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Ryan Frankland


Great day out in London
The 80/20 % Rule

80% Work my Fucking ass off!
20% Love my life and experience everything

Ryan Frankland


What do you do to expand your skill set?

Why do you do this if so?

To increase your chance of a pay rise?
To be employed by another company?
To make yourself work harder and stress more?

To enter a job with the correct qualifications, correct knowledge, average pay and something that you love?
What do you think?

Thought of the day 🤔🤔🤔

Ryan Frankland


Many prizes to be won.


Simply beat my step count for the week (begins Monday), if you do this I will personally contact you and send you your prize!
Sounds easy eh?

Prove it... Game on 💪🏻 Add me today on Fitbit : Ryanfrankland@email.com

Ryan Frankland


Delicious and filling meal out.

Chicken, Cherry Tomato and Pesto Pasta.

Ryan Frankland

A great new experience
Another country visited and one which be 100% be revisited 👌

Lovely week relaxing, now time to think about enjoying next week with my mates down from Ireland, Liverpool and Manchester whilst still hitting them fitness goals daily 💪🏻. Norwich here we come 🤗

Ryan Frankland


Invest in your business, Invest into your clients, Invest into yourself.

Very much looking forward to learning from a very highly experienced fitness progressional over the next year whilst I study in his advanced academy, so much more to learn and put into practice 💪🏻🤔

Ryan Frankland


Actions speak louder than words.

Take risks, don't fear anything, be yourself.

Ryan Frankland

"If it fits your macros" (IIFYM)

Football Sunday 🤗

Another great day in Malta, chilling whilst enjoying some lovely food and watching Super Sunday ⚽️. Gym session smashed again - very consistent week, feel very well recovered and my mentality and overall mindset has improved massively!

Being able to enjoy a day where I am able to fit foods I enjoy into my macros, has made today, a good day 💪🏻👌💪🏻.

Ryan Frankland

"Mindset with Muscle" COMPLETE. "How to be Fucking Awesome" Next weeks goal to complete.

Great tips learnt from Jamie Alderton's Book, time to put them into practice 🏋️. I already know there will be some huge knowledge bombs in Dan Meredith's.
Let's Go 👌👌👌

Ryan Frankland

"What I have learnt from my time away"
I have negatives. I have weaknesses.
Time to change that 👌

Ryan Frankland

"Don't Panic, You have Breaks"

Failure is something that will always happen, something that has made the greats successful, before failing there was no where to learn where the mistakes can be improved upon.

Take for example Client "x". One evening decides to purchase a Pizza from the local pizza store with the lads -This pizza fits in perfectly with his/her macronutrients for the day.
That's awesome 🤗🤗🤗. They finish the pizza.....moments later, a few mates fancy a beer or two whilst watching the footy...(fair enough 👍).
This escalates quickly and within minutes, the peer pressure effect of not drinking a beer - to drinking a beer has occurred.
(Not so good - Depending) Don't get me wrong, this is absolutely fine and acceptable (if you calculate them extra meals/snacks/drinks) into your total macronutrients calculations for the day/week/month.
If you can control what you consume on a daily basis hitting all nutrition targets and hitting new personal bests in the gym and feeling and looking great then that's awesome. I applaud you 👏🏻 Yet a greater population struggle with mindset and will power when it comes to environmental situations.

Stop beating yourself up, one beer will not make a difference as long as you are consistent on a regular basis with nutrition and exercise, however if you are not tracking daily/weekly/monthly macronutrient intake when 1 or 2 escalates to 4/5 or even more - adding up to over 1000+ extra calories then this is where problems occur.

Think about how you may be able to be involved with the surrounding environment I.e A night with the Lads - Yet replace that beer for a lower calorie beer, even better replace it with a spirit (Vodka & Diet Coke) or (Vodka & Tonic) both containing less than 100 Calories - Calculate that over the period of the night = A huge amount of calories reduced compared to the original choice.

Have a think about what else you do?
Do you take the lift when you could easily use the stairs?
Do you drive to work when it's only a 5 minute walk away?
Do you buy unhealthy food just because you can't make enough time in your day to make a healthier choice?

Ryan Frankland

.......... That's a question you should be asking yourself?

What do you really want? And how bad do you want it?
What challenges you? Yet you never want to stop?

Are you better than you believe...that's for you to decide.

Don't settle for less than you deserve.

