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#perfectlyimperfect & lives w/ @venustwofacecat. Roo was once thrown away like trash 4 being different. His story starts @ 1st post.

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Morning routine @roothekangaroocat @ @venustwofacecat 😻. #spoiled #bffs



Photobombed by a one eyed Shiba Inu. πŸ•
We may go live later today with my adopted sis @venustwofacecat .
We will do a post announcing the time if we do. πŸ˜ΊπŸ•πŸ˜ΊπŸ•
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Roo is becoming quite the model πŸ“·πŸ“·
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Because of Roo's extra long back legs and feet he's most comfortable sitting in this position.
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Goodnight! πŸŒ™πŸ’€


So this literally just happened. Watching the Golden Globes and someone decides to jump up on the table to say hi. Notice the two photo bombers in the back of him.
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My #2016bestnine which include my adopted sister @venustwofacecat
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Halo's first time in the snow! β„οΈβ„οΈπŸΊ
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Cyber Monday = Naptime! πŸ’€πŸ’€


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Hurry, only 3 hours left to help my friend @oskar_the_blind_cat take over the International Space Station in 2017! Check it out!
Link 😺 .


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11/6/14 was the day we brought Roo home to see how he would do since he had been in a shelter for 6 months after being returned from his 1st owners. πŸ™€ .
Well, he found his furever home that day. 😺 .
Happy 2 year gotchya day @roothekangaroocat , we love you! 😽😽


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Happy #nationalcatday everyone! 😽😽


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Today is National Cat Day. 😺 .
It's also a bitter sweet day because exactly 2 years ago today our beloved Mojo was taken from us suddenly due to cardiomyopathy. He was only 6. 😿❀️.
In his memory and in honor of National Cat Day, we'd like to emphasize the importance of taking action the minute you notice odd behavior from your pets. They are so tough and good at hiding pain, by the time they show symptoms it's often too late with some of these diseases and illnesses. This was the case with Mojo. Playing that morning, labored breathing that night with an enlarged heart and fluid throughout his chest. He peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge but left a hole in our hearts as we really didn't think we wouldn't be bringing him home that night. 😿 🌈.
We almost lost Venus in 2013 from a urinary tract infection turned full blockage, (blockage almost unheard of in females). The only "off" thing we noticed was one of the 3 cats was peeing in random places but we thought it was behavioral because of foster kittens in the house. Learning from experience, if we could go back in time we would have taken all 3 in to be checked. We assumed it was territorial marking & we were wrong! Never assume, always get them checked. We were fortunate that we found her when we did & her vet saved her life after 4 days in the hospital. πŸ™
This mentality was helpful with Halo just recently who had a watery eye that she was squinting. We didn't waste time even though we could've assumed it was just an allergy or something that got in her eye. We got her to the vet the same day. It turned out to be glaucoma & was causing her excruciating pain though she was hiding it well.
In honor and memory of Mojo we wanted to share these stories with you on #nationalcatday in the hopes that it will spread awareness, saving you and your furbaby an emotional and painful experience that might be avoidable if you know how serious the slightest/mildest looking symptom can be. Their stories are detailed on past posts. Halo's is 9/2016, Mojo 10/2014, and Venus 10/2013
Give your kitties an extra treat and extra chin scratches today. 😽
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I was asked to share a special & personal adoption story in light of the 25 million pets adopted through @petfinder. I couldn't think of a story more special and inspiring than Roo's. 😺 .
For those who don't know, Roo was born with genetic abnormalities & was rescued by someone who witnessed him cruelly being thrown into a lake. He was adopted out shortly after, still a kitten.
Three years later he was returned emaciated. He was missing patches of fur, skittish, & in an adoption room surrounded by gorgeous cats.
He sat at the shelter, skipped over for 6 months until we met him, and fell in love with all of the reasons that one person literally threw him away & another neglected him, returning him like a defective product. Where they saw deformities & some neurological challenges we saw uniqueness, a sweet personality that was dying to be loved, & a cat that deserved a chance.
He has a condition called radial hypoplasia which is why his front legs are bent, & has abnormally large rear legs so he can stand up steady. He has crossed eyes, big ears, & a crooked tail but we ❀️ all of those things about him! We chose him for the very reasons others looked away.
He was very skittish when we first got him but he looks so much different & has gone from a scared boy to a very affectionate trusting/friendly boy who jumps at every chance to occupy lap space. His purrs are so self rewarding & a daily reminder of how one man's trash can be another's treasure.
We hope Roo's story has inspired you to consider adopting a "special needs" pet. As much as we've changed his life, he's also changed ours. He has proven that something so beautiful can lie beneath an "imperfect" exterior. We feel like the lucky ones in this happy ending. πŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ƒπŸΎπŸ’ž .
Join us in celebrating Petfinder's 20th anniversary by sharing your special adoption story. Use hashtag #MetOnPetFinder so together, we can inspire more people to find their Furever fur kids through adoption. Click on the link in my Instagram bio to see how it works especially if you have room for another fur kid or go to
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Ok so I'm a big baby, caught on a selfie can during a snuggle sesh but my BFF @venustwofacecat takes such good care of me. πŸ’ž
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Same routine, different night! We're just trying to keep our mama warm. Never ignore a cold lap!
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Sometimes it's just nice to stand up and really take in your surroundings. @roothekangaroocat #roothekangaroocat #radialhypoplasia #perfectimperfection #kitty #caturday #video #love


"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" ...Dr. Seuss .
Venus, Roo, & now Halo, are all in the "different" club and can all stand by this quote! Even with one eye she is still a beautiful Shiba Inu and is so much happier and lively now that the pain is gone. We love her just the same. Your worth DOES NOT change because of being different! Don't ever let anyone bring you down or make you feel inferior. Embrace your differences and stay close to the people in your life who love you just the way you are because that is the only right way! We all have imperfections which is what makes us individuals. Keep smiling and know "you're amazing just the way you are" (thanks @brunomars ) πŸ’ž 😽 .
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Roo speaks squirrel...listen 😹😹
Squirrel narrative, "Hey guys, yeah, thanks for the apples but do you have anymore peanuts?? Guys?? Hellooo! Ok, human, yeah you hiding behind the chair with the, need more nuts out here! Thanks!"
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No cat here....Just a centerpiece. 😹🐈
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When you've had one too many whiffs of catnip.... #Roo #kangaroo #cat #radialhypoplasia #perfectimperfection