Handicat that walk'n'rolls β™‘ (@rexiecat)

Handicat that walk'n'rolls β™‘

Rexie is a handicapped cat with only two working feet. Living his life to the fullest and happiest. Disability does not mean inability 🐾 Facebook ⬇


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Rexie: I'm on energy saving mode today 😸



That feeling when you're labeled as a king and you totally live up to the expectations πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘‘


This drawer now keeps the most purrecious treasure in the world. In case of a robbery attempt you know where to find it 😹


Stealing things from human's drawer must be very entertaining. That white mitten is up to no good! 🐾😜


Le workout day 🐾
A big thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi in our yesterday's live stream ❀ And a huge shoutout to those who watched it til the end! πŸ’–


Epic return of the strawberry toy! πŸ“And there's a catzilla that is after it 😹


Having a bad Monday? Here's Rexie to save the day! 😽 He's sending everyone lots of purrfect vibes and he even struck an extremely cute pose to make the vibes more effective πŸ’–


A fleshy python showing up out of its death tunnel consuming some tasty food leftovers from those fluffy whisker pads πŸ˜ΈπŸ‘…


Welcome on board of Rexie Airlines! The destination of our flight is Caturday. Please, make sure your seatbelts are fastened as we're ready for take off ✈ #airplaneears
And Happy Easter to all who celebrate it πŸ’–


Rexie looking over his kingdom. Those peepers see everything 😻


Never try to take away a box from a cat! If you make the cat pissed off, later you'll end up pissed on 😈
It's a little piece of friendly advice for today 😸 Happy Thursday everybody!


Rexie, where have your ears gone? πŸ™€
I guess it's fine as long as your hamster cheeks are there 😸


Now that's a smirk!
And a mouthful of saliva goes as a bonus 😹


Not really sure what's going on here.
Most likely, Rexie came to a realization that it's Monday again πŸ™€
Too much drama 😹


Rexie: It's sleepy Sunday. Why did you wake me up at such ungodly hour for a photo shoot, srsly?


Good manners on pointπŸ‘Œ
Happy derpy Caturday everybody!


Purrito is not fancy to take a bathito πŸ™€
Happy Fridito everybodito 😹😽


When your human comes back home without buying you anything πŸ˜”πŸ˜Ύ


Is that pink snout asking for some kisses? One does not simply say 'no' to that face πŸ˜™β€πŸ˜»


Rexie: I'm not always sexy... But oh wait, yes I am 😎😻


Keep on derpin' 😜
That little tongue is being naughty 😹
Happy Sunday funday ❀


Today's Caturday derp is the derpiest of them all since it's #aprilfoolday 😜 On such day it's ok to be more crazy and silly than you usually are!
Look at those saliva splashes going right and left, saliva showers are guaranteed! 😹
Happy April's fool and happy Caturday everyone! 😽❀
Rexie got a little (read: a lot 😹) high on catnip thus the drooling.


The face he made when I said we need to throw away that box.
Rexie: You better go throw away yourself, human 😑😾 I need this box for a FridayNightBoxPawty with friends. Moreover, no box is a trash.
So I had to reconsider my decision. The box is staying with us (for a little while 😈).
Happy Friyay everyone! 😻


It's a walk'n'roll day!
Can't wait for snow to melt so I can take him outside for a little stroll. And! To make a video compilation of Rexie walk'n'rolling 😊


We're entering the #springmeowdels contest hosted by @yoshi.and.kawa @aby.licious @britishbrothers @thebirmantwins @junethekitty to celebrate spring coming to town!β˜€πŸŒ·β˜€ Sadly, in our town there's no sign of spring yet - snow and mud everywhere but the weather is definitely improving!
We tagged some furriends to join the fun but everyone is welcome to participate! ❀


Rexie keeps meowdeling showcasing one of the recent items from our cat accessories shop 😻
If your cats like to dress up, feel free to check our shop πŸŽ€@rexieshopπŸŽ€


How come cats look so purrty any time of the day. What's their secret!?
The bowtie we made for @missypampam is already on its way to her!