Handicat that walk'n'rolls ♡

Rexie is a handicapped male cat with only two working feet Born Nov 18, 2014 Heart thief ❤ and happiness giver ✨ Disability does not mean inability 🐾


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When you realise you're a moment away from having your butt dipped in tub water 🛁 🙀


Sunday chills.


The paw is asking for a poke and the nose wants a boop ❤


#LearnAboutRexie A lot of people assume that the only proper way for Rexie and other cats in a similar condition to walk is using a wheelchair. But in fact, it's the other way round. Unlike dogs and a number of other animals, paralysed cats do not need a wheelchair to move around better and have a good quality of life. Most cats do feel better living as they are, without any additional object that we think might help them. Two-legged cats by no means are different from the normal ones, except for being slower and clumsier at times and having no ability to jump. But they do perfectly fine with those two legs they have. They're agile and mobile enough to do their daily cat things and if you put the cat in a wheelchair, it would limit those capabilities.
So if you have a cat with rear end issues but who's moving around without any trouble, I would recommend letting him/her live as they are. Buying a wheelchair would be just a waste of money, learnt by the first hand experience. In case you're wondering where I got a wheelchair for Rexie, I bought it from a Ukrainian company Frakishtak. They make high quality custom things for special needs animals and ship worldwide. Just Google the name and you'll find them easily.


Rexie: Should I sleep until I'm hungry or eat until I'm sleepy? Hmm... Decisions, decisions...


Game of boxes.


Doing justice to the Tongue Day in a fabulous way! 😋


Rexie: Please, make the Monday be just a joke 😢


Sundays are for sleeping in 😴


Expecting the treats to be served any time soon now!


Approaching winter is succeeding at turning Rexie into a fluff ball, literally.


When you can't get through that one funny joke without laughing every time it's brought up 😹


Rexie doing a sassy relaxie 😌


Rexie zenning out. But not his tongue. His tongue is being silly again #TongueOutTuesday 😋


When the temperature falls below zero and snowflakes begin to fall from the sky, it's time to get fluffified *more fluff more luff* ❤ #SnowInOctoberIsNoFun


When sleep attacks, let it win. Especially if it's Sunday 😴


Caturday silly games 😸


Casually wearing his tabby-lous outfit 😊


When you accidentally meow a bad word in front of your human *oopsie*


Days and nights are getting colder here in our place. It's been only 6°C lately, gloomy and rainy ❄☔ Winter seems to be here in no time 😭
We hear that many people keep complaining about autumn being very hot in some places ☀🔥 Well, we would love to swap our weathers with them! 😣😋
Let us know how the weather is in the place where you live!


Doing justice to the Tongue Day 😋 #TongueOutTuesday


A little touch of seriosity doesn't make him any less cute 😼😸


The Halloween month is coming! 🎃👻 This witchy hat Rexie's wearing was his awkwardly-made-by-his-mom costume he wore on Halloween last year 😣😹
But this year we've got something to offer you! The itty - bitty spidey bow tie is available for purchase in our @rexieshop 🎀 If you're not scared of spiders and would like to expand your accessory collection, go check our shop! 😻


Rexie is testing his heart melting skills. Is he doing good? 😍😻


Tuesday is here and so is Rexie's silly tongue 😋 Happy T👅T everyone! #TongueOutTuesday


Who else is entering Monday like this..? 😣


I think that pink sharpie lollipop Rexie's enjoying is very delicious 🍭
Health situation update: After 2,5 weeks of fighting the stomach disorder disease, Rexie finally came out as a winner!🏆 It was a hard and stressful time for both of us and I couldn't be happier that it's now in the past. Thank you all for your well wishes and healing vibes clogging up our DMs! ❤ Rexie is now back to his daily duty of bringing love and joy into your IG feed and stealing your hearts! 😸😻


The face he made when I told him we're going to the vet
#shoked #pleaseno #PleaseTellmeYouAreJoking


The not-Monday-ready mood 😔


Rexie is trying to figure out how to make the little spider come in for a Sunday Funday play 🐾
And we're heading to Mimo's 4th birthday pawty #mimos4thbirthday 🎉 Happy birthday, sweet girl! We love you and your Ma, and Kirry too! 😙😽❤