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What's the 1st thing you do when you move into a new habitat? Pool party! The African 🐧s explored their new digs in Conrad Prebys Africa Rocks this week. Our 5 animal ambassadors served as mentors to the new colony members & the introductions went swimmingly. Visitors will get to experience the Cape Fynbos habitat starting July 1. #sdzooAfricaRocks #penguins #sandiego #poolparty


For the 1st time in our history, we have an underwater dive team! Reptile keepers are training to care for the 200,000-gallon pool that will house African #penguins, fish & bottom-dwelling leopard #sharks. The countdown to #sdzooAfricaRocks has officially begun. 😎 #sandiego #justkeepswimming


Koalas are naturally solitary animals that are mostly active at night and spend a majority of their time napping and eating. Sound familiar? Tag a friend who appreciates 🐨 life. #koalafornia #spiritanimal #sandiego (photo: Helene Hoffman)


#BearHug anyone? 🐻 pic by Helene Hoffman


A fleeting glance from Guapo the #jaguar | #BigCats like jaguars have the best 3-D vision of all carnivores, which helps them gauge distances when jumping. #GracefulGuapo photo by Paul E.M.


With only about 40 left in its native habitat, the #AmurLeopard exists on the cusp of extinction. We're working with other zoos to develop a sustainable and genetically diverse population of Amur #leopards that can contribute to new scientific knowledge and to the survival of the species in restored and protected native habitat. #LiskiTheLeopard #EndExtinction (pic by Mike Wilson)


#FlashbackFriday That time we burned over $1 million worth of rhino horn at the @sdzsafaripark with @usfws #StopKillingRhinos #EndExtinction


#BellyRubsRule #ThursdayThoughts #tbt #baby #jaguar πŸ“·: Deric Wagner


Hop on Skyfari presented by @AlaskaAir and share your experience using #alaskaskyfari to be entered to win air travel to an Alaska Airlines destination of your choice. Click the link in our bio to learn more. #skyfari #sandiegozoo #AlaskaAirlines


It's time for another round of #cheetah + #puppy playtime. 😻🐢 Tombi-Jeanne & Ilangha are getting accustomed to their #dogs in a non-threatening environment where everyone feels safe, so their lifelong relationships will be built on a solid foundation of trust & security. #bestfriendgoals


When you find out there’s only one day dedicated to otters… that’s otterly ridiculous! Every day should be #WorldOtterDay. Here at the #SanDiegoZoo we have Cape clawless & spotted-necked otters. Can you identify who’s who in these photos? #otterlyadorable #MammalLikeNoOtter (πŸ“·L-R: Deric Wagner, Marcia Siggins Jonas)


Karen the #daydreamer. 😍 S/O to @zoogirlsd for this fan feature! #redheadsrule #orangutan #sandiego #sandiegozoo


🐧s + bubbles = pure joy #penguinparty #bubblebath #sandiegozoo (πŸ“·s by Helene Hoffman)


Congrats to Kiazi @sdzsafaripark on the birth of her 1st calf! The female is the 96th southern white #rhino born at our sister facility, and her arrival provides additional evidence that scientists may have solved the reproduction riddle of this species. Check out Zoonooz for more info. #rayofhope #EndExtinction #rhinocalf #sdzsafaripark


This #EndangeredSpeciesDay, we’re celebrating the fact that 🐼s are no longer endangered! Conservation works. San Diego Zoo Global and our many partners are leading the fight to #EndExtinction. Click the link in our bio and join us.


Miss Sassy Pants (aka Devi) is on her way to being a grown-up #hippo, so this #throwback is dedicated to her. Tap the link in our bio for more info on Devi's whereabouts. #MissSassyPants #tbt❀️ #hiphopanonymous #sandiegozoo


Dripping with susssspense #RowleysPalmPitViper #ReptilesRock #snakestagram #sandiegozoo πŸ“· by Peter Csanadi


In 1997 the Zoo's second #albino #koala was born. He was named Onya-Birri, meaning "ghost boy." Despite the flurry of excitement around his appearance, Onya-Birri turned out to be a calm, confident koala that was nonchalant about all the attention. 🐨 #ghostboy #koalafornia #throwback


Good things come to those who wait, and when you’re a 🐯 looking for a meal, patience is key. These #bigcats are patient hunters and can move slowly and quietly, stalking their prey for 20 or 30 minutes. #stalker #tiger #tigertuesday #goodthingscometothosewhowait (πŸ“·: Paul E.M.)


Have you seen these fabulous feathers strutting around the Zoo? The Indian peafowl is the national bird of India and is protected in that country. To Hindus, the peafowl is a sacred bird; the spots on the peacock’s train symbolize the eyes of the gods. #peacockperfection #birdsofafeather #strutyourstuff (πŸ“·: Jerry Phan)


Bring on the belly rubs! 😻 #tbt #cutecats #cubsofinstagram #moveslikejaguar (πŸ“·: Penny Hyde)


Ilangha's #TongueOutTuesday game is on point. πŸ˜› A #cheetah has smaller teeth and larger nasal passages than other big cats, which may be an adaptation that allows the cat to take in more air during the recovery period after a sprint. #animalfact #catchmeifyoucan #spottedattheZoo (πŸ“·: Deric Wagner)


Your Monday needs more #mongoose. 😊 With a length of 7 to 11 inches nose to tail, the dwarf mongoose is the smallest carnivore in Africa. #mongoosemonday #kopjekids #sdzooAfricaRocks (photo: Ion Moe)


The 🦏 gets its name from its most famous feature: horns. The word #rhinoceros comes from the Greek words rhino (nose) & ceros (horn). A rhino's horn is made of keratin, the same material that makes up our fingernails & hair. Check out our story for more info on our rhino bffs, Jeezan & Jiyu. #bffgoals #naptime #sandiego (πŸ“·: Todd Lahman)


We interrupt your feed for a ❀️warming #throwback story. In 2011, Tinka was ejected from her mother's pouch. Since marsupials are born very tiny & unformed, animal care staff were presented with some special challenges. Our team carefully nursed her back to health with around-the-clock care, surrogate pouches, and bottle feedings. A year later, Tinka joined the rest of the parma wallabies & had her 1st joey in 2015! Since Tinka's name means "daylight," keepers affectionately named her joey Tinkai, meaning "night." 🌚🌝 #parmawallaby #TinkasTransformation #tbt #animalstories #sandiegozoo


Langur babies like Chi are orange while their parents are black. The color distinction makes it easier for the troop to identify and look after the infants. Their color usually changes within the first 6 months, when the juvenile becomes an almost perfect copy of the adults. #orangeisthenewblack #gingermonkey #langurlove #minime #sandiego


The iconic African 🐧 has suffered a massive population decline from an estimated 1 million breeding pairs to only about 23,000 today. Their decline is largely due to the commercial harvesting of the birds’ eggs for food and their guano to sell as fertilizer. Although these practices have ended, other threats such as a lack of available fish due to overfishing, climate change, and oil spills continue to push their population numbers to lower levels. We’re collaborating to save these flightless wonders both at the #SanDiegoZoo and in South Africa. Click the link in our bio to learn more and join the fight to #EndExtinction. 🌎 #WorldPenguinDay #happyfeet #blackandwhiteandcuteallover