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We're crazy for Kenny the #coconutcrab! As the largest living arthropod in the world, coconut crabs are also called robber crabs because they're known to steal things from people on the beach. 🌴 #crazyforcoconuts #crablife


Turn up the volume for ‪#NationalPuppyDay‬! Sonograms show the howl of a New Guinea singing dog is similar to the song of the humpback whale. These cool canines use their tuneful howling to communicate with other “singers.” 🎶 #singwithme #NewGuineaIdol #howlatthemoon


Bonobos are especially known for their ability to get along: unlike humans or chimpanzees, they have never been observed killing one of their own kind. Thanks to Mike Smith for this enchanting photo of Loretta the #bonobo. #SanDiegoZoo #BonobosRule #EndExtinction


That face you make when the forecast calls for rain... again. 😐☔️ #otterdisbelief #sandiego #rainraingoaway #getotterhere #americasfinestcity (📷: Gregory Asaro)


Check out the decorative touch on this #hummingbird nest. Martha Stewart would be proud. 👌 #naturaldesign #tinyartist #detailsmatter (photo: Ion Moe)



Spotted at the Zoo! Meet #cheetah cubs Tombi-Jeanne and Ilangha. The sisters came from @sdzsafaripark to be ambassadors here. At just over 16 weeks old, the cubs are adjusting well to their new home. Tombi-Jeanne seems very bold and Ilangha is a bit more curious and less adventurous. The cubs will soon be introduced to puppy pals Elvis and Murray. Wish them luck with their important new roles at the Zoo. Happy #Caturday! 😻😻 #cheetahgirls #sistersister #sandiego


For #NationalPandaDay we had no choice but to share this #throwback of our wu-underful bear, Xiao Liwu. 🐼#pandalover #tbt❤️ #wubear #blackandwhiteandlovedallover


Parenting is hard, but everyone lends a hand in colobus society. A new infant at the #SanDiegoZoo means our group is practicing their skills. This unique behavior is known as alloparenting, where each family member participates in raising the infant. Biologists believe the babies’ striking natal all-white coloration is what allows the monkeys to easily identify their young and induces alloparenting. #teamwork #ittakesavillage #parentsgetabreak #bigfamily #newbaby


Just a few black and white pics of our black and white bears. You're welcome. 🐼🐼🐼 (photos: Mollie Rivera) #blackandwhite #bearycute #pandapandapanda


Koalas sleep 18-22 hours a day to conserve energy. These Aussies are koalafied nap experts. 🐨🐨 #NationalNappingDay #koalafiednappers #koalafornia #sweetdreams


Throwing it back to 2012 and 2 bundles of jaguar joy. 😻😻 As jaguar numbers decline, each birth in the Species Survival Plan (SSP) helps to establish an assurance population for animals in danger of becoming extinct. Wild #jaguars are in serious trouble. Over 30% of the rain forests they call home have been destroyed—and when the rain forests disappear, jaguars disappear. Even though we're hard at work at the #SanDiegoZoo, we're also busy on the front lines of jaguar conservation. Click the link in our bio and be a hero for wildlife. #EndExtinction #throwback #tbt



Ramil is a sharp #snowleopard. He came to the Zoo in 2014 with a chronic eye problem and was trained to receive daily eye drops for treatment. Unfortunately, his condition progressed to glaucoma and topical medications were no longer effective. To ensure Ramil's comfort and overall health, veterinarians removed his left eye last month. We're happy to report that Ramil has been recovering without problems. Shout-out to our incredible staff for taking care of our cool cat. #oneeyedwonder #catsofinstagram #sandiego #coolcat


Klipspringers have unique hooves that are just right for life on the rocks. These unusual ungulates can climb to places where their predators can’t follow. Their Afrikaans name comes from Dutch words: klip (cliff) and springen (to leap, bound, or spring). Rock on little dude! 👍 #rockon #lifeontherocks #sdzooafricarocks #klipkliphooray


Klip klip hooray! There's a new #klipspringer calf in the Kopje. 😍 #spotcleaner #tinyhooves #sandiego (📷: Craig Chaddock)


Today is #WorldWildlifeDay so our pandas had a party. The world is a much better place when we all work together. What will you pledge to help wildlife at home and across the globe? 🐼🌎 #endextinction #sandiego


Panda pillow talk. 🐼❤️ As a result of worldwide conservation efforts, the giant panda was “downlisted” in 2016, after more than 20 years on the endangered species list. #pandapandapanda #pillowtalk #bearycute #cuddlebuddy


Love bites. Tag someone special. ❤ #monkeybusiness #awkwardkiss #momlife (photo: Ion Moe)



It's called "Polar Bear Plunge" for a reason. 😉 Happy International Polar Bear Day! Polar bears have no natural predators, but climate change & human activity threaten their existence. Click the link in our bio and get inspired to save these Arctic ambassadors. #PolarBearDay


You know what they say about a cat with big paws… they have large prey. Happy #Caturday.
Tiger’s have large and strong front paws that they use to bring down their prey.
They also keep their claws sharp by retracting them as they walk and scratching them on trees. (Photo by: Deric Wagner)


Estrella is still working on her manners. 😋 #nonapkins #slowfood #slothnation (photo by Deric Wagner)


When you just can't seem to get comfy... 😠 #primateproblems #sweetdreams #sandiego (video by Liz Sauer)


Due partly to its very small range in Madagascar, the red-ruffed lemur is one of the world’s most endangered primates. We’ve had a long history with the species, dating back to the 1960s. Click the link in our bio to learn more and meet the #lemur pros coming to Africa Rocks this summer. #SDZooAfricaRocks #endextinction


Ever been flipped the tapir? These primitive large mammals have been around for 20 million years and have changed very little. #saycheese #smilemore #mondaymotivation (📷: Deric Wagner)


The weekend forecast calls for rain, so take a lesson from Bai Yun and grab your umbrella! No crowds and unusual animal activity make rainy day visits totally worth it. 🐼☔️ (photo: Mollie Rivera)


An unusual species has moved into the giant anteater exhibit near Skyfari West. Hint: They are a type of monogamous rodent. 🤔 #WhatisitWednesday #powercouple #relationshipgoals #animaltrivia


Get your gerenooki on this #ValentineDay 💋❤ (photo: Deric Wagner)


That face you make when ‪#Caturday‬ sneaks up on you. 😾 (photo: Deric Wagner)