#perfectlyimperfect & lives w/ @venustwofacecat. Roo was once thrown away like trash 4 being different. His story starts @ 1st post.

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A special #tbt. Photo is from 2011 but we adopted Roo in November 2014, exactly 3 years ago...happy gotcha day Roo! 😽😘
For those who don't know, Roo was born with genetic abnormalities & was rescued by someone who witnessed him cruelly being thrown into a lake. He was adopted out shortly after, still a kitten.
Three years later he was returned completely emaciated. He was missing patches of fur, skittish, & in an adoption room surrounded by gorgeous cats.
He sat at the shelter, skipped over for 6 months until we met him, and fell in love with all of the reasons that one person literally threw him away & another neglected him, returning him like a defective product. Where they saw deformities & some neurological challenges we saw uniqueness and a sweet personality that was dying to be loved... a cat that deserved a chance!
He has a condition called radial hypoplasia which is why his front legs are bent, & has abnormally large rear legs so he can stand up steady. He has crossed eyes, big ears, & a crooked tail but we ❤️ all of those things about him! We chose him for the very reasons others looked away.
He was very skittish when we first got him but he looks so much different & has gone from a scared boy to a very affectionate trusting/friendly boy who jumps at every chance to occupy lap space. His purrs are so self rewarding & a daily reminder of how one man's trash can be another's treasure. ❤️
We hope Roo's story will inspire you to consider adopting a "special needs" or "perfectly imperfect" pet. As much as we've changed his life, he's also changed ours. He has proven that something so beautiful can lie beneath an "imperfect" exterior. We feel like the lucky ones in this happy ending. Happy gotcha day Roo! 😺😃🐾💞 .
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I'll come out when the temp rises above 30F. Brrrrr!
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...From my adopted sister @venustwofacecat : (Full size vid on her account, this vid shows more me, less her...hehe! 😹😹) ..........
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...From my adopted sister @venustwofacecat .... One final and very special Halloween post from my @cuddleclones plush version of me @ Roo's @roothekangaroocat Cuddle Clone plush! 🙀

I've been a friend and fan of Cuddle Clones since they were a brand new company and HAD to share this Roo plush they made. 😻😻 Each Cuddle Clone plush is custom ordered, handmade, and specifically designed from scratch to look exactly like your furry family member(s). Do you like how they made Roo's clone in his kangaroo standing position? Check out their page to see how you can get a Cuddle Clone plush of your fur baby . You'll find lots of pics & info about their company and guess what.....they are ANIMAL RESCUE FRIENDLY and even give back a portion of their proceeds to animals in need! 🐾

Cuddle Clones has given us a special coupon code for you to get a 10% discount if you decide to order which is...... VENUS
Thank you so much nice people at Cuddle Clones for doing such a great job capturing all of my unique colors and features as well as Roo's.
Don't forget if your order to use your coupon code VENUS to get a 10% discount. 😽😽 #cuddleclones #custommade #oneofakind #notphotoshop #roo #venus #aww #omg


Happy National Cat Day from me, @venustwofacecat , and the rest of fur family + humans! 🐈🐈🐈🐕🐕
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Since I don't wear a collar or costumes (I'm scared from my past before I came to live with Venus), here's a pic of my adopted sis Venus @venustwofacecat from 2013 before I was adopted by my humans to spread some Halloween spirit. 👻🎃



🙀 50,000 Followers.... Thank You! 🙀😺😽
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"Where's my nose?"


Labor? Not familiar with that term.... w/ @venustwofacecat 💤
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Standing like a kangaroo, it's what I do. I get a better view this way. 😺
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What does this face say to you? 😽😺😻
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Roo enjoyed these Squeeze Up treats by @hartzpets as much as we enjoyed making this video. 😋😺
He even created the first scene on his own when I left the room & left the camera recording. It's our favorite part! 😹😹
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#tbt Snuggle up on your humans, cuddled up to your best bud tonight if you're in the 50's!
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One of my favorite #fbf pics to share of me and my adopted sis @venustwofacecat 🐾💞
Happy Friday everyone!
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It's black cat appreciation day so here's a #tbt of @trey_plus_trenton which is my most emotional and memorable rescue to date. They were feral but both became socialized with a little time and patience.
Trey had to be rescued because of a very serious injury and I got lucky enough to trap them both at the same time in the same trap (after a 5 hour stalk) because Trenton (black cat) was always right behind Trey protecting him. I will be posting the video of when thy were trapped later tonight. I've edited it so Trey's injury does not show as some people are very sensitive and would not want to see the graphic nature of his injury. 🤕
I've never shared it but in honor of black cats today I'm going to share a couple more black kitty rescues.
Black cats are some of the most affectionate cats but for some reason they get skipped over at shelters and rescues. 😿
Please consider adopting a black cat if you're looking to add to your fur family. 😺😺
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#tbt approx 2011 when he was a kitten & @florida_humane_society took him in after someone bright him in (the person witnessed someone throw him in a lake in a plastic bag). He was adopted out but returned to them where they rescued and cared for him a 2nd time. He was there for 6 months before we found out about him. After hearing his story and meeting him we knew we had to add him to our forever family. His whole story starts at the very first post here.
Thank you Florida Humane for saving him not once but twice! 😽
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It's #internationalcatday ....and playtime for me and my adopted sis Venus @venustwofacecat! Ginger was too busy napping to play. 💤
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Goodnight! 🌙
#tbt with my adopted sis Venus @venustwofacecat 😻




It's officially been a year since we said goodbye to South Florida and became Michiganders. It's also been a year since we finished our fostering @trey_plus_trenton by having the privilege to personally transport them to their new owners in Central Florida on our drive to Michigan with all of our pets on board also, all safely crated. Roo became especially fond of the brothers and took on the role of papa playing with them and comforting Trey when he would get spooked. They are both tripods as Roo only walks on 3 of his paws and both have a somewhere skittish personality probably due to the trauma they endured as kittens. This made it one of the hardest foster adoptions to go through with but as anyone who has or does foster knows, goodbye is a happy occasion so you can accept more fosters when shelters and rescues are over capacity. If we kept all cats we fostered it would be counterproductive to the purpose (although I can't say I haven't thought about it lol)..
It started out as a trip but became a special journey with a bittersweet goodbye for us and an enthusiastic hello for their new owners making it a happy ending and new beginning at the same time.
We miss these 2 lil boys but couldn't be happier that they found their forever purrrfect home with the best new parents ever! 🤗
Happy 1 year adoptiversary boys! We miss you! XOXO 😽😘
Shared from @trey_plus_trenton -- Go to their account to see lots more pics and their very special 1 year post as we couldn't get the multi-pic post to share or fit their story in their post with ours. 😺😺
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Caturday shenanigans with @venustwofacecat 😹
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