There are many paths to take in life, if you take the wrong one, do not panic - Think of it like this for example, just like taking the wrong direction following your satnav - The satnav will always redirect you to the correct route. Put this into practice in your life circumstances - I.e Job/Friends/Money - If you take the wrong route in your life and wish to change paths, that's more than acceptable, your path in life is your decision and nobody can stop you from achieving what you wish to achieve.



Ryan Frankland

"90 Days 90 Challenges"

Are you up for the Challenge?

If you believe you have what it takes to physically and mentally battle through 90 physically challenging days then why not give this a go?

I will be uploading my day by day challenge for 90 days solid - gradually progressing in difficulty - It may start easy - but wait until the end 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Join on Facebook by searching "RJFfitness 90 Days 90 Challenges"

The winner of this event will win £200 worth of fitness goodies and information.

Ryan Frankland


x12-15 Weighted Rope Crunches
x12-15 Russian Twists
x12-15 Abdominal Wheels
x12-15 Lateral Slides (per side)

Repeated x4 time over continuously (No Rest)
A very quick, easy, and beneficial workout, to provide them abdominals with that awesome burning sensation.

Ryan Frankland


Chicken or Steak? Hmmmmm

Neither - Pan Fried Seabass Fillets served with cherry tomatoes & fennel, with a capper dressing. Brought out with Seasonal Roasted Vegetables & Garlic & Herb sliced Potatoes.
Fresh Fish - High in Protein
Potatoes - Great source of Carbohydrates
Vegetables - Amazing source of Fibre
Overall - 8/10 - This could be up in contention to enter my free recipe EBOOK 🤔

Ryan Frankland

MALTA BOUND "Relaxing & Learning"

Half way through "Mindset with Muscle" and already some great advice and beneficial tips learnt.
Time for a spot of lunch? Steak or Chicken? Hmmmm

Ryan Frankland

"Investing in Yourself"
What road are you heading down in life?
One you enjoy? Or is it more about taking the easy road and not leaving a legacy?
What do you actually want to achieve? What motivates you? Do you want to never progress and always be stuck?
Investing in yourself is a key aspect to progressing in where you are wanting to go in your life.

Individual "X" is currently working on the shelves in Sainsbury's and has been for the last 6 years. "X" earned average grades, not wishing to follow up on a job with the grades they had worked so hard to achieved (which is not a bad thing). Limiting themselves to the possibility of success, losing confidence, and not using the skill sets they have already worked so hard with to apply the knowledge into a job. - Money is all they wanted - (at that present time, they snapped at the opportunity whilst looking at the short term situation (money) rather than the long term opportunity (money and happiness). Now where are they? Stuck?
Yes. There's no sugar coating it , they are stuck in a rut and are so comfortable at the monthly income, the easy life, the 9-5 mentality that they see no need to move on. Are they happy? Yes/No/Maybe.

If doubts occur, if you sit down and think about what you want and what you want to make a success in life - "Invest in Yourself"

Join Seminars, Read Books, Gain Qualifications, Apply Knowledge, Prove yourself and maybe others wrong. What others can do, you can do better, keep a good mentality and be mentally strong, don't give up, good things comes to those of whom wait and who work their asses off day to day for what they want in life. "Invest in Yourself"

Ryan Frankland


Ryan Frankland

A day of "Thinking" and "Planning"

What can I provide you as followers to my page?
Can I provide you a source of information in a certain format that will help you?
Can I give you this product for free?
All these have been running through my head today whilst relaxing in Malta.

And the answer is YES - I will be announcing something very special for all my followers further down the pipeline 👌

I am very much looking forward to bringing you something that I will be personally be proud to give to you - all of you amazing followers 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Let the countdown begin! But how long? 🤔

Ryan Frankland


3 days in, 2 workouts and many long walks accomplished with many fantastic sights seen 🌎

The Food choices?
A struggle to say the least, having discovered a local Holland and Barrett today has made me slightly happier, being able to finally find some protein supplements whilst then coming across some cooked brown rice and chicken from a local shop 👍

I am having to deal with the situations that occur daily to ensure I stay on track with progress. It's difficult, it's a challenge, but it's one that I enjoy and that will improve my mentality and improve my physique, short term and long term.

and finally - I am not eating shit, I'm eating what I want to eat because I enjoy it and I know it's beneficial to my goals 🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️

Ryan Frankland

10x Chest Press
10x Deadlifts
10x Dumbbell Raise
10x Kettle-bell Swings
10x Tricep Pulldown
10x Lateral Sides

