Handicat that walk'n'rolls β™‘ (@rexiecat)

Handicat that walk'n'rolls β™‘

Rexie is a handicapped cat with only two working feet. Living his life to the fullest and happiest. Disability does not mean inability 🐾


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That cute fluffy kitty head shaped carpet Rexie received from @vivipet_usa. And he's totally using it as a booty warmer 😹
@vivipet_usa creates various awesome products for cats and they are currently in the process of making floating kitty shelves. Check out their kickstarter here ➑ Bit.ly/catwalklive (or visit their profile for a clickable link)


πŸŽ₯ This #RexieWalk and his happy tongue are for Samantha and her fluffy gang @siberian_monkeys. She was so kind to send Rexie a bunch of his favourite treats, thank you so much sweetie, you made and keep making this boy happy 😽❀


This loony TπŸ‘…T on Rexie's face is entering a #meowscloseup contest, tagged some furriends to join the fun with an opportunity to win some pawsome goodies 😍😻
And another announce of the day: @vivipet_usa is about to launch their amazing Cat Walk shelves. Check out their page as they are planning to do a giveaway and give a huge discount to those who supported their kickstarter πŸŽ‰


Rexie: Monday, don't you dare come any closer πŸ™€


Sexy Rexie Sunday


Treat scoop activated πŸ‘…


Friday sassy vibes 😜


Just when you think Rexie can't get any cuter, he shows up to prove you wrong.


Rexie is ready for a meow show. Are there any hot topics you guys are up for discussing? 😸


So let's take a look at the insidings of an April #catladybox . There we have two awesomely designed ceramic kitty statues, a set of cute kitty notecards, kitty ear rings and a pillow and a bird toy. Rexie was not included in the box as he is a November baby. Do you know what makes catladyboxes special? They send things to kitties and their lady humans too! So if you're a crazy cat lady or have friends with such syndrome those boxes are a must have! By the way, a crazy cat lady syndrome is a real thing but it's not as cute as it sounds, go google it if you like to read about gross stuff 😜.
And also today is a special day of all meowmies and mommies. So happy Mother's day if you're one! πŸ’–


Rexie getting the most out of Caturday 😊🎁
A big thanks to Priya @mimo_and_kirry (seems like I could go on and on thanking you in our every post) and the @catladybox team for letting us have one of your Cat Lady boxes. We received this wonderful gift 2 weeks ago and now have finally a moment to show you we're officially a part of it! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ The box review will be posted tomorrow.
And last but by no means least, we're expressing our deepest gratitude to everyone who helped us reach our campaign goal, it's crazy it happened just in 3 days! Thank you all for your help and support ❀ COI community has always been amazingly awesome and we're happy to be a part of it. I really wish Rexie knew how many people out there love him and care about him.


The tail seems to be demanding some attention too.
Guys... We're overwhelmingly touched by how many people out there willing to help. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your kind donations and word spreading. Your help means so much and we're eternally grateful to everyone who has been there for us.
Keep being wonderful people that make this world a better place ❀
Lots of love from this special needs boy and his person πŸ˜™πŸ˜½


I'm really sorry for posting this content but I'm desperate and have no other way out. As you know I no longer have a place to live. My sister and I were given a year to find something before our relatives all of a sudden decided to kick us out of the apartment we lived for 8 years. But even having side jobs and borrowing money from people, one year is too little to collect 36k US dollars to afford a one bedroom apartment. But now we're almost there, we're just 4k short from the total amount needed by June. Our lovely friend Priya @mimo_and_kirry literally came to the rescue and helped us create a fundraiser.
I know the amount is huge to ask and I really don't want to be like a beggar but the situation is really urgent. We're enormously grateful to everybody who's been supporting us either by your kind donations or buying our keychains or cat accessory products. Your help matters so much. All the gifts some of our followers sent to Rexie, it's really touching how much supportive you guys are. That's why I feel bad for asking for more as there are so many of you who has already been there for us with your sincere love and care.
I've been enjoying sharing Rexie with all of you but now I don't know any other place to go to ask for help. If you think you can donate please check the link in my bio, there you'll find our story in details. Every donation counts, every repost or word spreading is a big help too. Please guys, we need just one miracle to happen. Rexie needs it too. I want my little boy to have a safe place all to himself again.
Thank you for reading. We love you all.
And a big and special thank to Priya for helping us run the campaign and being there for Rexie and I.


When you're home alone doing your things but suddenly some slinky monster is starting to crawl over your house's roof and walls so you just sit there like ...
I guess that's an episode from a horror game these two are playing.


Guess the day of the week by looking at Rexie's face.


One of the world's most photogenic cats 😻


Happy Tabby Thursday 😽❀


Cutester that lives in a drawer 😻


When you just finished eating your dinner and now wouldn't mind having a bagful of treats for dessert 🍬
Happy TπŸ‘…T everypawdy!


I've been hardcore petting his belly for a couple minutes but when I took my hand off of the floof Rexie kept sitting in the same position exposing his belly 😊 Yay for nakey belly Monday! 😻😍


Straws and Rexie have always been meant to be 😍 Whenever I drink something with a straw Rexie is there to demand it every time 😹
Happy Sunday straw funday! πŸ’–


Caturday brings out all the sass in him 😸
(One more photo from our "Rexie topping the box" collection).


When your human has been working all day long leaving you home all alone with an empty bowl, this is the face they will come back home to. "We need to talk, take a seat in front of me." 😾
That's not actualy true, Rexie is exaggerating 😹 His belly is full and he's ready to Friyay πŸŽ‰
Thank you all who bought our keychains yesterday! I've always been amazed how helpful and supportive our IG community is!
Happy Friyay everybody! ❀


All taken. Thank you so much guys, really ❀
Hi guys, here's a second batch of felted kitten keychains I made. I'm selling them to earn some money so I can get a mortgage in two months. We're "only" $9k away from the downpayment but it's still a big sum for us to get in such a short time. So, if you're interested in buying one of these, you'll help so much!
The keychains are 9cm/3,5 inches tall + loop. 100% felted, 100% handmade, 100% sewed so nothing will ever break or fall off. All are 20 USD (except for tabbies/stripped they are 23). Shipping costs are included in the price and I can ship worldwide. Payment via PayPal. I'm also open for any customs if you want one.
Feel free to DM me so I could send you a close up picture of a kitten of your interest or if you want to buy one. Thank you so much in advance! Rexie and I love you all ❀


#Meowbox Meowdeling 😻🎁 Meowdel agencies, you're missing out! 😹


When a #meowbox is basically a box with a meow in it 😻
Thank you so much @meowbox team for sending Rexie one of your ameowzing boxes, he's absolutely thrilled with it! And the toys that go with it are pawsome too! ❀


Me: "Rexie, look what we received today! It's super awesome bowls from @vivipet_usa and look, they have kitty face shape."
Rexie: "I can't contain my excitement. There's no trace of food in them, what's all the fuss about?"
While Rexie being a buzzkill I'm expressing a big gratitude to the @vivipet_usa team for sending him this wonderful gift ❀ The bowls are very stylish and unique, and on top of that they're safe and easy to eat from (the wooden platform provides room for Rexie's rear legs so he can be all comfy when stuffing up his belly). All the additional gifties are very sweet too, so thank you so much! Rexie loves everything, I believe it's hunger speaking for him right now 😹
And of course, I'm giving a shoutout to our amazing friend Priya @mimo_and_kirry for making it possible for us to have these cute bowls. Thank you for always being there for my boy and me and all your efforts to help us out πŸ’– We love you!