RoadTrip #California #Sponsored #Redwoods #Yosemite


What would you do if fear wasn’t a factor? Seriously though? ✨
I would probably go sky diving (I’d love to experience the insane views and thrill but I’m too scared of the free-falling part 🤷🏻‍♀️)
Leave a comment & tell me what you would do if for one day you were fearless 👇🏼



I’m missing the Faroe Islands today... the snowy vibes and cute little sheep ❄️🐑✨


Standing in the shadows of one of the world’s tallest waterfalls 💦 It was such a blast road tripping last week with @nature_valley. We hiked some of our favorites trails, saw almost every sunrise and sunset, and experienced nearly every form of weather (hello California winter!) I’m putting together a little video from our trip & can’t wait to share it with you all! ✨ #Sponsored #Yosemite #California #RoadTrip


Frosty mornings in Yosemite ✨
Every time I visit this beautiful park I am blown away by its grandeur... by its never ending ability to leave me in awe and wonder. Although we had hoped for snowy conditions this time, I'm more than happy to settle for this 😉 I hope you're enjoying following my adventures through California with @nature_valley. If you have missed out on my daily stories, you can click the first "story highlight" on my profile to see what I've got up to! ✨#Sponsored #Yosemite #California #RoadTrip



🌲 F E E L I N G A L I V E 🌲
Being out in nature is my therapy... it's a time that I can be truly present and absorb the wonders of this magnificent world. Walking beneath these giant Redwood trees yesterday was a surreal and incredibly empowering feeling... How does nature make you feel? ✨ For the next week I'm exploring beautiful California with @nature_valley. I'll be hitting up some of my favorite trails, capturing as much beauty as possible, and sharing my adventures with you all. Keep an eye on my 'stories' to see what I get up to! 🗺️
#Sponsored #Redwoods #California #RoadTrip


Sunrises with you ✨👌🏼
Shot on @sonyalpha A7Rii | Sony FE 24-70mm f2.8 | f5.6 | 47mm | ISO 100 | Merge of 3 different exposures (1/40, 1/320, 1/2500) | Used a remote control shutter release & tripod | #alphacollective 📷
I have a blog post about how @matthewhahnel & I take couple travel photos - I’ve linked it in my bio if you’re interested 💛


I’ve been looking back through some of our images from the @drinkevolve National Parks Road Trip. I still can’t believe we explored all 59 parks in just 7 months (super thankful)... Soon I’m going to be sharing some more blog posts about the road trip, including what our favorite parks were. What would you like to hear about? Leave me a comment below 👇🏼
🎒Backpack by @topodesigns
👟Shoes by @keen


What are your goals for 2018?
Some of mine are:
* Travel to 5 new countries 🌏
* Create more video content 📷
* Explore my new home (Washington) 🌲
* Read at least 30 books 📚
Share one of your resolutions in the comments below 👇🏼
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This past year has been one of the craziest yet. I have loved taking you all along on the journey with me and am forever thankful to be a part of this creative community. Here are 10 of my favorite images from 2017. I’m not solely referring to just the aesthetic of the images either, I’m highlighting moments that brought me happiness, places that took my breath away, and memories that I’ll treasure for a lifetime. Wishing you all an amazing new year! Here’s to an even better 2018 ☺️✨ (swipe left to see all the images)


What was your favorite travel moment of 2017? I had so many incredible experiences, including our trip to Virgin Islands National Park. Despite coming down with a tropical illness (probably my WORST travel moment of the year) I still had such a great time. Before visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands I had never seen such turquoise water, swam with 3 sea turtles at once (!), camped on the beach, or chilled in a hammock under palm trees... I will always cherish our 5 days there (besides the getting sick part 😝)
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Wishing you all a magical Christmas 🎄❤️ The cutest cabin you will ever see - by @jacobwitzling


It’s Christmas Eve & I’m so happy that it’s snowing outside (in Seattle) ☺️ Here are some wintery vibes to enjoy while you sip hot chocolate & watch Christmas movies 🎄❄️🎅🏼✨


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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas ❤️❄️ Bae: @matthewhahnel


It’s officially winter! Who else loves the cozy feeling of a lit Christmas tree, twinkle lights & holiday music? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I have partnered with @energizer this holiday season to share my night photography tips & tricks - click the link in my bio, or head on over to reneeroaming.com ✨ Energizer has the perfect gifts for those travelers & avid photographers in your life! #StillGoing 🎄 #sponsored