Repeated x4 - 2min Rest Per Circuit

Ladder Runs = Extra H.I.T.T

Ryan Frankland

Good Morning World

I have been up thinking about what I shall post today, and here it is. "What works for me, may not work for you"

This is a slightly long post, as you all know I like to blabber on and talk shit from time to time.
So if you are interested in having a little read - Please take a visit to my Facebook page and give it a read and a like -

Have a great day! Make today better than yesterday 🏋

Ryan Frankland

Hello and Welcome
As you or may not know, my name is Ryan Frankland and I am a Body Transformation Coach, Sports Nutritionist and Trainer.
What's this group about?
Okay so I have created this group for one purpose and one purpose only - To change your life - How will I change your life? Well that's where I shall begin.

Over the next 90 days, private members of this Facebook group will compete against each other to see who can achieve the greatest results - Once the 90 day challenge is complete, I will then decide from not only weight loss achieved but physique, consistency, habits and nutrition who deserves to win a whoooppping prize of £50 pounds in Nutritional Foods + 1 - 1 Training session at the location of your choice with myself followed by a structured personalised plan design for yourself and your current goals. All worth over £200 worth of information 👌

Start Date 1st March

90 Day 90 Challenges
Last but not least! We are a community!
I WILL BE DOING IT ALL WITH YOU *all participants present in this group as to post their challenge daily to be within a chance to win - The challenge begins 23rd Jan - The 90 day challenge will consist of 90 challenges over 90 days (1 per day). All individuals need to introduce theirselves in a short video or post, progress photos or updates should be required by the member so everyone in the community is able to see great results and ensure everyone is fully motivated.
TO ENTER SEARCH "RJFfitness 90 Days 90 Challenges" on Facebook


Ryan Frankland


A fantastic quote located in the city of Malta 🇲🇹 Don't let greatness bring you down but instead thrive on it whilst leaving a legacy behind for the next generation.
Be Confident
Be Happy
Be Free

Ryan Frankland


Great nights sleep
Gym Session Smashed
Nutrition Good
Time to Explore 🚃

Ryan Frankland

MALTA BOUND ✈️✈️✈️ Continuing the Grind - Finding a good hour from my evening whilst in another country to learn new information ready to apply to all my followers 📝📖📝 Noting down the key points chapter by chapter - whilst listening to podcasts 📱🎧📱 Early start tomorrow morning - free breakfast included followed by a hour gym session in the hotel then a lovely beach run 🏋️‍♀️🏃🏋️‍♀️ Followed by exploring the beautiful country of Malta 🇲🇹

Ryan Frankland

Christmas Present 🙃

Super excited to get reading this!
@grenadejay Cannot wait to learn some great knowledge bombs 💣💣💣

Ryan Frankland

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM MYSELF AND MY SISTER! 🎁🎁🎁 A busy day at work...let's begin my Christmas 🎁🎁🎁

Ryan Frankland

The Toughest Challenge Yet 😱

Throughout the past few years, I have failed to stick to a set goal, I have achieved personal bests, I have gained weight whilst then losing weight, yet I have never been fully satisfied with my success.

I am a short distance runner, I'm great at interval training, sprints are my strong point, yet tough mudder consists of 8 hours continuous long distance running?
Exactly... It's time to step it up a notch, time to step outside of my comfort zone and time to show everyone that if you put your mind to it, anything can be achieved 🤔
May 17th 2017 12am-8am myself and a mate will be competing in Europes Toughest Mudder - held in Notttingham.
A 5 mile course which will consist of 20+ high intensity obstacles to overcome, not only that but this will be ran in mud 😱

This may sound like hell on earth, yet this is something that I have never attempted and something I can achieve which a lot of people haven't!!! I'm ready, are you?
Step outside that comfort zone and great rewards will appear 🏅🏆🏅 All donations are donated to local charity "Breathe Easy" in memory of my late Nan - R.I.P ❤️

Ryan Frankland

Wholemeal Wraps
Peppered Beef
Turkey Slices
Mexicano Cheese
Fresh Chilli's

Flexible Dieting = Long Term Success

Why not enjoy your foods? Flexible Dieting allows you to do this, without taking away foods you love you are still able to transform your body to what you desire it to be. This method is being put to the test over the next 90 days, to prove that the theory of flexible dieting can transform my body to new strengths.
Follow my journey along the way to see a successful and long term body transformation.