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Langur babies like Chi are orange while their parents are black. The color distinction makes it easier for the troop to identify and look after the infants. Their color usually changes within the first 6 months, when the juvenile becomes an almost perfect copy of the adults. #orangeisthenewblack #gingermonkey #langurlove #minime #sandiego



The iconic African 🐧 has suffered a massive population decline from an estimated 1 million breeding pairs to only about 23,000 today. Their decline is largely due to the commercial harvesting of the birds’ eggs for food and their guano to sell as fertilizer. Although these practices have ended, other threats such as a lack of available fish due to overfishing, climate change, and oil spills continue to push their population numbers to lower levels. We’re collaborating to save these flightless wonders both at the #SanDiegoZoo and in South Africa. Click the link in our bio to learn more and join the fight to #EndExtinction. 🌎 #WorldPenguinDay #happyfeet #blackandwhiteandcuteallover


Meet Chi, our adorable 7-week-old Francois' langur. 😍 His family is working closely with keepers to ensure he receives proper nutrition. The langur group is actively transferring Chi to keepers for feeding and playtime, and taking him back when the activities are over. Click the link in our bio to read Chi's story. #monkeybusiness #cute #sandiegozoo


β€œThe love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.” β€” Charles Darwin

Love alone will not be enough to save the thousands of plant and animal species hovering on the brink of extinction. Only science can do that. From the most recognizable megafauna, to the lesser-known plants and animals that call Earth home, we rely on science to understand and save species. This #EarthDay resolve to make a difference and inspire others to safeguard the beauty that surrounds us. 🌎❀️ #MarchforScience #EndExtinction


Look at this little ham! Congrats to first-time #babirusa mom, Mary Kate, on her petite piglet. 🐷 #cute #babypig #sandiego #thislittlepiggy


The green tree python spends a majority of its life in the trees. They rarely come down from their arboreal abodes except to lay eggs. Check out our story for a behind-the-scenes look at our historic Reptile House. 🐍 #reptilemania #greenwithenvy #snakesnotonaplane #reptilehouse (photo: Paul Manaig)


Sigmund Freud said time spent with #cats is never wasted. We couldn't agree more. #TransformationTuesday featuring our very handsome Malayan #tiger, Connor. 🐯 #thenandnow #tigertuesday #bigcatsofinstagram (πŸ“·s: Mike Wilson)


When the food coma is unbearable. 🐻 Brown bears are true omnivores and eat anything nutritious that they find. Most of their diet consists of plant matter, but they eat meat when the opportunity presents itself. Bears dig for roots, tubers, and insects, scavenge for carrion, and occasionally hunt prey like rodents, young deer, and elk. Their diet and eating habits contribute to a balanced, healthy ecosystem. #eatingislife #bearlyawake #foodcoma (photo: Deric Wagner)


Throwing it back to last #Caturday when generous donors gifted 16 tons of fresh powder to our snow leopards. ❄️❄️ #snowqueen #bigcatsofinstagram #snowleopard #coolcats


When your boss gives you a project at 4pm on a Friday. #thatawkwardmoment #tgif #monkeybusiness (πŸ“·: Deric Wagner)


Happy Wu-ednesday! 🐼 While it’s an established fact that compatibility is important to humans when picking a mate, conservationists recently discovered that personality traits may play a large part in the mating behaviors and breeding success of the #giantpanda. Tag your boo and share the love. ❀️#pandalove #relationshipgoals #youcompleteme (photo: Mike Wilson)


Siblings always have each other's back. Tag yours. 😻😻 #siblinglove #catsofinstagram #cheetahgirls (photo: Deric Wagner)


#Cheetah cub sisters Tombi-Jeanne & Ilangha had a #puppy play date. 🐢🐢😺😺 #Caturday


Meet Zola, who we affectionately call "Princess Dirt Pig." 😍 #AardvarkCrush #AdorbsAardvark #SanDiegoZoo


Life's short. Smile more. Tag someone for #MotivationMonday. 😁 #smilemore #pursuehappiness #spreadlove (photo: Shelley Weiss)


We're tickled pink with the start of the spring season. Let the countdown to flamingo chick season begin! Chicks tend to hatch each year in late May to mid June. Nesting mounds will go up this Friday, so keep your eyes peeled the next time you visit our bright greeters. πŸ’• (Hint: turn the volume up for some tropical vibes) #tickledpink #springhassprung #chickseason


#MeerkatMonday mushiness! Meerkat mobs spend a lot of their time grooming and playing together to keep the family as a tight unit. This community existence helps the meerkats survive. Sound familiar? Tag your mob. πŸ˜‰ #moblife #tightbond #sandiegozoogang (πŸ“·: Paul Manaig)


Sibling spot cleaners. 😻😻 #sistersister #cheetahgirls #letmegetthatspotout (video by Maureen O'Duryee)


We're crazy for Kenny the #coconutcrab! As the largest living land arthropod in the world, coconut crabs are also called robber crabs because they're known to steal things from people on the beach. 🌴 #crazyforcoconuts #crablife


Turn up the volume for β€ͺ#NationalPuppyDay‬! Sonograms show the howl of a New Guinea singing dog is similar to the song of the humpback whale. These cool canines use their tuneful howling to communicate with other β€œsingers.” 🎢 #singwithme #NewGuineaIdol #howlatthemoon


Bonobos are especially known for their ability to get along: unlike humans or chimpanzees, they have never been observed killing one of their own kind. Thanks to Mike Smith for this enchanting photo of Loretta the #bonobo. #SanDiegoZoo #BonobosRule #EndExtinction


That face you make when the forecast calls for rain... again. πŸ˜β˜”οΈ #otterdisbelief #sandiego #rainraingoaway #getotterhere #americasfinestcity (πŸ“·: Gregory Asaro)


Check out the decorative touch on this #hummingbird nest. Martha Stewart would be proud. πŸ‘Œ #naturaldesign #tinyartist #detailsmatter (photo: Ion Moe)


Spotted at the Zoo! Meet #cheetah cubs Tombi-Jeanne and Ilangha. The sisters came from @sdzsafaripark to be ambassadors here. At just over 16 weeks old, the cubs are adjusting well to their new home. Tombi-Jeanne seems very bold and Ilangha is a bit more curious and less adventurous. The cubs will soon be introduced to puppy pals Elvis and Murray. Wish them luck with their important new roles at the Zoo. Happy #Caturday! 😻😻 #cheetahgirls #sistersister #sandiego


For #NationalPandaDay we had no choice but to share this #throwback of our wu-underful bear, Xiao Liwu. 🐼#pandalover #tbt❀️ #wubear #blackandwhiteandlovedallover


Parenting is hard, but everyone lends a hand in colobus society. A new infant at the #SanDiegoZoo means our group is practicing their skills. This unique behavior is known as alloparenting, where each family member participates in raising the infant. Biologists believe the babies’ striking natal all-white coloration is what allows the monkeys to easily identify their young and induces alloparenting. #teamwork #ittakesavillage #parentsgetabreak #bigfamily #newbaby


Just a few black and white pics of our black and white bears. You're welcome. 🐼🐼🐼 (photos: Mollie Rivera) #blackandwhite #bearycute #pandapandapanda