Handicat that walk'n'rolls ♡

Rexie is a handicapped male cat with only two working feet Born Nov 18, 2014 Heart thief ❤ and happiness giver ✨ Disability does not mean inability 🐾


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We're turning on Caturday derpy vibes! Follow suit! 😸


Friday selfie #meowsselfie


Bowtie meowdel 🎀


This puss is destined to be loved furever! 😻


Treat scoop is activated!
Happy #tongueouttuesday 😋❤


Available: #2
You guys asked for more kitty keychains/charms so here's a new batch!
They all are 100% handmade out of felt, each is 9cm/3,5 inches tall + the loop. You can hang it on whatever: your purse, backpack, your cat's carrier, rear view mirror of your car, etc!
We accept payment via PayPal and ship worldwide. Shipping costs are included in the price. DM me to buy any or get a close up photo of the keychain you're interested in!


Rexie is getting the most out of Sleepy Sunday 😴
But you can still boop that pink snoot 😻


Rexie: I mean, there's only one chair, human. I think you can sit on the floor.


Pink and tabby overload alert!




This tongue looks like a yummy piece of ham 😋 Happy #tongueouttuesday 👅
It's a special one as today is an International Cat Day! 😻💖🎉


Rexie: Weekend, come back 😿


It's Sunday strawberry funday! 🍓Such action much wow 😸


Teeth brushing is no fun unless we do it Rexie's way 😹
We'd like to thank @gargi1.b for sending us a package of oral care supplies a while ago. Rexie is absolutely not happy about it but his human is very grateful ❤


Rexie seems to be ready for yet another day to go steal people's hearts. Figuratively ❤


Rexie: The #mysummerflirt_2017 contest is on, and it's about impressing your cat crush with something special. I'd like to impress Zoë @izzyandthefluff. She's well known as a heart queen for having two real hearts in and on her chest. I had to improvise to become a good match for her ❤


@smilingpawspets sent us one of their cat beds in exchange for a review, so here it is.
Rexie loved the bed at first sight and touch. He loves chilling in it and kneading the hell out if it as the material is very soft 😻🐾 Moreover, Rexie fits perfectly into the bed and he seems to be so comfy in there. His verdict on the product is well shown on his happy face - 5 meows out of 5! 🌟
His human is content with the product as well. Though, I would like the bedding to have some bright colors (pink/blue/green) to make it looks more vivid. Other than that the bed is nicely designed and made of some good fabrics. I'm giving it 4 stars out of 5 🌟
Thank you so much @smilingpawspets for making Rexie happy ❤
If someone is interested in buying @smilingpawspets' products, you can have a 15% discount on everything you find in their shop the link to which is in their bio. The code is Rexie15.


Rexie's taco tongue is here to celebrate the #tongueouttuesday 👅


I think he's working on his breakdance moves 😸


Epic return of the lady boy! 😻


- Who's the most well - mannered cat in the world?
Umm.. Never mind 😹
And it's our second entry for the #derptastic_meows contest 😸


Those eyes are telling a lot without saying a word 😍😻


Scary story of the day for not weak minded: Monday 😨


It's Sunday, so you can let yourself be lazier than usual! 😻 Lazy yoga is happening here.


Rexie is such a ladies man! He has definitely got the look 😼
The Caturday look! 😹


One more photo from our yesterday's early morning walk.
Rexie is an indoor cat so I don't take him outside too often, just a couple times a year. And since we're not able to visit our relatives' countryside house this summer, we went for a little walk in some park - like place instead. And Rexie thinks that was more than enough 😹


Stop the traffic!✋A fluffy pedestrian is on the walk 😻
And he is coming for a bird on the other side of the road 🐾🐦👀 Rocking his uneven white socks too 😸


His snoot is having a date with the sunshine ☀


They call it #tongueouttuesday. Nailed it 👅


Rexie being judgemental about Monday 😠 Why does Monday still exist if nobody likes it? Let's get rid of it once and for all, who's in?! 😸